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pris and the day she dubbed the bitchwitch ][ an old old log!

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pris and the day she dubbed the bitchwitch ][ an old old log!

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:52 pm

[ i don't normally save chat logs, after how pris and ryan parted i just had to. =D enjoy! if your character is represented and you'd like their posts edited out, just pm me and i'll oblige! ]

Armandeus was suggesting ice cream. He was right, that did go well with pie. "Yes, please." She gave him a smile and traded glances between him and Azlin. "Bring a dish for Azlin as well. She's new here and we have more than enough pie for the two of us to share." It was rude to stay behind the bar and therefore De'Ryanna moved around it. She wasn't one for shaking hands and therefore she stopped a good distance from her. "I know who you are, Azlin. My mother has spoken well of you." She maintained eye contact as she spoke. "I am De'Ryanna."

Ever since checking himself into the Inn, he would pretty much have locked himself into his room. He had gone out riding with Casandra once, but other then that, he was just slowly getting himself re-introduced to civilization. So, tonight was the night! Getting himself dressed in his only good leathers that clung close to legs and a soft green shirt, he would look himself over in the mirror. It wasn't perfect, but it's all he had at the moment. With a sigh, he would be finding himself walking out of his room and down the hall. He still considered himself lucky that he had a room so close to the entrance. Not only was his room not too far away from all exits, but he was right down the hall from the bar. So, after a moment or two of walking, he would be finding himself walking in. Hmmm...seems it was a bit busier tonight then privious nights. Those crystals blues looking over the people before he decided if he wished to stay or go for a stroll

Az wasn't exactly a hand shaker so perhaps it was wise for the girl to stay a small distance away. Az was either hands off or a hugger. She would look at De'Ryanna a bit more now, her curiousity was perked. "Your mother?" The only woman Az had ever been close to was Airtia...could this be...she was running the name over in her mind could it really be?

pris' dress. it must have taken her forever to make. maple-shaped leaves of all different shades of green, cut out of fabric. then layered onto a base dress in tiers. the dress reached her knees, almost. under it she had on baggy flowy brown pants. she was barefoot. her toenails were painted green. her fingernails brown. she wasn't wearing one of her wigs today, but her long ash brown hair with its front streaks of green were pinned up in several little buns, each with a leaf pinned in the center to stand up and stick out. she had her big black shoulder bag with her as always. and was smudged on her arms and feet and face with bits of dirt. she'd clearly been up to some kind of adventure today, and was both cold and hungry. she came in through the front door, shut it behind her, and then those emerald green eyes bounced all over. seeing there was anyone here that she knew. it would be nice, if she knew someone.

"Yes. Airtia." that is all the information she was going to give on the subject of her mother for right now there were other things to attend to. Like the fresh pie, the man who entered, and the 'tree' that followed. She did not know either of them, though they were residents of the Inn. But the girl, she was enough to get a curious eye from De'Ryanna. Her outfit was one to put her in mind of Epiphany and it was unsettling. Two of them, in the Inn. There may not be enough room for the creativity in this place. "Well. I see that the smell of pie brings people forth. Perhaps we need to bring out the other?" that last question was posed to Armandeus as she looked in his direction and headed back to the behind the bar. "Come all and take a seat. " That's how she was.

She was still shocked, "Air's lil girl. Tis a surprise to see you all grown up!" And then she turned to see what or whom the woman was looking at. A small blink of baby blues as they landed upon Derick? Derick was here too, she had not a clue, and it sort of rooted her to place, for a brief moment. She took a step or two towards him, and that was when her gaze was caught by the other woman's dress. You could tell the maker of the dress had a bunch of creative ideas up in her head. Az would indeed shoot a smile towards that woman before walking towards Derick again.

