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Chew on this . . . |[a log]|

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Chew on this . . . |[a log]|

Post by Mael Feu on Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:04 pm

{The front half of this play became a log-snack, but in summary they decided to meet up outside the Inn. This takes place at the end of Peaceful Relaxation }

They had good timing. As she was coming around the corner he was stepping out of the door, holding the handle to guide it to a close behind so it wouldn't slam. He had heard the noise of the bike but figured she was parking it and not heading out. Good thing she didn't ask if that was their mode of transportation. 'Julian' didn't stop on the porch but continued down it, taking the steps one at a time in a casual manner and nodded off to the side in the direction they would travel. "This way." He had a habit of hooking thumbs into his pocket as a way of 'acting casual' and that's what he was currently doing. "You look ready to go." To state the obvious.

‡"As do you." Damn he looked nice, but then again he always seemed to be well dressed. One of her own thumbs found an empty belt loop to hook inside, while the other arm took liberties of it's own and hooked inside his. He was escorting her after all...if he objected he simply had to take his thumb out of his pocket. "Favorite diner of yours?" She had no clue where she was going, but then again that also seemed to be the norm for them. She would match him stride for stride once they were heading in the direction his nod indicated. The phone within her pocket could barely be heard, and Keegan thought about ignoring it, but it was fished from her pocket, thumb hit the green answer button and it was placed to her ear. "Hello...I'm okay...Going to grab a bite to eat. You don't know him. Whatever..Check to see if the throttle cable came in for the other bike. I'll call you later...Bye." Red button pushed and that phone went back into her pocket. "Sorry about that...Christian is trying to get the bike ready for the next race." Of course Julian probably already figured that out or at least who she was talking to. Keegan made no attempt to hide the conversation. "Always walk wherever you need to go?" Innocent question, but she was sure it had a complex answer.

He was starting to like Christian in a variable type of way, neither friendly or aggressive. He was a guy who was checking up on his friend, a friend that he didn't know where she was and while she was on the phone Julian made a partial smirk. He didn't look away or down or even take on that out of place feeling that other people may have in this instance. The only thing that did was plant guilt on a person and he had nothing to feel guilty over. "Nice guy. Christian." It wasn't determined if he meant that in a sarcastic way or in a concerned way. Maybe it was both. "I don't always walk. This place isn't far enough to take another way." It wasn't. It was his way of getting around her question. He knew it was one to They were walking away form the path that would have taken them into town and going down a hill. "Next time you should tell him you've been kidnapped." Maybe that wouldn't be the best thing to tell someone who was worried about you, but he thought that was funny.

-->"He can be." That wasn't a lie, he was like a brother to her,although he hadn't wanted to be viewed that way. Julian might actually like Christian unless Christians alpha male ways reared their ugly head. Her body was close to him, but no so close they would touch except where her arm was looped into his own. "I'm actually answered without a question." She was teasing of course and knew the mystery that made up this man was part of his allure, that and the smokin hot body he rocked. Now with his jest about the kidnapping she gave him a feigned look of shock with a over dramatic gasp. "That's it! You're kidnapping me. This has all be an elaborate plan for my abduction." Her words trailed off with laughter as they pair walked down the path. "He would flip a script. He fancies himself a MMA fighter so he enjoys physical contact." Nothing more was added, she had seen her friend make someone’s face look like hamburger before. Julian’s was too damn cute for that to happen to.

She may have thought it to be a joke, even if he did say it in that way, but now he cocked a brow as he looked at her. The shadow smile on his face would serve to make telling if he was serious or not slightly confusing. "What do you think the tube's for if not to involve you in something you're already wading in." That's what he said to that before looking back in the direction they were walking. Down the hill and a few buildings were off in the distance. This was a far cry from the main city as these structures appeared more rural. Rustic. But they were not quite there yet.

-->Well that sent a warning bell off, but Keegan dismissed it. She had no previous memories of him, nor did she have any enemies. Nobody knew where she was so to her kidnapping wasn't an option. It was pure coincidence that they happend upon one another. "Then I deserve it for being a lamb willing lead to the slaughter." She had willing followed this strange man, and here she was once more. Eyes shifted from his profile and that smile that did little to nothing to ease that nagging feeling in her stomach to the buildings in the distance. "Quaint." Yes, that's what they looked like. Let's just hope this quaint little town wasn't going to be the death of her.

