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Early Morning Check In (The Log)

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Early Morning Check In (The Log)

Post by Keegan Navaro on Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:20 am

--> After bidding Julian farewell Keegan made her way to the front desk and at first she didn't see a soul behind the desk so a light wrap of knuckles on the counter would be given. Not wanting to be rude or anything. Opposite hand still held firmly to the tube he had left her in possession of. There was a slight yawn that escaped her but she did her best to fight it off. She really was dead on her feet, figuratively speaking of course.

It wouldn't be too long after Keegan did the knock upon the desk that someone came to see about it. Early morning and De'Ryanna was already dressed and ready to start the day, walking down the steps her arms were raised as she was pulling her hair into a bun. There was prep work to do for breakfast and errands to run in town for fresh supplies. She always made sure she was there when they opened if she went into town. But first today would be the front desk, having known someone was there before the knock. 'Greetings and welcome to the Tel'Ranaeyn Inn." from the smell it was someone she did not know, or had been in the Inn prior. Hands were done by the time she stepped to the desk and behind it. Automatically reaching for the ledger. "How can I help you?"

--> Keegan gave the woman the once over as she did everyone she was about to meet. Offering a smile and a soft nod as the clerk stepped behind the desk. "Thank you, and yes I would like a room please." She wasn't sure how long she was going to be here and hoped this place accepted credit cards, or she was going to have to find an ATM to make a withdraw. Her length of her stay here would probably be decided by Julian and the mysterious tube. Slow glance to the ledger and to the pen next to it. Guess this place was no different from any other Inn/hotel/ were required to give information that sometimes you were not comfortable with. No matter, Keegan figured this place had some sort of security measure if Julian was staying here. He didn't seem the type to just shack up any place without first staking it out so to speak.

"Of course," and she said it rather matter of factly at that, This is why the Ledger was here and since the woman requested a room it was opened and was being flipped through to find the last page. De'Ryanna was making her own assumptions about the woman but they were not voiced at the moment. As for security, there were some, although they were not what the average person would think that they were. She let out a contented breath and glanced upward at the lady. "At the moment we only have single rooms available. On the first floor, and they are the smaller rooms that typically do not have their own bath. However, there is one room that can have this feature." at the end she was tapping a finger against the Ledgers pages. There was something here.. a smell maybe, that was picking at her brain but she could not place it. Or perhaps it was something else. -

-->Keegan didn't like the idea of not having her own bathroom, she wasn't spoiled but never had to share a bathroom with a bunch of strangers, but hey..first time for everything. "The single room will be fine." Surely the bathroom she would be sharing had a bathtub and not just showers, if so she'd just have to settle. Picking up the pen she waited for the woman to show her exactly where to sign. At the moment she seemed a bit distracted. The tube was laid on the counter a moment as she readjusted Julian's shirt it was a tad big on her. Tube was reclaimed with a smile. "Just as long as I can take a hot bubble bath before crashing I'll be a happy camper." Chit chat came easy..Keegan although had a bad attitude she knew how to keep it in check. Served her well, and this woman didn't warrant any snide remarks for her anyway. Treat others as you wished to be treated, that's what Grams always told her.

"That shouldn't be a problem" The hot bath. "The communal bath is at the end of that floor and it has a couple tubs, mostly showers." So she may be in luck to get the tub." There are clean towels in the Bath on a shelf, take what you need to use, there are even soaps. Any other personal care product you need to provide for yourself." Or ask if anyone had any to spare. Chit chat was not one of Ryan's specialties but she could do this job because it was relatively easy. "By policy you do not have to pay up front if you do not want to, all your spending will be added and put to your account for when you check out. This includes anything you use at the bar." she gave her a knowing smile. "Such as the whiskey." she could smell it. As she had the spot she turned the book around so it was facing the lady and set the pen on top of it. "Sign." it was always important to get the person to sign.

"Good deal." Well Keegan had precious little with her on this trip, her only change of clothing was soaked thanks to the storm they had walked in. "Is there a shop here I can purchase such items and perhaps clothes?" Some Inns had their very own boutique so it didn't hurt to ask. Busted, yeah that's how she felt when the woman mentioned the whiskey. Keegan wouldn't have left without paying for what she had consumed. "Sweet policy" She signed her name with an sloppy elegance and placed the pen into the fold of the ledger. She glanced over her shoulder before her attention went back to the woman. She hadn't the foggiest idea where she was going but she did say it was on the first floor and that seemed the logical direction, plus Julian had went that way when he vanished.

De'Ryanna smiled with satisfaction and closed her eyes from a brief second as she closed the Ledger. Another signature taken and the person had no idea what they had done for there was nothing for that person to feel. But Ryan knew. Yes, she knew. She pulled out the key to room 114 and placed it on the desk where the Ledger had just been. "There are no clothing stores in the Inn. However there are many shops in the Marketplace." This said she pulled out a brochure like document. With it was a map of the local area that pointed out the forest, the small beach and docks by the Inn, and how to get to the Marketplace that was a few miles from the Inn. This too was placed on the desk. "This should help you out."

--> Keegan picked up the key and noticed the room number 114. Should be easy enough to find. She as half curious when signing to see if she could spot Julian's name but did it matter? Not really, she wasn't a stalker and she had something he wanted in a sense. Slight crinkle of nose at the thought of having to go out before she could even take a hot bath but such was life. She picked up the brochure as the woman spoke,making a note of where things were. She knew about the docks, for she had been in close proximity to them earlier. "Thanks for your help." Sincere it was, and doing a double check to make sure she had the key, the brochure and tube Keegan was satisfied and took a step back from the desk. take the tube to her room and freshen up a bit, or fetch her bike and ride into town after toiletries and clothing. Vanity wore out over anything else and she would make her way to the barn and get her bike. So with a smile and half wave she left the desk ."Thanks again." And out the door she went.

His name was there. and if she looked she would see that his assigned room was 112, this would technically make her and Julian neighbors since the even and odd number rooms were together on opposing sides of the floors. Of course, as Ryan did not know that Keegan had spent the past couple of hours with the man this wasn't done on purpose. As the lady turned to leave De'Ryanna gave a wave of her hand. She would wait till the other was gone before she left the desk to go about her own way. -
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