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Can't we just get along? [a log]

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Can't we just get along? [a log]

Post by De'Ryanna Aybara on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:06 am

It was the end of the day and while she probably should not be outside she was. Out on the porch and sitting on top of one of the three tables there. This table happened to be next to one of the railings and was half leaned back. In a long skirt as always she was simply leaned back and looking at the Moon . The fingers on her right hand tapping on the table.

Gawain had had an interesting encounter earlier, and was simply outside for a breath of fresh air. His steps brought him to the front of the porch, and he would have continued by it save for the fact that he saw Ryan. Well, now was as good a time as any. "Hey." His voice was gruff, without the namby-pamby weakness it had held when they had spoken last.

Of course she knew that he was there, why wouldn't she when she could smell him coming. That didn't mean she acted on it. Even when he got closer she kept looking up at the moon, no shifting or other movement besides her tapping fingers on the table. After a moment she replied. "Father." Remembering him saying he wanted to speak to her when she saw him at the bar.

He waited for a moment, then shrugged. "Ya know, De'Ryanna, that's no way to greet your sire." He chuckled, taking strides toward the steps to the porch. "Not that it matters or anything. I was thinking we should talk and shit, considering how it's been awhile. You game?"

"I thought sire was the term vampires use." she said with a slight glance towards him while her hands scooted further behind her on the table, leaning her down a bit more in a lounged position. A wonderful slight curve of her back. "How was I suppose to greet you? Did you expect me to jump off to table and run with arms wide open for love and affection." He should know her better. Though she wasn't going to say anything about whether they could talk or not. She wasn't telling him to go away so it could be seen as a yes.

"Leeches use that term because they're too busy sucking on each other to come up with something original. You should know they're dead all over, brain included. And no, that wouldn't be appropriate, De'Ryanna. You're a grown-assed woman. I don't expect you to be all 'oh, I love you daddy' any more than I expect Air to start knitting a f-cking afghan. So anyway, what's new?" Show interest, be available, and so on.

She huffed a bit and stretched her legs out, touching the railing with her foot. "I don't know if anything is new of if it is only being rehashed. You should know that the Vampires think the same about us because of people like you....." dragging that word out a bit before it was cut off. "Both are creatures that need to learn their place in order to make use of themselves."

His head snapped toward her, a glower evident. "You'll do well to mind your damn tongue. I may have missed out on the part of your life where a spanking was appropriate, but don't think you're safe from getting your narrow ass kicked. Now. Move over." Something undeniably different about his demeanor....

"Mind yours first." Was she moving? No, not yet she was rather comfortable there on the tabletop. There was a very small shrug of her shoulders. "There are other tables and there are chairs. You're my Father not my Lover. If you sat on the table with me it would seem otherwise." Meaning that it would put them against each other. The table was only so big, even if she wasn't a large person. Technically he could sit there.

A smirk formed on his face. "You got my mouth and your mother's temper. God help the man you bed and wed. None of that's my business, anyway." He did something that could almost be construed as a compromise. Almost. He grabbed a chair and sat down, eyes on her. "So, what's new around these parts?"

"I'm not marrying anyone, if that's what you want to know." Because she wasn't. She finally turned her head away from the sky and turned to look over at him. Clearly she was studying her father, eyes slightly narrowed as she was trying to see what he was all about. Then her head turned back to her moon study. "I left Foster's place because of that and I'm not ready to settle now or have a litter. If you're here asking about grankids then you would be better off talking to your son...."

"Hey, what Xavier does with his time and seed is his own damn business, same as you. Didn't really ask if you were getting married or even thinking about it. Not my concern, really. I just figured I'd come by and speak. You want to be rid of me, I'd be happy to oblige. By the way, De'Ryanna? Don't insinuate that our kind owes anything to the leeches, or that I'm the reason for their idiotic paranoia toward us. You're a Lycan as well, so you only trash yourself when you trash our kind." Yeah, that bit had stuck with him. "As I said, I just figured I'd speak, and if you're going to act like a bratty-assed teenager about the whole thing, I'm gonna go find something more interesting to do." He had expected her to act like this, of course. She was too proud to not act this way, after all. The Tower must force-feed that load to their students or something.

