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The Secret Is Out -log-

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The Secret Is Out -log-

Post by Kendrick on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:16 pm

It had been a week, a week after her talk with her sister, a week after she saw Kendrick leave with the blonde. She wasn’t going to ask him what happened, for that wasn’t her business. Okay, so it was her business he was her husband, but she had crossed that line, and now it was time to see if it could be uncrossed. Leaving her room she made her way down the hallway, it wasn’t very far to go, and she would lift her hands up to knock upon the door.

Luck was on her side. Kendrick was inside his rooms when the knock was given to the wooden door. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans that hung low on his hips he pulled open the door. Bare feet were visible along with everything else. Slow grin forming. “Joy what do I owe the pleasure?” Body moved to lean against the door frame.

She looked tense a moment, like she thought the way he was dressed he was entertaining inside there, and she didn't want to think about that. A flash of jealousy in her silver gaze, before her eyes moved to take him fully in. It was the words that she heard that let her know where they stood. The ball was still in her court was it not? But she was not going to play her cards all at once. "Can I come in? To talk." There she spoke that she wanted to talk, that was a step right?

No words. He took two steps one off of the door's frame the other was backwards. There was enough room for her to pass without brushing against him. Not that he would say anything if she chose to forgo that and brush against him. Lazy grin was given as he watched.

When Kendrick stepped backwards she would follow him in. She saw there was enough room for her to pass without touching, but her hand slipped up to press against the center of his chest, before fingers would brush along his chest to his arm, before her hand fell. Making her way inside, she made her way to the couch. If he paid attention to her walk he would be blessed of the view of the blue jeans that hugged her rear end perfectly. Black high heels were upon her feet, and a dark purple tank top was covering her upper body with a lighter purple playboy bunny decal. Once she took a seat on the couch, she would look up to him, motioning with her eyes for him to have a seat as well.

Shutting the door behind her he turned just in time to watch her walk to the couch. Bare feet made their way across the floor crossing the distance in a few steps. Devilish grin slipped over his facial features. Thought about making her say the words out loud. Changed his mind she was here and that was a first step. He slowly folded his self down upon his couch. Not to close to her but not on the complete opposite side either.

Small pink tongue slipped out to run along her lips, before she spoke. "I told my sister...about us." She paused looking down a moment before lifting her silver gaze to him. "Do you still have room for me?" She was not a female that showed a weakness, but in the way she asked, one might take it that way. Opening herself up for a possible let down. Deep down she knew he would not turn her away. It was the surface insecurity that reared its head, that would not show itself for long, so if he wished her to move in he had better speak up. If he toyed with her at the moment, it would not end well.

Merest blink of eye lids at her words. "Did she have a break down? Did she forbid you from seeing me?" Logically he figured those were the reasons why she didn't want her sister to know. Before he could think on that for long she was asking the other question. His head nodded in the affirmative once. "Always." The only word that came out.

A slow smile slipped over her features, not the normal happy person smile, but this was simply her. She leaned over to wrap her arms in a hug around him, before getting up off of the couch. "I am going to go get my stuff, then we can talk about other things." Even as the words were said she was making her way to the door, so if he said anything she wouldn't hear it. She wanted to get her few possessions, mainly her bike keys and the new clothing she got when she went shopping with Malice. Then they could have it out or sweep stuff under the rug or something.

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