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To the Nevernever (A Log)

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To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:21 pm

(This part of the SL will take time to complete, enjoy.)

It was a respectable hour of morning.  Jamison received three knocks upon his door.  That alone should tell him who did the knocking, he knew of his daughter's penchant for three yes?  Spider folded her hands in front of her and waited.  Staring at the closed door.  She wore a red petticoat.  It showed through the front opening of her black dress which had a bodice that laced up the front with strong red cord.  She wore a simple red shirt of a soft cotton under her bodice that covered what the bodice would have left exposed.  She wore her floor length enchanted coat over that.  She rarely went anywhere without it and she certainly was not going to leave it behind considering her plans for today.  Her hair was entirely holly berry red.  She had not bothered to dye black once the red started to take over.  This was also a choice made considering her plans for this day.

Jamison had been up for a great while... meditating, cleansing himself, it was something that was good for wizard to do from time to time, it rid the body and spirit of many free radicals that one's aura could pick up from time to time. Jamison's answer was quick, a perfect exact three count from when the final knock struck the door. Jamison was wearing something Spider had not seen him wear since before her incident, a long Wizard's robe. several layers of cloth hung over his body. There where no sleeves on the robe and strapped to his left forearm was a silver vambrace, emblazoned with what she would recognize as the Pendragon Family crest. Colors of rich royal Blue adorned his robes.  This garment was switched in runic marks, and words of power, lining each point where fabric met, it rather had the opposite effect to his normal garments, designed to amplify the magic aura surrounding Jamison LeFey, to a point where it would push against Spider when the door opened, the lights in the halls dimming, and flickering. "Carolyn,  Good Morning... please come in." the wards guarding the threshold fell away, the lights lining the hall falling to darkness, only to relight when Jamison retreated from the door.

It was not often that Spider could be shocked.  Yet it ruled her now.  It also ruled her expression.  Her jaw was slack.  Her eyes unblinking in the awestruck stare.  Gaze was not focused on any particular spot on him but saw the whole picture.  Lips moved but no sound came.  She shook her head, slight movements as she tried to find her voice.  "Father.  I was not aware you had the Second Sight."  What jibing tone she attempted to speak fell short.  Colored with her surprise.  She entered without thinking twice.  She had told herself before her knock she would not let him talk her into coming in, she would only demand him to come out now or not at all.  Little did she know.  He knew of her coming and he was already prepared.  Or preparing.  That was her assumption.  That Jamison knew of the demand that she knocked with today.  The power that pressed against her was...incredible.  Even stronger than she remembered.  How rarely she ever felt it at its full strength, he always wore that coat.

"either the Sight or the ability to influence others in extraordinarily subtle ways?" was his small retort in return a small smile cracking his features. but only slightly. Jamison had a new box sitting on top of his bed, it was open and appeared empty for the most part, and it looked far older then he himself was. "such was a talent your great great great grandmother, and your mother shared in common. please, close the door behind you..." and when she did, his power would envelop her, it was a power that  the Council feared, Jamison LeFey in his own home, certainly a force. "... I've a gift for you..." He was very careful as to not to mention why she could have been here. in reality it was just coincidence.

It was a power that made many emotions run through Spider like rivers.  One was a small creek of envy.  She didn't know how her own energy felt.  Not to others at least.  If her relationship to Father was different she might have asked.  But instead she echoed him.  "A gift?"  She thought of another item.  The one that she'd bargained off of him, his ring.  It was on a silver cord around her neck.  Not tucked under her shirt he would be able to see it plainly.  She resisted the urge to cover it with her hand to protect it.  "You want something from me?"  It was just like a Fae to assume that.  Spider would have to give him something in return if she accepted a gift from him.  He knew that.  As for the different kind of sight, Mother had offered to open her third eye to a different level than a Wizard's.  She didn't mention this to Jamison ever or now.  It was an afterthought that she shut the door finally as he asked.

"I want nothing from you... The gift is already yours to own, as is your birthright." Jamison offered a nod reaching into the box on his bed, pulling from it a smaller box, it was a clamshell like one would store jewelry in. "Morgana Pendragon ceased to be on the day that this came object came to be... She cemented a pact with the Queen of the Summer Court of Faerie, and this... is a binding that was gifted to her, it offered her a great deal of protection from the power of the Nevernever… It is also something that they would go through great pains to have returned to them."

"Deal."  It was habit.  More than that, a reflex.  To accept a bargain it was the word Spider always chose.  She considered that he wanted nothing to be a binding statement from Jamison.  That she accepted it, the agreement clicked into place.  He would feel it, as powerful as he was.  An agreement he didn't mean to make perhaps but now it was too late.  Free of owing him anything she drew closer with hands extended.  Taking the box from his hands.  "Then you do know why I visit.  I am leaving to get my wife.  Now."  How could he not know when the item he gave her was to protect her from the Nevernever, where he'd told her Zalina was?  The item's energy permeated the box.  She could feel its strong vibration already.  The lid was opened to reveal what was inside.

"I suspected that you would want to very soon..." The object inside was a rather intricate bit of Fae engineering. it held a large central gem and from it five silver tendrils pulled from it, each capped with a silvered fingertip that covered down to the first join in the finger's bend.  There was also a manacle that clasped around the wrist. "When you are prepared, we may depart."

"Ohh."  Exhaled in a breath.  For this moment she forgot Jamison watched her.  The hunger in her eyes for the object.  She stroked fingertips over it like petting a feline.  Eyes sinking shut as her energy mingled with that of the object.  She could feel that it was meant to be hers.  Just as she felt that with the necklace she always wore.  Not the chain with his ring, but the heirloom with the large, perfect onyx pendant.  She exhale from her had a soft moan.  She loved energies.  Especially energies that became part of hers like this object soon would.  Then she remembered.  Where she was, who she was in front of.  Eyes snapped open.  Spider set the box on the bed so that she could take the object out.  It slid over her hand, fingertips first.  When she slid on the manacle and it fastened she felt the energy suck inward to her with a pop.  Much like how a circle popped when it was closed.  Honey-bright eyes glanced over to him with a vulnerability that was almost shy.  If she could, she would have taken back that Jamison had witness that reaction from her just now.  Behavior he probably hasn't seen since she was a child. She didn't mention it.  Instead she replied, "I'm prepared."  He was not the only one who had spent much time in meditation and so on.

"Indeed.... follow me." Jamison held his hand out towards his cane, as he walked towards the door, and in mid-stride the cane leapt from its place and into his hand a pause with his hand on the door knob and he drew in a slow breath, drawing his power into his body, before opening the door, lights in the hall flickering but not going out. Jamison kept his destination ahead of him the front door, and he held his breath the entire way.
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:06 am

Spider was pleased with Jamison.  Not one word to try and change her mind.  She had expected to be dissuaded.  Maybe he needed to be reminded of their last agreement.  "Recall you're taking me to see Mother while we are there.  You agreed."  As they walked down the hall she slid the sleeve of her coat down over her new gift.  Only the metal tips on her fingers could be seen and the gem that sat at the center of the back of her hand.  Honey-bright eyes watched the activity of the lights.  Again, the bubble of envy.  Lights only suffered such a fate with Spider when she released the energy.  Or had great agitation.  She expected that they were going to his lab.  She followed two steps behind Jamison.  Easily keeping pace.

"I know the agreement we made... though remember that there is still of portion of the agreement that you must uphold as well." Jamison held up his left hand, as if to show her the naked ring finger he had now that she held the ring he was gifted from her mother. "While we are there, you might notice the pull of your mother's influence be a bit muted. She will not be able to influence your actions, due in great part to the gift of your ancestor."

Spider's eyes narrowed.  Glaring at his back and the view of his naked finger that he provided her.  She had hoped he would forget about the ring.  Or be guilted into letting her keep it.  She reached behind her with her unadorned hand to undo the clasp of the necklace.  Ring was slid off the chain and she threw it over his shoulder.  Assuming he'd be able to catch it easily.  Assuming he'd expect to know she'd do something like that.  Because she didn't want to give it back her muttered reply was catty.  "Bet you're thrilled for that."  That Mother's influence wouldn't be a strong over her as it normally was.

"You're the one who should be thrilled..."Jamison said that as he turned around to catch the ring she threw at him, though it did slow to a stop in front of his face he then took he ring and returned it to his finger, offering it a look for a moment before a nod. "It doesn't at all please me that either of us would need that sort of protection..." It was said sort of distantly, spinning the ring on his finger before he turned on a heel and continued on his way, the street and store lights dimming and sputter as he passed them.

"Well I'm not."  She snapped that.  The flare of her emotions surprised her but she didn't let that show.  "I like Mother's call.  The feel of her influence.  It soothes a part of me that is otherwise ignored by some people."  Emphasis on some.  Her eyes emphasized it further with a glare at his back.  He didn't even remark on her hair, either time she'd let it run its natural red.  He never remarked on anything to do with her Fae side.  She assumed he was ashamed that she still indulged it by not choosing to be a Wizard and she felt slighted by that fact.  Maybe it made her interpret his words differently than he intended them.  She thought he meant that she shouldn't need the protection of the item he'd given her if she was a so-called good girl who chose to be just a Wizard.  She kept pace with him.  Even though they were not yet in the Nevernever she also kept her senses open and was prepared.

"I know you do...It's hard not to like it...As a Changeling she makes you feel... needed." Jamison's walk was brisk though he kept his limp needed too when he was out in public. but he stopped and turned to face her,  stepping towards her and leaning close to whisper. "I need you too Carolyn..." He meant that it hurt him that they did need this protection from her mother, when they shouldn't have to have it. Words spoken Jamison stepped back and continued down to path to his laboratory.

It seems he knew what she was going to retort.  As her daughter, their daughter, she needed to feel needed.  He beat her to it.  Whispering that.  Using her name out in public on top of it.  It took all the will she had not to smack him in some way.  What she did was just as bad.  He'd stopped to whisper.  She'd slowed.  As soon as she heard what he intended to say she'd walked by him.  Knocking her shoulder into him as she passed.  Just in case that action didn't make her sentiment clear.  "Having nothing to do with me certainly fooled me Father.  Silence since my centennial.  Or is this a recent need?  Knocking boots with that naked blonde tart isn't enough?"  Spider pressed her lips together so hard they turned white.  She told herself she wasn't going to mention that common woman she'd caught tapping at Jamison's door in the buff.  Her temper was the cause of her slip.