He could have laughed out-loud right then and there. A nice full and hearty laugh from the reaction it pulled from her, but he didn't. He kept it inside even if it would have settled her a bit. Instead he reached over and patted her arm. Perhaps he should say something. "Don't let your nerves ruin your appetite." That may not have been comforting. They drew closer and the buildings became more scale to life. the first place they would come across would be a one that looked like pawn shop, or antique place from the outside with the nick-knacks that were propped around it. But that's not where they were going. There was another building that had tables and chairs set up outside an awning and smoke coming from the chimney. It looked clean. Made of wood and stained glass and a secure roof. There was a sign that may not be readable yet but in time it would say 'Meat & Eat". He pointed over to it. "A shop I came across not too long ago. They make good burgers. Fresh too. You do burgers?"

-->A laugh might have settled her nerves of the million questions now forming in her mind. Eyes scanned the area in case she had to make a run for it. True, she'd meet death with a smile, but that didn't mean she'd go down without a fight. His pat on her arm brought her gaze to him once more. "It's obvious you don't know me...nothing could ruin my appettie." Keegan wasn't a dainty eater by any means. That always irked her about some women, how they acted like they couldn't eat in front of men. It was the antique place that caught her attention then and she really wanted to stop and go inside but his voice directed her attention elsewhere. "Love them." She did. Nothing like a greasy hamburger with fries, those were her comfort foods, along with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. "You explore alot don't you?" Fishing, but did she have the right bait? Guess she would have to wait and find out.

He couldn't blame her for the feeling of unease, though he was as casual as before and his stride didn't change. This place made the best he's tasted on this side of the Rhydin Market. Were there places with better? Surely. But this was good for this location. "I travel. " That was an answer and it fit her question. "I suppose you do a lot with your bike." In the Circuit. Those people tended to travel from race to race. Keegan would be in luck if she thought that the place was going to be her death of a sort, for as they approached it was easy to hear the sounds of other people inside. They must be other locals. "Here we are." Now he did smile to her. "Shall we." Saying it even as he reached for the door to open it.

-->Deep breath was collected into her lungs as she tried to block out the unease he was dipping her lile double chocolate chip. Why though was the mystery. "I see." Her voice sounded a bit distant, and continued as she answered him. "Yes." Short and sweet..seemed Keegan wasn't going to give more information about herself, to be on the safe side. The voices of others didn't seem to bother her as much as the man standing at her side now. She never was the paranoid type, she could handle herself but this charming devil seem to unsettle her. "Thanks." Inside she went as he opened the door, pausing with a two step to the side so he could enter as well. Maybe since this was his find, he had a favorite table. Eyes once more set to scen the interior, looking for other exits and the like. She hated being on her guard, but until he gave her reason not to be, that's how it would be.

He couldn't help it anymore. He could but.. "What happened to the biker from the beach?" The inside looked quaint. What a Mom and Pop store would be imagined to be. Simple tables covered in plain cloth. Wooden floors and bits of abstract scenery up on the walls. "You think I'd let something negative happen after last night?" Or this morning. Either way a person decided to look at it. A waitress came out to greet them and he didn't say anything but held up two fingers and she took them to a circular table and plopped down a couple of paper menus and left, saying someone would be with them shortly. Julian removed his arm from hers and pulled out a chair for her to sit.

-->It worked, the paranoid victim act had actually worked. She shot him a wicked smile and playful wink. "She's here." Mhm, Keegan knew how to play the damsel in distress although she's been that very few times, but it did pull information from him whethere he wanted it to be or not. "Not unless you're the one inflicting it." Now that was an open door some peoples idea of negative was her positive.Ssh. A smile given to the waitress, and before she took the offered chair as he removed his arm. Keegan gave a kiss to his cheek. "Seriously, nobody would want to kidnap me but it was an entertaining thought to say the least.' Right and who in their right mind would want to pay whatever ransome was offered for her? Nobody. Keegan had Christian but she even doubted his loyalty sometimes. He was the reason she was here after all. "Besides, if you're doing the kidnapping...well you cannot kidnap the willing." Oh wink and into her seat she did go with a pleased as punch smile on her face.

