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A Date with *Destiny* (le log)

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A Date with *Destiny* (le log)

Post by Epiphany on Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:26 pm

One of the last things Epiphany had said to Gwen was that they should get together and have a pow-wow. Now, she didn't really know fully what that meant, but she had a pretty good idea. The name was interesting 'pow-wow' and it was something she wanted to do. It took a while, because planning had to be done, but it was ready and she was off to find her sister! Epiphany left out of her room , making sure to close the door behind her, and first checked in Gwen's room. She knocked on the door and waited a bit but, after no response, she decided to continue one. "Gwen! Where are you Gwen!" She called up and down the hall as she went. Pip didn't poses any type of special tracking skill - unless the person just happened to be evil... - so she would have to find her the good old-fashioned way. As she walked the beaded anklets on her feet knocked together, and the short grass skirt bounced as she made her way down the steps. Her face was painted with red and black markings along her cheeks and a circle of a gold around her left eye. Red sash was wrapped around her breast and tied at the back, leaving the rest of her torso exposed. The only other thing she wore was a single leather strap around her neck that was about three inches thick. "Gwen! Oh Gwen! Come out, come out ,wherever you are!" Jumping down on the main floor she continued to call out.

If Gwen had known that her sister was looking for her, on this very day, at this very moment, she would of made sure to be where Epiphany could find her the quickest. But as that was not to be, for she was in the area right next to the bar, curled up in a chair. She was reading again, she did love the books. But then she heard her name. Oh she knew her name, and so she jumped up, letting the book fall to the ground. But then she blinked, picking the book up, "Sorry book." Before placing it upon the table. It wasn’t one of Jamison's books or the Inn's it was one of her very own that she had read over a hundred times. So yes, back to the matter at hand....the Peter Pip calling! She moved out of the room, and met Pip near the stairs. "I came out Pip! From wherever I was!" Grinning, as she took in Pips outfit. "What cha wearing?" Gwen herself was in a pair of blue and purple star printed pj pants and a black tank top underneath a pj top that matched. With Purple fuzzy slippers on her feet! She was having a relaxing day. Her hair was pulled back into a pony/bun thingie.

"There you are! Ha, ha! proclaimed when Gwen came out from her hiding place. Epiphany was grinning and she moved from one foot to the other before she went to grab the others hands and spin around with her in the room. "Something that you'll be wearing soon enough! Ah." she stopped in the spinning and scratched the back of her neck as she looked over what Gwen was wearing. "Um.. I didn't like.. catch you at a bad time or anything.. like you weren't about to go to bed?" asked with a raise of one eyebrow. "Because if you were.." a single clap of her hand before she rubbed them together. "Well then you'd have to delay it for a bit more because we have a date with destiny!" and she said it just like that. Stressed and she every brushed her hand across the air above their heads. Destiny.

Gwen laughed, cause she was indeed there! Epiphany was very right on with that. And she grinned, "New clothes to wear." As in the fact that the clothes were going to be new to her to wear. She was all about playing in clothing, she loved different clothes after all, and she was just getting into expressing that again! As she was spun around with Epiphany she went rather easily. Gwen blinked at the question then a laugh, "Oh no! I was reading. And for curling up in chairs these clothes are way more comfortable." She nodded her head, causing her bun pony to bop against her back. "But I would much rather wear what you are!" She grinned again, because it sounded like a fun time! And well Pip was lucky that Gwen wasn't about to ask whom destiny was. Instead she was all about that. "I hope Destiny is nice." But that was about all she said on that one. She did like the way that Epiphany had stressed the word though, it made it sound neat! Like something she really really wanted to do!

Excellent! It seemed that Gwen was all on board with Destiny and what they were about to do, which she should, it was fun having someone to do fun things with and it helped Epiphany to push down and aside the semi recent events that still carried on in her mind. "Great! Then let's get to getting!" With a hop-skip she started towards the steps. "What were you reading? I can't pass up asking about a book. Good story? I hope you don't get cold too easily.. but there's suppose to be a fire where we are going so that should help some..." She knew her sister was following.. right.. so she continued up the steps.

Of course, Gwendolyn would be a willing participant in probably any thing that Epiphany came up with. One would probably never figure out that Gwen was the older of the pair. Gwen was following along, she was rather happy with following. Everyone needed something sometimes to distract their thoughts from where they could linger. She smiled, "It was just my book about the princess and the pea." She let out a small laugh, "I read it often, when I just want to relax and go into a story." She liked the different fairytales. She thought, "Well not to easily, and if there is a fire, that would be very helpful." Gwen did get cold in the form she was in more easily then she would in a different form but that other form wasn't for random outings! And she was skipping and hopping right behind her, so hopefully Pip did not stop fast, or she would have a Gwen in her back. Literally.

"Ohh.. is that the one where the fake princess dies or.. wait.. I'm probably getting it confused with something else.." or she was adding in her own bits and pieces to the tale. With Epiphany it was never too sure... "Have you ever tried it? Not killing fake princesses, but putting a pea under your mattress to see if you feel anything?" No harm in asking right? Epiphany continued until she reached her Door. Then she turned to look at Gwen. "I also hope you're not allergic to colors? Paints and stuff? One time I put paint on guys face and it swelled and some reason the color stained so he had a purple cheek for a few weeks..." It was interesting to say the least! "It's suppose to be washable because the Orphanage doesn't really approve of face painting when it comes to ritual symbols but I use them if the setting calls for it."

She laughed, "Oh no! I don't think there is any death, least not in my copy!" She spoke as they continued along. "But the girl that finds the pea isn't even really a princess! But she is they just don't know that, and the princess herself can't feel the pea." She grinned, "Can you feel a pea if someone put it under your mattress?" Curious she was, she wanted to try it. She laughed, "Epiphany! Killing fake princesses! But I have thought about trying the pea thing..just to see." She followed to the Door. A think and a shake of her head, "Oh no, I am not allergic at least I never have been." She grinned, "His cheek was probably really pretty though! Get some attention with it!"

