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Three voices coming together -[ a log ]-

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Three voices coming together -[ a log ]-

Post by ~*~ Azlin Zoi ~*~ on Mon May 10, 2010 10:53 pm

Azlin gave a nod of her head at what Gwendolyn had just said, she could not disagree with the girl, she really should of told her about Al. She was glad that Gwen was how she was though, because that saved her, a big old headache. "I know. I just did not know how to handle it. I wanted to keep it a secret a bit longer. I am sorry Gwen." Gwen took a small breath, she was not exactly mad at her mom, she was hurt. She thought about that a moment, before speaking. "I know mom, but it hurts. Is it because you were unsure of how you were going to feel towards me?" Gwen had never doubted Azlin's love for her before, but a part of Gwen was wondering if now that Az had her own daughter, flesh of her flesh if it was going to change things. She knew her mother had given her up, and a part of her worried that Az might too. Az gave a blink, before she moved over to where Gwendolyn was standing and wrapped her arms around her, giving her a tight hug. "Gwendolyn! Nothing will ever change how I feel about you. Your my first child, no one can replace you, I will always love you, sweetie." She pulled back to look at Gwen. Gwen gave a shy smile up to Azlin, "Thanks."

It would be then that Al entered the room, coming into the scene of her 'sister' in her mother's arms. A glance between the two, before she stepped forward, closing the door. "Hello." She was dressed still in the blue outfit she had gotten from Epiphany. A soft smile was given to Gwendolyn before she looked to Azlin. "So...when were you going to tell me?" Those leaf green eyes had a curiosity in them as she looked to her mother. Az and Gwen stepped apart, and Gwen moved away from Azlin and over to Al, to hug her little sister. It was kind of funny if you thought about it, both of Gwen's little sister's knew a lot more about the opposite sex and how things might seem to others, then her. Squeeze! "Hi Al!" A big grin slipped from Gwen. Al couldn't help but grin, she had her crush on her sister, even if she knew she shouldn't one couldn't help that.

Az looked between her two girls, waiting until they separated before speaking. She figured that seeing Al spoke how she did, that she did not mind if they spoke in front of Gwen, not that Azlin had kept anything else from Gwen. Just kept the girl sheltered. She would motion, "Care to have a seat?" She figured that maybe it would be better if they all sat, as she moved to perch herself on the arm of the couch. Feet upon the cushion, lightly. The two girls made their way over, Gwendolyn sat in the plush chair, Al moved to sit on the couch, at the other end close to the plush chair, her back against the arm rest. So she could see Azlin better. Al was waiting to see what Azlin was going to say. Gwen was curious just as well. A deep breath was taken before Azlin began to speak. "I take it that you found out what I am? Which is what you are as well." A small pause, "I was waiting for you to get a little bit more comfortable with myself and Derick." Blink, a thought hit her. "So, then did you wake up that side of yourself?" Yes the questions did come because if she had woken that side up she was going to need some help, or have more questions and Az wanted to be there for her.

Al glanced to Gwendolyn, she had a feeling that Gwendolyn wasn't like them, but that she knew what was going on. And she was not going to ask her to leave. A small nod to Azlin. "The voices told me to dance under the moon, naked." They did and she had, "So I grabbed Epiphany...." A glance to Gwen with a small smile, because she knew how Gwen felt about Epiphany, "and we did. Until I passed out. When I woke up, well, it must of been then." It was the only thing she could think of. "There was a statue of you, among other Gods and Goddess's. So it was a no brainier from then." A small nod of her head, "Though I think I am going to need some practice, and some place safe to est things." Azlin gave a small nod of her head, "I have a place that you can go to practice things. Your father, Derick, is a mortal. I am a Goddess, which you have already figured out. So if you do have any questions, you just have to ask."
Al gave a nod to the words, she glanced over to Gwendolyn, before looking to Azlin. "Thanks mom." She was going to let her mom off easy for now, probably because Gwen was there. Later she could have a nice chat with her.

Al turned to look to Gwen, a smile playing upon her lips. "Have you decided when you want to have our sleep over?" Now Gwen was happy about that thought, she wanted to know what was going on, and the best way to learn about her sister was to have a sleep over, they could tell all kinds of stories! "Oh! Whenever your ready for one! We can stay up all night talking! Getting to know each other!" She said with the same excitement of a child, whom had just been given a new toy. Gwen moved on the chair shifting.
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