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Touring the Gym [a log]

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Touring the Gym [a log]

Post by De'Ryanna Aybara on Tue Jun 08, 2010 7:41 pm

( just to note that this was a while ago. I was reminded of it today)

To her it was a quiet night, there wasn't much of anything left for her to do now that everything had been taken care of. Something could always come up but for now she was taking the time to herself. In the basement. She was in the main gym facing the wall that was lined with mirrors. There was a bar across the wall, a single bar and she had her leg extended. Stretched out and leaning over it perfectly her breathing was steady. She was wearing a light tan leotard and a pair of short grey shorts. No skirt but slippers on her feet.

Ever since seeing that rather odd random note on the cork board, Marcus decided that there was a whole world in this place that he was missing. So, today, instead of spending time in his room, he decided to lounge in the different areas of the Inn. Never know, might meet some new people. But alas, as was his luck, nothing. He spent time sitting in the gardens, the bar, library and still no one. But, he was a patient one. Once it got into the night, he decided to start doing some wandering. It would be in this journey he heard some noise coming from the gym. A slight smirk playing along lips as he changed direction to make his way down and in. He would be wearing his usual attire, a black velvet shirt with just a glimmer of deep purple over torso, while his lower half was adjourned in a rather glossy pair of black leathers. Stepping in, he would see who he had heard. Instantly that smile turned wider. Loud footsteps would start towards her to make sure not to surprise her- Well good evening.

The noise he was hearing came from what she was playing - soft classical music. It wasn't loud but it was enough for her to hear and in the quiet of the room it carried. She knew he was there, she had even smelled him coming but didn't let it disturb her from what she was doing. Her hands were gripping on to her ankle and she turned her head to look at him. "Evening Marcus. Were you going somewhere?" Asking because of how he was dressed. Slowly she leaned back up to straighten her back and trailed her fingers up to her knee.

He would be looking to her as he approached. That warm smile remaining over crimsons. The music was nice. It was something he enjoyed if the moment was right. Not really his choice for a work out or practice, but this was her time. Coming close, he would slow to a stop, hands moving along velvet to come behind his back, fingers holding to each other- No, not really. Was just doing some wandering, seeing if this place had some life. I see that it does. Are you performing this training you told me about?

"I was meditating." Was, being that she wasn't now and probably wasn't going to do so for the rest of the night. Though she was dressed in a bit less than what she was normally seen in - the long skirt that covered her legs was gone - she didn't seem the lest bit put off. Her legs were well toned; the legs of a dancer and when she lifted her foot off the beam and brought it down to the floor to meet with the other she had a perfect stance. "Do you always go for walks or explorations dressed like that?" She gave a bit of a smile as she watched him and chewed on her tongue a moment before she spoke again. "Nice to see you again."

And he would not be missing the fact that he was seeing her form in a whole new light. He could actually see those curves that he...well, not like he would hide it, that he had thought about many times. But keeping to his word, he would only be looking for a few moments, Hands behind him starting to hold to back pockets.- Like this? Is there something wrong? I just picked up these pants. Are they not right for me? -He was being honest. He was almost always concerned with the way he looked. So with her question, he looked down at him self making sure he didn’t miss something before looking back up to her.- Its always a pleasure to see you, De'Ryanna. but now I'm wandering if I should go change.

Now she chuckled and started forward, her steps were light and looked more like she were gliding across the floor instead walking. Unlike other Lycan's she didn't have their same natural sway to the walk. Everything about her steps spoke of precision and grace, something that was only learned through many years of practiced dance. It was also something that she hid very well under the skirts she wore. "Why would you change? If you change that implies that you are going somewhere or are trying to fit in where you are not currently comfortable." She was heading to one of the benches where she had a bag and a bottle of water. Reaching for it she made a smooth turn on the balls of her feet and faced him. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

He watched as she moved. Keen eyes paying attention. It was as if she was a different person at the moment. No, not meaning she seemed very different, but she did look more relaxed then he usually saw her as. Maybe it was just the clothes. That was yet to be seen.- Well I like looking my best. The way you said that, wasn't sure if something was off. But this is the sort of things I enjoy wearing. -As she moved, he would follow right behind. And yet again, catching a new view of her then he had seen ever. When they reached the bench, he took the initiative and spun body to take a seat- You? Nah. You're good. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Do you come down here every night?

Even though she did not need to think over the answer to his question she took the time to do so anyway, simply holding the water bottle in her hand as she stood in third position - feet aligned to turn out with her right foot to the front with the heel close to the left's arch. "Not every night. No." The water bottle was offered out to him, figuring to offer before she took some for herself. "Many times I am here before the sun rises or soon after. Or perhaps I am here at that time because I was here the previous evening." said with a slight raise of her left eye brow. "It all depends." Here she took a small pause. "And I always thought that person dressed for where they were going. You don't dress that way for working the garden."