Epiphany laughed a bit as she looked from Gwen and to the Door. With her forefinger she started to make a series of apparent random markings - only they weren't too random to her. "It was pretty.. well I thought it was funny anyway and so did he.. for a little while... " she trailed off for a bit but before it got to frown she gave the Door a tap and it eased open enough for her fingers to be able to grab around it. "As for the pea thing well.. I don't really... sleep a lot. Or well. It's not that I don't ever sleep." she eased the Door open a bit - notice that there were not creature in the Door! "I just don't sleep well when I do, so it's like not sleeping at all. I guess I have too much on my mind. I sleep well with Damon though. He helps to put my mind at ease." Which was ironic being what he was. There was literally nothing to see behind the door, it was dark But once she was done talking she slipped through.

It did look awfully random to her though, so it was a good chance that if asked to repeat said markings that Epiphany was making that she would not be able to do so. At least not the exact same. "I think I would of thought it funny too! As long as no one was harmed." She nodded to Epiphany, that did make sense. "I wish I didn't need so much sleep! After I go out at night, I always sleep a bit more then I think I would if i stayed in." She didn't say what she was going out to do, but that was because someone could be in the hallway. She smiled, "I like Damon.." Not in the like like way just as in liking him as a person, but that could be because she didn't know him or much about him. Just the handful of times she had met him. "Boys are good for putting your mind to ease! And they are great for asking questions!" She nodded her head, thinking it was true. No creatures, at the moment in the Door, but then Pip went through and Gwen followed.!

"I use to sleep just fine.. but.. that's a story for another time.." she said that much before fully into the room that the Door had opened. It was nighttime inside that room.. if they were even still in a room at all. The ground was hard and the air was a bit muggy and it was dark, but light enough to see. A fire was burning off a bit to the right. A small and simple fire whose light let them know that they were in a cave. To the side of the fire was a roped bundle, on the other side were three clay bowls with red, black, and yellow gold paint in it. They were alone. Distant sounds of crickets could be heard. Once Gwen was through the Door it closed behind them and any sign that there had been a door was gone. Epiphany was already moving over to the bundle. "Okay..this bundle is yours..there's a few things to choose from so.. open it and pick out what you want and put it on. Don't worry. there's no one here but me to see you strip."

She nodded, "I will remember to ask another time!" Really it wasn't Epiphany’s fault that Gwen was rather intrigued by things of Epiphany, she liked getting to know things about Epiphany. Well wherever they were she was fine, she had her sister, and really she wasn't scared. She did notice the fire. She would give a nod after looking around, "I can do that!" She moved over to pick up the bundle and she looked through it, and then she heard the words and she laughed, the girl might be naive and she might have a shy bone, that wasn't her shy spot. "Oh! I am not worried! It's just a body." The girl was rather comfortable and she looked for the items like what Epiphany was wearing, because she thought it would be best to match her.

Inside the bundle were items she could use to piece together her outfit for the evening. There were three sashes like the one Epiphany wore and they were the same colors as the paints. There was also a triangular doeskin leather, it was made to cover the front of the female chest with strings to wrap around and tie to the back. a few styles of grass skirts, a thong or two and loin clothes of the same material as the halter. There was also a small container of beads and shells and thin leather strings incase she wanted to string together any jewelry or accents. "You can't wear shoes. Well you can if you wanted but it's better without." She went to look at what she knew was in there. "you can make your combination of things see." She took a black sash and pulled it out. The fabric was five feet long and just over a foot wide so it could be used for more of a shirt, Epiphany had only chosen to halve it and use it like that, with the excess knotted and left to hang down the back . "It's all about expression. Expressing your destiny." There she went again, with that slow wave of her hand in the air at the word destiny.

Gwen was rather happy with the whole thing. She glanced at the different items, but really she already knew what she was going to do. She picked up the three sashes, yes all three of them, and moved to knot them together at the one end. Then she took the newly formed item, and grinned. "I can't pick just one!" She would slip off the top to her pjs, and her black tank, she hadn't a bra on tonight for she had not planned on needing one perhaps? So she moved the three sashes putting the knot behind her neck, two colors on one side, and one color on the other, she twisted them around, until they had her properly covered. As in she was as covered as Epiphany. Then she picked up the shortest of the grass skirts and down went the pj pants after she slipped out of the fuzzy slippers, she was wearing a pair of black lace french cut bikini's tonight, which were covered by the grass skirt. Oh she looked at the beads and shells, and if Epiphany thought that the girl could pass that up she was sadly mistaken! A piece of the leather string was picked up, long enough to make herself a necklace, and first item was the pretty pink shell, then she knotted the string, before adding a few accent beads on either side. Slipping that over her neck. Hands lifting to release her hair from the pony bun. She thought it would be best if her hair was down and loose, it seemed more fitting. She glanced over at Epiphany. "Are you sure that Destiny isn't going to mind?" She had another piece of the leather string in her hand, and she was placing a few beads and shells on it...tying them off every so often so that the items couldn't move from where she put them, not by much.

While Gwen started to get dressed Epiphany let her do her do and inched over to the cave opening and peeked her head out. Outside of it was a forest that was not too tightly dense with trees but there was enough and few of them to let the night sky in over head. Out there in the distance there was a very faint sound of drumming that started up and firelight moved over the sky. "I don't mind picking on destiny." she said with a chuckle. "It's Fate you have to look out for." Nodding with certainty as she went to the paints and crouched down. "I try not to fiddle with Fate because that's on a different level and can get Spiritual and things get odd for me and it can be a bit depressing... Well now! You're all dressed.. now for your face.."

