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And so it begins ~( A log )~

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And so it begins ~( A log )~

Post by Gwendolyn Zoi on Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:57 am

Leo had made sure to clear things off with his boss in as far as the time he would be gone for this assignment. Things would be taken care of and he would not have to worry. If they were otherwise he would get a notification. When he got to the Inn this evening - hoping that it was not too late to call upon her door - to there he traveled with his brown blazer and lighter pants. Small bristle of hair on his face but neat. He took to lean on the doors frame as he knocked three times.

Gwendolyn had been telling Leoette about her last flight. She was slightly happy that it did not hurt as bad as the time before, though there had been some soreness. When the knock came to the door, she blinked and looked to the kitten. "Are you expecting anyone?" The answer she got back was a simple meow. A small laugh, as she shook her head, and slipped off the couch. To the door she went, pulling it open just a peek. It was when she saw whom was at the door she smiled, opening the door fully. "Leo! Hi! How are you tonight?" When the door was fully widened one could see she was dressed in a pair relax fitting blue jeans and a pink sweat shirt.

Of course when he had heard the rattle of the door handle he did get from leaning on the frame to stand straight and presentable. "Gaitto, buena." Speaking the words before the customary action he did of a kiss on either cheek. Though if she shyed from it it was not what he would do, last time there was nothing negative so he saw nothing wrong in doing it again . "I am well and glad to have come to see you. Is it that you are busy this evening?"

Her smile did not faulter. It stayed planted right upon her face. When he leaned in she did not flinch nor shy from him. She did not see anything wrong with it. And she did like to be near him...if that made sense. She listened to his words. "Oh! I am glad that you have come to see me too!" She nodded her head and then she shook it quickly. "Oh! I am not busy! Leoette and I were just talking. Though she does not really talk..." She grinned at that thought. Before, "Did you want to come in? Or go somewhere?" She was rather game at the moment.

"I was wanting for you to come with me this evening. I will not keep you out to late to be improper." He would not. He did not know how she felt about being alone in the later hours of night with a man. It was another reason as to why he was staying in the doorway and not entering in even when invited. Leo did give her his smile with a hint of charm. He never thought of himself as a charmer just a guy with a bit of humor here and there. "We can talk of your training. And do not worry. I talk to the animals a lot and then to the trees and plants. Is nothing wrong in the doing of this."

"There is a time that it is improper?" She did not know these things. She would have to rely on Leo for that. She had lived with a man for a small period of time. Rather it depended on who the person was if she was comfortable or not. When the person was Leo she was rather comfortable, after getting over her giddyness the other day. He did not have to be a charmer, Gwen wouldn't change her hero for anyone! "Oh I would like that." She moved to put on a pair of tennis shoes as they spoke, one never knew what they could pick up on thier feet, around the halls and wherever else. Before she smiled up to him. "Talking to the tree's and plants is good. Helps them thrive. Just be careful of Willow Trees..cause one of them has a Fae named Willow that lives there." Not that she thought Leo had anything to worry about. She did finish her words with a nod of her head.

He may be surprised - or not - if he had the knowledge that she had lived with a man before. Leo stood and watched at the door, he did take a moment to look to the white cat he had helped her to find that day, waiting while his Gaitto put on her shoes. For him, he was wearing a dress boot. "Since I have come here to.. Rhydin I have been finding the women to be different. I sway more on the old style of where was the custom. Improper would be late in the midnight hour." He did smile at that and smiled at her as he eased his arms into crossing at his chest. "I only know of the Fae to be el espνritu de satαna." Pausing as his fingers did drum on his side. "Um. Demon spirits?" It was a story of his culture. "You have no fear of them while with me."