Crystal blues would wander over the room. It did seem a tad bit busier then usual. So, with a shrug of the shoulders, he would start to walk in. Of course he would start the trek towards the bar first. Needed liquid courage after all. However, what he saw next would make his motions stop, and his heart would be finding itself lodged in his throat as those hues fell on to Az walking towards him. He couldn't do anything but stand there in place. Eyes blinking a bit. Was he imagining this as he did so many times before? Was this some cruel trick from someone that had a grudge? Why would anyone do that? But.....her image got closer, and wasn't fading. As she was close enough for a snake's bite, stammered words would be formed from within that suddenly dry throat.- Az......Azlin?

pris was used to getting stared at. how she handed it depended on her mood. her eyes were always looking here there and everywhere. she rarely looked at one thing for more than a few seconds. her adventure had her in one of her odder moods, if you could actually believe pris had moods that were sometimes odder than her already odd moods. that's why her head tilted slowly to the side when ryan said what she did. then, the funniest thing happened. pris lifted her chin as regally as a queen, and she said in a very lofty tone, "where to be taken shall it be so?" okay, so the sixteen year old didn't quite have the queenly sentence structure down. she never met real royal people! and then, probably to ryan's chagrin there was the artist in a leaf dress headed her way to take the seat wherever it needed to go.

Katyana stepped in to the bar her brown eyes scanning the area to make sure she was not in any immediate danger her hair pulled back behind her shoulders would reveal her pointed ears. She came in wearing a light green top with a pair of black pants with boots the best attire for the hiking she did that day. Moving in she spotted some people and moved to where she would have a slight bit of privacy but could be social at the same time if someone wished to speak with her.

And an artist who tried to be like her. That, more so than the tone and pose that the young lady used, felt like a prick to her nerves. How odd, the two of them were only a year apart - De'Ryanna being the older - and yet they were so very different. At least on the outside. De'Ryanna's left eyebrow rose, it was the only outward sign of how she felt about the copy. She stood there behind the bar, it could almost be thought that she looked down at Pris. Almost. She motioned towards one of the empty stools. "Sit here." Armadeus was the only one she relaxed around, aside from Donald after that talk they had the other day. "Pie?" it was a question but it wasn't. Already a plate was taken and being set upon the bar. She saw the other lady enter in and her eyes moved to meet her. "Greetings. We are having pie. If you wish some you will have to come to the bar. "A plate for herself and Armadeus was set out as well. "And you are?" That was to Pris.

Armandeus had started to reply to De'Ryanna when the girl who had came through the front door had caught his attention. "It's a living tree," he murmmered and even moved to the edge of the bar for a closer look. When Ryan spoke again he came out of it, turning back to look at her. "More glasses and ice cream, got it." Sitting the tray he had down on the bar, he went back to the kitchen.

And when he said her name well both of her names her head would bob up and down, and fingers would reach out and pinch him. It wasn't to be mean it was just the way he said her name like she wasn't real! And she was really not expecting to see him there either. It felt a bit..odd. ""ello have you been?" She was really wondering how he had been since they saw each other last.

As he was pinched, he would flinch just a bit, looking down at the spot. Then he would look to the delicate fingers that did the deed, then slowly following them up her form until he was agin locked with those beautiful baby blues. He had no words, not actions. It did look as if he tried to say something, but dried throat kept words from coming. Clearing his throat a bit, and blinking a few more times, it would set in that he was actually face to face with his Azlin. He looked absolutely stunned...and frightened.- H....Hello Az. Um......I..I've been.....How are you? I…Didn't think.....seeing you here. -Yes, he actually thought he was saying whole sentences.

"salutatorian," pris replied as grand as a grand piano. with a slow wave of her palm in front of her, making a motion like a windshield wiper. her attempt to wave like a royal, apparently. "we are making a question of the pie and it's make shall it be of potatoes wethinks?" ryan would find she was looking into a mirror a little bit, if her reflection happened to be a short dirty barefoot sixteen year old who was wearing a dress made of fabric leaves, that is. ryan's facial expressions were being mimicked. "wethinks standing will be more comfortable on my trunks junk for trees they shouldn't not sit amen pris of ganesvoortshire." her name was added on like it wasn't a separate thought.

She would give a small nod to Derick, that smile forming over her lips, the way he spoke, it was oddly endearing. "I have been....well." That was the best she could do at this moment. She did indeed look forward to getting to know the other people...but as it was, she realized she suddenly felt drained. "I hope to run into you again soon Derick so we might catch up." She would rise on tip toes and kiss him on the check, before a brief hug, he was a rather large part of her past, before she would make her exit.

If she could maintain her composure around her foster sister - most of the time - she could do so here, especially since she had that chain around her waist, under her skirt. She couldn't take the risk of getting a temper. A small calming breath, those her brown eyes were settled fastly upon the 'tree' that stood before her. "Trees grow around what they are provided or they move to a different location." Straight voice, empty from any emotion that would hint at her frustrations. "Your roots should think about wrapping around the stool less they find themselves planted to the ground." Her eyes shifted down Pris' attire. "Pris." That was the name the girl had given her. "And if you want potatoes, you will have to wait while it cooks. For now I offer pie."

