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The Truth About Eggs -open-

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The Truth About Eggs -open-

Post by ♥Allissya♥ on Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:39 pm

She needed a drink. That's what she needed after that phone call. A nice stiff one. Something that would take off the edge. That would be good. Once she got to the bar, she paused a moment. A frown forming as she thought about what she was going to drink. Before coming down the steps she had at least changed out of the nightie, a pair of jeans and a bright purple sweater with a v neck was worn. Her long red locks were pulled to the right side in a long braid.

"One moment, please." was the call that came out from behind the kitchen door. De'Ryanna knew someone was there by the scent, yet she had to give warning that she would not be there right away because her hands were occupied at the moment and didn't need the patron to feel ignored. She wasn't cooking - not precisely - therefore there were no warm smells coming from back there. Though there was a artful display of fruit in a bowl at the end of the counter: apples, bananas, grapes and oranges. The person could have that while they waited.

She blinked, not knowing that there was going to be anyone there. A small relief that gave her time to think. "Thank you." She called out to the voice, manners in letting her know things. Acknowledgment. She did spot the fruit then. Steps were curtailed and changed for she went to that end. Prying eyes until she found a few of the grapes, picked up in her right hand. Taking a seat two seats in, and picking the grapes up from her right hand with her left to eat them.

A moment or two later the kitchen door opened and De'Ryanna came out with an apron around her silver blue full skirt and wringing her hands in a cloth. the bodice was silver and the shirt underneath had a low collar and capped
sleeves. She wore a small and polite smile. "Greetings. What can I get for you tonight?"

The polite smile would be returned. Her bright leaf green eyes moved to the woman. Oh she wanted to say answers, but she wasn't going to. Nope. She would find things out in time. "Do you have any soda here?" She hadn't been down often, and she wasn't from here, which was usually rather obvious in the beginning. Picking up another grape from her hand, and munching.

"We have a few. " In truth she had never heard of 'soda' until she came to the Inn and happened to see cans of it in the Marketplace. She took a step back and reached down to open the under-counter fridge to see what was there. "A few cans labeled Pepsi, Root Beer, Coke, Fanta, and Mountain Dew." Yep, that's what they had. It wasn't the best selection .. but since many didn't order soda they only got those. "Interested in any or do you require something of a different flavor?"

She was glad to hear that they did have some. She would of chose something else. "Root beer please." She had manners, and those would be used here. "I do appreciate it." A nod of her head, this was all new to her. "What do most people around here drink?" If she knew, if she didn't well that wouldn't effect her either way. Just a casual question.

"At the last place I was in everyone always ordered water and the population of little children sprung up like weeds." To her that was humor and she said it as she reached and pulled out the Root Beer. A&W Root Beer to be precise. "Various beer, liquor concoctions, ale, fruit specials, those are some of the things the patrons here enjoy. Along with the occasional blood. Here." The soda can was placed in front of the other. Perhaps she would see that the tips of her fingers skin was dyed red. "You stay here as well I assume, what's your name."

The corner of her lips quirked, "I shall stay away from the water, just in case that followed you here." She did not want to chance the water, she heard it was the easiest way to get pregnant. Drinking the water! "Fruit specials, those sound interesting. If I end up feeling adventurous." Not saying she would or wouldn't. When she set the can down, her own hands would lift, now empty of the grapes, and pop the top. Thankfully it did not fizz everywhere. She wasn't good with messes. Bothered her. Oh she did see the red dye, but she didn't think to ask. "I do. I am Allyssia. I am Mr. Winston Bakersfield the Third's Executive Assistant. That's what brought me here."

"Yes. Allyssia. I remember reading your name in the books. I see you have decided to stay over. Will you be conducting business for Mister Bakersfield from the Inn?" She asked with a slight raise of her brow in question. "If
this is the case and you are needing a more accommodating room for any electronical devices then changes can be made. Otherwise we do have a pair of computers in the lounge if business is done in that manner."