He grinned. It was a tell-tell grin with an underlining meaning, though he hadn't expected the kiss on the cheek. Bonus maybe? He took his own seat and took up the menu, giving a tap on the table as he started to read it over. Truthfully he didn't have to as he knew what it was he was going to order. But it did good to hide his mouth for a moment. "Negative is variable on what a person considers it to be." He was looking down - as people do - when reading as he said that. But now he looked up at her. "Not a lot of things are negative in my book." That may have said a lot about him but if she was going to sit and eat with him. Putting the menu down he cast a quick look around before back to her. "Sure you're willing?"

-->Bonus? Maybe, more like a thanks for being so considerate but who knows. She picked up the menu and opened it causally skimming the contents. "From all negative, positive comes." At least it did to her. Mistakes brought a better understanding of things so how could anything be negative? Even death was not viewed as such by her. She liked his answer and flashed him a smile as she looked up from the menu before returning to decide what she would have...burger of course with fried. "I'm sure I'm willing...but you might want to think twice about it." Wiggle of brows but her gaze didn't 'venture from his this time.

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Re: Chew on this . . . |[a log]|

Post by Keegan Navaro on Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:18 pm

The waitress was looking over at them from her place around the kitchen door, Mael saw her doing this out of the corner of his eye. Clearly she was waiting to see if they were done. He ignored her for the moment as he wasn't sure Keegan knew what she wanted. "If you didn't want to be involved you wouldn't be here now." Or rather, if he didn't want her to be involved. Could be a bit of both. "You have your instincts." Pointed a finger to her menu. "Ready?" It was a burger joint so they had an assortment of them. -

-->"True, it's another adventure in my life." Yeah, Keegan wanted to be here, no matter what it cost her. Playing it safe was not for her, might explain her need for speed on the back of a crotch rocket. Certain the same could be said for him, the part about him not being here if he didn't want to be involved. Glancing down once more at her menu she nodded as it was closed. "Yeah, I do believe I am." Ready for the next stage of their relationship/partnership or whatever one called it and most certainly ready for food. Her stomach was eating a hole thru her back and her mouth tasted like cotton. Her own nod to the menu in front of him. "You?"

Since she was ready for food he raised two fingers and signaled the waitress to come over. She did so with a grin and a lot of spunk you'd expect from an over enthusiastic teenager. At least that was the act she was putting forth. "Half pounder, mushrooms, onions, chedder, lettuce and bacon." Fries came with the burgers less stated other wise. "And coke." He was going to wait until the waitress left before picking up the conversation. -

-->She watched the waitress who seemed over enthusiastic about taking their order and had to wonder what her deal was, but as she listened to him place his order she couldn't help but grin. Once he was done her own order would be placed. "The same but without the onion." Keegan loved nothing more than a fat slice of onion on her burger but since she was in his company bad breath was not something she was going to risk. "But instead of the coke, could I get a chocolate shake." She handed the waitress her menu back and turned her full attention back to him. Both hands came before her on the table as fingers laced together. She seemed to be waiting on something, maybe more answers from him.

A chocolate shake. That made him wonder a bit about her taste but, to each their own. All he needed now was for her to dip her fries in the ice cream. Handing over his menu the waitress headed off to put it in and take care of other things she had to do. "Is the shop nearby? You and Christian live around here?" Obviously if she did live in rhydin her home wasn't too close or else she wouldn't have needed a room at the Inn, but this didn't mean she wasn't an hour away. -

-->Blame the chocolate shake on her grandmother, and no she wouldn't dip her fries in the ice cream. Eyes once more wandered around to the people inside before landing back on him. "About 4 hours south of here." No, she could have easily have went home the day after the storm but she had ran into a mysterious man that kept her from doing just that. "Christian lives two blocks from the shop, and I live in the loft above it." Keegan was dedicated to her profession, but right now there was a two week gap between races and soon she would have to leave and head back to reality. This was reality, but far removed from what she normally did day by day."Are you from around here?" Sure he stayed at the Inn, but that didn't mean he didn't live close by either.

"I'm from a lot of places." An answer but not an answer. Seems that was something he was good at. But her answer caused him to idly tap a finger on the table. She was a local. Good and bad at the same time. Bad because if she was gone then people would wonder where she was and what had happened to her. "Hard to be kidnapped when you're that close to home, with things that are dependent on you." She didn't say if it was but it was his way of asking that very question. "Some things are not easy to get out of once you're in."

