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Battle-Gym guidelines (Please read!)

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Battle-Gym guidelines (Please read!)

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 12, 2008 1:48 am

Welcome to the Battle-Gym!

Maintaining a healthy body is important. While you are able to get healthy foods from the kitchen, spending time in the gym will enable you to escape an angry mob, or learn new cool moves for battling those pesky villains, or bothersome tourist.

Located in the basement of the Inn’s second wing, the gym is equipped with various exercise machines, a male and female locker room and an arena. Make no mistake, it’s a large place. In anticipation of what may happen, the gym is sound proof and has been enforced with magical wards so those above will not feel vast aftershocks of the basements activity. It is also fire proof.

There are two ways to spar here in Tel’Ranaemyn: TBL (turn-based logic) or with dice. Before a spar begins, all participants must be using the same sparring method. All must use dice, or all much use TBL.

What is TBL?
The basic idea is to use logic to fight. You do not have to out time or type the other player, your hit or your escape just has to make more sense.

Most people in this pull on the six second rule, which is how many actions a character can do in six seconds. A few table top RPers might recognize this rule as being the length of a single round, which it is.

There are only so many things a character can do in six seconds and six seconds is sometimes longer or sometimes shorter than people think. Things which might be pulled off in a full round (six seconds) are; casting a spell, using a breath weapon, mounting a horse, drawing a weapon, changing shape, summoning a familiar, attacking with all attacks, firing a single bolt from a crossbow, and many others.

As with anything, however, there are exceptions. Some creatures have spells which they can cast as what is called a free action. It takes them a fraction of a second to pull off the spell, normally a thought or a gesture, that it's not considered time consuming. Of course, as good role players, such spells are limited in number of times it can be used. Other things might be a warrior who is skilled with a sword can quick draw their weapon, making it become a free action. Or maybe the same warrior has practices mounting their mount in a hurry and can do so in under six seconds. Generally, higher level characters should be able to attack more often in a single round than a lower level character, but there are exceptions. Just use common sense in this and keep the idea of what can my character, with his or her skills, do in six seconds?

Some people will insist that they can get out of anything and there are others who will insist everything hits. You, as a player, do not have to put up either. However, do not become one of the two sorts, and if you are being, people will tell you. There is no one way to deal with moders. Sometimes they can be outsmarted, sometimes out played, sometimes you can make them mad enough OOC they leave. Just, whatever you do, play fair.

Character 1: ::she would take the hit hard, her body being knocked into the air, turning over once before she hit the ground. She forced her body to not roll, instead skidding along her side. Her left hand closed tightly around her sword, trying to keep it posed in his direction if he should attack her while she was on the ground. Her breath came in heavy gasps as wide eyes looked to him past the weapon::_
Character 2: ::he watched her fly away and then would smirk as she hit the ground. His hand came down to his side as he started to walk toward her, in no big hurry. His hands gripped tightly around his weapons, sword in one hand, and dagger in the other. His starry blue cloak fluttered softly behind him::_
Character 1: ::She rose slowly to her feet as he came toward her, her leather armor creaking in protest as she rose. Her hands were shaking from the shock of pain, but she was surprising it in her mind. Her hand closed tightly around the hilt of her sword as she rose it in the air above her. A yell would strip past her lips as she summoned the last of her energy to charge him::


Following the same basic principle as TBL, sparring with dice takes the decision of the attack results out of the players hands, and puts it in the fate of the dice. People also chose to use dice to spar or fight, because it gives them a sense of order, or understanding of what is happening in the fight and makes the entire combat simulation simpler.

With dice you can calculate damage (or lack thereof) the opposition has suffered. Depending on the game a person is awarded dice depending on their characters mortality. A mortal, being a human without any powers that increase their vitality by any noticeable amount, would use 2d. Halflings or humans who are part immortal, or demigods (mythological figures whose one parent was a god and whose other parent was human, such as the Celtic hero Cϊchulainn, Gilgamesh, and Hercules) and other similar creatures who age slower than humans are still considered mortal, but have such prolonged life spand they are considered Half Mortals. Half Mortals would use 3d. Finally, Immortals. Immortals are those who are unaffected by time, or do not age. This does not mean that they cannot die, or cannot be killed. This simply means the character cannot die of natural causes of old age. Immortals would use 4d.

Dice is a system that is meant to be fair, and thus, it is balanced as much as possible. This is a method of calculating a character's level of power, in comparison to others. Thus if a mortal were to challenge an immortal to a spar or fight... logically, the immortal would win with ease because it wouldn't make sense for an immortal - such as a vampire - to be beaten by a mere mortal with little to no effort. This specific system however lacks a possible way to gain experience, and thus this is the most simple and realistic way to apply a dice system. If the system is too unbalanced for your tastes, then perhaps Turn Based Logic would be more suited to you and your preference.

If you are going to spar with dice, you need to know how to calculate how much damage is inflicted. Here is a chart for easy reference.

If you are going to spar with dice .......
you need to know how much
damage is inflicted. Here is a
chart for easy reference.
Hit Chart
1 - 14 = 0 points
15 - 19 = 1 point
20 - 24 = 2 points
25 - 29 = 3 points
.......30 = 4 points

Do Not’s

  • Moding: It is when one character has some sort of unfair advantage. Such as forcing a hit (probably when not warranted and it's executed something like Character 1 hits character 2), blocking someone's attack when you don't have the post length to block it (such as, someone writes five paragraphs of how they attacked you and you simply put up "dodged attack"), or when having been defeated or slain you "resurrect" yourself and thus "win" the fight.

  • Power Playing: It is when someone else, another mun, or the person your rping with, role-plays your character doing something that you wouldn't want them to be doing. Like hitting themselves. Power Playing is basically a forced control of your character, like making them walk around, say stuff, do things, or take punishment/hits (that you didn't type out yourself).

Remember, Role Playing is more or less 70% mental imaging and 30% typing. Happy playing and remember, the Battle-Gym is the only IC forum where dice are allowed!

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