Wow! Just wow! That was so much in those words. She would nod a bit. "So it's okay to pick on destiny but watch out for Fate. I can handle that!" Unless of course she got rather confused in it all and thought to pick on Fate and hide from Destiny! "I am!" She moved over to where Epiphany had the paints, "I haven't ever had my face painted on purpose. I have gotten paint on my face though when I was making gifts." A simple grin.

"I don't have a mirror.. " she said it as an apology because some people liked to see what they were doing to their faces... "So if you want anything specific I can do it for you? If not!" she grinned and motioned to the bowls. "Dig your fingers in and go for it." yep, there were to be no brushes, just fingers to do the painting. Epiphany wiggled her fingers to Gwen. "There's a small water pool not too far from this cave so you can dip your fingers in there after your done to clean them before we had to the camp." They weren't going to stay in the cave, there was no fun in that. She seemed happy about the whole thing and the night - for her anyway - was young.

She thought about this, and then thought what the heck! Fingers would tip one in each of the three colors. She had used her middle three to accomplish this. Next she lifted her fingers to her forehead, pressing all three against it, to make a bit of a wave there. Then she moved fingers back into the paint, before she created a hodgepodge that might of came out like a big fluffy cloud heart on one cheek. The other cheek, got a tree. "Thank you." Once she was paint covered she got back up and went to the small water pool, that she was speaking of and dipped her fingers into the water to rinse them of the paint. Which did come off rather easily. Then she made her way back to Epiphany. "Ready when you are!"


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Re: A Date with *Destiny* (le log)

Post by Epiphany on Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:57 pm

Epiphany watched as Gwen made up her face and she laughed lightly at seeing her sister actually draw objects on her face rather than just lines and colors. Nothing wrong with it, she never said she had to draw something specific. "Water, love, and earth. Those are very interesting choices. Any reason?" Maybe there was or maybe it was pure randomness. With the painting gone she put the colors down and started crouch walking to the entrance of the cave to peer out. At the mouth she motioned for Gwen to come next to her. "You see that light over there? The orange and red glow between those trees over there?" They were a good bit away, but not too far that it would take long to reach. "That's where we're going. If you listen hard enough you can hear the drums."

Gwen would give Epiphany a huh look before she thought about what she drew. A small shake of her head, "Random." It was all random, the girl did like all of those things, water, earth and love. Perhaps it was fitting of her to choose those three items. She waited and when Epiphany motioned, she came up next to her. Looking where Epiphany was speaking she nodded. Her head tilted as she listened for the sound of drums int he distance, which she did hear and she perked up, her voice dropped to a whisper. "I hear them!" Her eyes widened at that! ~

"Great!" It was like Gwen's admittance that she could hear the drums sealed their fate for the evening because Epiphany gave a slap to her own bare knees before she jumped up and gave a small skip as she headed out of the cave and into the forest. "You have to feel the rhythm of the drums if we're to dance around the bonfire!" She was excited. No doubt about that and she had a continued skip to her step as she went forward to the light. Didn’t skip long as she had to walk over fallen logs and a person could never be quite sure what was on the ground. They were barefoot and this was real earth. It also was a bit cooler outside the cave and away from the fire. "Feel the rhythm, hear the music, all ways to meet up with destiny. I hope you're ready."

The way that Epiphany said great should of scared Gwen, it would of scared a few others, but Gwendolyn was happy that she got such a word out of Epiphany. When Pip gave a skip and started off, she was not alone, for she had her sister right there, moving along with her. "Oh! We are going to dance around the bonfire! I like fires." Not that Gwen was a pyro, but she did enjoy fires, which was rather knowing, for often when she was at the Inn she was down near the bar, seated in front of the fire, and it wasn't because she was always cold. She was doing her best to keep up with Epiphany, so when she slowed to go around fallen logs and whatnot, she did catch her. A small giggle, "It feels funny under my feet, tickles." That would bring her to a nod, "I am so excited to meet Destiny!" Biting down upon her lower lip. "I hope so too! I hope she likes me!"

"One can never know... odd thing destiny is." she chuckled. As they grew closer to the light the fire came more into view and, dancing around the fire... children. Not those that were particularly young for they looked to somewhere in the early teens. All of them were dressed much the way that Epiphany and Gwen were, some with more elaborate clothing on and all of them with various designs or things painted along their faces, arms or legs. Sitting back out of the fire's way were two burly men whose skin looked the color of reddish brown leather in the dark and firelight. Their hair was black and pulled from their faces. They sat with drums made of bull skin, their large hands patting out a rhythm. Epiphany grinned as she neared and motioned behind her for Gwen to continue forward, not thinking that she would find any of this strange at all. "We're here."

She nodded, a odd thing, now that wasn't nice to talk about someone like a thing! But she wouldn't question her, instead she would keep going forward. She peeked over Epiphany's shoulder where she did see older kids dancing around the fire. That looked, well fun! Oh arms and leg painting she caught that! That would of been nice too! Next time! Or maybe just a random time around the Inn! Gwen continued following along with Epiphany when she was motioned to continue. Feet picking their way forward. "Destiny is there?"

A few more steps took them out of the wood and in the area of the bonfire. They popped out on the side so the two older men where on the girls' left while the fire was in front of them. The appearance of the two of them caused the kids to pause in their dancing before they spun around. Thrusting their fist up to the sky they let out a singular "Hey!" in near unison before the dancing started again. The moves were more random than practiced for each kid was moving how the drums made them feel, and it was a nice beat of: boom-da-boom-boom, over and over with the second drum playing echo two beats behind. Once they were through Epiphany wasted no time in reaching for Gwen's hand to pull her close and hold her sister's arm up high in the air with her own. In a loud voice Epiphany said: "I've brought someone to see Destiny!" Those words made the children cheer and before too long they left the fire and were trying to coax her towards it.