A nod of her head. "I have brought my lap top with me. The lounge is very comfortable for work. I do appreciate your thought. If I end up staying longer, which might be the case." She had been warned hadn't she? It was as if she had just made her decision. "Yes. I do think if there is a more accommodating room for electrical devices might be wise." The telecommunications were a key part to her staying here. "I am trying to convince Mr. Bakersfield to open a office here." Seeing he didn't seem to want to leave, and she did not want to leave until she figured things out.

"Your room could be adjusted. It would only take an hour or so of you not being in it for the changes to be made. I'm sure you could use that time engaged in some other activity or in the lounge....." She trailed off slightly as she drummed her fingers upon the counter top. "Rhy'din is really and expansive place. I'm sure something could hold your interest while your room is changing."

"That's easy enough. If I know when its going to happen. I usually go to the lounge for meetings on the lap top. Through out the day." She gave a small nod, as she lifted the can of A&W to take a pull from it. "I could perhaps go into town and get some office supplies. Before I put forth my idea to Mr. Bakersfield I should have a plan drawn up for him."

"Let me know when you wish it to be done. My name is De'Ryanna. If you don't see me you can always leave a note at the front desk." a nod of her head past Allyssia towards the desk. "I will get it. Include your name and the request. You will not have to give it to anyone. Simply place it on the desk." she looked back towards the kitchen door for a second. "If you are going to drink at the counter I should bring out my project. Do you require food as well?"

"Nice to meet you, De'Ryanna." She hoped that her pronunciation of the word was correct, without making the woman think she was mocking. That sounded rather easy. A note if she did not see De'Ryanna out. She could handle that. "I will keep that in mind." She paused at the next question. "Oh no, I don't have an appetite. Please do bring out your project, I would hate to be holding you up from getting something done."

Since Allyssia didn't have a problem with her doing work, De'Ryanna took temporary leave of the bar and went back to the kitchen. She stayed there for a bit as she had to gather everything to transport it to the front. When she returned she had a pot of boiled eggs, three empty cartons that held a dozen eggs, a few small wire frames that looked to hold something egg shaped. She set those down first. Then she headed back into the kitchen for the rest of what she would need. this time when she came back she was balancing three metal cylinders on a tray a pallet of paints, and a few small brushes with pointed tips. These she sat down on the counter as well. "Do they have Easter there where you are from Allyssia?"

She sat in silence while De'Ryanna made her trips to and from the kitchen. Now she had seen these items before not that she had used anything like them in...well ages. So the question had her snapping her bright leaf greens up the
other lady. "We do. I haven't seen a dyed egg in ages." She had actually stopped dying eggs when she was 9. Though she couldn't recall if it was her wanting to, her rebelling or her parents thinking she was to old do such. "Oh my gosh, I have been so wrapped up in meetings, that I haven't even taken a breath to realize its right around the corner." Like really a week away.

"Mmmm." Simply stated. De'Ryanna was taking the time to set up everything precisely and in order. The bowl of eggs the brushes by the paint pallet, the cylinders - which had base color dye in them , and the stands for the eggs to sit on to dry. Not to forget the cartons they would go in once they were complete. "The one who usually dyes the eggs is a bit out of sorts and therefore I'm doing them for her." It was the least that she could do. Besides, she was sure that the other would make more anyway considering where the eggs were going. De'Ryanna could do nice things. "Holidays are a bit different here, i assume, than where you are from. I suppose it's different for everyone. Do you celebrate?" clearly she hadn't gotten to dying any of the eggs yet. The base colors were the three primary: red. blue, and green.