"How easily we forget the numerous attempts made to make contact, only to be greeted time and time again with animosity." And he'd whispered her name to her. that and they where surrounded by his magical aura, which would scramble any magical or electronic listening devices, he promised not to comprise her being, and in his mind he had not. so she shouldn't have been upset. It was when she made a comment about the blonde tart… "I assure you, that I've knocked boots with no blonde Tart..." Jamison was nothing if not an honest man, and she knew that, his word was his bond.

Spider kept walking.  They had a destination and purpose today.  Another squabble would not slow her down.  Spider could argue in any circumstances without the altercation distracting her from her other actions.  "I've never felt needed by you Warden.  You are the man who is well-known by all for having all he needs.  Himself."  This is not to say she didn't feel cared for by him.  Care is given to, need is desired from.  Two very different things.  "How disappointed she must be.  To go through all that effort to display herself to you for nothing.  But why then did she refer to herself as your plaything?  And say you didn't seem to mind her lack of beauty and referred to her flexibility as being your interest?"  She didn't look at him.  Not even a glance.  She kept her eyes fixed ahead of her as she continued the march to his lab.

"Because you go out of your way to feel unneeded by me..." Was his simple reply, his tone was quiet she had hurt him, you couldn't tell by looking at him, because he kept his composure, but she had cut a little deep. There was also the little matter of him being one of the most well known Wardens on the planet. which naturally comes with a great deal of enemies, enemies that wouldn't hesitate to use his daughter or her wife against him. "I don't know, I did not hear the conversation, perhaps she had the intention of grinding your nerves."

Spider turned her head to look at him.  No words, just a steady expecting stare.  She scoffed.  So like him to pin her feelings as her fault.  Jamison had all the knowledge, all the answers, all the ingredients, everything.  Where was there room in that to be needed?  She was needed so he could get out his teaching jollies?  Many would be happy to fulfill that role for him, he didn't need a daughter for that.  She said none of that though.  Why bother.  She turned her attention forward once more.  Reply crisp.  "How redundant of her."  In Spider's opinion the impropriety of the woman's nudity had taken care of the nerve grinding.

"I agree" And it was so like her to not own up to stuff that she did. She did have a point though, not many people especially women looked highly upon a naked person they didn't know. But she didn't really have a leg to stand on in his reason for needing her. Though it was true he never took on another apprentice despite many people trying and a council motion for him to take one.

He agreed.  Spider rolled her eyes.  She would've looked highly on the nude woman if she was knocking on her door.  On Jamison's, unacceptable.  At least she spared him her thoughts.  Instead she turned her focus on the task ahead of them.  It would be the first time she set foot in the Nevernever since the last time Jamison took her to see her Mother.  Over a hundred years ago.  She resumed a pace with Jamison that kept her two steps behind him.  From behind him she could study his robes.  It had been a long time since she'd seen them.  They fascinated her when she was a child.  A long time ago she had wanted robes of her own.  Then the American tried to push his way between her and Father and all had changed.
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:33 pm

Jamison's robes where intricate, layered fabrics  of varying shades of blue, there was a heavy belt,  heavy duty leather, there where many small pockets on the belt, as well as a small dagger it was iron, but he wouldn't mention that aloud, at least yet. each seam was stitched with words in latin instead of simple stitching the robes where designed to draw magical energies into him, amplifying his already considerable power. It would have an even greater effect while in the Nevernever, as would the vambrace he wore on his left fore arm. "have you eaten? would you like to eat before our venture?"

His question distracted her of her study.  Honey-bright eyes lifted to stare at the back of his head with disbelief as they walked.  "Have I eaten?"  Incredulous emphasis on eaten.  A 'tsh' of disapproval.  "I would like to venture. And not endure detours or stalling.  Did you not eat your Weetabix today, Father?"  For those who don't salute the Union Jack Weetabix are the Brit's version of Shredded Wheat.  "I imagine an old man's magic suffers greatly without proper fiber intake."  She resisted the urge to dourly add an Are We There Yet.  Spider was not in a dallying mood today.  She'd decided that today she'd get her wife back and nothing would dissuade her.

"Oh of course I did Dear Spider, with just a dash of honey." A smile over his shoulder at her, slowly a step and then another so that he could walk beside his daughter. "And I'll have you know, that fiber has absolutely nothing to do with my magic, though it does help with keeping my bones strong... you might want to consider enjoying some as well." Maybe a little mirth to make their short walk a little faster.

She narrowed gaze she gave him then.  Must he walk beside her?  She was content to keep pace behind him.  "You know what else keeps the bones strong?  Boning."  Emphasis on boning.  "Something I've gone without for over a fortnight and that must be remedied post haste."  Was Jamison keeping a tally of how many times she mentioned wanting to retrieve her wife?  He might run out of fingers to count on if he was.  Spider spoke truth in this case.  She was rather active when it came to boudoir activities.  Her mood might be much improved if she hadn't had to take care of her needs alone for over two weeks.

"A fortnight? really has it been that long? when you've gone without for a century then I'll hear your complaints to greater effect... of course though, you will be remedied soon." what he left unsaid was that his stint of celibacy  was scheduled as of now to continue uninterrupted. Now they would step up his steps. There was no physical key, in fact the keyhole was meant to be a trap to anyone who would try to pick it, of course that included his land lord. but that man was often kind enough to inform Jamison before entering the property.

A peal of laughter blasted from her lips.  Were it a different day her laughter would have been even more raucous.  But even despite the coming challenges Spider couldn't keep a straight face to hear such news.  "No wonder you're such a stodgy codger, Warden.  You need a good shag far worse than I thought.  I'll be sure to alert Mother."  Did he expect anything less?  She'd been clear she wanted her parents to reunite.  Now that they'd reached his lab Spider hung back again.  She knew Jamison.  That he'd have a number of precautions in place and she was in the mood to spring none of them.  She wanted to save the full of her energies for their mission.

"I'm certain that she would take a special victory in hearing such words." that wasn't a jab at her mother, but a simple statement of fact, Eolande probably took such relish in hearing her former lovers haven't slept with another. the wards where heavier then his room at the inn, and took a bit more work but the door did swing open when he  was finished. "please come in." he said to his daughter before entering his laboratory, making a B-line for the iron wrought door to his basement.

"I've no doubt."  Like Mother like daughter.  Spider would take special victory in such a thing as well.  She was rather extraordinary when it came to elicit liaisons.  She unleashed her Fae side more completely during intimacy than any other time.  Let her self go wylde.  "Why thank you Father.  How kind."  A waggish sarcasm to how she said that.  Making mock of the necessary formalities.  Spider followed him inside, shutting the door behind them.  She was relieved to see Jamison going immediately towards the place of Power in the basement.  She was dreading having to stave off requests to take a potty break, a nap, or other such dawdling activities. 

"You're most welcome Carolyn." they where in his lab now, free from prying ears. This door however did have a key, a large one made of iron, ancient and it slid into the lock with a satisfying thunk and turned to the sound of metal gears shifting, and then it swing open a clang against the wall. "ladies first..."

She kept her distance from the iron door.  Preferring to stand with her back against the opposite wall while he did the business of opening it.  She felt the irrational twitch inside of her as she stared the iron down.  Even with the effort to push it aside her shoulders still tensed.  Posture even more rigid than normal.  Body relaxed after the door was open and his key was put away.  She stepped forward.  Instead of going straight downstairs she stopped beside Jamison.  Turning so that they were face to face she looked him straight in the eye.  What she was about to say was harder than anything she'd ever said in her life.  She believed it necessary however.  "Carolyn Margrette LeFey."  Her full name from her own lips.  Jamison better know what that meant coming from her.  Considering what had happened with the American.  Considering she had an aversion to anyone knowing her name at all, must less how she spoke it from her own lips.  It meant she was taking the risk of trusting Father.  Largely because she knew with Summer's Call so strong she was taking great risk setting foot into the Nevernever at all. Even with his gift that she wore. She gave Jamison this Power over her because she knew he wouldn't be afraid to use it if it was necessary.  What and when was necessary?  That's where the risk came in.  She had to trust that he would know.  Her name spoken, she went down the stairs.
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:02 am

Jamison watched her eyes when she spoke. his face a little difficult to read, emotion running through the old wizards head. but he did step forward and wrap his arms around her. pulling her in for a tight embrace. He knew exactly how much those words meant.what they where spoken for. Hell she had never even gotten his full name from his own lips. maybe even questioning whether or not she knew he even had a middle name. which he did. Arms still wrapped around her he whispered softly into her ears."Jamison Michael LeFey".  a tight squeeze before he stepped back and started down the stairs."Carolyn... I swear to you I will allow no harm to befall you or your wife while we are there..." Jamison clicked his sword cane and pulled it from the sheath an artful twist of the blade as he stepped up to where he could open the door.'Would you like to open the gateway?"

But she did not make it down to the first stair.  His very sudden embrace prevented that.  It was done and his name was whispered before she could decide how to react.  The moment felt like a whirlwind to her.  How he spoke his name and the pressure of his hug both left impressions.  What she wanted to say:  I didn't tell you my name to get yours in return.  Lips parted but she had no voice.  Then what he spoke as he went down the stairs.  She squeezed her eyes shut.  Three breaths were taken before she followed after him.  To steady herself.  In through the nose out the mouth.  As he pulled out the blade she had reached the area underneath the stairs.  Honey-bright eyes stared at that wall intensely.  Even if he had not asked her to open the gateway she would still be gazing at the wall this way.  In a moment she would be going to get her Wife.  All the emotions surrounding Zalina's disappearance, in the time Spider was here she had been practicing.  How to focus them, how to channel them.  Readying them for this.  Jamison offered his blade to her.  She shook her head.  If she took if from him she wouldn't want to give it back and the resulting fight would be a distraction that neither of them could afford.  Instead she reached insider her coat.  Hand reaching into one of the many enchanted pockets.  She drew out a hair pin.  Five inches long it had a sharp tip.  Without a flinch she sliced her palm with a shallow cut.  Fae blood on the tip of the pin.  All those emotions fueling her will.  Flooding and fueling her rise of energy and her act.  To rip open the Gateway took physical muscle as well as magical.  It was a struggle as she had never done it before.  But with a growl of determination the slice was made large enough for them to walk through.

