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Waking Up .::|a log|::.

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Waking Up .::|a log|::.

Post by Airtia S. Cauthon on Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:38 am

She had done what Gawain had asked her to do. After the blood show on the cliff she had sent the girls away, they had done their part and did not need to be subjugated to what was going to happen next. Seeing their father literally devour himself may have been too much for them anyway. Gawain had told her to restrain him, and that she did. With Weaves of Air and Spirit she created bounding threads and wrapped them tightly about his body to restrict his movement. She even wove a bubble around his mouth and nose to cut off his circulation so he would pass out. Once the girls were gone and he was unconscious she opened up a gateway from there to the basement of their house on that mountainside. It was here that she chained him against the wall in a spread eagle pattern with those weaves. To be on the safe side she even shielded him against the Source. She wasn't dumb; he was about as strong as she was... which was why she was sure to slip on her thin silver bracers. Airtia watched him…every day…waiting for when he'd wake up. Waiting and securing her tied off weaves.

Gawain woke up, feeling as if he had about twelve hangovers, then realized he was bound. Growling, he seized at the Source, only to feel a block between him and the Source itself. The growl turned into a snarl as he looked around for his captor.

"Ye 'ave finally woken up." It was just her voice at first. The room was dim - why be in a brightly lit basement when the capture was a wolf and could see in the dark anyway. The voice came from one of the shadowed corners of the basement. nothing special here.. the wine cabinets and dark stone walls and floor. "Tell me who ye are." He was awake, but who was awake.

"As soon as I figure out a way out of these bonds, you'll find out, Miss Boss." That was spoken with a voice utterly dripping with sarcasm. "Where the hell am I, why am I bound, and who.......Light, Airtia?! What...oh gods, I remember......" His chin met his chest as his head dropped, and, very uncharacteristically, he began to sob. Softly, he continued. "I could have....WOULD have....killed.....Light, what am I?" He shook his head, growling in consternation. "I am Gawain Cauthon, Light burn me. I am a monster....but I am also the man who would gladly die for you." His head shot up, a horrified expression on his features. "De'Ryanna, Madeline.....are they....are you all....I mean..blood and ashes, I can't even speak correctly!" Sigh. "Sometimes I shouldn't say words."

Airtia stayed in the corner as she listened to what he said, never letting up on the weaves that she had for she knew that sometimes.. people lied. He could have found a way to get past the lie bond. The more she listened the more she started to consider his words and she eventually started to step forward and she came into the dim light. Her hair down in a single braid, the light glinting off of the three spikes that held her bodice together. "They are as well as females their age can be," it was an answer even if it was not clear. "Let's make it straight.. ye would 'ave tried tae kill us. I would 'ave killed ye first." She could be arrogant, but it wasn't an act for she believed what she said and it was said with conviction. "Ye ave been chained here fer a long time."

"That would explain what the pain in my stomach...not to mention practically everywhere from. was the only way. That beast that you saw is inside me all the time. No one else can tame it. Benjamin would have found a way to use it.....I couldn't allow it. I did what I did because I had to. I can't apologize for doing what I felt was right, but I can apologize for putting you and the girls in harm's way. I don't expect forgiveness, though I would like it. Simply put....." He raised his head, baring his throat. "Make it quick. Just know that I'll love you forever, Ma'Shiara."

"Oh, and one more thing? Let Tyger watch. I'm sure he'll get some sort of satisfaction from it. I bear no grudge against him, for he is an inextricable part of you, as you are of me. Just please let our children know how much I love them, and that if I could, I would be here for them. I'm just too dangerous to be allowed to live."

"So ye would die because ye ave acted in such an unseemly way?" She scoffed and drifted closer to him, still staying more than an arms reach away . "Surely what ye ave done is punishable by death and do nae think that killing ye has nae crossed my mind. It has." Tyger was an advocate of that idea, but that was another story all together. "But ye know what I say tae yer request tae die?" Airtia still had a hold of the Source and she weaved a thread of Air around his exposed neck like a noose, there for him to feel pressing against his throat. "Tae die tis tae take the cowards way out. Ye ave a problem and it tis fer ye tae face it." That noose tightened still. "But I won't kill ye. I'll loosen yer chains and give ye a dagger iffen ye really desire to die and leave yer children once again." She stood in front of him. Her silver eyes holding steadily at his face.

He stared deeply into her eyes, and sagged against his bonds. "I am no coward. You're right, I'm acting like a milksop farmer's daughter." He shook his head, and straightened. "No, I will not die this day. Definitely not by my own hand. I've lived with this curse for many more years than I care to remember, but now.....well, let's just say I have a bloody good reason to go on living. Loose me, and I'll start dealing with this.....mess.....the best way I know how. One word of warning, though. I may not be Mister Cuddly-Wuddly from here on in. The influence of the beast is there, and I can control it just would just be a very bad idea for someone to urinate in my Cheerios, as the saying goes."

She let go of the bonds on his legs first so he was left to hang by his arms, consider that her way of challenging him to see if he was going to say anything about it or not.. "For the things that ‘ave happened while ye were away ye shouldn't be so weak. Ye are needed tae be strong. Perhaps I shall keep the tie around your neck so that I can reign ye in?" Grinning as she let go of the bond around his left wrist. "I always did like yer more animal side..." There was a glint to her eyes as she let go of his final bond. Still. she kept him shielded.

"I don't think that will be necessary, Air. Well, unless you have any objections to this...." He closed the distance between them, wrapping his arms around her, and buried his face in her neck. Her scent was almost intoxicating, and left him wanting oh-so-much more....but for now, he simply held her, drinking in her scent.

Airtia S. Cauthon

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Re: Waking Up .::|a log|::.

Post by Gawain on Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:22 am

He sighed, irritably so. After a few moments, he had grown restless, and his ears seemed to want to perk at each sound he heard. He dismissed that, though, and stood back a bit. "Listen, give a 'shout' for Madeline and De'Ryanna. I'll give you the location you need to come to when you've found them." There, no muss, no fuss. Gawain wasn't a demon, but he wasn't a lapdog either. "Yeah. I'll let ya know, hot stuff." He smirked, holding up his right hand to form the weave for Travelling while, at the same time, and apparently, considering who she is, having lost his mind, gives her a smart little swat on the arse. "See ya there, babe. Don't keep me know how I get when I'm bored and hor.......bored." He smirked all the harder at that oh-so-obviously-purposeful Freudian slip and stepped through the gateway.]

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