-->If anything she knew Julian was about as clear as mud to figure out. But that was part of the allure and charm that weaved it's way into his being. "Things? The only thing that is dependent on me is my bike." How pathetic that sounded to her own ears. The shop was ran mostly by Christian, she was merely the chick on the bike to most everyone else." Anyone that kidnaps me will be in for a surprise." She left it at that, seriously it was depressing to think the only person that would even notice her gone would be Christian and maybe an ex boyfriend but she doubted that."Sometimes getting into things you really don't want out of are easier than you might expect. No matter what the outcome." Light shrug of shoulders, tip of tongue peeked from between her lips to give a light coating of moisture..she really was thirsty.

She wasn't the only one who thought that he was a hard person to see through. Even the partner he was assigned to had a hard time breaking through to him and he didn't offer any assistance in the matter either. The answer was good to hear even if it meant she was under-appreciated at her shop. "I like surprises." Truth? Maybe. He did and he didn't, it all depended on what it was. "I guess your fate will be decided if you can get the tube open or not." and what she does with the after effects. Just as he was about to wonder about the waitress she arrived ,putting their orders in front of them. "I don't expect you to go anywhere without the bike."-

-->Being under appreciated was something she was use to, and didn't mind. Keegan didn't need to be center of attention or get the praise for her creations. The modifications to her bike were all her own idea, but Christian took the glory. She took perverse pleasure in knowing that he had to come to her in order to get anything done.He wanted to make a name for himself, and going about it the wrong way was a mistake he would have to learn for his own."Me too, as long as it's not a vampire jumping out and sucking me dry. I'm pale enough." She was glad the waitress showed up, it gave her a moment to digest his words and the hidden meaning behind them. Plucking a fry from her plate she nibbled at it for a moment."Good, because my bike is the only thing that has never let me down." She knew that tube would be opened by her hands so to her no elaboration was needed to that tidbit of the conversation. Fry was finished off as she watched him closely. It was like his face as a magnet and her eyes the victim of the pull it had.

Julian chuckled at her comment about vampires sucking her dry. It was one of those mirthful chuckles that split the face in a pleasant way and he even tipped his face down as the food came and he dabbled with a fry. She had spend the night with him so she knew that he wasn't cold like a vampire, even those who hide their teeth. He was laughing for other reasons though. When the waitress left he was studying her face just as she was watching him. The smile bit was still there with a hint of something else, a slight intensity in his eyes as he asked the following: "Do you like vampires?" She was a native of Rhydin - or had been here long enough - so he assumed that she had seen one or two in her time.

-->The conversation between them ranged from the serious to the not so serious but it wasn't just idle conversation. She liked being able to talk openly and without being judged. It was easy to talk to him. She looked down at her burger a moment, lifting the top bun to make sure it was nice and neat and without the onion. Picking it up with both hands she raised it slightly. "As long as I'm not an unwilling meal." She really had not real thoughts about liking them or not, she came across one by accident feeding but that was her extent of knowing a vampire. She had heard about them however. Burger was lifted and a bite taken.Chew-chew-swallow before it was placed back on the plate. "This is to die for." Not literally of course, unless the meat contained poison.

"Best burgers on this side." That was casually said before he ate the fry. It gave him time to mull over a few things that he was going to say, or not say. In truth this wasn't his area - recruitment - but the people at his 'job' knew that he did a lot of things that he wanted to do whether they approved of it or not. Besides, this could be preliminary and if she was accepted they would probably put her under him anyway. Therefore he figured why the hell not. Besides, he wouldn't mind working with her for more than a few reasons. "That means you like them. Vampires." That could be a problem. He didn't hate them, or like them. He really didn't have too much of an opinion. He had a job. "Personal feelings have a habit of getting in the way of work?" -

-->"I didn't say that...I just really have no opinion one way or the other." That didn't mean she liked them, but she didn't want to be a snack either. She took another bite of the burger doing her own careful selection of her words. Another fry no ketchup to ruin the taste was eaten before a sip of her milkshake. Goodness this was heaven. His question really did strike her as odd but like all the other times, she answered him honestly. "They never have, and doubt they ever will. Normally I don't mix business with pleasure." But in her mind she was willing to make an exception in his case, but what the hell would they be working on together? Her bike? The tube? What? "Do you let your feelings interfere with your work?" Only fair to know if they played on an even field or if he was one to go into a tissy when business and pleasure collided.
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Re: Chew on this . . . |[a log]|