As they got closer she continued to watch the dancers. They were moving around and she was intrigued by them. Then the hands were up in and they said hey! Now that was a bit daunting, for it seemed to be in unison to her. But she kept moving with Epiphany, all the way until Epiphany lifted their hands together and spoke the words. And the fact that were cheering, it made Gwendolyn wonder about Destiny again, she must be a sweet person! The fact that all these people were happy with the thought of her. She just smiled before the coaxing was happening. Now as this was Gwen she moved forward without to much coaxing. Towards the fire, peeking to look at Epiphany as she went with the flow of the older children.

"You're going to like Destiny!" said one of the boys. "No she's not!" that was a girl. "Did Epiphany tell you, you get to breathe in this funny smoke?" The boy who said the last was bumped by a different boy who pushed his way between the other kids around Gwen and he looked up at her with large, dreamy eyes. "You can hold my hand." Clearly the kids were excited to have her here - or they just liked new people - and they were trying to manage all of this while continuing to go around the fire. Did Epiphany join the circle? No. She was sitting out by the two guys playing and had a bowl and grinder in one hand .. grinding something while the music played.

She was listening to them all, first she was told she would like Destiny and she was all smiles, and then she was told she wouldn't and that was confusing. Maybe they had met two different Destinys? Gwen wanted to meet the one that the boy said she would like! A shake of her head, "Epiphany did not tell me about the funny smoke you breathe, is it safe?" The only smoke she was around was the smoke from fires. She was moving around in the circle and when the boy said she could hold his hand, and there were others that were holding hands, she didn't think anything of it. So she did. She was doing her best to mimic the others going around the fire, thankfully she wasn't a big klutz or she might of ended up in the fire. She had caught sight of Pip grinding something.

Oh the things Epiphany could grind.. really it should be quite scary, but you had to know who to grind if you had anything to do with alchemy. When she caught Gwen looking over at her Pip simply sent her a large toothy grin before pausing and giving a thumbs up. She would be safe with the kids, they knew better than to toss anyone into the fire. The music would carry on for a bit longer before the men drummed their fingers to a halt, the lingering sound floating in the air. When the music stopped the kids stopped - some of them sooner than others. you know kids.. once they get the rhythm flowing in their bones they move along to their own music. The larger of the two men rose from his drum and went to collect the bowl from Epiphany who handed it over. The man's feet hit the ground with a dull thud and he stood in front of the drums and looked out to the kids. Bowl in his hands he spoke out in a deep voice. "Who has come to meet with Destiny?"

Who to grind? That was even scarier then what she might be grinding! When she saw the grin and the thumbs up, whatever unease she had going, would simply melt away. Thankfully on that part, cause that could of got messy, toasted Gwen, unless she wanted a quick flash of a tan. She continued to move around with them, until they stopped, thankfully she did not run into any of them. She saw the others looking to the ones that had the drums and Epiphany, and she looked as well. When asked whom had come to meet Destiny, Gwen would pip up, with a small wave of her hand, shyly. She was fine in her clothing, but knowing that she was here to meet Destiny made her nervous. "I am here to meet with Destiny." Her voice was soft but still carried over!


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Re: A Date with *Destiny* (le log)

Post by Epiphany on Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:05 pm

Hearing that it was this newcomer who had come - though he knew from Epiphany earlier announcement - he raised his hands in the air. The children had started to cheer when Gwen said her words and the man wanted to quiet them. They knew the routine and how things went so as his arms went up their noise went down. Their dancing even stopped and all went still except for the crackling fire and the beat of the other man on his drum. He looked over to Epiphany and she nodded. He stepped to Gwen and drew in a deep , the fire cast his shadow large behind him. "Why do you want to meet Destiny?" he asked Gwendolyn.. "Are you prepared?"

Now she was watching everything, the best she could, but there was alot to watch! There was the other kids, the fire, the Epiphany, the two men, and the surrounding landscape. Really it was quite a lot to take in. So when they went still, completely and there was no more noise, she looked back to the man with the hand raised. When he stepped over to her, her head tilted upwards to look at him, and she smiled before he asked his question. Why did she want to meet Destiny. "Because everyone should meet Destiny." She had not a good solid reason, and then the next question, well, why not! "I am prepared." Was she really? She wouldn't know until it started would she? Besides what's the worst that could happen? She had her sister there, right!

The phrase 'what's the worst that could happen' and any form of 'Epiphany's here' probably should never be used in the same sentence. For some reason they didn't work well together and more often than not brought about more trouble than originally intended. Good thing Gwen kept those thoughts internalized! Gwen gave a good enough answer for the man to be satisfied and he motioned for her to turn around. "Turn and gaze into the fire and breathe in deeply." he instructed. He would wait until she turned around and then he would stand behind her. A big man he was easily over seven feet tall making him loom like a giant. He would wait until she did as he instructed and then he would take his hand and toss in a handful of what Epiphany had ground up in the bowl. Tossing it into the fire make the flames burn blue and then green, the scent from it was very sharp and could even make a person cough. The kids who were around the fire had moved back when they saw the large man approaching. On any normal person the now intoxicated smoke would work through the persons senses - that's why she had to breathe in deeply - and work like a trippy magic mushroom. making their vision to blur and illusions start to enter into their vision . What would they see and what they would feel was all a matter of what was in the persons heart and on their mind. So what would Gwen see? The man was also there behind her as some people tended to pass out

