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Leaping Leprechauns! [ Help Wanted ]

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Leaping Leprechauns! [ Help Wanted ]

Post by ♥Allissya♥ on Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:12 pm

After she returned home, instead of going to see Gwen, like she wanted to do she had something else on her mind. She said she would do some research, if she did not do the research she would not have a reason to seek out the one, she had wanted to seek out again. Nor was she the sort that said she would do something and not follow through. When he gave her the okay, it meant that she could take whatever measures she sought necessary, without involving him. She went to her room, up all of those stairs, where she sat down at a desk. Taking a piece of paper she made a quick help wanted ad. Once she was done with that she made her way down the steps, because she wanted that posted, and she wanted it posted as soon as possible.

Hello Inn Occupants and Visitors!
I am in search of knowledge!
Knowledge of leprechauns!
If you have any such knowledge,
please search me out,
or leave a note!
I will find you!

Thank you in advance!


After it was posted in the middle of the cork board, not covering any other ads, she gave a grin. Stepping back, and then she would slip away, no point for her to stand near the ad. She needed to let people see it.

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