Jamison slid the sword back into its home and he offered a nod, leaning forward onto the cane while she opened the door, her primary focus, she had changed it to a hairpin? fascinating, perhaps something he would grow to mention in the future where there where fewer trials awaiting them on the path ahead. When she opened the door Jamison motioned her forward. ladies first and all that, and with her through he followed. looking in either direction before starting to the left."That was extraordinary Spider, please. Follow me."

Should he ask he would discover it was not her primary focus.  After the hole was ripped Spider brought the hairpin to her lips.  Tongue peaked out to lap what blood was left of the sharp tip of the antique pin.  She would not let a drop of it be spilled where she didn't want it to be.  He complimented her but her vanity did not show itself.  She was preoccupied with other thoughts.  For a change.  She stepped through the gateway and immediately a shiver crawled strongly down her spine.  The Call.  It sounded on her ears more clearly than it ever had before.  A beautiful song.  One no one would want to ignore.  If she wasn't wearing the gift Jamison gave her to mute the influence of this land she was sure she would have swooned.  She swallowed thickly.  Eyes slowly taking everything in.  Spider blinked, a small shake of her head.  She pocketed the hairpin and stepped away from the gateway so that Jamison could enter.  She'd almost not realized she was blocking it.  Lips started to form the 'W' of a question fell as she continued to stare at the Wylelands.

The Wylelands, Jamison had hid himself here from the council for a time, it was one of the only places that you could hide from an entire race of people who can literally find you using a skin flake. that was the case, mostly because wizards stayed out of the nevernever. They weren't usually allowed in because of how big a threat they could be. that was evident by the fact that Spider would feel Jamison's power wash out, runes on his clothing starting to life a dim white glow. Jamison walked like he knew where he was going, truth is that he did.

That Jamison was not trying to break the silence was something Spider appreciated.  As he stepped through into the Nevernever, she quietly went about steadying herself.  Stout breaths in through the nose and out her slightly parted lips.  The need to breathe and the unbreakable rhythm of it would help her focus.  She concentration on the intake and expulsion of air was what Spider continued to put her mind on as she followed after Father.  She wasn't at all surprised to see him move with such confidence.  She'd rarely seen Jamison LeFey move with anything but.  "Is it wise to be a lantern?"  The thought came out her lips as it came to mind.  Barely above a murmur because she hadn't intended it to be for his ears.  That she spoke was because of her own distraction.

"Most of the Wyldfae are smart creatures and seldom find a reason to seek out those who can defend themselves...Call it... Magical insect repellant." Jamison lowered his head to duck underneath a branch.  walking without a limp, easily through the wilds. holding his cane in his hand."And the summer court, they would find us no matter what we do"

She followed in Jamison's footsteps.  Literally.  Where his feet had just fallen hers fell two steps after.  It was a precaution.  With all he had warned her about the Nevernever, with all she had read in the last fortnight and all that she knew before that, she expected anything could happen.  Walking where Father just tread ensured that where she stepped was safe.  That she would spring no traps.  Draw no additional attention.  When he ducked under the branch she was about to do the same when she paused.  Honey-bright eyes fell upon that branch.  She reached a hand out, her right hand.  The one that did not have her great-great-great grandmother's binding on it, the hand that was bare.  The trees here, the ground here, the air here.  It vibrated differently than the planet they'd just come from.  Than the planet of her birth as well.  It had been so long since she'd felt this vibration, over a hundred years ago.  She was mature now.  Her senses and abilities far more keen.  What she felt now made her ache.  "How.  How will they find us?"  She'd stopped walking.  She was still rubbing her hand over the tree.

Jamison stopped to, turning to face her watching her as she rubbed the tree."There are many ways, the wee folk may see us and report us in, they might sense our presence through the earth,but I believe it will be your blood that alerts them most." Jamison looked past her then, peering into the wilds and then turning to face another direction swiftly bringing the cane up to bear and giving a flick of his wrist, a single cutting blade of wind lashed out into the thickness of the wilds, there was then an insectine squeal and then the sound of several creatures scurrying away."There are times when a fly swatter is needed." lowering his cane down again." shall we continue?"

It was when he said her blood would sound the alert.  Her gaze snapped upward.  Her hand stalled in its stroke of the branch.  She pulled her hand away and ducked under said branch as Jamison had.  At the sound of the squeals she stilled.  Eyes wide.  There was fascination in them.  She itched to ask what those creatures were.  Instead she bit the inside of her lip quite hard.  Focus.  She reminded herself of her breathing.  Scolded herself silently for allowing herself to be so easily wooed by this place.  No wonder most Changelings made their choice at such an early age.  Few would have the will to be able to handle what Spider struggled with now.  She nodded to her Father as she caught up to him.  Ready to continue.

A simple nod and Jamison turned to continue on his path, the pace brisk for a man of his age. this walk continuing for about ten minutes before, like stepping form one world to another they entered summer territory, the scenery was vastly different, wondrous lush rolling hills full of green and sunshine. it really was a picturesque landscape." I do not believe we are far..."

What Spider felt when she first saw Summer's land cannot be described.  It was a bittersweet that was felt like an ache to the head, the mind and the spirit.  Both pleasure and pain rolled into one.  "Ohh, Father."  The ache could be heard in her voice.  Like her throat was tight.  She herself didn't even know what she meant by saying that to him.  Help me?  Let's hurry?  Turn back?  I'm staying here?  This place is wrong?  I feel torn in two?  Any of these could have been the context to her two words.  Maybe she meant all of them.  All she knew was keeping pace behind him was suddenly exponentially more difficult.  Every step her eyes were drawn somewhere far off.  A beautiful collection of flora.  The color of the horizon.  The distant sound of a brook.  Never had she been somewhere that every thing beckoned.  Spider thought she prepared for this.  She was not one to question herself.  But...?

Jamison spun around on a heel and was suddenly facing her at the sound of her calling to him."Spider, Are you alright?" He hated calling her that. He really really did, but his word was his bond and he wouldn't use her name in an open setting like this. a spike of concern in his tone though he had calmed in his next question."Do you require a rest?"

Was she alright.  Never was that question so complicated to answer.  Her expression was so very hard to read.  Amuck.  With her hair its natural holly berry shade, under Summer's sun the silvery-pink hue of her skin that most normally didn't notice looked distinctly different here.  Otherworldly.  Bewitchingly beautiful as the Fae were without even trying.  Even the hue of her eyes seemed to glow with a brighter coloring.  Fueled by the sun.  She had no doubt that its energy was something she could draw on.  The lesson was being taught to her now without her even asking for it.  The warmth pushing at her.  Like it was trying to rub into her very skin.  A force was preventing it, however.  The gift Jamison had given her that she wore on her left hand and wrist.  She could feel the power struggle among it and Summer's power.  It was enough to make her reel.  When he said rest it snapped her out of it somewhat.  "No."  Emphasis on the word almost urgent.  "We need to keep moving."  Spider wasn't one to be afraid.  But if she sat down, stood still, she believed the stillness was not worth the risk.

"Very well, with haste then." Jamison turned on a heel and started at a fast walk, and then upgraded it to a jog, running was easier here, and even in the bright light  one could see the glow of magical energy surrounding jamison intensify as he exerted more energy to run along It was not long until at the top of one of the many rolling hills they would see the palace of the Summer Court of Faerie.

Some might think Spider would've protested.  Because of her regal manner or her dress.  As if running was beneath her.  Far from it.  Running was just what the doctor ordered.  It required a higher level of concentration from the body.  More breath, a faster heart rate.  It put her focus back within herself instead of in the land around her.  She kept pace with him easily.  Running was something she enjoyed for sport.  She enjoyed any physical exertion besides certain forms of manual labor.  Small beads of sweat made her silvery-pink skin glisten with a radiant shine.  When they reached the top of the hill, when the palace was in view, Spider reached out and yanked Jamison to a halt by pulling back on his arm.  "Wait. Is this you fulfilling your obligation to take me to see Mother?  Or is this..."  Where Zalina was.  Finish the sentence.  Go on.  Spider swallowed.  Staring at the palace that seemed so close within reach.  "Is that where my wife is."  She said it.  Not as a question, but at least it was said.

"That is where I believe your wife is..." Jamison's words where soft, and he had pulled from its sheath  dipping it into the grass beneath them. and drawing in a deep breath, pulling with that breath  that energy that surrounded him, the words on his seams glowing brighter as he inhaled. a twist of the blade and he flicked it forth, sending a small clump of the earth into the air above him. "Eolandesidhe..." there was power behind that, Jamison had gotten her mothers full name from her own lips, and  when he spoke it spider might feel that connection of power made."... she is there." and she knows we are here now."Buiten." and that small clump of earth flew away and behind it Jamison followed, once again running. his sword in one hand, the sheath in the other. storming the castle if you will.

Jamison started running.  But Spider didn't follow.  She stayed where she was.  At the top of the hill staring Summer's palace with dull shock and disbelief.  His reply was a slap to her face.  Mother was there.  Zalina was there.  Then why...?  Rare was it that Spider felt weakened.  That feeling threatened her now.  A heavy knot which made her want to do nothing more than sink.  She forced herself to follow Jamison.  But it was not at a run.  Not now.  She walked.  Her focus had faded.  Jamison might feel it.  How the energy around her released into distraction.  Even her eyes showed distance.

Jamison stopped in his run,  turning around to face her, catching up to his breath, He watched her as she stood staring off walking slow, starting towards her to close the distance."Spider... we must hurry. We must save Zalina." That they where going slow Spider would feel Jamison pull the energy up to push up his motion slowing bubble so that they couldn't be sniped out.