Oh yes! But those thoughts even after everything so far that they had been through together soothed her. She untilted her head, dang that was a nice ways up there to try to look at the mans face. And she did as she was told, she could feel the presence of the man behind her, but she figured he knew what he was doing. He would look like a giant! No wonder her head had to crank up to high to look at him. But when the flames turned colors she couldn't help but let out a small ooo! It was pretty, part of her wanted to touch them, they looked so pretty. But she was good and did not attempt to touch the pretty flames that were calling to her to do so. She had learnt long ago that fire was hot, even if it was different colors. When she inhaled she did cough a bit, but not overly bad, and her hands moved up to cover her mouth during the cough. So pretty much her sister was drugging her!! Well heck if anyone’s going to drug you it might as well be your sister right? Now the feeling was almost as if she was floating, which people might have some sort of guess at for she looked down at the ground, to make sure it really wasn't moving. The feeling hit her before anything else. It was also a good thing that she had more control over her wings, because they were wanting to wake up, but she did not want to reveal such a thing, nor have them pop out and hit the tall man in the face. Now, well she wasn't exactly in her right mind, she started to walk closer to the fire. But whatever she saw next had her fling herself backwards, or maybe that was just the instinct of the warmth from the fire. It was when she flung herself backwards that she landed against the man, hopefully he didn't just move. She wasn't really talkative, but that could be explained by the way her body suddenly slumped as the dust fully made its way to whatever parts of her had not passed out.

It's a good thing that she didn't touch the fire! It was said that fire was hotter when it was blue. They all waited in the semi silence and all eyes were on Gwen - especially Epiphany's since she wanted to know what her sister would do after inhaling such a thing. And while she waited she rose up on her toes and leaned forward looking like a person ready to sprint. She even edged an inch or two closer. They were only allowed to go so close to a person. When Gwen fell backwards the large man was there for her to bounce off of - not literally bounce, but she didn't fall to the ground for h caught her. Caught her and hefted her up in his arms to pull her away from the fire. The drum beat went into a faster pace and the kids started to scramble. From behind one of the trees and bushes they pulled out a hand woven grass matt that was still mostly green so it had a softness to it. They brought this into the light and the man eased Gwen down on it. Then all the kids circled around her. that would be a lot of faces to look up and see, not to mention that they seemed to be chanting... but it wasn't words, only sounds. As for the dust the man would start to brush it over Gwen's arms. "Are you conscious." that was the man. asking if she were in her right mind or not.

It was always the hotter colors that beckoned to her. Perhaps it was her fear of the dark that caused the flames to speak to her. It was probably a good thing she wasn't aware of all the eyes on her, because things could of turned out differently. It was a good thing for her that he was there, because that would of been rather hard, the ground might hurt! And then she was hefted up, and hauled away from the fire, another good thing so she didn't fall into the fire. Melting flesh and hair was not a pretty smell at all! Her limp body moved easily, even if one felt as if they weighed more when they were dead weight, which she was currently. When the man was brushing the dust over her arms, she coughed. Then there was the question, and perhaps it wasn't the answer he was looking for, her eyes popped open, and the hazel depths had a purple rims. She couldn't help it. "You are very sparkly. Did you bathe in glitter?" Yes, the man was huge, and Gwen was calling him a glitter man.

him that answer meant that she may still be recovering from what she saw in the flames. So the self appointed 'Glitter Man' shifted his position and continued to look down upon. "You sparkle with the eyes of Destiny. But you jumped back from the flames. Was there something in it that came to attack you." It was his way of trying to get information but only if she wanted to tell it. The dust he was putting on her skin absorbed a little, it wasn't too harmful but if it worked its way into her system it would carry on small effect that were the same as when she breathed in the smoke. The light-headed feeling and making things seem different from what they were. "What do you see now?"

Now she looked at the man, she wasn't paying attention to the others, for her gaze was locked upon him. "The flames tried to eat me! And Willow was in them! Or maybe Willow was trying to eat me!" Why she saw Willow, she wouldn't know but she did, and that was not what she wanted to see. She hadn't even thought about Willow in such a long time, that the sight of him in the flames scared the bejesus outta her. "How can Willow live in the flames? Glitter man?" She sniffled, wiggling her nose. Well good, it wasn’t to harmful, maybe she would only have a few more thoughts. She tried to focus on the glitter man, for he was still sparkly. And it was when all the other faces came into play and she blinked, "Big smiles...big Cheshire smiles. Are the smiles going to try to eat me?" Perhaps she shouldn't of read Alice in Wonderland before going out with Pip, that was the other book besides her Princess and the Pea. Which that book must of picked up. "I think there is a pea under my mattress." Gwen and drugs of any sort didn't mix well.

Willow? Has Gwen told Epiphany about Willow? She was listening and when she heard that name mentioned she tried to think about it but she couldn't remember. Willow.. Willow. Then Epiphany moved through the collected kids and went to take up her sisters hand to let her know that she was there but the Glitter Man spoke up before Epiphany could. "Evil is trying to eat you." He gave a heavy-handed pat to her arm. "Don't trust the smiles. The smiles are lies." Some of the kids started to chuckle a bit until they saw the look that Epiphany was giving them. "Gwen? Gwen? Who's Willow?"

There was a good chance that Epiphany did not hear about Willow. She had told a few people about Willow, but sometimes she forgot whom she told what too, so it was best that she wasn't so chatty anymore. She heard him, that Evil was trying to eat her. That didn’t sound very appealing and yet, somehow that did click in her constantly wondering mind. "Smiles are bad." Of course, that's what she took from that word, especially the big ole smiles, that she had been seeing. And hearing the question she would reply. "Willow is a fey that lives in the willow tree. I met him...he...wanted to go flying together and share my innocence." She said it in a way that they would know it wasn't a sexual way. "But he came to give me a gift at the Inn...and he makes me tingle like a vampire would....but oh...he used mind control on Leoette. Poor poor Leoette..back away!" Of course, that was her telling the story and watching it at the same time...a shiver. Her eyes closed a moment.