And before he could let out another word, before he could even regain his breathing, she would be gone. Arms was stiff as she hugged, and the kiss to the cheek was too far. His blues watched as she left. Body turning to watch as she moved, and then, just as quickly as she was there, she was gone. And he would be left standing there. Stunned....and a bit frightened, he would just stand, looking the way she went

Thunk…Thunk…thunk… was always the prelude to the entrance of the good Doctor Blake. who came hobbling through the front door, he actually didnt look dead tired after his shift today. which was a stretch since he worked twelve hours in a row. but thats alright, because he didnt look worn down either and his doctorly best still looked like just that, save the tie that hung loosely around his next and the untucked shirt. it was a long walk after all. It took him a minute to get to the bar, hobbling along with his walking stick. of course he wasnt expecting a lot of people." oh..." and immediately he leaned less on the stick and offered a great big smile." hey ... there are people here."


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Re: pris and the day she dubbed the bitchwitch ][ an old old log!

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:57 pm

"Aranethon.." The word was spoken as quietly as Armandeus had reappeared from the kitchen. He slipped up behind her to place his hands on her shoulders. The extra pie, along with the ice cream and glassware sat on the serving cart he abandoned in the doorway to the kitchen. "It is no problem to cook potatoes if that is what she desires."

Even as the man entered past him, eyes would not leave their spot looking at that door. He could even still smell her essence in the air. And slowly but surely, it would hit him. Azlin was here. After so many years of running from his past, his past just walked through the door as if nothing had happened. It was all too much. He would soon find himself falling towards the floor. His form creating a loud thud as he landed on knees, still looking to the door.

"wethinks where to stick our roots is our business though wethink we will stick our branches into some pie to shut the hole...." did pris just tell ryan to shut up, in her attempt at queenly oddspeak? it was hard to tell since pie had those holes cut into it, and pris' tone was a mimick of ryan's. so if ryan's tone didn't shift, neither did hers. pris' mouth opened but ryan was spared more as armadeus dropped the magic word, "potatoes," she said with lofty pleasure, "are desired roots." while pris exchanged words with ryan, her emerald green eyes gave glances. 'checking in', kind of. never looked long. long enough to mimic whatever expression was there on the other girl's ace. so it didn't take much time before she saw donny, "ducks," she added with even more pomp, "are good things to wrap branches around wethinks." she opened her arms to him. yes. an ask for a hug.

If Pris ever got a good look at De'Ryanna she may have seen something that resembled Benjamin. At least at the surface. If she looked hard enough, well, that would be saved for if that moment ever arose. "Perhaps water will do you well. Dry leaves tend to crackle as they fall and die." That was when she caught sight of Donald and she heard Armandeus call her name. "Donald." She gave him a polite smile and then she saw the other man on the

Katyana saw the man fall to his knees by the door; getting up she moved over to him and spoke gently- Sir are you ok?

Pris got an odd look from Doanld for a moment but then she said branches and it clicked for him, she was a plant. or a bush. " Me thinks that is a wonderful idea," and he leaned in and wrapped arms around her and gave her a big squeezing hug."how are you prissy? you look... rustic." but then he looked up." Dy'Ryanna! hello! how is everything?" still holding pris in a big hug

When the woman got to Derick, she would see a cold, dead stare towards the door. Those crystal blues now shimmering, being filled with tears that were starting to run down white cheeks. He was in shock. Didn't even comprehend her words.

She knelt next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle friendly squeeze to try and get his attention. She even waved a hand in front of his eyes to see if that worked.

Slowly, those lifeless eyes would move a bit as if he was realizing he was awake. Head them moving a bit, looking over to the woman next to him. Dry throat trying to say words again.- I....I saw her....

You saw who? A ghost?

could plants purr? this one did, when donald hugged her. pris hugged him right back. 'branches' squeezing tight tight tight. she was happy to be hugged and wasn't looking to let go. he'd find he had an attachment now. and look at this, she actually answered donald in her regular way of speaking. "rustic is a must-ic. i was painting tree portraits. so i dressed up like one. so that they'd be relaxed. and sit still for a better portrait." because you know how those pesky trees like to move...

