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Madeline Then and Then

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Madeline Then and Then

Post by Madeline Cauthon on Sat May 22, 2010 3:17 am

After leaving her brother Xavier and his girlfriend at Starbucks, Madeline went back to the Society of the Blood Rose, to check and see if the item she hid for her father was still where she put it. Being that it was late, she spent the night in the house she once shared with her foster mother Schala and her father Gawain. Madeline, unbeknownst to her, triggered a trap when she laid down on her father's side of the bed for the night. The trap was intended to turn Gawain back into a little boy so he would never leave his then girlfriend. When Madeline's head hit the pillow, that night she was a twenty-three year old woman. When she woke up she was nine, and not just physically. In her mind, it is fourteen years ago.

What Maddie thinks is reality:
  • Maddie has just escaped being sent to a convent by her foster mom Schala. Madeline had told Schala she had had dreams of her father killing her Uncle Garreth.

  • Madeline still thinks her Uncle Garreth is still alive and she can still save him.

  • The year is 1998

  • Gawain has been away on Society business

  • Upon finding Gawain at the inn, he tells her that him and Airtia are married and have been for sometime. Which she thinks is cool, because he's not with Schala anymore.

  • Gawain has also told her that her she has two now older siblings named De'Ryanna and Xavier. She accepts this as fact because she doesn't know about the birds and the bees.

  • She knows that sometimes her dreams come true, and sometimes when she concentrates really hard she can make things happen. But she doesn't know why she can.

  • She has the ability of Foretelling.

  • She is able to recognize friends from the Society.
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