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•§• Retrieval from Tear •§•

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•§• Retrieval from Tear •§•

Post by Airtia S. Cauthon on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:47 pm

When Airtia opened the portal in the kitchen the other side would let out to back ally in a marketplace that was far from Rhy'din and New Haven. sounds of commerce could be heard as well as movements of carts and horses hooves on cobblestone. Clearly this was not a modern area. The ally they were in was dark enough for the average person to not simply see a pair of people appear, but it was also behind a building, so it wouldn't look too odd if anyone noticed them coming out. Airtia stepped out of the Gateway and moved from it to allow him space - the ally wasn't that wide, five feet at the most. Wide enough for a single person to walk down at a time 'comfortably' without room for anyone to pass. The buildings on either side of them were tall and the late afternoon sky could be seen from above. –

Gawain emerged closely behind her, seeking to be ready for anything. Their outings had never been what one would consider normal, so he was on his guard. He was glad that he had decided to dress in something casual, while still vaguely blending in with the locals. ~Where are we? Looks familiar.~ What he didn't relate to her was that it didn't look familiar, but smelled familiar. He figured that she would, after a time, find the whole smelling thing kind of gross.

"It should. Perhaps ye 'ave been 'ere b'fore." She didn't speak loudly or soft, it was level. and her direction was towards the end of the alleyway, where they would exit in time. "We are in Tear." He knew about the city of Tear and the Tariens that resided there. "Make sure ye practice yer manners." That was a joke on her part even if she didn't crack a wide smile or laugh. Airtia turned to him slightly in a motion to tap her hand upon his shoulder. "We are 'ere tae retrieve something fer Xavier."

"Yes, I've been here. I was sent here to retrieve that certain sa'angreal once. Right there at the end, he got really wouldn't believe the weaves he had placed on that thing to keep it safe." Her comment about manners didn't escape him, of course. "I'll be on my best behavior." That last said with a smirk. "So, what are we after?" He, of course, meaning the Dragon himself. Of course, she would know that, since her Sisters would have no doubt kept a close eye on his dealings for some time.

'Benjamin ‘as a metal that ‘e uses tae make things with." she spoke as she started to walk out of the ally. "While I do nae know all o’ it, I 'ave it on good word that ‘e uses the same material that forged Callandor." A glance behind her to him for a moment. "And I acquired some o’ my own fer our son. Iffen ‘e tis going tae be 'round then ‘e should 'ave it." She wasn't going to disclose how she got her hands on that metal, not out here in the open where they could be easily overheard. "E’en iffen ‘e does nae hold a strong tae Sadin like ye it can still cut things made o’ the same and I believe that it will be an effective tool. Perhaps more so because he will nae be able tae channel through it." When she stepped out of the ally it was brighter and she squinted only a moment before her eyes flashed and adjusted to the change of light level. The affairs of the day were starting to dwindle down and a few shop keeps were already closing for the evening.

”You said he had access to the same material used to forge one of the most powerful tools known from the Age of Legends? Geez, Air, why didn't you let me Balefire the jerk the first time he mouthed off at me?" He said that with a smirk...he wouldn't use that weave unless it was a last resort. Rand had almost torn the Pattern with it once, and he wasn't the type to repeat the mistakes made by a half-mad man. "It sounds to me like this is something you've had in the works for awhile now. I appreciate your trust, Airtia. You know, I don't think Xavier was ever tested for the spark....given the fact that you and I are strong in the Source, and his twin sister seems to be rather proficient as well, he may have the gift."

If they had still been in the ally she would have turned around, stopped and said a few things, but they were not - so she kept going, directing him to a different part of Tear, away from the richer area and towards what appeared to be a warehouse. "There tis a lot I probably should let ye in on." It did not appear that she was looking around her as she walked, as her movement wasn’t' anything to draw suspicion. She kept her eyes away from any that might be local authority and went about her way. "There will be time fer that later. I can tell ye that our children were Fostered in Cairhien. Prefect location fer both o’ them tae excel. And aye. this 'as been a while. As ye know I cant channel Sadin..." and since the material could be used for a male, that meant that someone else had to do it for her.