I.....I saw -He was gone. Every bit of his life had come and gone in those few seconds that she was there. Everything else was meaningless. He was simply a lifeless form at the moment.

She still had a hand on his shoulder but started to pat him to soothe him. It worked for the young girl in the cemetery it might work on him too.- I can not say for sure but she will be back, I thought I heard her tell you she wanted to see you again. Did I hear wrong? -She was not trying to eavesdrop but she could not help it with her hearing.

So, she was right. Pris was a tree, or at least pretending to be a tree. A chanced small glance was given to her and Donald before she choose to focus her attention on the ones on the floor since Armandeus was taking care of the orders at the bar. Now De'Ryanna could be nice, but since she did not want to intrude on their conversation she only approached and set the glass of water near the lady who was talking to the fallen man.

he gave her another squeeze before releasing her and giving a nod." really? well did it work? where they nice and let you draw them?"I need to sit down..." and then he tapped his knee with the walking stick before making his way to a seat at the bar, motioning Pris over again." have you already eaten prissy?"

Kat looked to De'Ryanna with a concerned look on her face. She remembered the woman from the last time she was here. She took the glass and tried to get him to drink some but it didn't seem to be working.- Is there something we can do for him?

didn't have to tell the tree twice. when he motioned her over there pris went. and he was treated to what dommy was blessed with all the time. her rump in his lap. plop. apparently trees could grow around what was around them if they felt like it. and with donnie, this tree felt like it. though donald spoke way too many trains of thought to pris at once. the odd connections in her mind hopping from one to the next to the next with the one before it forgotten. so he only got an answer to his last question, "wethinks has offered pie to forth to be tasted and i'm getting potatoes they're cooking." this time, she used 'wethinks' as a proper name. a point made to ryan when she said it. ryan was going to luv that nickname. and yes, she was careful not to plop down hard on his hurt knee. she did notice that much. "duckthinks there should be a sleepover tonight? treethinks we could watch old movies..."

De'Ryanna had been ready to get up and leave after delivering the water, but now she was being addressed and the lady, Katayana, was concerned. She remembered her from when she had been in the Inn before. With the question posed she took a better look at the man before turning her head to the direction he had been looking before he fell to his knees. "The man is in shock. The lady he was speaking to earlier must be a person from his past. Try to get him to take the water." Unlike Katanya, De'Ryanna's words did not hold the same type of care. "Sometimes people become over run with strong emotions and it puts them into shock." It was that chain that was teaching her - more than any tower training - to keep things in check. She did not feel like getting fried tonight. "Try to get him to drink the water. He should come around."

A bit of a wince when he got a tree in his lap but an adjusting of his leg and he relaxed and gave her a hug again." oh there is pie? good... Duckthinks that a sleep over would be grand, should Domthinks agree." Since dommie was here now, it was best for her to get his permission first. and yes he was even doing a fake lofty english accent." would Wethinks like to offer Duckthinks some pie?" a mirthful smile to Ryan

the tree leaned forward, snagging the tip of her plate and pulling it towards her. it had been served, right? she dug her fork in and wasted no time. she was a hungry tree. she wasn't totally done chewing when she answered her most precious donnie, "domthinks hast had treethinks for fourtyscore sleepovers. domthinks will be happy he can scratch and burp and watch sports and porn." poor dommy. pris wasn't letting them switch to a two bedroom suite, because she insisted that they live next to donald. more pie was eaten.

She nodded to her and continued to sit with him and offered him more water but that not working she decided to get him off of this floor and to his room. She took hints from him as to where that was and luckily for her he had his key on him with the number. Once at his she unlocked the door and got him in there and put him in the bed at least taking his shoes off of him before she covered him up. She sat there until he fell asleep trying to still comfort him.

