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After helping at the Bar / Kitchen

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After helping at the Bar / Kitchen

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:15 pm

After Sael had left, and the kitchen and bar area were put back to rights, Titania picked up the bag that had actually brought her to the Inn. It wasn't anything that would take to long, but when they were walking to the kitchens she didn't see anyone working on the underground clinic that Epiphany had told her that Xavier and some other guys were working on. Oh well the stuff in the bag would keep, but she made her way around, and as she did not know where Epiphany's room was she left the bag, near the chair that Epiphany must of been sitting in. When Epiphany got the bag she would find inside some suplies to help make her sitting there and ordering the guys around easier. A bullhorn, wet naps, and powdered drink mixes.

Once that was done, she moved over to find a piece of paper, perhaps at the desk. Now this might set off something but she wouldn't know as she was searching for a blank piece so she could leave a note for Xavier. She figured he would be tired from working on the basement clinic that she wasn't going to bother him. If she found the scrap of paper she would write upon it...letting him know that if he came out to the farm house that there might be another on the property and not to hunt him. She knew it was best to keep Xavier up to date on such things if she wanted her property guests to be welcome and not feel like prey.

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