"Yes, there will. You -do- know that we're coming up on an anniversary, right?" That said where only she would hear it, and with a note of levity. "I suppose that, in my absence, you did what you thought was best. At any rate, best to concentrate on the task at hand....I'm assuming there will be wards and/or traps woven of Saidin?" He was up for a challenge, since it had been awhile since he had done any real channeling. "Oh, before I forget, I have something for you. Call it an early anniversary gift." He smiled, reaching into his coat and taking out an almost meter-long rod, made of something that looked like ivory, and fluted. It would be as long as her forearm, and if she grasped it, she would no doubt feel the power it offered. "With that, you can rival anyone from the Tower. Light, you can rival one of the Forsaken with that. It's the most powerful sa'angreal the Tower had, and before you ask, I ain't telling how I came to possess it." He smiled, hoping she would be pleased with what was obviously a well-thought-out gift.

"We both 'ave our secrets." She took the rod with the tips of her fingers, slightly turning it as she looked it over with her eyes. As her arms were bare she couldn't put it there so instead she pushed it down between her belt and pants, gave it a small tilt so it sat a bit like a dagger would. "Good taste, and I 'avent' forgotten. The lil ones may nae like that I sent t’em away but I did what I 'ad tae do and I do nae apologize fer it. Life is better without 'aving me in and out. Steady." That is what she believed. With the things she was involved in having the kids around her would have only put them in harms way. "The dagger cannae be removed 'cept by a male channeler. There are wards in place and it would take me too long tae break them." She stopped when they were outside of the warehouse. The daylight had faded more and it was early evening. Only the occasional straggler walked by. "There are a few levels we 'ave to go tae get to it. But the first is getting in. I had the place constructed by males and their wards. Find it.. break it.. so that we can enter." She turned to him and lifted a hand to his cheek. Unless he moved away her hand would brush against him .

He smiled, closing his eyes briefly at the touch. It had been too long. Better to concentrate on the task at hand, though. "They grew up well....De'Ryanna seems to have grown up a tad bitter and cynical, but I'll win her over. Xavier...well, he's so much like me that it's a tad frightening at times. But yes, you did what you had to do, and no one can fault you for it. One day, though, you will tell me what it is you do when you are, as you said, in and out." He paused for another moment, taking her hand gently and interlocking his fingers with hers. "Not to worry, if it's warded, it won't be for long. I have my ways of getting rid of such things, after all." From his pocket, he produced a small statuette with his free hand. It was carved of a jade-like stone, and depicted a portly man, seated, with a sword laid across his lap. "It isn't the strongest of the bunch, but well, I get by." He winked to her, releasing her hand reluctantly, and looked around. "Hold on a moment." He seized Saidin, feeling and savoring the rush of power and heightened senses. As soon as he had done so, he felt something pulling him in its direction. "I believe it's this way, dear. Watch your back, this area isn't exactly known for it's sterling character."

And he used a lot of power, she could feel in and it made her slightly cringe. She told him to be on good behavior. So when he started to move she stayed back a moment and looked around. Took a good and honest look around to see if anyone outwardly noticed. Then she said a few non verbal things before continuing. "I know. I' 'ave been working here fer years." working was variant on the person and what they considered work to be. Where it would take her a while to find the object she'd follow – that is why he was here. The Warehouse was not very large but it was long with metal flooring in many places and it would require light steps to make sure the steps were no echoed throughout. There were steps. two levels of basement and one upstairs.

Gawain could move quietly, despite his build. As he moved forward, he hazarded a glance back to Airtia, as if to make sure she was ready. With that, he began to make his way slowly down the first set of stairs. He began to feel an odd tugging feeling, as if something was lying in wait. He dismissed this as nothing more than apprehension, and continued, stepping gently so as not to make too much noise.

~Air, just so you know....there's something odd. Could be nothing, but just in case, be ready. Is there some sort of guard set here?~

Despite it.. she was still calm. Too many years on her to not be. Not to mention she expected.. something. The people she deals with are not the most trusting of people and nothing was truely legit - that was how she was able to get a lot of things done and they often came with 'unspoken strings". That typically resulted in people not returning. ~A'ter ye.~

~As you wish.~ That brought a slight smirk to his face as he forged ahead, cautiously listening, smelling, and opening all of his other senses to any dangers. In a short time, he reached the first landing of the stairway leading down, and would wait for her to catch up to him, if she hadn't already. Something still didn't seem right, and he would have liked to know what that something was. Maybe he was getting too apprehensive in his old age, but that sense of danger had served him well in the past, and he wasn't about to discount it now.