Post by Keegan Navaro on Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:49 pm

After he said his peace Julian grew quiet as he was eating. He didn't order food simply for it to look pretty on his plate and he didn't take simple rat-size bites either. This type of burger was meant to be eaten and he was holding it with both hands, elbows bent and big bites taken. Still he had manners so he chewed and swallowed before speaking to answer her question. "Can't do what I do if it's wrapped around feelings." Truth. Caring about things you were dealing in was an occupational hazard and others in his 'job' fell into that trap and they were no good for the field anymore. There was a difference to him and she wasn't a job that he had to do and therefore they were okay. "Don't mistake me for a heartless bastard though." -

-->Keegan continued to eat her own food, taking a few sips of her milkshake to wash it down. She listened to what he had to say, and it did make sense. How many people did she know that had ruined a perfectly good professional relationship because emotions were involved. After taking another bite of her burger it was placed back on the plate, napkin was lifted to dab at the corners of her mouth. She sat there silent for a moment, watching him eat. "Thought never crossed my mind." And it hadn't. She didn't figure him to be a bastard or heartless, just a no nonsense type of guy. She could appreciate that and it did make things a bit more clear in her mind at least. If she were to be his partner, that would be all she'd be nothing more, nothing less. She must first however crack the code on the tube in order to even see if that was a possibility. Turning her attention back to her burger and fries it seemed the conversation had fell by the wayside but not that it was a bad thing.

Here was where a miscommunication may be involved. Perhaps to clear it up.. He watched her reaction to what he said and that smirk appeared back on his lips and he let it stay there even as he washed down the burger with his coke. It would be gone in another bite or two. "If a fox cared about the hens he would never eat" And that was how he was going to answer her unasked question. Who he worked with had no bearing on the business and pleasure mix. it was what he was doing. He was nearly done and he looked to see how hers was coming along and signaled the waitress to bring the check. "agreed?" -

-->She finished off her fries and took one more bite of her burger leaving only a few bites left but she was full and couldn't eat anymore. Shake was lifted and straw was toyed with a moment before finding it's way between her lips as he spoke once more. Glass was placed back on the table and forgotten about. "True, but you really don't look like the hen type." She held that laughter in because well, she knew what he meant and he did have a valid point. Emotions could be deadly at time, and then the line from a silly movie she had seen popped into her mind and her laughter erupted even though she didn't want it to. Through her laughter she nodded. "Agreed." It was odd how he seemed to read her mind, but she thought nothing of it for the moment. Napkin was placed over her plate before hands pushed against the table as her chair scooted back a bit so she could stretch her legs out. "Not everyone sees it that way though."

Having her laugh made him echo a bit in return. It was a good thing and he liked to hear her laugh so that was double. He pulled a card out from his pocket, it was all black form what she could see - at least on that side - and he offered it to the waitress to take before she could even put down the check. She took it and he started to pull from his seat. "I'm okay with people not seeing things my way. Makes it interesting." Obviously they were getting up to leave. He would even stand around by her chair to pull it out if she was ready. "Let's go." -

-->That was a two way street, she liked to see him smile, and to hear his laughter. Their first meeting he did very little of both. She watched the waitress and was about to say something about the check but he already handed her his credit card. Wasn't she the one suppose to be paying for his meal? She followed him as he came behind her chair and with a slight dip of upper body she stood up from the chair, stepping from in front of it and to his side. "What a dull and boring conversation that would be if everyone agreed with each other." She didn't need to say anything about his wanting to go, she was ready. Her stomach was full and sitting in one place for very long wasn't something she enjoyed."Thanks for dinner, even though I was suppose to buy it." This way it really wouldn't seem like a date if she had paid for it."Or we could have went dutch."She waited for him to move towards the door before she would move herself. Keegan was comfortable with following him, he always seemed to know where he was going. Nice change of pace for her.

