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In Dreams Come Truth ][ Open ][

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Re: In Dreams Come Truth ][ Open ][

Post by Arcadia Caughey on Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:04 pm

Once they veered to the right Arcadia's destination wasn't long off. Over a fallen branch, under a low hanging one, and through the canopy of a weeping willow and they would find themselves at a modest brook - what was probably just run-off from the river ages ago until its persistence had made it a small but notable moving fount of water all its own. The grass was baby soft here, and there were a number of flowering plants. Arcadia lead the way over to a nice healthy flowering bush, that had a collection of large mop-top flowers of shades of deep pink or purple.

Kneeling down next to the bush, Arcadia wasted no time. Out her hands reached, and she was snapping some samplings of the plant with smooth work of her fingers while she spoke of what did. "When y' take from a plant, y' never harvest more than twenty-five percent o' its total mass, because at that point you're endangerin' the plant's survival. For this plant, the passion flower, that task will be especially easy for ye as its roots have no use t' us. So as I am doin' now, ye will only be harvestin' its flowers, its stems and its leaves."

With a nice bouquet gathered from the plant in one hand, she stroked her fingertips through the bush with her free hand, murmuring to the plant softly in the tongue of her home. The wind around them stirred, and the plant itself stirred as well in response to her touch. After a private smile was exchanged with the passion flower bush, she stood to face Raissa. "Out o' the three plants I'm goin' t' show you, if y' don't have time or the ability t' make tea this is the plant y' should turn to in a pinch. It treats the blood and all things tied to it, and in this way it relaxes the hunger of the vampire."

Deftly snapping off a few of the petals of one of the pink flowers, these she offered out to the woman between her pale fingertips. "I always carry fresh passion flower with me, no matter where I go. While plant bits are obviously dried t' make tea, y' can chew on freshly gathered petals or leaves of this plant and you'll enjoy the same relief. In either case, the bits can be swallowed or ye can spit them out when they're no more than pulp." Did she know that Raissa was suffering from cravings at the moment? Likely. Besides the chat about feeding they had earlier, she remembered the early days of the vampiric life and the maddening hunger all too well.

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