Now Epiphany didn't like that at all and her hand that was holding on to Gwen's only grew a bit tighter and her eyes started to narrow. A fae.. in a willow tree.... It wasn't that part tht bothered her as much as the innocence part. When she spoke her voice was a bit sharp but low. "That wasn't a fae....." that was all she was going to say on that for the moment but she motioned to the man that it was enough and he stood up to signal the man who was drumming to stop. "Gwen? Gwen.. wake up Gwen. Don't go to sleep.... wake up." The kids around started to poke and prod at her skin as they echoed the words of 'wake up'. They thought she was drifting into a dream .

It would be the first time that Gwen paid attention to Epiphany's hand, and her fingers would squeeze back to Epiphany’s hand. It wasn't a fae! The words were now out there, and of course, those words would penetrate into her mind. And it took a few moments, but those eyes popped open, the purple rims were gone and they were back to hazel. She gave a small smile to Epiphany as if she had just awoke from the most pleasant of dreams. But then she was all poked, and the words, and that smile did falter. "I'm awake." The words might of sounded childlike in another tone or grrish but they were spoken with a softness in them. "Wide awake now." She could not try to sit up for there were people all around, that would be hindrances of that!

Saying that she was awake caused the kids to stop - though one lingered with the poking a bit longer than the others but that's just the way of those their age - and they leaned back to give her room. The 'Glitter Man' stood tall and stomped one foot and then another to the ground and proclaimed. "She has met with Destiny." That was all the kids needed to hear and they forgot about many things and jumped and cheered. To them - many of them anyway - this was some grand and fun game, not really real so what they saw when they had their turn in the fire was of no consequence. IT was easy to see which kids took what was said more seriously for they did not cheer as loudly nor did their actions about the fire seem as joyous, but those were the 'older' kids. "Wide awake. Good. I think.. I think we should get you cleaned." Epiphany said. She was concerned about this Willow man.

There was always at least one in every crowd no? The last poker, whom was always able to say, I poked her last! Once the kids moved back and went back towards the fire, she would sit up after the announcement that she had met Destiny. Her eyes blinked a moment and then she nodded towards Epiphany. "What's all over my arms?" She didn't get up to much more then that because she had her sister's hand still, and that made things harder to do until the other part was ready to move up as well. Craning her neck she had her head tilted yet she still couldn't see the face of the tall, tall man. But she looked back to Epiphany and gave a nod.

"It'll help you stay calm." It will... even if it did that by dulling her senses, it would still help her to be calm. "Just keep a hold of my hand. "Epiphany smiled to her and started to rise, she shifted her handhold and gave a pull to help her sister to stand up to her feet. Whether she was still down or had gotten up Epiphany leaned close to Gwen's ear, glad to have heard the music start up again as it would help to mask her whisper. Hopefully Gwen would still hear it. "You can push the drugs out of your system. " It wasn't a lot and she believed that her sister could if she knew how. "You have to think about it, leaving your system and focus. Focus." She would tug on the arm too as she wanted to get her away from the fire.

Now that did make sense. Her hand would stay clasped with her sisters, Epiphany would not have to tell her that twice, fingers stayed put. When she smiled, Gwen would give her a smile back, and she would rise with her. When the music started again, Gwen had been about to say she didn't want to meet Destiny again right now, but she was saved from that by Pips whisper. Now she would hear all of those words, and she would begin to focus on the drugs, and her focus was telling them to leave now, pretty much just in Gwen mind speak, which was focusing and pretty much coaxing them to leave her. When the tug was there, Gwen went easily with Epiphany, as she always did. No wonder the girl got into trouble!

Surely it wasn't Pip leading her into trouble? She was only persuasive in getting Gwen to come along? Right. We'll go with that answer. While Gwen was doing her thing in trying to rid herself of what was going on inside her body, Epiphany smiled to the people by the fire and waved. "Night all of you! Thank you!" They had did their job and now she only hoped that the kids would settle and sleep soon - she'd take them back later. Later. Right now Epiphany was leading Gwen to the water she had washed her hands in earlier. She didn't say anything until the fire was growing small behind them. "Gwen.. Willow.. you didn't tell me about Willow. "

It really did not take much to get Gwen to go along either. Whatever will help Pip sleep better at night. That works. Now she would of turned to say thank you as well, but really she wasn't paying to much attention because her mind was busy pushing the stuff out of her body. Otherwise it would of been spoken by her as well. She waited till the got away from the fire and the beating drums and when they reached the water she would look to Epiphany. She looked thoughtful. " was Jamison and De'Ryanna." Why she told De'Ryanna she couldn't tell you but she had. "I had thought I told you about him. He was nice." At least she thought he was nice, even if something seemed off. She paused, "Are you sure I didn't tell you too about him? Jamison doesn't like him...says he’s no good! He tried using mind control on Leoette, but Jamison saved her!" Now that just let the cat outta the bag didn't it?


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Re: A Date with *Destiny* (le log)

Post by Epiphany on Sat May 01, 2010 7:58 pm

When she got to the water she stopped and knelt down, letting go of Gwen's hand so she could put both of her hands in the water, motioning for her to do the same thing. "Did he.. do anything to you? This Willow person? I know you said that he tried to give you something and if you told me of him before I.. just don't remember." There were a few things that she didn't remember. It wasn't that she had a short-term memory, it's just that she always forgot some things. "Did you.. feel anything when you met him? How did you meet him?"