He gave a small shrug to the point where it was hard to notice. The check matter didn't bother him and he did't have to wait around for the waitress to give him the card. It was taken care of. There was a reason why he came here, aside from the burgers. "You can make up for it later." Answer it she could but he was already leading the way out of the restaurant. Dutch. He didn't remember ever having split the check unless it was with the guys, and that was a rare things. Again, he was a guy who did a lot of what he wanted to do but tried to take others into consideration. Like her. He was doing well. "Thank you for coming. Now we can move on to other things." and he winked at her. -

-->"I just bet I can." The meaning behind his words didn't bother her at all. Turning she followed him a step behind. Keegan was use to paying for her meals, she didn't like feeling indebted to people, or could be the fact that the men in her past well, didn't have such great manners as he did. "My pleasure." She shot him a wink right back along with a smile. She was sure other things meant the tube but she wasn't opposed to shameless flirting."Now that sounds promising." Julian was a rare breed, and Keegan was finding herself drawn to him like a moth to flame. He was someone she had a feeling she could trust with anything and he'd have her back. Just as she would his if he'd let her in...but hey...she was patient and would wait as long as it took for him to trust her. Right now, returning to the race circuit was in the back of her mind.
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Re: Chew on this . . . |[a log]|

Post by Keegan Navaro on Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:34 pm

First instinct made him want to put his hands in his pocket - at least hook his thumbs as he often did - but he remembered that she walked down with her arm in his and therefore he waited just outside the door for her to take his arm before he continued up the path and towards the Inn. It wasn't obvious that he was looking around, but he was. The time was a bit later and you could never know who was out and about. "Doesn't only sound promising. It is." Cocky. He was confidant in his words. "I make good on my promise." Something to remember about him. Whether good or bad, if he said he was going to do it - he was going to do it.-

-->Keegan once again took his arm, something about it made her more comfortable. Direction was taking them back to the Inn and if not for the fact she was never caught off guard she might have stumbled with his words. Okay she was caught off guard but she didn't stumble. Turn of her head to bring her eyes to look at him. " Oh really?" He just opened up the flood gates of dirty little thoughts for his companion, and cocky probably wasn't holding the same meaning for him as it was her. [sorry] Confidence was a definite turn on for Keegan and Julian exuded it. "I will hold you to that promise." She too was a keeper of promises, but none of hers were dark and mysterious. Just the promise to do something for the shop, or to take care of herself....petty stuff for friends. She really needed to pull her mind from the gutter and remembered something. "You didn't get your card back from the waitress." Aha it worked for all of two seconds to distract her current thoughts.

"I didn't intend to." He didn't or he would have gotten it back. Perhaps a slight more insight. "It takes care of our presence there." Even if that wasn't much more insight as it didn't tell about that card, but it seemed all he was going to say about it unprompted. "Afraid of someone stealing my identity?" A turn of his head as he grinned at her, there was a chuckle hiding behind that smile of his that he wasn't letting loose. Since she had his arm he compromised by resting his hand on the pocket of his pants. He didn't walk any faster or slower than he had on their trip down. "Will Christian call again if you don't check in?" -

--> The hand he had resting against his pocket was now being grazed over lightly by short nails as they walked. Really, they must look like a couple to anyone that passed them, but as it would happen she rarely seen anyone near them. "Of course not, fraudulent charges was more my concern." She flashed him a smile and a soft laugh followed before she spoke once more."Nothing worse than paying a grand for a hamburger." Eyes turned their attention back to the path that had brought them here and now would take them back to the Inn. His question about Christian got him a sideway glance and smirk. "It's late and I'm sure he's out with his new flavor of the week." Besides, Keegan didn't need to check in with anyone, she was her own woman whether Christian or anyone approved or not. Not being able to resist she leaned up against him slightly. "Why, you planning on keeping me out late?" If he could only seem the grin on her lips he would know she was teasing him again.

"Never know. I do know that he has called you twice, at least, since we've been together." In actuality 'Julian' was keeping track of how often she was being tracked. Who needed to know the whereabouts of her and if they would take measures to seeing that she got to a certain place. He knew too well that people could often be tracked even if the tracker didn't make it plain. He cast a glance to the sky and then back to her. "Depending on the night, you may not see me until morning. Good thing you stay next door to me." He felt the touch of her fingers on his hand and he didn't mind, actually liked it and who was he to complain about touch when he had been outlining her tattoo? The card would be let go for now. "Never know when I'll drop by."