It was not usually something that came up. And Leoette peeked up over at Leo from her spot on the couch. Moving so that her small head peeked over the arm rest. She would not attempt to do anything, or try to stop Gwen from going, Leo was not someone Leoette was guarding against. She would turn into the couch and curl into a kitten ball. Gwendolyn gave a small nod of her head. "I have never been anywhere else, except here. But until I was on my own, I was rather..sheltered." She let out a soft laugh, "And very lonely." Most that had her upbringing would of turned out very differently. She trusted that Leo would take care of her, in that aspect. She moved towards the door where he was standing. "They are rather tricky! That's what Jamison and Spider both said." Well not in so many words, they used alot of other words, but thats what Gwen picked up. She smiled as she looked up to Leo. "I know you wouldn't let anything hurt me." If he could help it, she had that unshakable trust in him. Even if it was a blind trust of sorts. "Ready!"

He would look out for her because she was in his care. What kind of man would he be if he would let harm get to her? He did laugh when she said that others have said quite the same thing about the fae. It was amusing. Gaitto was coming to the door which is why he was taking a step back away from it. "Tricky indeed." Leo turned his back to her door but stayed close to her that it did not look as though his back was turned to her. He was more on her side. "I have no been without my employer though we have been alone together." If she could understand that. "We are like brothers in the sense of growing up together. Separated by social class and status. I had thought to go outside, but did not know if you would be warm enough? We could travel to the gym if you would feel more at rest."

And she went with that. It did not matter why he would do it, it was just a simple trusting in him, and that she would be fine. She did not have the same level of contentment with others that she did have with him. She had been pondering his words, for he had always been with his employer even though they were not always together? That was her thought on that one! "My foster mom stays here this inn." She smiled, "I think that sounds nice though. I wish there had been another child to play with when I was growing up." She looked towards him, "Is it chilly out? As long as its rather mild for the winter I would be fine. Unless you want to go to the gym." She was rather open to either suggestion.

"I shall think that we should do the gym." It was with a decided nod. "When I come to call on you in the daylight hour we shall then go outside." He thought that was for the better. It was evening and some things were best to be learned in the light first." Once she would finish he went to move as well, heading down the hall at a leisurely pace. "It was not so much as in having a playmate but." He silenced himself as he thought of the way to explain it. "A companion. You learn with the person so that you can learn their ways and mannerisms and be the better at the job that you have as their companion."

She nodded. "The gym here I heard is nice." She had not gone down there herself. Many things were probably better learnt with light, at least until one learnt to rely on instinct. She would move along at the same pace as he, moving towards the stairs, for she was on the second floor so they would need two flights to get the basement, no? "But a companion your own age or near has to be better then adults all the time." She nodded her head, "Although it was mostly just Az and Auntie Tia. And Serf. He was really the only guy Az let around me." She thought about that, "And there was the animals." She nodded as they walked.

There were the stories of the females who sang to the animal friends and they worked with them the same as people. His Gaitto could be one of them. "Mas o menos. More or less." Leo shrugged his shoulders slowly and watched the space ahead of them and did keep to looking at her. "Though I would see the other children of the village and have the thought of being them. Now I would not trade it. This guy Serf, he must have been special guy to be the only one around you." Or it was the guy of her fosters and in a way that made him special and trusted enough. As they reached the stairtop he offered out his hand to her, standing in front of her on the steps to bar her way. He was waiting for her hand. Leo. He was very much out of practice in the social graces of female company but holding their hands to help them down steps was something more ingrained.

She had not tried any of those things, though one really should not put it past her. A small nod of here head as she glanced over to him. "I did not even see other children." She frowned a bit. "Serf is my father figure. When he was around. Really he was the only guy friend of Azlins that she let me meet." She grinned a bit, "Though I had seen a few of them..." Not that she had wanted to meet them, she was always just curious. When he reached out his hand at the top of the steps, she would set hers in his, for she was also used to such a custom, even if she had not seen that happen often. As they moved down the steps she smiled, "Though it's funny how it works out. Because if our childhoods had been different we would of been different people." She nodded a bit, "Things tend to work out for the best."

"I would like to think so. Sν." The hands of Leo were not rough or hand like rocks, but they were not hard. His hold on her hand was firm but was not crushing. It was controlled and protective and it was still easy "They are what make us. Experiences. You can't change who you are, but you can change how you go about things." It was the way that he thought. "If you did not loose your cat then we would not be traveling as we are now." He turned his attention from the steps to look at her and flash a smile as he continuned. at the bottom he let go of her hand. "What have you done in your time Gaitto? To be in truth i was worried of showing you. But I keep my word. Do you have training of any kind?"

