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Shane has Exited the Building . ~ A log ~

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Shane has Exited the Building . ~ A log ~

Post by Aleshanee on Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:04 pm

~I asked Kendrick Mun to help me with Shane's exit from the Inn for a bit! Thanks again!~

That dang ringing bell, it was driving her nuts, she wanted to take that bell and shove it where the sun didn’t shine. And Kendrick was not her only target of where she wanted to shove that bell, De’Ryanna and Madeline were just as much at fault, they provided the danged thing. When she was asleep she was plagued with thoughts of him, and things that they had done, or could have done. Her thoughts were a bit hazy about that night, blame it on the alcohol. She sure as heck did. Having heard enough of that damned bell, she finally gave in, it wasn’t like she was going to get anything accomplished, if she kept trying to ignore it. A part of her wondered if anyone else could hear that thing or if they had it set up somehow that only she’d hear it.
Well, he got his wish, having driven her insane, she was dressed in a pair of loose fitting blue jeans, and a black hoodie with a design over the front, a shiny silver dragon. The shirt was well worn. Tennis shoes and socks were upon her feet. And she made her way over to the door next to her, to Mr. Kendrick’s door to give him a piece of her mind. She made one simple, knock, because really he knew she’d give in eventually.

At the sound of the knock he grinned. Took the woman long enough to get over here. He had almost grown bored. Almost. To the door he knew who was on the other side. The door was pulled open and the one on the other side was greeted with a wolfish grin, leaning his lean muscular frame against the door frame. “Shane, what a surprise.” Pause. “Do come in.” Said the spider to the fly. When she looked at him she would see that he was dressed only in a pair of faded blue jeans that hung low upon his hips. Left arm was lifted and fingers ran through his ruffled hair mussing it more. If one did not know better they might think he had just left his bed and was rather eager to return there.

She hated the fact that he could unnerve her so easily; it really got a fire going under her. When she felt her back was against the wall, was always the time that people had learnt to watch out, for that temper of hers. No good mornings here, no good days, nor good evenings, she didn’t care what time of the day it was. “Will you please quit ringing that damn bell!? All hours of the day it’s ring-a-ling-dinging. Are you trying to drive me insane?” Yes she had yet to look at him in the eyes. She would be fine as long as she didn’t make contact with his face. Her voice rising, with every word slipping out. “I swear! Have you only stayed here because you knew you could drive me insane?” It was then that she made the mistake and looked up into his face, and those eyes, yes those eyes that had undone her from the beginning. Her voice dropped as she walked past him, barely brushing against his chiseled chest, and into his room. “Is it not good enough that I dream of you every night?” She wanted to beat against him, anything to get rid of those dreams, those dreams that were so real.

All during her tirade he kept his face neutral. Not a flicker of emotion except for a small twitch at the corner of his lips. No answer to the question she had asked. His eyes followed her movements a case in study. Being the male that he was he zeroed in on one sentence. “So tell me about these dreams, my prize.” The words tumbled out of his mouth like slick butter over hot rolls. Removing himself from the spot near the door. Once he was out of the doors way he would move to close it. They did not need an audience watching the room did they? Not that he minded an audience. The more the merrier and all that.

If he thought that there was going to be something going on, that they needed a close door for he was very mistaken! She had come here to give him a piece of her mind, and if he couldn’t take that and let it be, well then he was going to be sorely mistaken! “I only came here to tell you I am leaving, for a while, going to go home. I got an offer to be in a movie. I so adore making movies. I wouldn’t have bothered coming to tell you, but I was afraid that you would continue with that bell, and if someone happened to be staying in my rooms, or cleaning them, I wouldn’t want you driving them nuts.” She gave that nod of her head.

Once more he was silent as he listened to her words. Grin. “My prize is leaving me? Perhaps we should have some afternoon delight. Just to help you remember me while you are gone.” He would not tell her that leaving wasn’t going to stop him from visiting her at night. He would allow her a few nights peace…maybe. Not making any fast moves his Prize seemed rather worked up this afternoon. “One time for the road? Relieve your stress…” He made it sound like it was all for her benefit. What a kind and generous man, making such a sacrifice.

She couldn’t believe the man! He just…well…okay so he had a point. She was rather stressed, and she was going to be under more stress back home with the filming, maybe it would be good to let out a little steam. "Maybe I do need to do a little unstressing. And well, my memory may be a little hazy but I do remember the feeling the next morning." It was one of the most carefree moments of her life. If she had any clue that what he was doing to her was really him doing it, and not in her own head, she would of ran as fast as she could of far far way. She walked over to him, grabbing him by his shoulders and planted one right on him, fingers digging into the skin of his shoulders.

~And here we cut to a long while later, due to pg 13 ratings its best to skip forward here.~

Okay so he got what he wanted right? So did she, even if she didn’t know it. She slipped out of his room while he slept, and over to her room. Her luggage was right next to her door, opening the door she would grab it out, and then make her way to the desk. Leaving upon the desk a note for the staff, to allow them to know that she had to go back, but she planned on coming back, and if they kept her rooms for her she would continue to pay the bills attached to them. She had also inserted a few different forms of payment, just in case they only accepted one or the other. She figured whatever was left over could go to holding her rooms for the future, or they would find a way to refund, she thought them very trustworthy.

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