She gave one of those short laughs complete with a faint shake of her head. "You would be a lot better, Father, if you learned not to take offense to everything people say. That's a habit of a child." Sure she knew that she was speaking to her father but she thought that maybe she would help him with a bit of information. "I'm not trashing all Lycan's, I'm trashing, as you put it, the ones who act like the males in our family. Rash and with blind judgment. Ready to start a fight at the drop of a hat with no self control. The animals. What am I do learn from that?"

"Quite a bit, actually. First of all, you are an animal. You just spend the biggest portion of your time denying that. Second, if it's being childish or blind to feel like defending myself and my family, then guilty as charged. Don't lecture me on control, you little whelp. I am not the one that goes apeshit when I shift. Oh, can't shift, I may piss on the rug or act as if I enjoy life!" The last was said in a vaguely comical high voice.

"Because it's so much better to shift and run around like an overgrown puppy." De'Ryanna sat up and took her foot down from the railing. "I'm really missing out on one hell of a time with that." Peeing on the rug, that was a dog and puppy act. If she were to shift she wouldn't do so and lie around. She eased herself off the table. "I've yet to see the joy in being a dog. I leave that for the males." As she started to leave the table. Of course, she would have to pass Gawain to do it. Why did she get up? She had her reasons.

He merely shook his head. "Sit down. You have such a bad view of your family...tell me, is that male I smell on you that much better?" Did she honestly think he wouldn't be able to smell another Lycan's scent on her, no matter how muted it was? And a male to boot. "Someone has a double standard. Look, I know it's not like we're gonna be BFF's or anything, but ya know, I think maybe it would be mutually beneficial for us to be on better terms. I know things you don't, you know things I don't. Don't give me any guff about it, it will happen."

"I'd rather stand." She said it with her back towards him as she made her way to the steps and placed her hand on the railing. The moon had been an off comfort but now it wasn't, with the talk of the Lycan's, and so she settled with looking out at the darkness instead. "I was speaking of the males in our family if you remember. " Since she was standing the hem of her skirt was long enough to cover her feet. "We all know something other's don't but there doesn't seem to be anything that I wish to learn from you. Since you obviously can't control yourself enough to not get angry what's the point."

He laughed at her words. "You think I'm angry? Please. If you had succeeded in pissing me off, there would be plenty of ways to tell. Anyway, there are plenty of things I could tell you. There are also plenty of lessons you need to be taught, since 'Foster' apparently fell down on the job. No, I come to you in good faith and extend a hand only to have a brat slap it away? F-ck you, kid. I have plenty of people to tell me what an awful person I am. I don't need you for that...or, well, for anything else. Just thought it would be better if I told you about the male."

She turned around to look at her father squarely. Her eyes were not narrowed though there was a hint of coldness in them. "You know who fell down on the job, Father? You and Mother. You don't extend a hand, at least not in friendship. Come to me as if I'm still some five year old child who needs their Father to do things for them and toss insults at me and not even in a subtle way." She paused. "You're the one who wanted to talk to me. Not the other way around."

"You know, I was about to mention this Connor boy, but maybe you should just find out for yourself. I have no control over what your mother did, but I will not tolerate you bad-mouthing her. You have issues? So does every-f-ckin-one else. You just keep yours to snuggle with at night. So yeah, go to hell for all I care." He turned toward the stairs as if to leave, then paused, looking to her. "You know, I wasn't really insulting you until you started in again with that same tired bullshit you always dredge up. Oh woe is me, my parents weren't there for me....well news flash, you ungrateful child, mine weren't either. Mother was murdered right the hell in front of me when I was five, and I killed that sorry piece of shit that called himself my father for abandoning her to be gang-raped and murdered. Don't come with parent issues to me."

And there he went again, getting angry or flying off again with words and insults. It really was a trait that ran with the family males. Ryanna had turned around before he even finished speaking because she didn't care. He was insulting her again and it wasn't anything she cared to be bothered with. She would have told him to go to hell but, he's already been there. Instead she said nothing about it and finished looking off into the distance as she had been. "Goodbye Father." He wanted her to, as he put it 'go to hell' so that must have been a form of saying goodbye.

A hand caught her elbow and spun her around. "You weren't dismissed, Ryan. No more manners than I have, huh? Yeah, I'm rough around the edges, and yes, I get mad easily. So what, I'm human. More or less. You don't even try. It's like you're programmed to hate me and I'm supposed to like it? I didn't do a damn thing to you, and I will not be treated in this manner any longer. You want to leave, that's fine. Don't bother thinking that I'll be trying anymore. And before you retort, remember that I have no qualms with kicking the piss out of you." He stood back, crossed his arms, and treated her to a withering stare.