A hard blink.  Spider looked away.  Lips pressed into a thin line.  "Yes Father."  The reply was quiet.  It was all she said.  Make no mistake.  She didn't think this trip was going to be a joy.  Or easy.  Or comfortable.  But it had become none of those things and far worse.  She could not let it get to her.  This is what she told herself.  It was easier said than done.  Still she obeyed him.  She started forward at a pace faster than before.  If Jamison answered her movement with a pace faster still she would increase her own to match.
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:16 am

Jamison before she started to walk again sheathed his blade and offered her his hand. and if she took it he would pull her along with him, if not he was simply continue, either way they would continue on.  reaching the primary gates. Jamison pulled in energy to summon a spell. but the door opened allowing them entrance

If only someone captured the moment on film.  Jamison offered his hand.  Spider didn't scorn him for it.  No sarcasm, no snide triumph.  She took what was offered.  She could not deny she needed it.  His strength making sure she kept proper pace.  With the point of contact she could feel Father's power all the more.  In this instance it wasn't the river of envy that snatched her.  This time being so close to his power helped her.  As they moved she focused on their pace.  The rhythm of it.  Her breath.  She even closed her eyes.  Jamison was leading her she had no need to see.  Instead she could refocus herself.  Regain her strength of mind and spirit.  Her energy stabilized by the time they reached the front gates.  Oddly she did not let his hand go when they opened.  "I feel like I'm six-years-old."  It was the handholding.  It gave her a flashback.  "But you never brought me here."

Jamison gripped his cane tightly holding onto her hand firmly as they walked, his eyes alert, moving from place to place, to ensure they where not attacked in this seemingly empty courtyard. almost empty, there where two other figures here, both tending to a bed of flowers, both where women that spider would recognize."I know, part of me wishes you could have seen this place as a child... but i could not have protected you here." When they where close enough stopped, offering her hand a tighter squeeze before releasing it."Eolandesidhe… We've come for Zalina, under the laws binding us all to the accords, I demand you return what you have stolen."

Eolande had known that they would come. Though she initially expected  Carolyn would come alone, it did not surprise her that her daughter had brought Jamison, looking up from her work at the pair of them the fae queen's eyes would pierce them both deeply, weighing greatly upon both mortals. she moved with the grace that only immortality could bring a person, making standing from a kneel appear dance like in fluidity. words spoken brushed over them like velvet warm and inviting."You have been within these walls once before my daughter, it was here that you where born, and first drew breath... You look absolutely beautiful." her tone was aloof, as if jamison's words meant nothing to her. stepping forward to greet her daughter properly. eyes then over at her former lover."And you, you look simply ravishing... as you always have." She placed a hand upon both visitors offering a warm smile. " I do believe you are mistaken Lord LeFey... I've stolen nothing."technically true, Technicality, there was a reason that the fae invented it.

"Mommy."  Her tone ached.  At the sight of Eolande it was truly like she was six-year-old again.  Spider moved forward to meet Mother.  Eolande may have only put a hand on her but Spider did much more.  Her arms circled around her Mother and she embraced her without shame.  Eolande  who had clearly had something to do with the disappearance of her wife, a disappearance which had been tearing Spider to shreds.  But she still embraced her with daughterly yearning.  "Mommy," she kissed at Mother's cheek, her tone pleading and her kiss paying her Mother's station proper due.  "My wife, I want my wife..."  Did Jamison see?   Mother was nothing but welcoming to them.  Yet he said such terrible things about her.  So Spider thought anyway.  Thank the stars that Jamison was here then.  To be the logical one.  Clearly Spider was having difficulty.

It got to Jamison that she greeted her mother like she did, he got greeted with an accusing finger. but they are presented with evidence that her mother had stolen her wife, and the woman gets a hug and a kiss. perhaps Jamison should have kidnapped the woman. To her compliment, Jamison had thought to offer the common respect to return a compliment to her."Eolande, you have not aged a day...." he did not cringe from her touch, but he did not return it, instead gripping his cane a little harder. "Though, I respectfully inform you that I am not mistaken, as I see young Miss Zalina is blissfully tending to your gardens." His tone was stern but polite, he was here for business, to rescue his daughter in law.

When Spider embraced her, She could not have been happier, wrapping both arms around her daughter to embrace her fully, turning her head and pressing a kiss to her daughter's forehead." My dearest daughter... How I have missed you." She brought a hand up to pet her daughters red hair back behind an ear. "I would never seek to keep your beloved from you; I hold her here not against her own will." That was not to say that Eolande did not have a hand in the woman's disappearance, even though that is not what her daughter asked. she asked for her wife. her response was for both, and she felt it suitable for both statements.

Spider sighed.  A release of so much tension, all of her rigidity melting.  It was as her Mother said.  Spider had been in this palace before.  The day she was born from Eolande.  Such a connection left its impression.  It was obvious Spider didn't want to let Mother go.  Head resting on Mother's shoulder, Spider breathed in deeply.  Eolande's scent was one she never forgot.  It soothed her immediately.  Sometimes just before she drifted to sleep Spider could smell its faint perfume.  To have the scent touch her nose in had been so long.  So painfully long.  "But why is she here?"  For the first time Spider truly looked at her wife.  Her wife who had not said a word or made a movement in response to Spider's entrance.  The realization made her blood run cold and she stepped back from Mother.  Withdrawing her arms slowly.  "What's wrong with her?"  Of course Spider was going to her.  To Zalina.  She didn't come all this way to look at her love from afar.  "How did she get here?  With no warning, with no word..."

When her daughter stepped back  Eolande stepped back and to the side, following her child to her wife's side."Zalina herself called to me... I knew not that you had not known of her coming." at the time, it was true. but She had grown to know what was true, it was not her fault that Zalina hadn't said she needed to go back home."Young Zalina sought to slow the ebb of times effect upon her form... she feared that as she aged your affections would waiver." She once again lowered to a knee and reached out to pet at Zalina's hair. the girl looking up and smiling loosely. though her eyes where absolutely vacant.

"What."  Spider's tone was sharp.  The tone Jamison was more familiar with.  Never had she spoken to Mother like that before.  It lasted only for that one word.  But urgency still in the rest.  "Mother, why didn't you tell me?  Two weeks..."  Despite her determination to retain her focus her muscles tightened with distress.  "Why would she think that?  Zalina....Poppet..." Emphasis on Poppet.  With a pleading tongue she used the pet-name for her wife.  Spider knelt down.  Reminding herself to breathe.  Focus on the breath.  Do not let the emotions take over.  Guilt, hurt and fear solved little.  "Poppet, talk to me...What did I do to make you run away from me?"  Honey-bright eyes gazed with urgency into her love's eyes.  Trying to peer past the vacancy of them as both hands reached up to cup and stroke her wife's cheeks.  Stroking fingers through the sides of her hair.

Jamison spoke up before her mother could, his arms now finding themselves folded over his chest, his sword cane still held in one hand, tucked underneath one arm. his tone still civil, calm. but it was firm."She didn't tell you, because you didn't ask her... and you know how information is handled within the courts." he wasn't slinging mud or anything, but he had a point. the fae thrived on bargaining, and if Eolande had told her daughter where Zalina was, or even assisted int he search, there would have been no reason for her to come here.

The mother lifted her eyes from the human woman to her daughter. offering a smile with a serenity few could muster. but that look faltered a bit when Jamison spoke and she turned to face the man."Lord LeFey...I dare say your tone is rather offensive,  implying that I've hidden my daughter in law from the love of her life..." that last bit said with a shake of her head, note that she did not correct him. it was all meant to be misleading. a small cluck of her tongue before her eyes returned to her daughter." My child, Trust that it was not of your own actions that brought Zalina here, but her own insecurities... which I did assure her where entirely unfounded, she is an absolutely beautiful woman." The fae's words where thick with power, power that would not push through spider, and would completely unphase jamison. Zalina's eyes sharpened at her wife's coaxing." Hello there, have you come to help us?"

The binding heirloom.  It was a blockade for Mother's influence.  Spider just heard her words as words.  They were not important.  Neither was what Father said.  Even the wonder of her parents and she together for the first time in over a century.  Quotidian in comparison to the spark she saw in her wife's eyes.  Spider cupped her palms on Zalina's cheeks and squeezed them with relief.  "Yes!  There you are, poppet, there you are."  Spider broke her stare into Zalina's eyes only as long as it took to press her lips firmly to her wife's forehead.  Hands dropped to her shoulders, squeezing them before cupping her wife's upper arms and urging her to stand.  "We're going home.  I'll take care of you."

"I'm here! i'm here! but my name is Zalina....and I am home." She had seemed to come out of her daze just a bit. offering a bit of the old woman that spider knew and loved.  but there wasn't any familiarity there, there was friendly tone though. like someone who liked what she saw. "you're more then welcome to stay though and help me with the gardening.

"...."  Emphasis on the ...  Spider's eyes blazed like the sun.  They seemed to gather the light energy from the Summerlands as their shape changed to resemble something more cat-like..  Jamison would feel her power spike.  Sharp like magical nails stabbing into the area that they stood.  A warning.  She turned to face Mother as she slowly stood to her full height.  "Mother.  You will tell me exactly what you've done to her."  Emphasis on exactly.  If Eolande made her ask it again Spider would do her one better.  Asking twice more.  Making it a total of three so Mother would be forced to be candid.  Her hands slowly balled into two fists.   She was drawing on every bit of emotional energy that burned through her like acid.  pulling it into the two markings on each of her forearms.  The two markings there held the most questionable of Spider's enchantments.  Ones that would make the White Counsel drop the sword hanging over her head should she use them on a vanilla human unprovoked.

Jamison sensed that spike in her power, but he kept both his stance and his face neutral though when neither woman was watching was looking jamison shook his head a bit, because he most certainly knew where this entire conversation was going to go. it was a conversation that he'd heard several times before, he'd actually been in it a time or two.