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Re: •§• Retrieval from Tear •§•

Post by Airtia S. Cauthon on Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:57 pm

He had plenty to worry about so it was good that he was being on guard. Airtia had gone through many nondescript channels throughout the year to get what she wanted and passed a few deals that would not have been looked upon favorably. She cast her eyes around as they walked and while she couldn't feel the energy of the male half of the Source, Gawain could and most of it was gathered downward. Basement. And it had a strong pull. It was made from the Source before it had been cleaned so perhaps this was somethign that he would know. There were wards around the steps leading downwards, a mix of fire and spirit intended to burn and ensnare any who set them off. "Ye should be goin' first. Unlike ye, I cannae see male threads."

He shook his head. "Tainted. This was formed before Saidin was cleansed. Light, I forgot how dirty it felt." Holding Saidin through his Angreal, he proceeded, still stepping quietly and keeping himself alert for anything that may happen. "If you could see male threads, you would see a mess." It was indeed a mess.....the weaves were interlaced and very strong. No doubt some poor soul had gone at least half-mad channeling this much of the unclean Power, and it showed. Slowly, with seat beading his brow, be began to pick the weaves apart, one by one. It was slow going, since he knew there had to be quite a few traps laid for just such an occurrence.

While Gawain started to pick at the threads she kept out a cautious eye and her ears caught sound of something moving. It was a very slight tinking, like someone had tapped a glass with a nail. "Wait..." Airtia said as she held up a finger. "Did ye hear that?" She turned her back to Gawain and looked to the door with her head turned. "There tis something out there.. Or.. there tis something.. 'ere." She would have moved towards the door but she knew better. All this time she had the Source held as well and stretched out towards it to see what was there.. but she felt nothing. Physically. But her instinct said something was there. The floor rumbled.

Gawain had just come to a point where he could allow his attention to be diverted. "What is it, Air? Shadowspawn?" He, too, had felt the floor rumbling, and he did not like the possibilities that it offered. "Draw through the sa'angreal I gave you, dear. It will be a most valuable tool." He picked apart another set of threads, these being tied to a warding against intrusion. His eyes closed, and he found that he could 'see' the weaves easier. The rest fell as if they were dominoes, and they were free to resume their journey. After this, he had sniffed the air, and almost sneezed at the foulness of the air. "I smell something, Air. It isn't the type of thing that we should be expecting to be of aid to us." What he didn't say was that he had smelled that same stench once before, and it had emanated from a gholam. Nasty creatures, Shadowspawn all, and tenacious. Neither Saidar nor Saidin would work on them. Reaching beneath the back of his coat, he produced a blade, which would be, upon close observation, found to be made of the same material that the Great Seals were. Yes, the making of cuendillar had been rediscovered, and he had wasted no time in creating himself a weapon that was, for all intents and purposes, indestructible.

"Always enjoyed playing with those creatures." Airtia was focusing on the door they had entered in on and she wove a similar thread of intrusion around it. "Be careful o how much o the Source ye use here. There are Watchers.." which was why she was glad to know he had a standard weapon. To look at her there wasn't any visible weapon aside from the paid of Daggers - Silver and Gold - that she wore on either hip, but those were all that she needed. Besides, there were always the spikes that held her bodice together and she had a lack of modesty. Not only did she put the one ward against the door, she sealed it before she took a hand and pressed it up against Gawain's left shoulder. He could feel the power she was holding. "We both do dealings with unsavory creatures. B'fore, when I had the work commissioned, the maker owned a few. He did nae think that I saw them.. but I did. Five o them. I think they are guarding my item." She said hers because she had it made. It was curious as to why she was practically sneaking in to get a weapon she had made . –

He grimaced, thinking of how tough those Light-forsaken creatures were. "If I need to release, I will. I'd rather not, though, even if normal weaves fail against them. You could say I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I haven't had the opportunity to use." He wouldn't mention his rediscovery of Deathgates, because, more than anything else, he didn't want to risk being Gentled then and there. There was, of course, another reason he didn't mention it. Call it his secret weapon. "Would you like one of these?" Indicating his Power-wrought Heartstone short-sword. "The making of them is fairly simple, and would make many a blacksmith weep were they to find that they were in existence.

"These two do me fine. Thank ye.," it was when she swore her double handed, blue blade bastard sword - the one she often kept sealed away at their home on the mountain - that would bring worry. Or more worry. "Are ye nae glad tae be here? Ye get tae get yer hands dirty." It was a joke in this time where things were anything but funny. To her it was funny. "Are the stairs clear? Iffen they are.. we should go. Nae need fer us tae keep them waiting."