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Re: Can't we just get along? [a log]

Post by De'Ryanna Aybara on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:07 am

She was right, he was angry. One thing she wouldn't understand was if he wanted her to go so badly why did he try to keep her in place? She wasn't going anywhere, only continuing to do what she had been doing before. Ryanna didn't try to move away or make any attempt at leaving, she only turned back to look out at the night when he let her go. She was giving him the chance to calm down, withering stare or not it didn't bother her. What nerve. He was the one who came to talk to her and started with a foul mouth and got upset and even tossed around insults when she was only trying to have a conversation. Perhaps it's cause when he said he wanted to talk he really meant for her to be submissive and not say a word. He was even threatening to attack her. He really was a caring father, it wasn't any wonder why she was so willing to listen to him. So she wasn't saying anything.

”Nothing left to say? You give up on things before you give them a chance. Whatever you think of me, it's wrong. And I'm done trying. Go to your Foster and call him Father from now on. That name is reserved for one that actually acts as if I'm more than a dust mite." He turned to go, shaking his head. "I was willing to try, Ryan. Really. I see that there's no point. You're too wrapped up in yourself to see. So, unless you come to me, this is it. Goodbye."

And she wasn't, not until he stopped threatening her and tossing insults at her every chance he got because she wasn't the type of person that he wanted her to be. "No matter how much I may dislike you, I would never threaten to hurt you." If that's the type of father he was going to be to her then she didn't want that. She told herself that and she would believe it. She didn't want that type of a father. One less person to harm her for her own good was not going to make her cry a tear o remorse.

"No, you do it without warning. A shot between the eyes is better than a stab in the back." He sighed, heading down the stairs and off into the darkness. Unless she understood the gist of what he had said and asked, he wouldn't mention it again. Things could have been different if he had been there for her formative years, but he was done paying for that, and she should understand that by now. There's only so many times a person can be forced to make amends for the same thing.

It was his trying to make amends that ruined it all when he should have forgot that and stayed in the present. The way he had gone about it was no way to get on his good side. Perhaps he had gone wrong in calling her a whelp. Maybe something never known. Ryanna wasn't going to go after him, or even call out to him, she would leave him alone, just as he wanted. She would let him walk out on her life, again, just as he said he would when he could have easily chosen to stand there. She had only turned away, but he had disowned her, so she would let him go. And watch him leave.

Gawain sighed, shaking his head. Why did he have a damned conscience?! He turned, trudged back up the steps, and stopped. "Look. Maybe I come on too strong. I can admit to having faults. However, you could compromise a bit. You may think that suffering my presence is compromise enough, but you're wrong. We're family, all of us, and family doesn't pick family apart. Yeah, you pissed me off, I shot back. It's one of those things I can't quite shake. I had to learn how to outshoot somebody that had the drop on me before I was old enough to shave." A pause. "Look, it won't happen over night, or even over a year of nights. But if you are willing, I'd like us to be on civil terms. I won't beg or plead, so the choice is yours and I'll abide by it. By the way, the go to hell thing? I apologize. You don't want to go there any more than I want you to." That was about as close as he would come to an apology at the moment. Sure, he had said things, but how many times had she made disparaging comments about him, not to mention her twin brother?

Only what was the truth. Had he seen Xavier lately or his actions? He may have even laughed if he heard the way she had spoken to him when it came to taking care of his girlfriend. Neither him or her father were shining examples of how a Lycan was suppose to be, how was she suppose to react when he wanted her to be 'happy' to be one of them. "If I wasn't civil towards you I would have left when you arrived. And I wouldn't have served you food at breakfast."

"Agreed. Just tell me this. Is this one of those things I will have to get used to? You talk to others, but if I want to speak with you I have to track you down? Is that what our family is supposed to be, a loose-knit group of people that tear each other down and basically dislike one another?"

"That's where you're wrong. I don't talk to people. Especially not about anything in particular." Everyone seemed to think that she had all these people to talk to, interesting and she didn't know what gave them this impression. "Xavier likes you, as does Mother, so I guess that makes you two to one. Must only be me who acts otherwise. I only talk to people when I have reason to." she wasn't that good at idle conversation.

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