Gwen would mimic Pip's movements with the kneeling by the water, and putting both hands into the water as well. She thought about that, a shake of her head, "No, he did not do anything to me." She paused thinking of that, and then a nod of her head, she was in agreement on the fact that he tried to give her something...and she did not get it. Or rather, Jamison gave her the option and she did not take it. A grin, only because Gwen forgot things all the time, and it was simply just how it went. "I felt a I feel around Jade." She figured that Epiphany would understand that? Jade did not make her tingle in a funny way but a tingle nonetheless, that sort of gave her a heads up. "I met him near the Inn, there is a Willow Tree there. And I had a urge to go out for a walk and he was out there." Of course, she wouldn't know that he planted that thought in her head that she wanted to go outside for a walk. Hands moving in the water.

She looked over at her sister, a concentrated look as she thought over what she told her. "Do you normally feel the need to go for walks...randomly and.. you.. you didn’t listen to your feeling?" She wasn't trying to sound disappointed but a part of her was for she was thinking what she could do to help her sister. "When you feel those things you need to take it into consideration, you know? i know that Jade's your friend but,. not all creatures are going to be nice."

She thought about that, "Well not normally like I did that night. I do like to go out for a walk, but I usually think about it more then I did." She didn't know if that meant anything or not. She gave a shake of her head, "I figured if he was really bad the feeling wouldn't be as light as it was with Jade?" Her head tilted a bit, "Damon when I met him his tingle is more concentrated then Jades." That was her logic on that, but she met them both and that was something she could compare for her? She thought about that, "I know....but even people that don't make me tingle won't always be nice either." A small frown, "But maybe the tingly ones are more dangerous?" She was still learning all of that. And see look at that, Pip could say nice things about Jade. Or maybe she didn't want Gwen to get off track on defending Jade.

It was Pip trying to not say bad things about her sisters friend. She still didn't like her, but it wasn't something that she could control and only hoped that Jade would be the actual friend Gwen thought her to be. "The thing about.. a lot of people with abilities.. is that they can mask their power. You can to. you can make that side of you not as strong. Just takes time and practice. It's like learning to walk softly like the Elves do." Thinking that she would offer up some type of example. "They can walk softly so that it's hard to hear them coming, but they're still walking." She pulled her hands out of the water and moved her wet hands along her face, scrubbing just a tad in an effort to start wiping off the paint. "That side of you is like a light and those of the dark can see it or feel it. However it attracts them. And we can learn to push it down so it doesn't shine as brightly so we're harder for those creatures to find." She hoped that she was making since. To her she was! "Well they can do the same thing, to try to fool people, especially those that are against them, they can make that side of them not as strong. So this Willow...may have felt not so evil... but in reality he could be twenty times worse than what you were feeling, only he was masking it to not scare you away."

See it was the things like that that made Pip a good sister. She might not care for Gwen's bff but she wasn't badmouthing her to Gwen, which would cause Gwen grief because she adored Pip above all else but she was loyal to Jade as well. Whew! She then looked to Epiphany, "I can learn to mask it?" Now that was something interesting, she didn't say to much else though cause she was listening to the words. Her head would nod ever so often, even as she forgot her hands were in the water, good thing the water wasn't the temp that would cause one to lose control of their bladder. "Oh! That does make sense!" It did make sense to her. And seeing Pip wiping down her face, gave her the same idea, and she mimic'd once more, using her hands and the water to attempt to scrub off the 'war' paint. "So its like a beacon to them, here she is come and get her goodness!" That was going to have to be something maybe to learn in the not so distant future! The pushing it down, it seemed like it might make things safer for her. She blinked a moment, "So Willow might of been way way bad, and I only thought he was a little bad?" She did not like that! "Isn't that cheating!" She thought it sounded like cheating! But then again it was how the animal kingdom worked. "But I am not going near Willow...not after he tried to take advantage of Leoette! I told Jamison I wouldn't too." She nodded, the old Wizard did look out for her when he could.

She laughed a bit. "They're bad people, what do they care about cheating? They don't have the same morals and stuff. It's kinda like.. all's fair as long as they get what they want in the end. Which, at the time was you." she frowned a bit. "I'm not surprised though cause it's going to happen. I guess that's why you saw him when you met with destiny, huh? He had an impact on you." She paused and leaned in to her sister, her eyes searching her and prodding. It didn't do anything, Epiphany didn't have any mind control powers, but she could have a hard stare. Only didn't. "But he didn't do anything. like touch you or anything?"

"Well, bad people have a messed up moral compass!" Oh yes she had heard of them, from Azlin of course, even if sometimes it didn't click for her. Her hands had quit scrubbing at her face, most of the paint was off if not all of it, and her wet hands moved to her hips, even in the kneeling position. "But they can't have me." She shook her head, "Bad people make me sneeze!" That's not saying anything really but it was with Gwen. And she decided bad people she didn't know where going to make her sneeze! She could easily fake a sneeze, couldn't she? But she probably wouldn't because she would want to give them the benefit, which could get her in trouble. She gave a nod of her head, "He must of been more evil then I thought. Cause why else would he pop in, and try to eat me!" Seriously that part was the freaky one, that he was going to eat her, like a gingerbread man. "I am not a cupcake!" At least she did not think she wasn't. When she spoke, and had that look, Gwen thought a moment, she didn't want to just reply with an answer that might not be true. "No he didn't touch me. But he...helped me." She looked away from Pip's eyes. "He...had wings too..." She screwed up her face.

"You might be a cupcake. Well not.. a physical cupcake of course.." she wasn't made out of flour and frosting you know. "But I'm told that our blood taste good so... you know. We're good to evil." What she didn't say was that maybe she should ask Jade to taste her so she would know. Epiphany knew better to suggest that because she thought that Jade would take her sister upon that offer. Once she was clean and saw that Gwen was too she reached out for her hand again to urge her back to her feet. "We shouldn't' stay out here. It's more comfortable inside." Whether that was inside the cave or her room - if this wasn't her room- wasn't said. Epiphany was frowning.. but only a little. "It's.. okay. Well it's not, not really, but it's okay because I know that you probably felt comfortable with him. Especially if he had wings. I know you've been curious about them. He just found something that would interest you and used it."