"My dearest daughter, I love you with all of my heart but i'll not have you taking that tone with me. You're again implying that I've forced my will upon her own, but rest assured nothing that she hadn't asked for has been done, I've taken a great deal of interest in keeping her safe and well fed." Zalina, perhaps in some small part of the enchantment upon her lost focus when Spider's attention went back to her mother, the human going back to her tending of the gardens.

"Don't cock-up when it comes to me and my wife, Mother."  Seems Spider didn't care about her tone.  She kept using it.  Her complexion was changing.  It had a radiant gleam.  Like Eolande's.  Making it obvious that in her anger Spider's balance was tipping.  The land was affecting her.  Her Mother should be thrilled.  "I'm implying nothing.  I've asked you a question."  Emphasis on question.  "I'll repeat it." Emphasis on repeat.  "You will tell me exactly what you've done to her."  Spider made great effort to put the exact same inflections on her words like she did before.  It was frowned upon for Wizards to compel others.  But she wasn't behaving much like a Wizard at the moment.  She stepped forward.  Face to face with Mother.  Hands clenched tightly.  Posture straight-back chin held high with challenge.  Mother wasn't the only royalty standing here.  It was in Spider's blood as well.  As Mother said.  She was born in this palace.

"Indeed I will daughter..." playing nice was good, still layering her words with power in attempt to circumvent the mental control, cloud the walls her daughter had put up. Eolande lowering to kneel beside the young woman again. bringing a hand up to pet at her hair. "Zalina came to me, because she feared that one day your affections would waiver, as you did not age... yet she grew older... She made an extraordinary request of me...She asked to be as she was on the day you and she met."

Eolande's answer was not entirely candid.  But it was clear enough.  Spider could fill in the blanks.  Mother had obviously granted Zalina's request.  It explained her wife's behavior.  Zalina no longer knew her.  Spider's rage boiled over.  Drawing on her emotions as she had been all this time body shook with the intensity of it.  She let it out now.  With a scream that ripped her throat hoarse the spikes of her power shot from her.  The energy blazed into visible life.  Hot and red.  Fire.  Her magic influenced that way by standing in Summer's land.  Bolts fired out in all directions if anything in the room could shatter it would.  "You knew the consequences!  You knew them and you've ruined the one piece of joy I possessed!  I WILL undo this Mother.  I WILL."  Snarled at her as the remains of her hot power blazed around her.  What she did next the White Council would not approve of maybe.  She didn't care.  She could care less what those pompous human Wizards thought.  "Zalina Victoria Godard.  We are going home."  It was Zalina's name how she had spoken it to Spider last.  It hadn't worked when Spider tried to use it to track her.  Which should have told Spider something.  And maybe she knew it wouldn't work or couldn't.  She was still trying it. Because she was getting her wife back. Completely.
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:25 am

"She's not going to be able to leave this place Spider."Jamison spoke up,  unfolding his arms and starting towards the trio of women. his tone was less then pleased."Eolande... I really thought that you would have changed your modus operandé..." his eyes watching the sidhe queen as Jamison moved to stand beside his daughter."There is a force greater then that of invoking her true name keeping her here." Jamison's steely eyes watching the fae queen as he spoke, knowing full well that she would even still try to wriggle clean of this.

Zalina rose to stand when her name was used, an unsure look about her face as if she didn't know why she was standing but then she spoke."But... I am home." Which was precisely when Jamison spoke the words he did, bringing a rather salty look to her features." Jamison Michael... dear boy you always have thought the worst of me haven't you? your words pain me to my core... my dearest daughter in law is not held here by a force not of her own doing... through no fault at all of my own..." Eyes then to her daughter, once again petting down Zalina's hair. "It is entirely within your power to undo my dearest loving daughter... or rather, it could be within your power."

Did either of them think she was going to stand here and have a conversation about this?  Did Jamison think she was going to listen to his stoney logic?  Did Eolande think she was going to listen to suggestive statements like 'could be'?  Both were mistaken.  "She is mine Mother."  Emphasis on mine.  "You performed the ceremony yourself."  And Mother would see just how possessive Spider could be.  As Eolande pet down Zalina's hair Spider snatched her wife by the wrist and yanked her out of the Fae Queen's reach.  "You are not home."  Emphasis on not.  Words spat from her lips.  "You were erroneously taught.  You are my WIFE.  This is a bond that does not break until death."  Spider considered an And That's Final implied and didn't speak it.  Grip a vice around Zalina's wrist Spider proceeded to drag her in the direction that she and Jamison had entered this place.  She intended to drag Zalina, even if kicking and screaming, all the way back to the gateway.  Whether Father followed or no.

Spider would have very little luck getting Zalina to go, not only did she look absolutely bewildered, she actually resisted a bit. There was also the fact that eolande was faster then spider was on her best day and she moved to cut her daughter off. "She may be yours daughter, but that does not change the fact that she owes a debt to me. A debt that is mine to secure!" When the fae queen rose her voice, it echoed from the walls with power, and not the same kind of power that coated her words normally, this was a power that Jamison would even pale to. "Would you have Zalina be one to abandon debts owed to a queen of Faerie?" her tone was back to being nice and polite to her child.

Jamison was fast too, and he rushed to his daughter's side when their mother had cut them off at the pass so to speak. Channeling up a great deal of that energy he had been pulling along all day. "Enough of this! debts owed are debts that can be bought... Your Daughter and I are willing to barter Zalina's freedom from this place... are we not?" he gave both a look that said that he may have been best to be diplomatic... there was a reason Jamison did not like meeting her mother here when spider was a child. they where in her house now, surrounded by her people. and if she wished them both dead, not even two LeFeys could get out entirely unscathed.

Jamison could pale to it all he wanted.  Because he was logical.  Because he was able to be calm here, to be rational.  He was in no danger of losing anything.  Spider on the other hand.  Eolande could shove her booming voice up her arse.  As Jamison could shove his look up his as well.  Mother wanted to play by Fae rules?  She better believe Spider could play that game too.  Eolande would be stupid to think that Spider was free from the influence, boundaries and instincts of the bargain.  She'd be a fool to think that her daughter wasn't every inch as possessive or cut-throat about property as she was.  Spider stood her ground.  She did not release her hold on Zalina's wrist.  She expected struggle.  If Zalina got raucous Spider wouldn't have a problem using magic to restrain her.  "Your agreement she is mine proves she had no authority to initiate or agree to such debt.  She put herself in debt to me first."  Emphasis on me, and first.  "And you stood witness.  And you initiated that bond.  You cannot deny my claim to her made that day."  So much for Jamison's hope to barter.  Spider was calling her Mother's actions entirely invalid. 

"Dearest child, I did stand witness, to a wonderful partnership and union of two bodies... her spirit though, was kept apart my young 'spider.' " emphasis on spider. Zalina didn't know spiders name, and carolyn had requested it not be used in the service."This woman owes no debt to you. Though her debt to me is great... what do you offer?" eyes left spider and rose to Jamison.  brows high in curiosity.

When Eolande spoke, Jamison LeFey set his jaw and shook his head at the woman a short glance at his daughter."In exchange for Zalina's mind I offer knowledge, the particulars of which will bode very well for summer, during winter's encroachment... For the woman's Body I offer you knowledge of the White council and the maps of their protected path's through the Nevernever." Jamison had an ace up his sleeve, but he'd need Eolande distracted first. that's why be brought the iron dagger, sitting at his belt.

She Laughed, a sweet happy laugh, which seemed extraordinarily out of place to given the current circumstances." You have certainly forgotten much about offering a deal forth Sweet Jamison... what you offer is only tawdry information that will not benefit nearly as much as you think it will... No, I decline your offer... what have you that will be of use?"

It was true.  Zalina didn't know Spider's true name.  It wasn't used during the ceremony.  It was a loophole and that Mother used it as leverage turned Spider's doting daughter attitude towards Eolande to ice.  What's more the Queen failed to take into account HOW Zalina was useful to Spider.  What Zalina needed to have intact in order to keep Spider's mortal and Fae side in balance, to keep Spider's humanity in bloom.  Spider had already been without this balance for over a fortnight.  Standing in the presence of this mere vapor of the woman who was once Zalina Victoria Godard she felt not even a tickle of her love's former capabilities now.  With nothing to balance it, what humanity was to be had in Spider LeFey?  The answer was simple:  barely any at all.  Which is what Mother was perhaps bargaining on.  But if she had, she had not thought well enough about what that bargain would buy her.  Because looking at the world through Summer-tainted eyes and hearing just how much Father was willing to wager for this shell of a mortal woman Spider scoffed.  She rolled her eyes.  Zalina's wrist was presently dropped.  "He has nothing of use to you. Nothing will be offered by Father for this simpering airhead.  I also offer you nothing for her.  For that is what you have made her.  Nothing.  And nothing earns nothing.  Thank you Mother, for showing me what a weak woman I chose for wife.  With your advice well taken I will choose a stronger for my next.  We leave Father.  Now."

Jamison was careful. eyes watching the fae queen, and then over to his daughter, Eolande had taken a great loophole and had used all of that immortality to up her daughter in a position where she couldn't not do what she wanted... only to have that fail, something that did not make the queen happy, evident by the shift in the energy around them."You're certain Spider? his tone was sincere. but there was a sense of urgency there. he was going to grab her and run. because such might be their only avenue for.

This certainly was a turn of event she had not anticipated; Eolande had thought her daughters commitment to her wife stronger then that to anything else. As it appeared, she had been beaten...a place that a queen of the summer could not be..."I'm so absolutely pleased to have shown you the light in this matter...But I simply must insist that you stay, if only for a moment longer." the sounds of the halls of the castle filling with creatures started to bounce into the courtyard.