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Re: •§• Retrieval from Tear •§•

Post by Airtia S. Cauthon on Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:25 pm

Gawain had his senses working overtime, seeking whatever it was that they were after through already well-above-peak senses heightened further through his grip on Saidin. She would notice that things came easier for him now, and his face had begun to take on the ageless quality that sprang from working with the Power extensively. Quietly, he spoke to her as he pointed to the door ahead. "Trollocs. At least four or five, and one of them set to guard the door. His scent is off, though, as if he's lying in ambush. Be on your toes."

"And the stairs?" She did tell him that if it was clear then that's where they should be going. "More time than needed should nae be spent 'ere." Airtia cautioned and gave him a nudge with her hand upon his shoulder. "Do nae start worrying about me. We came fer a job." More or less. It wasn't a lie since she couldn't do that, and it was the truth for the considerable part. "We can think on them iffen they e'er decide tae show faces." Or when they were confronted with them as they were standing guard around the item.

He smiled, not taking his eyes off the stair as he placed one foot on the first step. "The day I stop worrying is the day I die. Well....maybe I need a better analogy there." His attempt at humor. He knew that she could not lie, not like a regular human could, so he had learned to either accept her words or ponder the hidden meaning. However, this time he was accepting them at face value. "If something gets the jump on me, and you can't take it on, you will Gate yourself out of here." Was that an order or a request? It hadn't sounded like a question, so....up the stairs he went, silent in going, as he had had the boots he wore specially made to not have hobnails that would ring against the floor or flagstones as he walked.

Airtia made hardly any sound as she moved. Her footfalls were as silent as any good elves or other nocturnal hunter, something that only came naturally for creatures of that race. Gawain would feel a bit of humor from her through their bond, but it wasn't at the joke he made, it was at his request. "Since when did I start takin' orders from ye?" Because it was very much like her to run from a situation. Once he started down the steps something hard and heavy hit the floor they had been standing on and started towards them. "Why can they nae just let me 'ave my item." Her words were not really to him, they were generally spoken for what had hit the floor was the one that had been waiting atop the door. Now it was on the ground and walking towards them. "And ye may want tae hurry on down those steps."

A malevolent grin split his face. "Ah, look, it's one of my favorites." The Trolloc lumbered toward them, wicked-looking sword/cleaver held at the ready. Gawain noted that this one had a boar's snout and little piggy eyes. In a bit of a flash, with no wasted movements, he unlimbered the sword at his hip and slashed at the creature in a series of rapid motions, bringing his hand up at the end. Almost tripped up there, he stopped, knowing he had almost given their position away, and buried his blade in the creature's neck to keep it from squealing. The head rolled away from the body as Gawain took a cloth from behind his scabbard to wipe the black blood from his sword, more out of habit than anything else. After he had done this, he turned on his heel and stepped back to her. With a smirk, he shrugged. "What? Like I'm going to turn down a good dance? You know better. It's not in my nature."

At least he used a physical weapon and not the Source. He remembered that she told him not to use too much of it while they were here. She was sure that doing so would trip up some type of ward or maybe even cause her item to vanish. Airtia moved out of the way when he started to go at the creature, she took her place at the steps, leaning down and scanning the area to see what was there. Her eyes squinted against the darkness - it wasn't pitch black, but it was dark enough to cause normal eyesight to be hindered. The only thing to keep it from totally darkness were the few lamps set up on the very bottom . After the Trolloc was dead the scent of the creatures blood hit her nose and her lips gave a hint of a curl. Perhaps Gawain would only take it as a pleased smile for his work for any other feeling she pushed down low. "As I can smell the blood, they know that we are 'here as well." She quickly started down the steps.

sighed, shaking his head with a small smile. "I know, I know." Yes, he knew that he had pretty much advertised their presence, at least somewhat, but why try being someone besides himself? He followed closely, expanding his senses as much as possible. He had quite excellent night-vision most times, and his hold on the Source helped to curb the vision problem he had noticed recently. He didn't bother putting his sword away, and did not speak further. After getting her attention briefly, he pointed to himself, then the room ahead, then tilted his head. He would take direction since he did not, as she may or may not, know the interior of the room well.