Stretching out a bit, legs would move out from bench while left arm would move up to rest along back of the seat. That is until he leaned forward to take up the offered bottle. Hey, he had been out and about for a while He was parched. Opening cap, a quick swig would be taken before handing it back.- Thank you. -His own brow would raise as she gave that most broad and mysterious answer. but that was something he learned she did very well. That fact alone would bring smile to lips.- No, I don't. When I work in the gardens I know I going to get a bit dirty. So, I have a whole different wardrobe for the days outside.

Ah, so he did take the offered water. The expression on her face didn't change but her left foot stretched out to a bit and slide on the gym floor to move behind her as she leaned forward to take it back after he was done. "So you come to the gym dressed as you are, because you do not expect to sweat." There was a smile playing on the corners of her lips. She was teasing and maybe that would make it obvious. "Pity. Why else would you come to the gym." Teasing because they were on the topic about clothes and she said that he didn't have to change and now there was the implication that he should. She turned only a bit, the smooth move on her feet, as she took her own drink of the water before putting it back. "Do you need a tour?"

A chuckle came quickly from him, head being shaken lightly. That form of his relaxing once again into the bench. Well, as comfortable as one could be on one of those things.- I came to the gym because I was curious as to it's occupant. But I am always prepared to sweat in whatever I wear. You never know what might pop up. But if I were here to exercise, I would have dressed different, yes. -Playful smirk rose as he looked to her. He knew she was toying with him now. That was good. An actual friend in this place. An interesting friendship, but something he enjoyed having.- Tour? Sure. -Pausing a moment, form would be standing up, facing her. That’s not what he was here for, but absolutely he would take her up on the offer.-

She didn't know why he was here aside from what he had told her so she couldn't comment on it. But the gym was large, though she was going to start with the room they were in first.. It had the mirrors on the walls and the bar and there was also a practice floor. "This room is a practice room., thus the mirrors. But a boxing ring can be put in place here and there's a door there for a bigger place. The whole gym is warded against the elements." She glanced back at him. "Some people like to practice with Magical battles, can't have them destroying the Inn from the bottom can we?" But she was heading to the door on the left side of the room-

And just like several times before, he would take his place along side her. As she spoke, black hues made eye contact with her own. Looking around as the tour was started. Now, he wasn't overly pompous, but he did check a few stray hairs int he mirror as they wandered by- Well.....where is the ring kept when not in use? -That was a honest question, right? He just hopped the task of setting it up didn't fall on the gardener. And at the mentioning of battle magic, he would just smirk, shaking head a bit.- Don't know too much of those things. But I do know enough that I keep my distance. –

"The ring can be the entire room or the space of the mat." There was a large mat that covered the floor. "If a person wants to be more particular about it there are supplies to make a rope ring round it and boards for a stage." Reaching the door she opened it. "I never understood why people need a limited space to fight unless it was for an exhibition. Are you a boxer as well Marcus?" There was that smile before she went through the door. Through it they were in an exercise part of the gym. There was equipment to work various parts of the body set in place. "If you only need to pump iron or the like.. you can do that here." –

Well yes. Boxing as the sport does bring a certain competitiveness along with it. That makes it very easy to bring up competitions and the like. -With a nod in thanks, form would move through the door and into the fitness room. Stepping to the side awaiting her as he looked around.- I can't exactly say i'm a boxer. I guess.....freelancer is a more appropriate term. I fight when I need to, how I need to. You know, fight to the win and all that. Not exactly following any set of rules. -Ah, more stories for latter. but honestly, she should about him enough to guess he must have gotten into a few scuffles in his travels.- Now this place I will definitely be using. You know, besides when I have to haul around those bloody bags of seed and soil. -A playful smirk was sent her way at that.- By the way, are you liking how things have been turning out? was I a good choice? -

De'Ryanna made her way to the punching bags that were hanging up on one part of the room and graced her fingers down on it. "This is a good room." she must have touched them for a reason. Looking back over at him she let her eyes look past the clothing he was wearing to have a better grasp of what might be under there. "Lifting those bags has to be good for helping you tone up, so spending time here will not be a problem" She tapped her fingers against the bag for a moment before she let her hand down. "I like the garden. Things are growing so you must be doing a good job. Right?" it made sense to her. "Through that door, the one with the glass window, is a steam room. Like many things in the inn it's unisex."