She was not looking at Jamison directly but she didn't have to.  Her attention was on his energy and she could feel his unease through it.  But she had one last thing to make clear to Eolande.  She wished to make clear who it was that lost today, and just how much in the red this loser was.  "Mother has chosen to shatter my Daughterly devotion with deceit.  Should she care to bargain with me," Emphasis on bargain, "to win my favors back that is her decision to make.  Not mine.  We go."  Clearly the Queen had a stake in her daughter.  Spider was wagering that it was a stake big enough she could not have Spider turning her back on her for good.  Was this an easy choice for Spider to make?  No.  Contained within it was there an element of bluff?  Yes.  But Spider couldn't have said what she did to Eolande if it wasn't true.  The feeble-minded woman tending flowers truly wasn't her wife.  She was barely even an echo of her wife.  That Zalina had been stupid enough to let something as vain as her looks get her in this level of debt to a Fae Queen had changed Spider's opinion of her.  Spider did not consider this issue over.  Far from it.  But if the outcome was that she never got Zalina back, her wife had no one to blame but herself.  Even this shell couldn't even remember it was herself that was to blame for making her so.

"They've gotten us surrounded. by now..." his words where sure, but did not waiver, he withdrew his hand from his pocket and his hand was covered in a fine red dust, that same red dust trickling onto the floor.  Jamison threw the dust at the large gates and gave a great swell of energy."Verdef verhitten" The red powder flashed to life, in the cloud in front of him, the ground now behind him. scorching white hot and then"Acello!" a gust of wind pushing that blindingly bright fire towards the castle's gates. the termite plasma ate through the fae constructed doors, like a hot knife through warm butter, his hand once again into his pocket. another handful of the dust tossed behind him feeding those flames a glove. quickly discarded left a clean hand offered to his daughter so that they could make their departure.

It was an incredible show of power.  And control.  She knew this intellectually.  But she was also separated from what Father worked.  She lacked awe.  It was cold just as her feelings for Zalina were cold.  Eolande may have been the bigger loser, but Spider had lost something as well.  Her balance.  If it was not soon regained there would be consequences.  For the second time this day Spider clasped Jamison's hand.  This time she did not feel as if she were six.  To hold his hand was a functional need.  This time it had no emotional impact on her.  This was another sign of the current problem.  As far as her humanity was concerned, it was as feeble as her wife's current mind.  She had no further words for Mother.  None for Father.  This day had passed without her having a moment to marvel in what should have been a joyous reunion of they three, and her heart was cold to that want now. 
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:49 pm

Jamison rose a palm before him as they ran, extending a kinetic shield out before them, knocking an encroaching tide of fae creatures, everything from larger then normal insects to wee folk to Gruffs all where pushed aside by Jamison LeFey. and he ran, flat out along side his daughter. his hand falling when no longer where fae in front of them, but behind. his hand fell." Ventas."Where had his cane gone? well somewhere, because he no longer carried it in his hand, at that single word though the carved sword cane flew from behind them into his waiting hand. and a flick of his wrist and a slash upwards brought a tear in the fabric of the nevernever. through which he he pushed her before going through himself. finally he drew the dagger from his belt and stood facing the doorway while in his basement watching it as it stitched itself shut.

Spider was disappointed.  It was far too easy to leave here.  Not that she wished to stay.  She was looking forward to having an excuse to use the nastiest spell locked and ready in one of her markings.  Perhaps she shouldn't have invited Father.  Then she would be the one who would have to bowl the Summer flock down.  If he wasn't at her side and a Warden she would have released the spell anyway at whatever Fae she felt like even if it wasn't a threat.  It was the burn of her royal Summer blood.  A burn that told Spider she could and should do whatever she pleased.  If Jamison hadn't given her the Eye of Morgana, her head wouldn't be clear enough to ignore the burn now.  She kept pace with him.  She caused no trouble.  The push out of the Nevernever and back into his laboratory was unexpected but she did not lose her footing.  She stood there in the center of the basement room facing the doorway.  Hands clasped in front of her as she watched Jamison come in and the doorway close.  She addressed him.  "Thank you Father, for your trouble.  Good-day."  She didn't speak with sarcasm.  Her tone was entirely passive.  Without further ado she turned and went up the stairs.  Her intention was to return to her room.

Jamison was only slightly winded but when the doorway shut to the nevernever jamison leaned forward against the wall slowly catching up to his breath, it took a substantial amount of energy to throw up a kinetic shield while running, after creating fire enough to melt fae wrought several foot thick gates to a castle. When she moved to leave Jamison brought a hand up, and curled his fingers in a come here motion and the heavy iron door swung  open."Carolyn... I... Don't leave just yet." a slow deep breath and Jamison pushed up against the wall and turning to face her."I would like to talk... perhaps over some tea."

By the time he made his request Spider was at the top of the stairs.  Moving fast.  She did not turn to face him.  He would see her only in profile.  He was asking a lot of her.  Spider could see he was weakened by the amount of power he'd wielded.  Should she choose to leave she knew her chances of doing so would be much easier than on a normal day.  She hadn't needed to use any of her magic he'd done it all for her.  She was also not in a sentimental mood.  While Summer's influence was dulled now that they were out of the Nevernever she was still out of balance from what transpired.  From the loss of her wife.  The coldness Mother's deceit fueled.  She did Jamison the courtesy of replying before exiting the door he'd so politely opened for her.  "I'm not in the mood for idle conversation Father."

"Carolyn, I really do not think that you should go... We should really talk." Jamison followed her, walking up behind her he may have been tired and a little winded. but he was still her father and hopefully the stern tone of voice would convince her to stay, he did have other means to keep her here, as he really thought it was a much better idea that she stayed.

She was walking ahead of him.  So he wouldn't see how her eyes narrowed.  She heard his tone.  Spider knew that tone.  It was the Father tone.  Should she be uncooperative she knew what tone would come next.  The Warden.  With the Warden tone, or just after it, would come his actions to keep her here.  Maybe it was the burn.  It had faded to faint urge but it was still there.  To act inappropriately just because she could, because it was her right.  Continuing down the hall she reached up and knocked over an unlit candle with a lackadaisical push of her hand.  Next she swatted disrespectfully at one of the tapestries on his wall.  "If you insist."  Over she knocked a second candle as she turned into his library.  Taking the seat by the window.  She said nothing more.  Her words and her actions were obviously to aggravate him.  To persuade him that they didn't need to talk after all.  She didn't feel like talking.  She wanted to go back to her room and shut the door.

"Thank you Carolyn. Do you still take your tea with a bit of honey and lemon?" there was a small burger in the library tubed into the natural gas systems of the house, on it was a brand new stainless steel tea kettle,on the table next to it was a small area for tea accouterment, honey sugar and a larger sugar container for holding his loose tea. Jamison, leaned his cane down lifting up the kettle, which he went to go fill.

A tepid wave of her hand.  If that's how he wanted to fix her tea it was fine with her.  The tea was his idea.  So was the conversation.  Her honey-bright eyes watched out the window.  She folded her arms across her chest.  She crossed one leg over the other.  That was it.  She didn't say a word.  He wanted the conversation and she assumed he had something particular to say.   She was giving him ample time to say it.

Jamison was soon to come back the kettle now full. and he set it down on the burner. "  I remember when you where a little girl, you would always ask me for tea, any time i was drinking it. So I would make it for you, but it was never sweet enough, and you would add so much honey to it, that it was almost a syrup. You'd drink it though, every time...Though of course it meant you where on such a sugar high that it was nearly impossible to get you back into bed..."

When he came back he'd see she was in the same spot he'd left her in.  Staring out the window.  She was looking at nothing in particular.  The clear sky.  Something to entice her eyes while she sat with her thoughts.  She wasted no time.  She was reconsidering everything that transpired in the Summer palace.  Mother's reaction to her trump card.  To contemplate how best to play her next move.  "A teaspoon will suffice."  That was it.  She didn't even crack a smile.  She didn't even look away from the window.  Spider had warned him.  She wasn't in the mood for idle conversation.

The tea was going now and Jamison moved to stand beside her near the window, his hand face up before him, unstrapping the leather straps that where holding the vanbrace  to his forearm. and when it was removed he set it down on top of a book shelf."Carolyn... I'm sorry, for what your mother did to you."

"Apologizing for her does little."  Spider's voice was devoid of feeling.  The glance she spared him lasted a second.  Before eyes were looking back out the window.  The only way Jamison's actions influenced her was to remind her of the binding she wore on her arm, the Eye of Morgana.  Pushing her sleeve up she pulled the piece off her left hand with care.  Setting it in her lap.  Even with her mood she knew it would be foolish to handle the heirloom roughly.  It was incredibly valuable, especially to her.  Today was not the last time she would go to the Nevernever.  "Should Mother get bored of Zalina the woman dug her own grave using her vanity as a shovel."

"I know it does little Carolyn...But, I do offer my apology still..." When she removed the Eye of Morgana Jamison's eyes fell to it as well."Your mother fears that object greatly... Especially now that it has returned to a woman's hand. only a woman can wear it you know. all of Morgana's treasures can only be wielded by women." his attention then turned to the tea kettle. stepping from her side and moving to the tea kettle dropping a pinch of loose tea into the kettle, and allowing it to sit for a moment before pouring two cups. strait for himself a squeeze of lemon, and a single teaspoon full of honey for her. the cup offered over when he returned.

Spider's smirk was smug.  Revealing.  She felt Mother had a lot more to fear than the object on her lap.  Mother had no idea what sort of Pandora's box she opened slighting Spider like she did today.  Her daughter would return such Fae-like "affection" with the same.  She didn't hate Eolande.  On the contrary Eolande just woke up the Fae brand of love in Spider today.  Out of her Fae-born affection of Mother Spider would now passionately rival her until the day she usurped Eolande's throne.  That day would come.  "Mother is right to fear."  The look on Spider's face Jamison certainly saw on Eolande's many times before and maybe even today.  She took the offered tea.  "You have plans to give me the rest of her treasures when?"

Jamison sipped his own tea and offered her a nod."I do not believe that she feels that way... despite how entirely correct you are my daughter." He looked down at his tea cup shoulder slowly rising and falling when she asked her question of him."Who is to say I've plans to offer them all to you?" that was certainly presumptuous of her to say."You are not the only one who enjoys having things for reasons immaterial." his wedding ring being a prime example.

