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Beating it Out [Open]

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Beating it Out [Open]

Post by Aiden on Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:18 pm

"Asshole." The door to the gym went flying open as a very pissed off Aiden went stalking into the room. Bleeding hell he hated werewolves! Vampires may not be able to traipse around during the day, well he couldn't, but at least they didn't go crying like big babies when the moon got full! Stupid, slobbering animals who bayed at the moon and wanted treated like kings for it. They should all be stuffed into a giant doghouse somewhere if you asked Aiden's opinion about it.

Right now he had bigger problems then a bunch of dogs. The short walk downstairs to the gym had brought the unnatural fullness of his stomach and the nausea together to form a hellish alliance. "Oh shit," Aiden croaked as he took off for the men's locker room and the showers inside. This was going to hurt. He made it into the first shower stall just in time before the food he'd shoveled down just minutes before started coming in reverse.

When it was over with he stumbled backwards from the shower stall until his back met the solidness of a wall behind him and he slumped down it. Damn, he needed a drink. A nice stiff one, preferably. Good chance at that. Now that his stomach wasn't vying for his attention his mind had switched on and conveniently reminded him that it was blazing daylight out there and would be for several more hours. Lovely.

Pulling off his dark tinted sunglasses Aiden stood and headed back out into the main part of the gym. Not bad equipment, not bad at all. Shedding his cloak and his gloves he swaggered over to the punching bag with a gleam in his eyes. What better way to pass a few hours than with a good workout?

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