-He wouldn't be far behind her. And like her, he had to look with his hands. Things that they passed would frequently get a grasp or grazing of fingers. Now he wasn't the type that flaunted his figure, wearing all of the tank tops, work-out gear that bluntly displayed his hard work to get his body the way it was. No, he rather wear the finer clothing that almost made his body a piece of art. Liked to be looked at? Yes he did, but he did so in his own subtle way.- Well thank you, De'Ryanna. I am glad the bit of hard work i have put out is having a pleasing outcome. -With her pointing, he would smirk. Wandering over to that door he would take a peek inside. Never know what he might see. Or hoped.- Really? Don't think I have had the fortune of learning about those things. -Smirk sent over to her yet again.-

"Have you never shared an experience like that with someone you have not been involved in? Relationship wise?" Not to say that she has but she wasn't talking about herself, she was asking about him. From what she understood of the intimate relationships between people being together nude wasn't anything to be shy about and was the norm. She saw the others around court stealing moments all the time when they thought they were in secret.

If you're asking if I have ever had a random encounter with someone outside of a relationship, the answer is of course! But what I was meaning is I have not found that situation here. Yet. The showers are an interesting concept. As if they were build in the hopes guests would take advantage of the situation. but I have not experienced that in my time here. Haven't seen it I mean. -Walking back towards her, that smirk would remain. His hand coming out towards her, silently requesting another drink of the water.- In your...predicament, I suppose you have either? -He wasn’t sure yet if this was a sore topic for her, but he was curious.-

"Around women, yes, I have been nude around them before." Back at the Tower when she was raised from Novice to Accepted the person had to present themselves bare. And there were times before then as well. "There's no reason to be uncomfortable in your own skin unless you are ashamed of it or have something to hide. It's only skin." This did not mean that she would take to being a nudist and bare it all for the world to see. There had to be a reason. Always a reason. As she saw no problem with being nude that way the Communal Bath was built at the Inn. Leaving the bag she started to the other door. "The pool is through this door."

Oh I agree. But it seems whenever some people get around other that are as such, things tend to happen. Just saying. -Moving over past one of the many machines, fingers would idly drum over the cool metal of the weights as he made his way over to the door she was now leading them to. Once towards her again, hands fell to pockets, thumbs sneaking inside, letting hands dangle- So what kind of practicing do you do when you're here? Just your dancing?

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Re: Touring the Gym [a log]

Post by De'Ryanna Aybara on Tue Jun 08, 2010 7:56 pm

"Things?" She looked to him with a brow raised. "What type of things? Sexual things? Hmm.." She had to ask because it was something she didn't have experience in. She had been with naked females before but with males.. she wasn't sure. Thinking of it she thought that it may be a bit dangerous, but only because of her scent of smell and the hormones that the men can bring off. "That is a possibility." She entered into the room with the pool It was a large Olympic size pool with a sauna on the side. "I swim.and I use the weights. Weight lifting is an important part of a dancers practice."

-His answer would be a simple nod looking to her. This was Marcus we were talking about. He was always referring to sex in some form or another. Some of those 'others' could be interesting.- Always a possibility. Which is why its curious that i have not run across it yet. You sure this place is very busy? -And again they entered a new room. Looking around he would take note of all it's features. Walking towards the pool, he would kneel down, fingers moving through the clear water.- I can understand that. The leg muscle needed to pull off some of the more intricate moves.

"It's busy enough." There was a small chuckle in her voice. "Though many of the people seem to be skittish about their skin and use the showers in their rooms and not the public one." it made her pause a moment and she knelt down by the pool to dip her hand into the water, moving her fingers across a line to make small waves. "They are shy or they don't want to be spied on. Are you looking to have a shower mate, Marcus?" it was a bit of a serious question and she looked up at him while her fingers still played in the water.

Well I don't exactly have a choice now do I? It's either the community or I come down here to the pool. And I do not think soap and grime in the pool would go over well. I do flowers, not filters. -He chuckled. Removing fingers from the water, they would flick droplets her direction as he chuckled, standing and taking a few steps back. Looking to her a moment while her blunt quest was brought out.- Well I can't exactly say I would be against the idea. Would be rather fun actually. Though I do not think I have met enough people around here to find me one of those.

De'Ryanna was amused by his answer and she tipped her head as those splashes came at her making her chuckle. "Can't say that you're against it and can't say that you're for it. That's a good way to stay neutral." She closed her fingers in the water as she stood and took graceful steps to move around him, getting around to his back where she was able to flick her wet fingers at him and hit her mark. "I'm beginning to think that a part of you is indecisive." She said that all while standing close to him and she stayed there a moment, holding her breath and looking up at him while her chin was lowered. She was thinking things through. "Though I suppose that's why you do so many things."

-he would raise shoulders, cringing his neck as the cool water hit him and he laughed. Turning to face her. He had a right mind to send her into the pool. But, that would mean he would go as he was liking the shirt. besides......wet leather pants equals not a fun time.- No. I'm not indecisive at all. I usually know exactly what I want. However, unlike most blokes, I choose my words wisely. Things usually go smoother that way. -he would be grinning as he looked to her. Maybe even took a step or two closer. He had to admit, he loved the way their conversations tended to go. Be he had to think....who let them there? Him or her?- I do so many things cause it gets me by.

