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Advice and Consequence [Log]

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Advice and Consequence [Log]

Post by Elessar on Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:22 pm

There may have been no time like the present but at the present Elessar was wasting time as he stood at the reception desk and leafed through the Ledger to find De'Ryanna's room number. He knew they were on the same hall, but at the drawback of being a hermit Elessar had completely forgotten the number. He chuckled quietly as he flipped through the book at the pictures, occasionally shaking his head.

He was at the desk and so naturally she was altered to there being someone there, however the person had to be an employee for they were behind the desk. Ryanna had thought to ignore it but that was until the person took a hold of the ledger. Now what would they need that for... it picked at her curiosity and therefore she left the lounge and proceeded to the desk. Coming around the corner she saw that the person there was, "Elessar." Said quite plainly. "Do you need something with the ledger?" She continued walking until she was at the side of the desk .

De'Ryanna had excellent timing. Elessar had just came to the page with the room listings for their hall when she spoke up from behind him. He was slightly proud of the fact he didn't jump or yelp from the surprise, though he did let out a bit of a nervous cough. Though that could be due from the two little figures with pointed ears and bows that had been drawn next to his room number. Straightening up he looked to her. "I was simply looking at the pictures."

"Of course you were." she did not know what it was that he laughed at but she could guess that it had something to do with that book. She cast a look at it and saw the page before she looked at him again. "I see you are out and about again. I was beginning to think that your room has swallowed you and Armandeus whole since I haven't seen hide or hair of either of you in months. Interesting that you emerge to look at pictures."

The pictures were comical! At least the ones Elessar had seen while flipping through the book. "I have decided I have had enough of the empty walls of my room and have chosen to get out. I have not seen Armandeus since the first month. We no longer share a room."

"I see..." she said and took another glance down to the book. "So you were not only here for the pictures but to see what rooms are still available or to mark down the room your friend is in. There are not many rooms left. Hardly any on the same floor as the room he currently was in.. Or are you looking for a new room?"

"He resides in a room on this floor." He was quiet a moment as one finger ran lightly over the drawings in the book before he looked back to her. "I was here to find the number to your room. I am in need of your assistance."

On this floor? When he said those words her eyes widened just a bit and she wanted to 'sniff him out' for lack of a better term. Thought it did make her curious. "There is only one more room on this floor that is available.. perhaps he is there.." if he was any place else he should hope that she not find him. "What can I do to help? Need me to search him out and why have you not left your hovel before now to tell me of the room change?"

"It is not a room used by guests. Perhaps tapping the wall will help if you wish to find him." What a time to be speaking in riddles, though perhaps he gave her a clue to finding the other Elf? "I need your help in securing the gym area against the Elements, most notably of them fire as you have seen what destruction can bring." A glance was given towards the kitchen door with those words before turning back to her. "Perhaps I have wished he would return before the room change was noted?"

He spoke of the walls and that is exactly where Ryanna went - to the nearest wall and started to knock on it with her knuckles. Elessar had just told her that Armandeus was living inside of the inn's walls - more or less - and hopefully he didn't think that she was going to let it go at that. "The gym is secure against fire. Do you not remember Venis who stayed here? She liked to make herself a raging inferno."

If he had thought she would let it go at that he wouldn't have told her in the first place. Although . . . "It will work better if you are in the hallway." If she was going to go knocking on the walls then at least he could make sure she was rapping on the right ones. "Can you secure it against the wind and ice? And against all the well placed wrath that is surely going to come from this mistake I have made?" He paused. "It has been so long I had forgotten about her inferno abilities."

"I wasn't the one who put the protection there in the first place. That was Epiphany's doing. Whatever it was." she started moving to the hallway, clearly on a mission. Some of the things her Foster Sister did she didn't question, she found it was best to simply accept. "You want it to be warded against elemental destruction? Or from them being used at all?" Well, Epiphany had her sources, but Ryanna knew a person or two that may be up for the task. "All mistakes render consequences, you just have to be prepared for them. " With that Ryanna stretched for her senses to see if she could catch the other elves scent.

Wasn't that ironic when Epiphany was the person who sent him to find De'Ryanna in the first place? When she moved for the hallway Elessar was right behind her. "I wish it to be warded against the destruction. I have not the abilities to perform such a task myself." It had been said that Armandeus carried the faint aroma of food and if she happened along the hall far enough a waft of that smell would come from what first appeared to be a crooked board in the wall. "This has been a mistake I did not take into consideration of the consequences."

"You keep hinting at a mistake and yet you have yet to tell me what it is." She traveled down the hall until she reached the spot where the smell of food - to her nose - was more prevalent. That was when she knocked hard against that wall. "It does you no good to keep circling around the topic Elessar or about what it is you really want so you may as well come out with it while you still have the ability to do so."

When she would knock upon that section of the wall the sound that came from it would be one that was hallow sounding. In addition the wall would move, just by a bit, but enough to see that it was actually a doorway instead of a simple wall. As for Elessar and his circling the airport of his mistake, he simply sighed. "In my mistake I have overreacted and have taken that which is most precious among our kind from Armandeus and restricted him from the same abilities which destroyed the kitchen and I ask you to protect the gym from." There, he came out and said it in a nutshell.

"Then you need to give it back and not keep something cause you're afraid." She was calling Elessar out for being afraid because that is how she saw it. Took away something that one person used to do something foolish with because you were afraid they'd do it again. She saw how the wood moved and went to hook her fingers in it. "Armandeus. Armandeus are you in there?" though she asked her tone was more of 'Armandeus, you better not be in there.'

