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Crowning Moment of Awesome

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Crowning Moment of Awesome

Post by Xavier on Mon May 17, 2010 9:40 am

Welcome, friends. I've been reading a site I found quite accidentally called TV Tropes. Basically, it links to practically everything that has a writeup on the web, and contains common threads in literature, comics, anime, movies...even web-comics. One of the better portions is entitled CMoA, or as the title of this post suggests, Crowning Moment of Awesome.

Now that the explanation is out of the way....

This is a spot to plunk down what you consider to be your (or someone else's, I'm pretty liberal these days) character's Crowning Moment. Of Awesome. I will not go first, I would like to see what others decide to relate. Keep in mind that the CMoA changes randomly, as does life, so hey, maybe yours hasn't happened yet. It'll come. Until it does, just name someone else's. Don't be shy.

Oh, if you'd like, you could always go to the source (which is here) and check out the many many links. Now, off to the medicine cabinet. (Need band-aids for my clicker finger.)

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Re: Crowning Moment of Awesome

Post by Madeline Cauthon on Mon May 17, 2010 9:15 pm

Madeline to me has two crowning moments of Awesomeness. The first was overcoming her block, thanks to her Uncle Gareth. Second would be restoring Gawain to the Source.
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