Because it was Donald, and only because it was him, she smiled at him as he said that after Katayna had taken the fallen man off and out. "You would like some pie Donald? " Up she stood and began back to the bar,and once she was back there she grabbed another plate and set it on the bar. Armandeus was working on the potatoes so she wouldn't worry about that for right now. A slice was then put on the plate and she got a fork. "Here you go, and she handed him the plate. well then Duckthinks that Treethinks and he are going to watch old movies tonight." a smile up to Ryan and back to his regular voice."Thank you very much." and he took the plate, taking a nice big bite from the pie, chewing carefully before swallowing and taking another bite from the pie." Does treethinks have any movie in mind?"

pris was going to down on the pie. she was a girl who could eat half a pie and not blink. soon her piece was done, and her fork was sneaking over toward donnie's plate to steal a forkful of his. she was trying to be subtle. knowing pris, it was probably about as subtle as an elephant in an elevator. "treethinks likes hitchcock or the movie with the rosebud or the movie where they escape to mars or the show where they're in the creepy zone...." apparently she liked old science fiction, orson welles and hitchcock. god help donnie if she had an episode when she was watching stuff like that. "treethinks also feels you're a good place to put her roots." aw.

And it was freshly baked apple pie too, and it was not made with apple from a can either. Fresh, ripe apples were used for the pie. Nothing but the best. Now that those two had their pie, she could eat her own, something she had in mind when she put the pie on the bar to cool in the first place. She cut herself a slice and placed it on the plate and let herself give a soft relieved sigh as she picked up her fork and went into the pie.

"Potatoes are served!" Out from the kitchen came Armandeus carrying a plate full of, well, potatoes. This was taken and placed in front of Pris with a small grin. "If you want any more just let me know, okay?" Now like Ryan, it was time to enjoy pie. Taking a seat beside her he reached for a plate.


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Re: pris and the day she dubbed the bitchwitch ][ an old old log!

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:58 pm

There he was. Potatoes could sometimes take a while to cook. De'Ryanna had taken only one bite of her pie when Armandeus had come through the door. She got from her seat - fork still in her mouth if it could be believed - to get up and place a slice of pie on his plate and sit back down before he got bak from the delivery. The pie was on the plate he took and he was treated to a smile even as she was pulling the fork from her mouth.

"awww...well Duckthinks... thinks that its good that Treethinks wants to put her roots down..." well they where probably using the metaphor differently. but that was alright neither of them probably knew that. another bite from his wonderful pie." mmmm... hey prissy" leaning in to whisper." I think your potatoes are ready. " motioning on over to the potatoes in question.

"SPUDS!" announced with great vigor. her very strange way of saying thanks. donnie didn't have to tell her potatoes were up, those darting green eyes spotted the target. though when donnie whispered that, she made her soft high pitched squealing sound. it was the pris happy squeal, "treethinks victory is hers," she murmured as she dug her fork into the potatoes and scooped a mouthful in. then she scooped up a second forkful and offered them to donnie with a simple, "quack?" it should be mentioned that even though she didn't say anything back to him about it, ever since duckthinks said it was good she wanted to put her roots down on him she was beaming like a happy lit lantern.

The... girl really liked her potatoes. The shout that came from her had caused Ryan to looked over at the other pair, pausing as she was just about to eat another bit of pie. She wasn't going to laugh. No. She wasn't going to laugh, although she thought it was funny. To help keep herself from laughing she turned away and bit her lip, focusing on that and the half of pie slice left on her plate. It was a very funny picture to her, seeing a tree getting excited over potatoes. A chuckle almost came through.

no thanks, I'm fine with my pie" taking another forkful and showing it to her before taking it into his mouth, offering her a great big smile in return." congratulations on the victory too, good call for trees everywhere. Dy'Ryanna? may I have a beverage please? glass of water or something ?" his smile on the woman as he awaited her reply. of course he wanted to ask her how her problem had progressed. but things that pertained to where secret. and he didn't know if others where privy to her newfound stake in religion.

"Yes, of course." She got up from her spot with her back turned to them - this was so she could steal another bit of pie without them seeing. It didn't matter if Armandeus saw or not for her saw many aspects of her that the rest of the populace didn't. It was all done in a smooth motion and soon enough she had taken a glass out from the cabinet. "It is my understanding that milk goes with pie. I shall pour a glass for Pris as well." The girl did have pie, even if now she was eating potatoes.

Now that was a thank you. Armandeus cracked a grin, always glad to know that his cooking was enjoyed. Now that all the food was delivered it was time to eat himself, and he took his seat. There was a piece of pie already waiting for him and he gave De'Ryanna a grateful smile for it before he took a bite.