Her expression hardened.  If the Nevernever hadn't hardened her heart she wouldn't turn her eyes on Jamison with such a smoldering glare.  "Of course you wouldn't.  Keep your collection complete."  Spider took the Eye of Morgana off of her lap and put it on the nearest surface.  If that was the window sill so be it.  Her tea was the next to be set down, and Spider stood.  Excuse her, Father, for thinking that a man wouldn't hold on to objects bequeathed to women.  How like a man.  She'd had enough conversation for the day after his reply.  Evidenced by the fact she was making her way to the hallway.

"Carolyn; why are you being so cold towards me? I've done nothing but risk everything that I have to help you." He took with her the same tone that she took with him. following along with her, it was very good that the door was locked and the wards where up, so it would take a while for her to get out if she was able to get through them at all.

She halted and spun rather suddenly.  Taking a step back towards him so they were nearly nose to nose.  Looking him straight in the eyes.  "What will you have me do Father?  Fall to my knees at your feet and weep over what I've lost?  Jump for joy that you are like all other men the sort who hordes items that were forged to give women power to keep said power for yourself?  Isn't all you were given enough for you Warden?  Or has my behavior today made me unworthy of my inheritance in your eyes?  You slap me across the face after we have just returned from a despicable ordeal and you expect me to give you warmth.  Here I thought I got my masochistic side from Mother."  Even challenging him her voice was colorless.

"Carolyn; I've no desire to hide Morgana's treasures from you; I merely said it was presumptuous to assume I didn't want them for sentimental reasons... furthermore. You know damn well that you will get them one day no matter what I do or say. I merely wished that you be ready for such items of power.And you've been cold since the moment you stepped through the gateway from the other side so do not pretend that this is about silly trinkets that your great great grandmother forged.

"Presumptuous?"  She scoffed.  "You are as sentimental as stone.  I am pretending nothing."  Spider lifted her chin.  High-and-mighty.  Keeping her eyes on his.  "Again.  What would you have me do?  Wither and snivel and behave just as weakly as my wife apparently was?  For your trouble I have already thanked you.  I agreed to your cup of tea though I made it plain I wished nothing more than to return home and retire to my room.  What would you have from me?  Speak plainly so I know precisely where this hoop is that you wish me to jump through."
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:12 am

"You truly do know know of what you speak if you can look me in the eye and tell me I am as sentimental as stone... when I wear a wedding ring from a woman I've not been with in over a century, I still hold an artifact that is of no use to me for as long as I've been alive... "It was his turn to scoff and shake his head, and a slow sigh; setting his tea down as well." Carolyn; I dont want you to wither and snivel;that is not  what makes you as weak as she was... you unwillingness to allow yourself to feel is what makes you weaker."

"I feel just fine!"  Spider snapped that at him defensively.  Stalking back over to her window she stood there staring out with her back towards him.  Jamison's mention of the ring and Eolande trumped her.  She had nothing to retort.  Like Mother like Daughter, Spider was sore about that fact.  She presented her back to Jamison because she wished to save face.  "I am not weaker.  I am not the one raking Mother's dirt like an empty-headed moron because I was worried about crow's feet.  I played Mother's game and I won."

Of course that didn't mean he couldn't keep trying to get her to relax a bit more."Of course you don't, but she believes that you do, and because of that she will continue to try  to get around it... such is her way." he was telling her that so that she would know what to expect in the future. hell he might as well say that."The eye of Morgana will assist you in her attempts at you." Jamison reaching over and picking it up again, offering it over.

If his warmth was having successful effect Spider was doing an airtight job of not letting that fact show.  Her cool rigidity remained intact.  Her gaze remained focused out the window.  Only after he stepped away did she unfold her arms.  It was clear Jamison wished to speak to her further.  Also clear that he wouldn't let her leave here without protesting.  She sat back down in the chair by the window.  With one had she took the Eye of Morgana from him.  With the other she picked up her discarded tea.  "Yes Father."  Her laconic way of letting him know she heard and comprehended him.  Her words lacked bite.  That time.  Her honey-bright eyes looked at him with expectation.

"Morgana, She was  was an amazingly talented wizardess... the white council would never hear of it, but there are journals that describe her as more powerful then Merlin... which I believe is the reason she was labeled as she was..." Jamison himself once again picking up his tea and taking a sip from the cup. a wave of an arm bringing a chair to him so he could sit near her. It was also the fact that she publicly tried to kill her brother and merlin on many very very public occasions. "The eye, was forged with goblin hands, as a way to protect her from the influence a pact made with the sidhe brought. as you can imagine. The Sidhe do not like it when people are protected from their influence."

Spider was silent.  Staring at him.  She had no idea what to say to the information about Morgana.  Better still, what he wanted her to say.  So she would say nothing her ancestor and instead she commented about the device on her lap.  "It does it's job well.  I was connected to Summer's power but not its influence."  There.  She did her part to uphold the conversation.  She tipped her tea cup and drank.  She would prefer more honey.  But she was not about to tell him such.  She was the one who said only one spoonful.

"Fascinating.  I'm afraid I do not know much more about it though, She was not the greatest keeper of journals... or if she was; I do not know where they are. her level of secrecy put anything I could manage to shame several times over..." he only knew that it protected one from the influence of the fae, not that it channeled its power.

Spider finished the rest of her tea.  The empty cup was replaced on its saucer which she had set on the window sill.  She settled back in her chair.  Folding arms under her breasts.  Crossing one leg over the other.  Staring Jamison down.  How nice that he'd moved closer so she didn't have to strain her eyes to bore holes into him with her tunnel-like eyes.  "What did she gain keeping her secrets?"  To have that answer would be useful.  Spider was also known for keeping secrets.  Such as her name.  The particular magic within each of her markings.  And so forth.

She would find it rather impossible to bore holes through her father, who simply did not acknowledge the fact she was trying. though he did rather casually hold her eyes."There was no white council then, which means that there where no laws to govern magic... Morgana kept her secrets scattered in order to prevent any upstart young wizard who thought he was strong enough to tap into her home and find her things."

He could be casual if he preferred.  The intensity of her eyes wouldn't lessen.  "I agree with Morgana.  I have seen firsthand the effect of an upstart abusing the knowledge he has." It didn't surprise her that the White Counsel sought to tarnish her ancestor's reputation.  She was a powerful female who had her own mind.  How dangerous.  Considering Jamison in silence she would put voice to her thought bluntly.  "Are you going to ask me to stay here with you, Father?  Have you sleeping quarters here?  Am I under your watch?  What is this, exactly?"

"All that is written about her is not entirely untruth; but they do rather like the status quo; something that Morgana, and her children challenged more then once... which is why we are watched as we are." he finished his own tea as well and rose from his seat" I keep a cot in my laboratory, but no; you are not required to stay here. All I wished was to see you reach your emotions."

Spider watched Jamison get up with interest.  She was silent because she expected Jamison got up for a reason and she wished to see what.  When she tired of waiting she let her expectation drop.  Answering his wish.  "Reach them with what?  Do I get a trophy for it?"  Her words had sarcasm in their meaning but not their tone.  Her voice was passive.  Her stare intense but otherwise uncolored.  Maybe there was hesitation.  Subtle but there.  "I feel nothing Father so what is there to reach.  Zalina's fate is just for her vice; she put herself in debt to Mother and it must be justly paid.  This is no fault of mine."  How like a Fae to say.

"A trophy? yes, its called humanity... its a rather amazing gift. " Was his answer to her sarcasm,  staring back at her from his standing position."I hadn't eve known the woman, and I felt a pang for her servitude to your mother. Even if it was by her own design, your mother did play a rather large part in the woman's doubts."

The way her brow went aloft was victorious.  Same with the corners of her mouth.  "No.  You didn't know Zalina, did you.  Obviously you're relieved of the debt to have dinner with us.  It seems that will unlikely happen anytime soon."  So his question about how she saw him would have to remain unanswered for now.  Spider was fine with that.  She didn't know how to answer the question anyhow.  And she wasn't about to rush into the memories and issues she had to consider an answer either.  "How do you know what role Mother played?  Did you ask her this separately from our visit today?  Did she tell you?  And what have you done with your gift?"  While Jamison was answering questions she figured he should answer that one.

"Carolyn Lefey, do you honestly believe that this is about me being relieved about that fact? after I fought so hard to get you to allow me back into your life?" he didn't use her middle name, but he threw her last name in there for effect." And I know what role your mother played because I've known her for over a hundred and fifty years. I was married to the woman. she doesn't need to tell me anything and no I haven't spoken to her. My gift? I apologized to my daughter and tried to make amends for the wrongs I brought to her."

Spider's brow crooked higher.  She looked entertained.  "I was speaking factually.  Relieved, as in to be relieved of a task."  She didn't protest at the usage of her name.  He didn't speak the whole of it and they were in private quarters.  As for how he'd used the gift of his humanity.  Part of her wanted to be spiteful and tell him that his apologies made amends as well as a tsunami watered a rose bush.  She didn't say that.  Instead the pang within her won.  Shifting in discomfort she pulled her eyes away from him for the first time since she'd stared him down.  Choosing to look out the window.  "I will prevent such a problem from happening again.  I will make a new web to protect my humanity if threatened.  To incite compassion.  Or mercy.  Something like that."  She would think on the details later.  That she would do it she assumed would be good enough for Jamison.

"I never considered that dinner with you and your wife to be a debt Carolyn... it was an honor I was honored to partake of." and when she said that bit about getting a new web Jamison offered a nod." I believe that a mark would serve well... but perhaps something different, to signify the different impact it is meant to have upon you?"

"An honor."  Softly scoffed.  A defense mechanism, that she reacted like that.  She crossed her arms under her chest.  Still looking out the window.  Let's still crossed.  When he said things like that it made her uncomfortable.  Because it created tightness and pangs and she in turn felt vulnerable.  In a way maybe that was good.  Since vulnerability is a feeling.  But a new mark?  Eyes snapped to look at him like he was off his rocker.  "Are you mad?  I have twenty-four such markings and every one of them is a web.  I'll not pick some slapdash symbol and slap it in my body just for the hell of it.  My name is Spider."  Emphasis on Spider.  "Not drawing board."