-->Keegan wasn't aware that he had been paying that close of attention to the ringing of her phone. She didn't really like it, but since she had spent all of her time with him with the exception of the bath it was only natural he would know that so the other thought she had was dismissed. "No, he won't call me for another day or two when I don't show up for the qualifying race." She couldn't believe she just said she was going to miss a race, that was not her style but neither was keeping company with a stranger for such a long period of time. If Keegan was the pouty type she might have done just that with his might not see him to morning bit but hey it would give her time to figure out the tube. " Okay.." She took that rather nicely and didn't make a fuss over being left alone. In truth, she cared but she didn't. She had something he wanted and she knew she would see him again. "Mhm...going to sneak into my room and chloroform me?" The touch continued, barely there but at the same time least to her. "I will leave the door unlocked should you need to come by and I don't answer." That Ipod would be over her ears while she was trying to crack the code of the tube and she might not hear him knock should he do so.

Now he chuckled at and even nudged her a little in the side. "Chloroform. Now why would I do that when I can get you to come along willingly?" Was he joking? Perhaps. There was the chuckle and the smile that still played on his lips afterward. Maybe it was a bit of both. "I haven't had to force you away yet but if you want to be forcefully taken then that can be arranged." Perhaps in time she would get when he was joking or being playful with the truth. Sometimes they worked hand in hand. He was taking a moment to look her over and considering the thoughts of last night. It wasn't as easy a night as it would have been and that had a lot to do with her. Again it wasn't everyday that he went to sleep holding on to someone like her and once again the option to do so was there. Tempting.-

-->"Touche' Julian." He was right, she was a willingly participant in his adventure so he wouldn't need to force her to do anything. " You won't need to take me by force, unless it's something you enjoy." Ha, let him dissect the meaning behind her words for once. Index finger now was the only contact of her hand against his, taking to drawing patterns once more as she had done on his chest. To Keegan there was an almost electricity that passed between her flesh and his, and that might explain why she wanted to be near him. She could feel him looking at her and resisted the urge to look back. She had found herself lost once in his eyes and would not do so again because she might end up doing something foolish. She had a rule about kissing on the first date, but this wasn't exactly a date,nor their first walk together but she was never one to put her lips where they didn't belong."But seriously, I feel like a puppy always following it's master." That word was bitter on her tongue.

The question of whether he enjoyed force would only be answered with a wider type of grin that stayed for a moment and then was smoothed away. It all depended on what the force was used for, in his opinion. On the same turn, what he was thinking she may not have objections too. "I'm not your Master and you're not my puppy and so you shouldn't feel that way." Spoken matter of factly. "If I thought of you in that way then this meal would never would have happened." He wouldn't have wasted his time if she were a weak willed female who only wanted to follow and had no mind of her own. They were drawing nearer to the Inn and as she was quite near to him she may her the vibration of his phone, though it was in the other pocket. He ignored it, as the person on the other end knew he was going to do. Or should. -

-->The verbal banter between them was amusing and interesting. She was learning that he did indeed have a sense of humor and laced it most times with hints of the truth. Even in their relatively short time together he already figured out she was not a weak minded female. "Good because I could never submit to anyone as I've seen others do." That's not to say she hadn't but not in the capacity they were talking about now. She glanced up to see the Inn and felt a tiny pang of dread. Okay she had to admit she liked being with him more than without but such was life. "You are worse than me." Referring to the ignoring of the phone and that finger now found itself tracing the web of flesh that connects his thumb to his index finger as if exploring for something but not really knowing what that something was. She knew their time together was coming to an end if only for several hours but she wanted him to know she really did appreciate him. "Thanks again for dinner and the conversation."

"I don't answer that phone unless it's important." That phone may leave to say that he had another phone that he did answer. If it's important, I'll know." How he'd know he didn't say. Unlike other phones this one didn't stop ringing after four or five rings. It could keep going for as long as twenty. That's what this one was doing now and it added its own rhythm to their walk. He saw the Inn and would keep going until they reached the porch. Then he stopped and turned to face her, taking his other hand on her shoulder in a move to guide her around to look at him as well. His head was slightly turned but his eyes were trained on her face. "Tell me something: Are you going to open the tube from last night?" -