"pfht." pris scoffed at donnie's refusal to have some potatoes. "dukwuntehtmuhpotatuhs." she said that in her mushed-speak. usually only dommy was privy to that, but donnie duck was almost as most precious as dommy was to her these days. other than that pris was quiet. green eyes bouncing between donnie and wethinks and spuds. she didn't 'know' ryan and ar's names, even if donald had clearly called ryan by her name. sometimes...well. one had to be careful with pris. her behaviors couldn't be helped...except the times that they could. those times she was making a choice. milk. pris made a face and soft sound that was clearly a wordless quiet whine, but she said nothing. just ate her potatoes until she remembered what dommy ordered the day he'd given her a glass of milk when they were here. "long island iced teeth." well. mostly.

It did not help the fact that De'Ryanna had asked Pris for a name but never gave her one in return. Glasses of milk in hand she carried it over to the pair. "For you Donald, and Pris." she heard the name of the other drink and all it did was cause Ryan to look at Pris again in a studying type of way. "You may have tea, but not that type. I don't serve spirits to minors." Potions, yes. Alcohol, no. Go figure.

"Thank you Dy'Ryanna." a nice long drink from his beverage before he reached his fork over to pris' plate and speared some potatoes and munched on them see duck did eat some of her potatoes. before taking a bite of his own pie, and a drink from his milk." And we cant let you have a long island iced tea yet pris, just got a few more years to go... Duckthinks says that kind of drink is bad."

"i'm major," pris countered that emphatically. clearly being called minor was enough to make her stop eating her potatoes. "i'm a major tree. i leaf all over. eating major potatoes and major pie. major," she'd say it one more time, just for the sake of emphasis. and now she wasn't going to drink her milk out of protest. minor. humph. that's like something one of her classmates would call her, "and i'm not a spirit and i don't go in a bottle," she added with a grumble. why was everyone calling her a spirit lately? was it because... "duck. if a living person goes to cemeteries too much do they become a spirit? i don't want to die by accident just because i visit the statue friends..." it was a serious question. her tone meant business as she lifted the hand with the fork in it, spreading her fingers as she tried to see if she could see through her hand.

It may have to do with the aloof look the girl had about her. That was something Ryan almost said but she didn't. If Pris did not seem so serious - or if Donald and Armandeus were not in the room - she would have. "Going to visit graves doesn't make you a spirit. It makes you sentimental." That was a nicer way of putting it. If she drank her milk of not didn't matter much to Ryan, but she was making her way back to the bar. Perhaps she was going to make the girl a tea.

"hm?" he was focused on his pie for a second and wasn't expecting the question but when it was asked he looked up at pris and almost immediately shook his head."no, no of course not Pris. you cant become a spirit by being in a graveyard." a nod offered and then a look as if he'd had an epiphany. "oh prissy, Duck thinks they are not calling you a spirit... spirits are a drink that adults can drink. you're alright prissy!" giving her another squeeze.

Something was off. Since sitting down Armandeus had only taken one bite of his pie and had barely moved since. His eyes had fallen closed as he sat there, one hand coming up to rub at his forehead. He finally sighed, prying his eyes open again.

sentimental. visiting graves was sentimental? now it was pris who prickled. her eyes locked on ryan as the girl moved behind the bar. following her moments. eyes narrowing. it was just when she started to give a growl-like grr that donnie's squeeze woke her up. took her eyes off ryan. she glanced at donald briefly before her eyes went to darting. most of the time her gaze was on her potatoes though. "am not," she grumbled back to donald. sentimental. huff.

That's what she called it because she had been taught to not waste time on the dead - big difference between her and her alter ego that carried souls ... The dead were just that, dead. Nothing could be done for them and time was better spent on the living. As for what she was doing, she was making Pris tea. It was an orange tea so the smell of citrus hit the air. Working with her hands she had no need to boil and then chill the water for she could do it all where she stood, hands hidden behind the bar. Though she put ice in the glass, so it didn't look odd at all.

"I know prissy." doctor Blake said after the squeeze and the he gave her head a little pat." how are your potatoes?" tilting his head around her, picking his milk up to take a drink from it, finishing off the glass which was placed down next to the crust remainder of his pie, wasn't a big fan of the crust on pies.