She watched, really what else was she going to do while they were both at the bar? She had her soda, and she had fruit. She was set. "That is nice of you to help out." Not that she wouldn't of done the same. If a job needed to
be done, she liked to get it done, and move on to tackle the next item. Everyone could do nice things couldn't they? "Usually for Easter we all go to my mother's parents house. It's a big formal affair. They have a hired Easter Bunny, a man in a rabbit costume, whom hands out baskets to the young kids. A Easter Egg hunt, well really two. One for the kids and one for the adults. And a big spread of food." She looked down a moment, before looking up. "This will be the first year that I am not there." She could of went back, it wasn't that she couldn't but she refused to leave. Well if they made her leave the Inn, she would but she'd have to find somewhere else to stay. Because she was not going anywhere, until she figured out more about her dreams.

Glancing up to Allyssia as she spoke about her holiday tradition. "Sounds like it was fun." It did sound like fun. She had never been on a hunt before. "That's what the children will be doing with these. Hunting them as I understand it. Well. I can't offer you the comforts of back home, but there are plenty of eggs here if you would like to try your hand and will not spill paint all over the bar top." She picked up an egg and dropped it into the red container, watching it bob around in the dye a moment as she held two thin sticks in her hand ready to extract the egg when it was time.

She had a bittersweet smile. "It was." When you felt like you belonged it was very fun. She was sure that her family, well what she had thought was her family, but she wasn't going to let her mind linger there. "If you don't mind I think I would like to help." No point in having the other woman do them all alone. And she was rather careful as well. She was not one for messes. She wrinkled her nose at the thought of spilled paint. Picking up a hard boiled egg, she would place it carefully into the blue dye. Not a single splash came up. Once the egg was placed in the dye she would pick up the other set of sticks. Watching, and perhaps even turning it carefully, without spilling or dripping dye.

"I find this to not only be a fun activity...but one that helps focus." the two sticks were similar to long needles and nearly just as thin. De'Ryanna held them on one hand like chop-sticks and captured the egg, picking it up from the red dye and placing it in one of the stands. There were three of them. She let it go and the egg started to drip dry. "Often, when a person is confused or doesn't know what they are doing, something like this can help sort out their thought process. "

She thought about the words, helps focus. "I hope so." Was mumbled almost under her breath, she hadn't thought the words had come out of her lips at all. Watching she waited a moment, for her egg went in a moment later then De'Ryannn's. Following the same procedure she would pick up the egg carefully, not dripping any dye and place it in a different stand, then the one that De'Ryanna had placed it in. "I never thought of it that way." Her brain was moving to try to figure that all out. Like how the egg dying could help focus her thoughts. Deep breathing she knew.

"When you focus on one thing it makes the rest of the chaos in your brain stop. Structure. Order. To focus on a detailed task you can't have other thoughts buzzing around, or else you're distracted." She had heard the slightly mumbled words but wasn't going to comment on them. "The other thoughts will beat for a while but they will still themselves. Then it will be easier for you to pull another thought to concentrate on while doing your task." She looked to the brushes and picked a very thin one. Drawing the tip along the paint, white, she started making thin lines on the egg.

She was thinking on this, for it did make sense. And she would only hope that her brain would close down. She picked up the metal wire, and set a egg upon it. Dipping the egg into the yellow. Not completely the top part of the egg about a third of it, was not put into the yellow dye. Her hand held still. "What are you doing with the paint?" She had not seen anyone actually paint them before.

"Painting the egg." to state the obvious and she glanced to Allyssia. "Some simply use the dye.. or others things to make a design. A design's a design, probably doesn't care much. I have a way I like to do things. I'm not an artist." she thought that was important to point out. She could paint but wasn't an artist. To her there was a difference. "White netting. perhaps with circles here and there in the cross marks."

It might of been the obvious, but she had not seen anyone actually paint an egg. A small nod of her head, as she was acknowledging what De'Ryanna was saying. "That sounds interesting." Even as she spoke she took the egg that she had in the yellow dye and all but the one third that wasn't dyed. She had to wait for that egg to dry, for she wanted to dip it in the blue on the opposite end, so the middle would be green and the ends would be yellow and blue. "Mind if I try that?" She was trying to help De'Ryanna get the job done, right? And she hadn't made a mess yet, but she did not want to just grab.

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