She smiled as they moved along. She was a smiley girl, unless she was not in a good mood, her emotions were rather available in her face. Her own fingers were tucked around his hand. She thought about what he was saying, her head gave a small nod. "That is true." Because the words he said were true. "Things working out for the best." She dimpled. When he let go of her hand at the bottom, her own arm fell to her side. "Done in my time?" That question had her head tilted as she was rather confused by it. Then she gave a shake of her head, "I don't beleive I have had any training of anything." She frowned a little bit, in thought.

He thought that maybe he was hearing her wrong because of what she had said. This could be what she meant by being sheltered. "Have you not done the needle point? Cooking? The washing of clothes?" He mentioned things that he knew to be female actives from where he was from . Part of him found it to be amusing. He was not teasing her but it was amusing all the same to him and it was now that he took the time to really look at her. Stopping and giving a tilt of his head as he looked her over, a smile there in his eyes. She may have been too young and here females may be raised different. Then he lifted his hand and shook a finger at her in a playful way. "We are going to have to be spending a lot of time together if you do not know so much as to how to thread a needle."

She shook her head, "I have never done the needle point." She did pick up wording from those around her. "I have cooked! I actually like to cook." And another shake of her head, "I haven't ever washed the clothing either." Az had taken care of that until she had left home, then Cam did, and then with her being back at the Inn where Az was, she always found her soiled clothing clean and put away. "The laundry fairies have always done it." That was what she assumed at least. She blushed a little bit, she had been pampered a bit. She knew that, but she had not turned out overly spoiled so that was not always a bad thing. She then beamed a warm smile to Leo. "I guess we are going to have to spend alot of time together." Then she looked slightly perplexed, "You actually have to put the thread in a needle? It doesn't come that way?"

Now was when he gave out a mirthful laugh. Again. he was not teasing, he only thought that it was amusing. "No mi Gaitto, it does not come that way. We shall be finding you someone to teach you more of the female ways." He spoke of it as though it was already decided. He waved her forward with his hand for her to move past him. "For now, while we continue to talk, I want you to do something for me." If she did come toward him he would move back to her. "A part of knowing how to defend is to rely on your senses. So let us see how yours work. Close your eyes."

Even if he had been teasing her, she wouldn't of picked that up, at least not in a mean way. If he was someone else, there would be a chance that she would think it was something not so nice. She blushed just a little bit. "Do you think someone would want to take that on?" Being the way she thought that they came mind you. When he moved with his hand she would move to the way he motioned. She then nodded, "Okay." And then he spoke again, the words were going into her ears, and she was listening. "Okay, we can test that." She saw nothing wrong with that, and she would let her eyes drift shut. Getting her bearings with her eyes now completely closed no peeking.

Leo smiled and took up a postion by her side. "let us continue forward." He spoke softly but loud enough for her to hear him.. He wondered what it was like for her to be in darkness like that. "Follow forward with the sounds of your steps and with my voice. I won't let you run into anything." he wouldn't. He stayed ahead of her by a bit and was sure to let his foot tread heavy on the ground. "I have known that the eyes can trick us from our enemies. What we see in one place is, in reality, not there at all."

She gave a nod of her head, though she did not even peek at him. "Forward. One foot in front of the other." It did feel strange, and she could only hope she would not trip up on her feet and embaress herself. For she would be embaressed. She would listen to his voice, the fact he said he wouldn't let her run into anything made her smile. She would take a few more steps forward, it was what she was told to do. "When things are make believe?" Was that what he was telling her? "Like a mirage?" She thought that was the word she had heard before, left foot then the right foot. Her hands were bent slightly at the wrists, though fingers did not turn in towards the hands but outwards, her arms were at her sides, almost as if she was balancing.