-->That phone was not missed by her but she didn't say anything. He probably had a work phone and a personal one she had often thought about doing the same but never got around to it. "Yeah, guess you will." Her phone would blow up and then she would have ten voicemails but Keegan never stressed over her lack of answering or returning calls. She took the steps at the pace he kept them and stopped as he did when they were on the porch, taking moment to make sure her bike was were she left it and it was. The hand on her shoulder would bring her around to face him and from beneath her lashes dark gaze lifted to meet his own. "I'm going to do that while your away." Why did that sound as if she expected him to come back to her? Probably because he said he would see her in the morning. "Did you change your mind and not want me to now?" You could never be sure, maybe the time together, the dinner and the conversation had lead him to believe she wasn't capable of handling the opening of the tube, or the secret contents it held inside. It would be upsetting but nothing she would let him see if he did decide that. Her free hand came to rest on the hand on her shoulder giving it a light squeeze. "I can open it, trust me."

A small shake of his head as he looked at her. He was amused and that was a good thing. The hand on her shoulder moved up to cup around her neck and his thumb lightly rubbed the front part of her neck. Not to push against the throat or to be uncomfortable. "Even if I told you not to open it I'd expect you would do so anyway." It was an assumption. He could tell her not to in hopes that she would open it because he didn't want her to. "It's still your choice. I only wanted to know the answer." His other hand pushed back on her hair and he tapped her forehead with a finger. "Remember to be logical." -

-->Keegan could feel the heat rising up into her flesh, his touch was more intimate than it had been tracing her tattoo last night, or maybe she just wanted it to be. It was nice and evoked the first wave of desire within her, desire she was keeping at bay. His assumption brought a soft smile to her lips and a slight nod of her head. "You're right, I would do it anyway. Curiosity kills but I hope it doesn't come to that." She was still thinking it would explode or shoot out some sort of gas once it was opened but she would throw caution to the always. "I'm the Queen of Logic, Julian. I will have it opened the next time you see me. That I will promise you." Her own head seemed to tilt to further the contact as he brushed her hair to tap her forehead. She really shouldn't be looking at him because it was making her feel a bit well nevermind. "What happens when I do open it?" Did she expect him to answer that? Nope, because he was famous for not answering and she liked it that way.

Good thing that she didn't expect him to answer that because he wasn't. She would only get a smile and the finger that had tapped her forehead joined the other fingers on that hand to cup behind her hand at the base where neck met skull. He moved in closer to her and - unless she was going to smack him or push him away - he was going kiss her and it wouldn't be chaste and light. That's not the type of guy he was. It would be full on and authoritative as his hands on her neck and back of the head aided in guiding. Course she could have stopped him. Could be his way of saying goodbye, for now. -

-->Like a moth to a flame Keegan found herself being pulled in by him. Was she going to slap him...of course not. Her own hands came to grip the material of his shirt at his sides holding him to her and vice versa. Once again they were more alike than either of them knew. Chaste kisses were saved for grandma's not someone you wanted, at least on her part. Head would cant as lips would collided and her head was sent to spinning. She kissed him with fervor and a bit of her own authority. Glad to know he didn't just view her as the sisterly type, because Julian wasn't even close to being thought of as anything brotherly. It would be a perfect way to say goodnight. No words spoken, just a kiss, a smile and a parting of ways, but whether he was that type of guy was yet to be seen.

He was, and he wasn't. Variables were always involved that changed things around and determined outcomes. This outcome was slightly mixed between what it was he wanted to do and what he had to do. Julian guessed that she wasn't a shy kisser and even if she had slapped him he probably would have laughed and went in for a second try. He did go for what he wanted. He kept the kiss going for a few moments longer, the hand on her head making a gentle massage before he started to pull away. When he did he felt the pull of his shirt from her grip so his move was not a quick or forced one. The break of the lips was casual and his hand moved to brush back her hair once more before starting to step away. He'd raise his two fingers in a type of salute as he turned to head away. yeah, he wasn't going to say anything. No need. -

-->The kiss they shared was of equal passion, he went after what he wanted and so did Keegan. She wanted to do that the first night they had been walking in the rain, but told herself she wasn't a tramp like that. Fingers released their hold on his shirt and she could already feel the chill and emptiness his body left in place of the warmth. She smiled at him and gave a slight salute of her own. Parting was such sweet sorrow, but their time would come again. She watched as he walked away before she entered the door of the Inn and headed to her room. Her step was light and her cares were none...with the exception of unlocking the tube. Yes, tonight had been a great night and she knew things would only get better.
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