"Mmm.." she started and that trailed off with a few tsk's at him. A playful chide. "If you do what gets you by then you may do anything, even if they go against your morals. I wonder." leaving it open and not saying what else she was thinking. They rather close at the moment and after holding there a second or two longer she took a smooth step backwards. "So this.. is the gym." Two more backwards steps before she made a turn. Her walk was as smooth as ever and her walk the same. Always as though she were gliding. Even if she were in heels her footsteps would not be easily heard. "I don't do things that only get me by. I like to do the things I am passionate about when I have the ability to."

What exactly do you wonder? -That smirk remaining as they started off back towards where they came from. Hand that still was damp would be quickly shook off, airing off the moisture. Falling back into place at her side. Once they got to the door, opening it for her to walk through first.- Well I haven't really had a choice. I do what I must to live day to day. Can't say I have had an opportunity to find something that I can spend time with and enjoy to the point of getting passionate about. -Was he still speaking of a hobby? One could never know.

"Thank you." She said when he opened the door for her and she walked through. "But why is it that you say you have no choice? You've chosen to be a wanderer haven't you? I'm sure that, with all your skills, you could have picked a trade that you liked and stick with it. Unless, of course, it's like you said, you were not passionate about any of them." something like that would make it hard to stick with anything. She would go back to the front to where she had her bag. "Perhaps you should invest time into finding your... passion. It's what drives us you know.. Our passions."

You're quite welcome. -Nodding slightly, he would wait until she was through before joining her, one last look into that room before they moved on. When they moved back to her bag, he would pause. Hands moving to hips, body would flex and bend in multiple directions as he stretched out.- I suppose you are right on a lot of those. I just....i don't know. I like moving around. I have found I have become bored with a place if I stay too long. I either lose interest, or something makes me leave. So, I don't know what I would be passionate about.

"Life." That was simple enough wasn't it? "You can always be passionate about life and living it. What's there to get bored in that sense? A small shake of her head and she bent down to pick up her bag that was underneath that bench. It was a simple bag really, made of leather.. It looked like a messenger bag of a sort with one strap and she put it over her shoulder. "Though honestly I've never encountered boredom. I've seen people say they are bored but I've never had that problem myself. I always find something to do, even when in the same place. You can be passionate about the things you like."

-He couldn't help but laugh at her answer. If she knew anything about his life, she was understand where he was coming from. Oop....there went that male part of him again as she retrieved her back. He really should get that checked. or not.- Well it's easy to say that. You have a lot of friends and things to tend to. I don't have that. But I like my simple life. There are times when I can find no complaints and i'm at peace. In fact for the most part, I am carefree. It's much better that way in my opinion. So, I take it you are finished for the evening?

De'Ryanna shifted her weight from one foot to the other and she squeezed her hand upon the bag's straps. "I don't have friends, Marcus. I have one, two now if I count you, but I don't have friends." Her definition of a friend was someone that you spent time with and shared experience or simply thoughts. Those were things she didn't have. "There's my family who comes and goes as they please and then there are the tenants of the Inn. I have my work and my goals. The things I strive towards." He asked if she was done and looked to where she had been earlier. "It seems that I am. I can proceed later. It is late..." trailing off.

Well do you count me? -He was genuinely curious. True that term, friend, was defined differently by different people. He thought of it as anyone you can trust and enjoy spending time with. Though with her..... it was getting complicated. He would simply stand there, looking to her as they talked. Arms coming up to cross over chest.- I suppose it is late. But I'm a night owl. I'll be up for hours. Well....if you're heading back to your room, I can walk ya. -

He was offering to walk her and there was nothing wrong with that so she nodded as she started out the door of the Gym. "I count you. Its good to have friends. As I told you before I lost one." She believed that she told him before. "Are you sure that you want to have a friend? I'd hate to give you reason to stay around if you are wanting to travel on." it was a small joke.

Being with you is plenty reason to stick around. -He didn't mean for that to come out so, well...sweet. But that’s what he said. And not being one to stammer on words, he would leave it at that. Walking to the hallway, he would walk with her to her room. For once he would be seeing her room. Something he would have to remember.- Well good. I am glad I am one of the few. But I don’t understand that. You are a very nice person to be around. You should always have people around you. –

Out of the gym she went for the steps, keeping her casual pace as there was no need to rush and they were talking. She heard what he said and she smiled a bit. "I'm not around all the time though." Yes, she didn't know what else to say to that. "And I choose not to have people around me. Especially considering my inability to touch. Why should I put myself in tempting situations?" Her room was on the second floor.

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