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Tales of a Happy Man -{ Part One }-

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Tales of a Happy Man -{ Part One }-

Post by Winston Charles Bakersfie on Mon May 17, 2010 10:33 pm

He won. That was all he needed to know, and the people that had decided to try to go up against him, really they should of known better. He might not have his reputation here, but back home just the fact that he had gone in person, would have been enough of a warning. Perhaps in time the people in Rhy’Din would learn the same. If not as long as he got what he wanted he was a happy camper.

Did he feel guilty about any of the tactics he used? The man did not feel guilt when it came to getting the job done. He was as ruthless as they came. Did he care that he bought the markers that those that refused him the sale of the building had? The bookies sure did not mind when he paid them in full plus. Nor did he feel bad when he took the markers to those that owned the building he wanted, and demanded payment in full, or he would take further measures. Of course, he offered them a generous break if they would give him the building he wanted. They had made a small amount of money, that technically would just come back to him. Sure some of them had families but they should of thought of those families before refusing a very good offer. He told them he would find a way to own the building and he had.

He had given them two weeks to move out all of the items that they wished to get out. Two weeks until he would take possession of the building. There was a small clause that if something happened to the building or it was not in the same condition that he saw it in, well they weren’t going to mess with it, let’s just leave it at that. Al! He need to let Al know that she was on leave for the next week or two, because when they got the building the girl was going to be busy. These were things that he needed to prepare the girl for. He himself was rather proud of himself.
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