Gwen did giggle at that, when Epiphany said she might be a cupcake. Oh dear, just wait till the next person she met, Hi I’m Gwen but you can call me cupcake cause I might be one. Of course, she wasn't made out of flour and frosting, but frosting did sound rather yummy. "I wonder if I am a cupcake if I can have sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles." She thought about that and she smiled. "Odd but its nice to know we have yummy blood." Why that she thought it was nice to know she didn't have a clue, but with her taste thoughts since the gift from Spider, and asking to be tasted, she was glad for some knowledge. When Epiphany reached and had that urge to her feet, she got up quickly. She would follow along with Pip. "That makes sense." Because out side someone else could always stumble upon them while they chatted. Her head was bobbing even as she moved with Epiphany. "I did! He did the I'll show you mine if you show me yours. And He had dragonfly type wings. Not Feathery Wings like mine." She still even talking to Epiphany out in the open she didn't say that Pip had wings. "I was. But Jamison and Spider said the fae are tricky creatures! So I am not so trusting of them any more." She didn't spill anything she wasn't suppose to there.

"Dragonfly...." that made her chew on her bottom lip as she helped to lead them away and to the direction of the cave. "As long as he didn't touch you. You know I can't say too many bad things about them I just get a bit scared and weary because I don't want you to get hurt and I know how attractive evil can be. But I'm not going to do the whole 'shield you from everything' thing either." She wasn't looking at her sister when she spoke, she was looking straight and watching their path. "Because, it wouldn't be right. And I can't. So....." Epiphany dragged that out and didn't say anything else for the moment.

She nodded, "Pretty and shiny. I think that they beat really quickly too." She was trying to remember but it felt like a lifetime ago! So many other things had happened in her life that had her moving forward, constantly, thankfully. No time to dwell on anything. "Oh he didn't. What could have happened if he touched me?" The curious part was peeking right through unable to hide itself. She nodded that made sense, you could lead a horse to water but you couldn't make it drink. So you could lead Gwen away from Evil and hope she stayed away from it on her own. Gwen was watching the floor as well, because she didn't want to trip or fall on anything. "Its okay! You do help by telling me things. Things that help me later on." Like when she took the time to think and not just react!

She shrugged a bit as the cave came into view, the fire that was there still burned and cast it's light off the walls. "I don't know Gwen. Different things happen with different people. Maybe you would have been able to see more of what he really was if you had touched him. Or.. maybe your other side would have come out.. maybe he would have burned." that was funny which is why she laughed a bit. She looked at her sister as she ducked down to enter into the cave. "I don't know what type you are so.. I don't know what you do. I don't think we're the same."

Oh the fire, it was a good thing that she wasn't looking at it, because that would for sure catch her attention away. The girl was attracted to fire like a moth. Listening once more, she was good at that one, which was good seeing the girl liked to talk a lot as well. If one only talked all the time and never listened it wasn't a good thing. She giggled, "Do" she whispered the next word, 'Angels" and then back to normal voice she had been using. "Burn people?" Cause that could be interesting if someone turned up into a big ball of fire. Following her sister into the cave she paused a moment. "How many different types are there?" And then she wondered, so she asked her the other question. "Do you have warm hands?" That might sound odd but she was curious if Pip's touch was like her own.

They were inside the cave now and - not knowing that Gwen was drawn to fire like that, Epiphany took a seat around the fire, thinking that it would be good for Gwen to warm up if she were cold. They did just wash up in the water and it was dark so.. fire was a good thing if wet at night? "I guess we could burn people. Foster mom and Dad can with their ability that they have. Technically I guess that anyone could burn another as long as they knew how. Doesn’t take much to toss oil on someone and light a match" Clearly Epiphany didn't really get what Gwen meant by if they burned people. Sitting by the fire Pip drew her legs up and folded her arms across her knees. "I'm not sure how many types there are. I was doing research at the church one day and there was all this information about levels of Heaven and an Angel hierarchy...but I've never been too much for studying and I was only sneaking a look because I didn't want Father or Sister Mary-Marks to find me reading up on it." They were always trying to get Pip to study and got on her about her lessons. She wasn't the best student and often studying from books turned her to thinking of them as stories. Must be why it was hard for her to really learn any other language. "But I don't think I have warm hands. I mean they're not cold or anything. I think they're normal. When i get heated they warm up but that's a thing that people do. Blood temperature rising.. so their body gets warmer... That's... not how it is with you is it? I just thought your hands were warm..." She had been holding her sisters hands but she thought it was warm cause her body was cold and it was making sure she didn't get too cold.

Gwen followed and moved to sit next to the fire as well. She could fight the draw of the fire, because she had Epiphany, she often could sit for hours staring at the fire. She sometimes saw things in it...but that was more in her mind then anything else. Some people used clouds, Gwen used fire. She would rub her hands together in front of the flames. "Well, yes people are flammable. At least that was what the books said." She didnt get that Pip didn't get what she was going with but she kept going. Now Gwen would be nodding, and thinking about researching herself, but with the way she mixed things up, that might not be the wisest of things. Her knees were bent though her arms were not the same as Pips for she had them held out towards the fire. Probably because Pip had a lot of hands on training? Gwen's best friends growing up were books. She liked reading because she could imagine the words in pictures in front of her face. She gave a shake of her head, "It used to be that way. Before I went through the mirror and almost got us killed." She paused, "I never had warm hands before then, I was usually cold. But sometime around then, if I touch people I have like a warm heat that comes from them." She paused, "I haven't touched anyone in my other form, so I don't know if the touch there has more meaning?" And it did make sense for Pip to think that because it was a normal rational way of thinking.


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Re: A Date with *Destiny* (le log)

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