She didn't mind how he was.. it 's why she was with him wasn't it? So she caught that bit of a sigh and when he got near she gave him a 'playful' punch to the shoulder before she turned her focus back. Of course, she could see as well as he was, even if she wasn't holding the Source. On this first lower level the floor ahead of them was made out of grates and up atop they could see down below. There were three Trollocs surrounding a small table. One creature looked like a wingless manticore and he seemed to be the 'lead' standing at the head of the table. The main question was why was the item being guarded so? It could easily be answered because of what the item was, it shouldn't just be given to anyone. What the item was, wasn't easily see. The staircase that leads to the last floor stopped right in front of that Trolloc. Gawain would feel a ward around the item on the table, one that bared anyone but a male Channeler from breaking through and getting the item. That was one of the main reasons Airtia couldn't get it herself - she wasn't a male Channeler and couldn't get it. It was a ward made of fire. Who's to stay that even though Gawain was a male that reaching through it, or in breaking it, he wouldn't get burned himself? "Suggestions?"

He nodded. "Kill the Trollocs, then pick that ward apart. Feels like Fire, but I don't know exactly what it would do if triggered. Since I'm not a fan of being roasted alive, I'd rather not find out. Ready?" He smirked, already knowing the answer to that question as he hefted his sword and approached what seemed to be the unofficial leader of the Trollocs. He was relieved to have not, so far, seen a Gholam. Those things were just downright nasty.

Perhaps the Gholam was what created the item? Being as they were the masters of the Trollocs , one had to be somewhere. Right. Airtia didn't go down the steps, as the floor was gated and they could see down she didn't see the need. Besides, Gawain was poised and ready to take them on and full speed. And he was. Gawain approached and the beast only huffed and hefted his axe in his hand. But he didn't move to engage Gawain, no, one of the ones on the side did. This one had the head of a lion and it roar as it sprang at his opponent. No weapon just claws and an armored body. When it sprang, Airtia hoped down the steps and ducked to the other side to take on the Trolloc on the other side of the table.

Now that was more like it. He forgot sometimes what had initially drawn him to Airtia, and one of the foremost reasons was the way she got even more beautiful to him when she was taking such actions. His attention returned to the task at hand as his nose worked overtime, seeking out other threats at the same time as he looked for advantages over the bestial Trolloc. He knew there was probably a Fade, or Myrrdraal, as they were more commonly known, somewhere nearby, so as he engaged the beast, he kept his senses attuned to this as well. Still not really comfortable channeling in this closed space, he instead relied on his combat training. Sword licking around at frightening speeds, he made quick work of the loud-mouthed Trolloc by severing this one's head as well. Not taking time to clean his blade, he turned to the other one not being engaged by Air with a grim expression.

The one Airtia was engaged in was large in terms of wide girth. His head was more of a boar's and he used the horns on his head as more of a weapon and the scimitar as a secondary. He was backing her up, but only because she was letting herself be, it was a ruse to get him away from the table. He lunged, she feinted and made a slide to get under his wide swing and around to the back. The turn allowed her the chance to see Gawain and to see what was peering in the dark shadows behind him. "Turn 'round!" She shouted at him. If he did so he would see the faint outline of a Fade in the shadows. But if he turned then the head Trolloc would surely strike at him. Was she concerned? Slightly. But as she saw the Fade she took a hard pull of power and shot a hard block up against it to buy him a bit of time. Wasn't a lot for she didn't have the ability to focus on something very strong while engaged in her own battle. Then, of course, there was the thing about challenging..

He felt her alarm through their bond almost before she shouted to him, executing a duck-and-roll maneuver to bring him past the Trolloc he had been about to engage, as well as letting him dodge any incoming blow from the Fade and bring him in a position to face it. Without looking to her, he shouted over his shoulder. "Need a hand? Looks like yours has been eating his fiber!" Baring his teeth, he gave a vicious snarl and set about the Trolloc, leading with his sword to relieve the creature of his weapon arm before delivering a resounding punch to the snout. It echoed a bit in the room, and it made him almost proud. Light, I've been married to the woman almost 20 years and I still want to impress her. A quick backhanded motion caught the Trolloc at the base of it's stubby neck, sending yet another head flying. Finally, he was able to focus on the Fade itself. Circling slowly, he looked for a drop in guard, or any motion that would betray the thing's intent. Fades, of course, took more finesse than a Trolloc, since they were usually more crafty and less ham-fisted in their attacks.