Leo watched her as they went. He didn't go too fast but kept at the same pace. "Make believe. That is the same in a way. There are some people who work as a distraction, trying to hold your attention so you do not know of the real threat that is around you. But if you train your ears to always be hearing then you cannot be so easily distracted." It was the hallway. For their luck it was not cluttered and full of people that could knock her down. Now he would walk forward some and stand a step or two down on the top step. It was the last before they hit the ground floor. "The steps are soon. Be careful."

"So by not being able to see, one has to rely on thier other senses, like the hearing." She did see that, and she could very well understand that. He had a way normally that allowed her to understand the things he was saying. Instead of talking in circles and leaving her behind, he was good about that. She continued forward slowine when she got to closer to his voice. "How much further til the steps?" She had not heard anyone else but Leo, but that could be because everyone else was out and about in their ways for the night? Something one in her postion would have to think was a good thing. Stepping a few more steps, carefully. Her foot would hover just so over the step. "I think I found them." When she let her weight go down on the foot that had found the step, she spoke out loud. "One." It would be a good thing she thought to know how many steps. If the power had gone out, and they were in the dark, Leo would be dealing with a whole different Gwen. She could see the light shine on the back of her eye lids, so she was fine with her eyes closed.

He liked that she counted and she was not going to get an answer from him as to if she was at the steps or not. That she was able to figure it out on her own was a good thing. He still held his hand out for her to take, just like before. "You move well without any light." She did and it was only right that he tell her so. "I see that you do have some artful skill. Maybe it is due in part to the part that is sleeping." He meant her wings but he was not going to mention them out in this public space for she had asked him not too. What he said was vague enough to keep her secret. He continued to go down the steps. " I find that walking blind can be liberating. We rely to much on our eyes to make judgements and they can deceive us. We should rely the more on what we hear and what our spirit tells us about our surrounds and those we are with."

She found his his hand, perhaps she had just grasped out blindly in the same fashion assuming that he would put it out once more. He had held her hand when they went down the other steps with her eyes open, she thought that things did not change. "I am not so scared that I will trip on my feet." She spoke rather honestly. "Two.....three..." She paused. "It is probably from that which sleeps." She was very glad that he had not said much else on that. Though when he gave his word, she had no doubt, that it was so. She listened to his words. "It does feel different." She nodded just a bit, "I have heard when one sense is dimmed the others pick up to try to make up for it." She paused a moment, "Four, five. Is it wrong to feel safe even though I could technically fall down all these steps?" She let out a soft laugh, her head was turning towards him, yet her eyes still stayed closed. She was good at listening, when she wanted to be. "I think I feel save cause your here." She then turned her head back straight. "The part that sleeps tells me things. Like when I am near some people, it sort of tingles." Not in any weird way, just a lil jolt, "But I can ignore it, sometimes it lulls a bit. Just a little ping."

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Re: And so it begins ~( A log )~

Post by Gwendolyn Zoi on Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:55 pm

It was as soon as Gaitto said that she could feel things (or that her wings could ) was when he tensed up a tad but he kept most of the feeling out of his hand, continuing to keep that hold firm and control. What, he wondered, could she feel? That was something he was curious of and still would not really wish to know. "Safe because I have already said that I will not harm you." The training was diffrent." He would continue to lead her, even after she got off the stairs, to the direction of the gym. "Tell me... what of this feeling? " It may be best he know.

Even though his hold upon her hand stayed the same she could feel the slight tense. Her eyes were still closed, that had not changed for he had not said she could open them yet. "Nine...Ten." She had been saying the numbers per the step they were on. "Tis just a feeling I get around you." She nodded at that, the training would be different and she knew that. But she did not know if she could feel fear with him. She trusted him. It was true she sometimes, most of the time, trusted to easily. But there was something about him. And then they were off the steps, so her counting had stopped. She had not missed a step once the landed upon that last one, counting the whole way. Her foot felt infront of it, and noticed the stepping was done. " I think it sense's evil in people. I know with um, a friend of mine, whom happens to be a vampire, that well, I get a small tingle of awareness. And my friend whom doesn't really feel warmth, if they touch my hand they can feel warmth." That was her sleeping side. She tilted her head just a bit, as if she was figuring something out. "I get a small tingle when you touch me. But I ignore it." She nodded a bit, "And tis really just like a low humming." She didn't even question why she would get a feeling of that from him. She just took it as it was, and she ignored it. Almost as if it wasn't there.

