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Dreams of Growing up [closed]

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Dreams of Growing up [closed]

Post by Madeline Cauthon on Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:42 am

Madeline barely made it to her room from the bar. Opening the door, she didn't even bother with the lights, she just crawled up on her bed and buried herself under the covers. Oddly enough she started dreaming of her last days in the Tower. About the conversation she had had with the Amyrlin before she left. About something happening in New Haven, and her Foretelling being able to help. A lot had happened in her two years back in New Haven. She had fell in love, lost love, died, been brought back, and fought a hell demon. Not to mention meeting up with old friends and new friends. Plus getting reacquainted with her dad, and meeting her brother and sisters. yet, why didn't any of that seem like what she was here for.

Slowly that dream faded and a new not so pleasant one came. In this one, she saw people running, and shifting from a group of people. A large group of people. Some were carrying pitchforks and torches. Others were carrying guns, and what look like tasers. Some were in plain clothes, others in uniforms. Who or what ever they were seemed to be some sort of organized group. They were definitely hunting lycans. There were so much screaming and blood shed, that it woke Madeline up.

She sat straight up in her bed sweating and gasping for air. Madeline went to stand up to get a cold cloth to wipe her brow when she noticed the tank top she had on earlier now looked looked a sports bra the was too small and her jogging pants and panties were ripped on the bed. it took her only a half of a second to realize she was back to normal. Finally the spell had worn off. Walking into the bathroom, Madeline looked in the mirror and smiled. It was good to see a face of a twenty-three year old, and not that of her former nine year old self. Heading back into the bed room, she found the trunk, Gawain had put all her grown up clothes in when she moved into Xavier's room. She pulled out a green t'shirt and a pair of blue jeans. After getting dressed, Madeline picked up the hamster ball with Gawain's picture in it, and set out to find Tyger to give him his gift.
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