"I have plans to give it back though I also plan on gaining control over it. What good is such power if left unchecked for the next bout of foolishness that shall come to pass?" He watched with slight interest as she hooked her fingers into the wood and heard the way the door rattled as if partially unlatched. Unlike the door to their previous room there were no forms of protection on this one. It was simply a door hidden in the wall. "He is not in there." At least he could not detect any noise within.

"Fortunately for him, you're right." Who's to say what she would have done, or said to him. Even though he wasn't there she still eased open the door so that she could see the inside of where he had been staying. "In my opinion, Elessar, you have done a very grievous and dishonorable thing by taking something from the one you considered to be your friend. And even your companion. Took it away and kept it because that was the only thing you could think of to remedy the situation and now." She still had her hand on the door but she turned to look at him. "You want to gain control over something that is his to have, not yours. If you were my friend and had done such an affront to me I would never speak to you unless there was need." Gave a pull on the door. "What you've done makes you no better than the others who steal and try to control another person's ability." Perhaps she was this way on it because it related to her own issue.

"It appears he feels the same as you for he has not spoken to me since it happened." With her pull the door popped open to reveal a room not much bigger than an average sized closet. It may have been quarters for servants or the like at one point in time for the walls had been painted a deep navy blue that had now begun to peel. A small bed had been wedged into the space and beyond was another thin door propped open to show a toilet and small sink. "I do not blame him for such."

Ryanna looked around the small room and then closed the door. She wasn't too surprised that she and Armandeus shared the same feeling about the taken item. "so what do you have to say for yourself then? I don't believe you feel any remorse for it at all. How would you feel if I took something that's important to you because I felt you had used it in a foolish manner and it was for your own good that you be rid of it? Hmm?" At that moment she Channeled, grabbing a hold of the Source and sealed the door with threads of Fire. "He won't be returning there."

"I don't feel sorry for it. I did what would be done under normal circumstances. Were it better for me to take it than someone else seek to gentle him? I have seen it happen to many and it is not something I wish upon my enemy. I will return it but I will not apologize for my actions." Being unable to see Weaves he could not see what she had done to the door, though by her tone he could only guess it was not something pleasant. "And where will he go now?"

"To his room or to another room that this Inn has for I will not have him sleeping in some hole in the walls like a diseased rat." The rooms on the first floor were bigger than that 'closet'. At least they were hygienic. "As he was your friend you should have sought out communication. Speaking to each other about what plagues you and sharing concern is a concept that I hope is not to beyond your grasp." In speaking to him she was looking up and down the hall trying to sort out his scent from the others as well as the frustrations in her own head. "Tell me, Elessar, what will you do if when you give it back to him he decides to turn against you in using it? What will you do now that your friend is a potential enemy?"

"I doubt he will seek a room with me any time soon." His eyes stayed locked on the door of the room as his hands clenched into fists at his side. "If he is to become my enemy then so it shall be." His voice turned dark with convection. "I will fight him. I have never lost to an enemy."

"Whatever he is to you now you have no one to blame for it but yourself as you brought it about by your own fear. It's a consequence Elessar." She saw the change in his demeanor and slightly bit down on her tongue before speaking again. "Don't let your own pride get in the way of what you two had if you wish to salvage it. Now, where else could Armandeus be or do I have to seal off the kitchen?" he can bet she was going to find him. "if it's any consolation in the matter he can be helped. But you have to decided on whether or not you want to help the man who may now be your enemy, giving him the chance to learn more than what he would have learned on his homeland therefore possibly destroy you. Or will you decide leave him to alone, and seek out training for yourself, with his item, so that you will retain the upper hand."

"In past times around this hour he would take meals to those homeless near the docks. Perhaps he has not yet returned." Elessar had not doubt she would find the other Elf if she wanted though it was a thought if she would go that far looking for him. He brought a hand up, grasping the frog pendant that still hung around his neck. "I wish to return this accursed thing and help my enemy who once was my friend even if he will destroy me in the end."

"Just because I said that he would be your enemy does not make it the final word. Unless you are really wanting him to be such and then I would call into question your friendship in the first place. " Looking at him she saw what he was holding and practically scoffed. "If you want to get rid of it so badly then stop holding it like it's your life's blood." He was right, she would now be heading towards the front door. "If it's too tempting then you should give it to me. I have no use for it and you know that it will be returned. " Stopping she held out her hand. "If you're going to go with that option then you best give it to me now or follow me as I hunt down Armandeus. If you come two things can be taken care of at once."

Perhaps it wasn't the final word but with the way things had been lately the two acted more as enemies as friends. Elessar's hand dropped from his neck as he looked away, pausing for a moment before he began to follow her to the door. He had thought of seeking out Armandeus himself although this wasn't what he'd had in mind. "Would it not be simpler to wait until he returned instead of searching the town?"

She stopped again. "You said he was near the docks, we wouldn't searching the town. What if he does not return this night but chooses to go elsewhere? And what of the night after that? And even after that? Who's to know when he will return if he is not in a stable state of mind." That is when she opened the Front door and a bit of the cool night air drifted in. Night time.. she knew better than to go out at night. In or out it made not much of a difference. "Not looking for him and choosing to wait around is called Avoidance, Elessar. Stop being passive on a matter that is your fault to begin with. Come or not, it's your choice."

Elessar could be considered the King of Avoidance for as much practice as he'd had in the art as of late. As far as the actual finding of Armandeus had gone while Elessar had meant to seek him he hadn't actually decided what would happen when he came face to face with the other man. The cool air was drifting in then and he breathed deeply. It helped to calm his mind and settle him. "I'm coming. Lead the way."

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