"You are talking of Jade? The one that I met that day at the party? " He was thinking it was her since, from all he could tell, she was a vampire. Though a vampire feeling warmth was a different thing to him. "You are doing well in the dark, though I am surprised to hear of your trust. You do have your gift, so i think it to be right." but deep down he was not so sure. He knew what he would do and would not do and at times what he did was not what he wanted to do. "I also kn ow that we should not ignore the things we feel. They can save us."

Now, Gwen was mum on whom she was speaking of. It was not her place to give out such information. As it was not her place to give out that information, and while not specifically asked not to say anything, she remembered how it seemed to upset that friend when someone else did announce it. Not that she wanted to keep anything from Leo, but it wasn't her choice, surely he would understand that. " not at liberty to say. Tis not my place." The tis she got in her speech randomly from having Azlin as a mother. One of the quirks. She squeezed her eyes shut, before letting them lift without opening, in a blinking motion. "Why are you surprised that I trust you?" Just because she would get random pings, or whatever one wanted to call them, creepy crawlys even. She did not judge people by what they were, but by how they were with her, and those around her. "My gift may give me warnings, but my gift does not take into account how people treat me." She knew that she would rather have friends, and her hero whom might give her slight case of the creepy crawlys, because those that she considered close to her, all had treated her with kindness. She take a small breath. "But sometimes the things we feel war with other things we feel." She nodded her head. Trying to be careful.

Down the hall they neared the area where they were to go down. 'You can open your eyes. It would be good for you to be able to see where you are going so that you may come back." he also had a reason for he did want her to look at him. "I think of you trusting me because you do not know me. In the things that I do eh.." he pulled the sound out a bit. "to trust easily or to many people is to ask for an early grave. It is not something that many do." He turned to face her as they got to the door. "I am honored you would give me such. Now just allow me to be worth it. Once we go down.. we shall work on your balance and concentration. if you cannot concentrate in a fight , you cannot win."

Her eyes opened when he said that she could open them. Blinking a bit, for they had been closed for a small amount of time. It was also good for her to know where they were going. She had trusted him enough to do exactly what he said with the steps, and the keeping her eyes closed. He could of -technically- hurt her or attempted to right then and there. She turned to look at Leo, her hand on his gave a small grasp. "Or maybe I know whats inside?" She sensed good in him, obviously he was not all bad, or he would not be here with her now. She smiled up to him, before turning her head to watch where they were going. "I would rather trust people instead of turn my back on them." And her trust was usually the unwavering sort unless something caused her to question it. Though she was getting a bit more picky about things. When he turned to face her, she smiled at his words. She already thought that he was worth it, but she had a feeling hearing that right now before they were going into the gym, wasn't what he wanted. "Oh! So no looking for the sparklies huh?" Was she playing with him?

Leo chuckled a bit and crossed his arms and tipped his head to the side. She was playing with him and pulling a poor mans need to know attitude. He took one hand and playfully shook a finger at her. "You are to be testing the will power of a poor man like me." Pulling back his finger and retaining the smile there upon his face. "I would know more of these sparklies if I could." Leo did not doubt that on the inside he was a 'good man' . many people were good in some aspect or another and many were labeled 'bad' when all they did was what they had to do for survival.

She started to laugh, she could not hold such a sound inside of her. Her eyes almost twinkled with her humor. She grinned, at his words, "You know sparkly objects. Like a silver coin, or a chain...." She thought about it a moment, "But maybe it would be good to look for, because wouldn't blades sparkle too?" Her head tilted a bit, she had seen a blade before but it was rather quick and brief. Exactly on the inside he was a good man, and that really did count to Gwen. Perhaps not everyone would take that as making him good, but she did.

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