Tea in one hand she turned and placed the other against Armandeus' cheek. He wasn't feeling well. It had to be due to the late nights he's had and the lack of sleep. "You don't have to stay down here with me. I will be along later. " it was true. For he needed his rest.

the girl looked positively sullen. her mind was fixated on her cemetery. and why she went there. her potatoes, there was only a little bit left. she pushed her plate away though. "treethinks is going to put her branches in her sleepover clothes." it was a mumble mumble. the best she could do at excusing herself. donald would get his lap back as pris slid out of it. picking up her shoulder bag from where she'd left it on the chair next to them and hugging it to her chest.

She had upset Pris, hadn't she? Most of the time she had to remind herself to be friendly to other people instead of doing what came naturally. She saw the girl and sighed inwardly. "Pris. Many people enjoy going to cemeteries. It is not a rejected behavior." That was the best she could do at saying she was sorry for making her feel out of place. "You.. should take your tea. It's full of things to help bring life to trees." maybe she was trying to be funny, maybe she was trying to be . . . something else.

"the statues listen gently like parents. they're my friends." pris shot that back at ryan, still clutching her bag to her chest. for her it was a rejected behavior. kind of. the statues were people could talk to. when donnie or dommy weren't around. this time when she tipped up her chin she wasn't mimicking. her emerald green eyes stared ryan down. "grandmother what big teeth you have." she said that with the kind of emphasis that suggested she clearly meant something. "i. see. poof. is that his tea? did he tell you to give me that to take my fears away? he still owes me a sky without fear. with my colors that he stole. you talk to that tea to tell him that."


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Re: pris and the day she dubbed the bitchwitch ][ an old old log!

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Donald smiled up at Dy'Ryanna and gave her a bit of a smile ."Pris'll be alright Dy'Ryanna. no worries right? Tomorrow morning, can you meet me outside in the gardens? I've got some interesting news." and then he stood, starting after pris reaching forth and placing a hand on the top of her head. and then he rose a brow, looking from Pris over at Ryan. he knew exactly who poof was. and that pris saw him in ryan Donald had a fair idea of who the guy she was talking about was."tomorrow?" asked of ryan before he looked down to pris again, giving her a bit of a one armed squeeze- come on prissy, duckthinks thinks the movies wont wait for us.

She had tired to be nice to a degree, but now she put that drink down and left the side of Armandeus to step towards Pris. Purposeful strides. "It would be to your benefit, dying tree, to go with Donald and do what he says for I have it in me to teach you ways to mind your tongue when you speak of things that are not yours to utter. When you speak it's best to not do so in ignorance." that chain, it was starting to burn, all because she was starting to get angry as she very pointedly glared at Pris. Referencing her to Benjamin. that she was in contact with that... man was nothing she wanted to hear or have any relation to.

"it would be your benefit, wicked bitchwitch, to stop telling me where to put my roots or what to eat or drink or what to do with my tongue. you don't know what i see. so you keep your word to yourself. ignorant. assuming i go to cemeteries to cry over dead people. ignorant. ignorant, wethinks." the glare was met. the tone was met. pris was probably more nasty than the one ryan gave her, since ryan was trying to be calm. pris wasn't bothering. this girl trying to tell her what to do. like she was some queen over a castle. like she knew pris or pris' mind or pris' eyes or anything. pris was hard to handle when a person actually attempted to handle her like ryan just did. but at least ryan got what she wanted ultimately. pris stomped up the stairs. she didn't wait for donald.

"Aranethon.. Daro!" Armandeus stood from his seat, moving around the bar after De'Ryanna. "Please, let us go back to the kitchen." He reached out to try getting ahold of her arm to lead her off.

Her look was directed at the area where Pris had been. It was a good thing that the girl had left for she was about to be strung up and stripped of all the leaves and have been left with bare branches. That fact that she had been compared to that man, that only was enough to push her buttons. Then she did one of the things Benjamin often did: she flexed her fingers at her sides. She could still get her. Follow her to her room, tie her to the bed... those thoughts might not have been her own, but they were there and she was building up the momentum to do just that when Armandeus touched her arm and she snapped out of it. "That's a good idea. " then she looked at Donald. "I am not that devil of a man she calls poof." she knew that name. "Tomorrow." She turned to Armandeus now.

He gave a nod, and started towards Dy'Ryanna..." please, don't hold things against her Dy'Ryanna... please, meet me outside tomorrow... you two, have a good evening." and then he took off at a jog after pris, getting to the top of the stairs. probably when she was getting changed for their sleepover.

[end of log!]


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Re: pris and the day she dubbed the bitchwitch ][ an old old log!

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