"I don't mean to imply that you are a drawing board, I'm sorry. Such was only a recommendation... would you like help on the spell work you're going to weave into your new design?" he already had Ideas of how to illicit such a response from her if she where to need one in times of great distress.

"What would you have the mark be.  A pretty pink heart?  That says 'Daddy's Little Girl' in the middle?"  Now she was being sarcastic.  When he offered to help her she pursed her lips.  "Do you have experience weaving spells into bodily markings, Father?"  From the way she asked it obviously she thought he answer was going to be no.  After he said no, she would use that as reason to tell him to keep his help to himself.  She had done twenty-four markings on her own body without the help of anyone but Wilona when the ink was being pressed into a place on her body that she could not reach herself.
"I would have the mark be our Family Crest. a powerful symbol of your wizard blood."I have weaved spells into every from open air to a  the fabric that I wear, I do not believe the process to he extraordinarily dissimilar to that." It was true, at least in theory it was, when you wove magic into fabrics you had to focus on the intent as well as channel the magical energies into the work while you do it, certainly no easy feat. especially if the spells where meant to last long term.

Family Crest.  Her eyes narrowed.  She was irritated with him for having a logical answer.  What some might argue was a good idea.  With twenty four web markings on her body she didn't know how she felt about the idea of a twenty-fifth having an entirely different shape.  She knew what someone else would think.  "Mother would be angry to see such a marking on me."  It would be a mark of Jamison's line not Eolande's.  "Are you trying to use my marked body as a means to knot her ribbons?"  She stood up.  Intending to cross behind him.  "Where is your family crest, Warden LeFey.  I want to see it."  If he thought it such a good idea to have the family crest marked on her body she assumed it was good enough for the gander.

Jamison lifted the vanbrace that he had been wearing on his arm and showed her the crest that was engraved on its surface."If I where to knot your mothers ribbon's Carolyn I would not do so through you..." The crest it self was that of a stylized phoenix drawn in a perfect circle;  flames wreathing the bird, which held a serpent in its clutches, the serpent fangs in the bird at the neck.

Spider scoffed.  Not at the marking itself.  At Father.  "That doesn't count."  Emphasis on count.  "That's on an object.  It's not on your flesh.  How can I trust your opinions regarding it as a fitting marking on my flesh when you haven't even put it on your own?  And why this marking instead of my web.  What does this marking have to do with humanity?  You said yourself.  We LeFey are not known for our shining behavior."  She wasn't trying to be disagreeable.  If Jamison thought she took marking her body lightly he'd see differently now.  She didn't put ink and needle to flesh unless she was absolutely certain of cause and consequence.

"I do not wear it upon my own skin because I have no desire to, that does not make it any less a fitting display." he looked down at the vambrace, which he set down once again."Because you and I are the last two remaining LeFey, we are the end to a line of the most powerful wizards in history... this symbol is a symbol of our lineage; a reminder of the blood that beats through our hearts. I do not believe that there can be any greater symbol of humanity in that of family."

She pursed her lips even firmer.  Sizing him up.  "If it's a no less fitting display than let me ink it into your flesh."  Her eyes looked him over.  As if she was imagining where best to place the mark.  Decision made, she stepped around his shoulder to the front of him.  Facing him her right index finger pressed into his chest.  At the center near his heart.  "Here.  What have you to lose Father?  Unless you're going to take up the hobby of walking around in the buff like your blonde tart no one will see it.  You allow this mark on your body and I will allow it in mine.  I will also allow you to weave the spell set into it and give you the bond of my humanity in this way so long as you agree that said bond drops upon your death."  For that day Spider would choose her other half and remove Mother from her throne. Spider was openly bargaining.  As he should be used to.
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

Post by The Spider on Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:11 am

Jamison watched her eyes for a moment."Agreed, though i would have the mark elsewhere."  notice that he didn't mention that jab at leoette, remember he was in the business of not encouraging her. as if to illustrate where he would rather have the mark he rolled up his sleeve and bore the inside of his forearm to her, no one would see if unless he wanted them to still, and he felt it a better location."I agree to your terms." he didn't mention that any bond they forged would be broken anyway when he died. honestly it was because he didn't like thinking about his own mortality

Spider looked like a canary dining on a cat.  Her smile was so full of satisfaction.  The only thing she liked more than winning was winning even more than the other party had yet to realize.  She was like Mother that way.  "Wait.  You agreed to my terms."  Emphasis on my.  "Which means the mark goes here."  Emphasis on here.  Spider pushing the tip of her finger firmer into his chest.  Still over his heart.  "You spoke too quickly Father."  He had.  She hadn't agreed to the change of location before he agreed to her terms.  She stretched out her fingers and pressed her palm flat over his heart.  "It's a mark of humanity and family Warden.  Where better to place it but at the seat of the life of the body and its emotions?"

Maybe he gave her that win, knowing that speaking before she agreed to the change would void any of the changes. he had after all been wed to a faerie queen, he learned a few things. of course though he would allow his daughter to savor her victory. there was of course one technicality she did not mention, of course he never said when he would take the mark. but again, this was her victory not his own." I merely sought the mark in a place easier to channel from without alerting any potential enemies... but as the seat of emotion and life, I agree there would be a more feasible place."

She had no need to name a specific time.  Her terms stated that if he allowed the mark on his body to show her the effects and benefits to her satisfaction that she would then allow it on hers.  If Jamison had concern about Spider's humanity being threatened or in danger then it would be in his best interest to allow her to make the mark on him sooner than later.  "Then our deal is made."  The finger poking into his chest released its pressure.  Honey-bright eyes sought his.  "And you feel better Father?  Now that you know you will be the sole guardian of my precious humanity?"  There was something to how she said that.  It wasn't snide or sarcastic.  It was impish, amused.

"I feel better knowing you're willing to protect it, that I am the guardian of this is only a small bonus.Do you require anything in order to ink the tattoo? or do you have everything you might need already?" Jamison picked up his cane, leaning into a bit, his eyes watching hers. maybe a small amused look on his face.

"I am willing because you seem to think it's important."  It was the blunt truth and it was spoken that way.  He should be thankful that she considered his concerns that much.  Only a few short months ago she would have spat at his feet if he'd went on about something like her humanity.  "I need nothing that I don't already have.  This work is my livelihood, Warden."  She smirked at him.  Because he asked her something like that she assumed that he didn't even know she did magic-related tattoo artistry for a living.

"It is important..." he added on there. offering a nod, musing over what she said." I hadn't known that you have taken up tattoo artistry as a form of employment... That sounds like a fascinating field of employ... I am pleased to know that you've already had time to practice." he smiled a bit and looked over at the door." would you care to join me in walking back to the inn?"

"It has always been so.  For nearly a hundred years.  Even the White Council frequently cites me as an expert in body ink as a means of magical focus.  They just don't know it's me they are citing.  If they knew I suspect their tune would change."  Her smile was victory and pride.  The two books the White Council referenced on the subject she had written under a pen name.  She wouldn't mention that a small handful of the White Council had been inked by her own hand and that they didn't realize that, either.  Spider relied on her Fae heritage's power of glamour to provide her customers with a picture of her appearance that wasn't the reality.  Some might call that use questionable but Spider considered it protecting herself and thought it justified.  "I'm taking a walk elsewhere.  I assume you'll knock when the day has come that you're ready for your crest?"

"hm…Interesting" He actually might have the books in question, and of course he was going to check, and read them again. he most certainly had not known they where written by his daughter. when she said she was going elsewhere he offered her a smile and a nod."Very well, and I most certainly will, rest assured that I will call upon you sooner rather then later." he was absolutely exhausted, and was doing a fantastic job of hiding that.

He said interesting and she smirked.  Many people said no one could get past Jamison LeFey but she had.  Only a handful of times in her life and with a handful of secrets had she managed to do it, but she considered each one a victory.  The matter settled to his satisfaction she turned and picked up the Eye of Morgana.  The sizable item was tucked with ease into one of the many enchanted pockets in her coat.  It didn't create a bulge and she barely felt the extra weight.  A reason why her coat was such a prized item.  It allowed her to have the option of always having what she needed with her.  Spider thought it interesting that Jamison didn't ask to discuss what magical channel she would imbue into the mark she was going to make on his chest.  Did he trust her that much?  She certainly wouldn't bring it up.  Instead she turned to him.  Standing within arms reach she didn't draw closer.  Instead she lingered there and the silence she felt as awkward.  She was not the type to embrace him.  She felt something should be done in exchange for the services he had done her in the Nevernever.  Finally she nodded to him.  Her fae instincts could feel the nod was not a fitting exchange.  Even if she wasn't required to give an exchange, she could still always feel the weight of her own actions and how they balanced against the actions of others towards her.  Both a convenient and terrible gift.  Right now, terrible.  Because she couldn't bring herself to do anything more than a nod.  And only mustered two words.  "Good-day Father."  She'd thanked him earlier.

Jamison hadn't expected a hug or anything, but maybe he was hoping for one. He offered her a nod and a smile before stepping on to be on his way."Have a safe evening Carolyn; I shall see you soon." and a tap of his index and middle fingers to his brow before continuing on, he was headed back the inn presumably to crash right on into bed.

He was walking away, so he wouldn't see the surprise.  What she'd been unable to instigate she'd assumed he'd do on his own.  When he didn't...  Spider had one of her moments.  Where what emotions churned inside of her she felt was proof that humanity wasn't a gift.  Right now her emotional response felt sore, like a body part that was tight and unwilling from misuse.  Beyond the soreness the unrequited need dropped like a heavy pit into her stomach and lumped her throat.  Just because she couldn't initiate such contact didn't mean she didn't need it.  But how was he supposed to know.  How as SHE supposed to know, when it had been over a hundred years since she'd needed the comfort of her Father's embrace.  He was leaving.  So she didn't have to, not right away.  Spider sank into the chair next to the window.  Twisting her body so that she could pull her legs up.  Resting her head on the arm that would allow her to stare out the window.  She'd leave Father's lab when she was ready. She wasn't ready.

( End. )
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Re: To the Nevernever (A Log)

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