The Fade pulled out his black-bladed sword made upon the slopes of Shayol Ghul, the sound of a hissing snake. He felt the weave that Airtia sprung at him and that hiss was directed at her, the sword was directed to Gawain who had been killing off the Trollocs one by one. Even with the black scale armor this creature was fast. One minute he was there and the next he wasn't, simply vanished off into the shadows to appear near Gawain, that black blade slashing out quickly for the man's head. Along with it was fear and terror, seeking to control the emotional tone of the room. Doubting that it would work on anyone currently in the room but it was something in their blood to do. as the blade went out a smaller dagger like weapon came out to make a cut to the kidneys if it wasn't caught. Airtia was keeping her eyes on them but, as her Trolloc had been dealt with she made her way over to the table and the item. Though she couldn't see the weave she saw that the covered item was starting to disappear. Therefore, she was concentrating and focusing on what she couldn't see; picking at it to see if she could make a dent.

Good thing Gawain wasn't an old man, never mind what his kids called him! He had noticed the Fade pop out of view and quickly remembered where they had gotten their name from. Knowing a protracted battle with one of these creatures would heighten the chance of him getting nicked by one of the blades the Fade carried, Gawain focused on it, drawing from what seemed like a lifetime of fighting to keep him barely one step ahead of the quick-moving Shadowspawn. His blade tore through the Fade's left arm, causing the dagger to hit the ground with a clang, and Gawain was dancing away again. The creature swung quickly, hissing once more, but was overbalanced and in a rage from the pain of it's limb being sliced away. Gawain allowed it to topple forward, and right into his own blade's swinging arc. Sword bit flesh, and the Fade was mewling like a kitten. As he stepped by it, Gawain kicked the Shadow-tainted sword away from the Fade, then smashed it's head with the heel of his boot. "'s it going?" Casual, even. He peered behind him, sighing. "Ignore it. Those murderous bastards can flop like a fish out of water for a full day after you kill them." Nasty, nasty pieces of work.

She had managed to pick apart a portion of it, a small portion and she nodded to the vanishing object in the middle of the table. "Just peachy." came her snarky remark to his comment about how it was going. "'Aving fun? Ye seem tae be enjoying yerself o'er there." She looked up and cast a quick glance around her. She heard the sound of the buying and the smell of the blood of the fallen creatures was starting to pull at her... Gawain would no doubt feel the irritability from their bond. And a hunger. "We can nae stay 'ere much longer. My item tis vanishing. Get it.. quickly." a sense of urgency in her voice. Gawain would get burned. in her few passes at picking at this ward she had caused a few sparks, the residue could still be seen and felt in the air.

Gawain fully opened himself to the Power, but ignored the revelry of the actual seizing of it. She had said that he should hurry, so he did. "Stand back, Air. Maybe, I dunno, grab the Power and be ready with Water?" Grimly, he set about working on the ward, then realized how intricate the weaving had been. "Bloody hell, Air, who did this, Moridin?" He grumbled as he worked, snapping fine threads as quickly as possible. However, something had gone wrong. Not feeling the need to relate this to Airtia right now, he switched from surgical skill to heavy-handed tactics. After a moment, he cursed to no one in particular, feeling a rising heat, and grasped the object in the middle of the table. "Hope this is worth it....damn, I despise the scent of burned hair." Maybe he had a little bit of eyebrows left.....

If Gawain knew what weapons felt like by touch alone when what he was feeling felt like a dagger and the object would feel warm through the cloth that was covering it. She didn't say anything who did the ward around it - now was not the time or place. Instead she quickly opened up a Gate and, with a hand grabbing on to his shoulder, pulled him through to the other side. Where they landed was the floor of their living room in the house on the mountain top. He knew this place - or he should anyway since Air has called it home since b’fore he met her and they lived here. When he was through he got what he asked for: a splash of water to the face. "There now.. Yer 'air will grow back." She was slightly out of breath. But she sealed her gateway off and put up a ward against being followed.. She picked this place because it wasn't able to be followed. Easily. A safe place. "Now, ye need yer rest. "

”That....." He grunted as he rose from the floor, thinking about how every time he used someone else's gateway he ended up landing on his arse. "That was fun. Let's go again." He snickered a little, then shook his head. Cold water! "Light, Air. That was a bit bracing. Thanks. Anyway, what is this?" Indicating the parcel he had grabbed from the table.

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Re: •§• Retrieval from Tear •§•

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