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Heated Desire to Bargain (Open)

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Heated Desire to Bargain (Open)

Post by The Spider on Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:50 pm

Even in shade the heat pressed against the body today. Spider didn't see anyone else out of doors and the sun might be the cause. It had blazed the entire time she walked not a cloud to be seen. She'd walked the Eastern Woods for hours now. Deep and far enough that it would be a challenge to find the way back to the Inn. Spider wasn't concerned. She had access to ample ways to rise to such a challenge. When it was time.

So she wouldn't be scratched by barbs when she strayed from the path Spider chose to wear pants today. Dark black jean, her shirt matched in material and fashion, short sleeved with silver buttons down the front and a starched collar. Both shirt and pants had a number of pockets. Because of these pockets she could walk the woods without her coat. She couldn't carry all of her precautions but between what she did carry and her markings it would have to be enough. Black hair with its shocking holly red roots was swept up off her neck and held in two five-inch-long sharp hairpins. An enchantment all of their own.

Many would be sweltering in such thick clothing but she was a decedent of the Summer Court. Summer Fae thrived in heat like this. It was why she chose today to seek a bargain. Normally she would not seek out Summer's kin. Full Fae didn't have a high opinion of changelings. They thought changelings were blood cheaters who were selfishly not turning themselves over loyally to the Summer Court's cause. But Spider was Eolandesidhe's daughter. Even half-blooded she was royal blood and she intended to use this to her advantage.

She also carried a bundle with her. Wrapped in clean sterile white cloth. She would never attempt to bargain with her Fae kin without bringing something to begin negotiation with. That would be dangerous. Then any Fae she found would be able to start negotiation on their terms. If she offered the bundle immediately, even if the Fae chose to deem it unfitting all terms would be increased and altered from that starting point. Grounding the terms in a realm of bargaining that was reasonable. Reasonable safety at least.

To find a faerie circle was more complicated than she'd thought. While the book of Father's she read didn't call it easy, its words were clear. Choose a day pleasing to the Court you seek. Be prepared with an offering. Seek nature. Stray far from all paths. When you're lost you're close. Look for the signs. Lost as she was Spider had yet to see a single sign. Not even something misleading that she could vainly follow as a sign. The morning had turned to afternoon and she had nothing to show for her day's efforts so far.

Why wasn't Mother's blood guiding her? The lack of help made her want to growl and rail. Her Fae instincts were usually more eager than this. Always ready to steal her deeper into Summer's Call. But today, barely a whisper. Spider stopped next to a small creek. Closing her eyes, she drew a deep breath in through her nostrils. Focusing on the heat of the sun which was the seat of Summer's power. Spider slowly let the breath out and stepped forward with eyes still closed. Trying to let the pulsing hot sun on her skin guide her steps.
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