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Boys will be Boys ~ A log ~

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Boys will be Boys ~ A log ~

Post by Aleshanee on Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:49 am

Shane had been out and about once more. She had been spending time in different areas. Curious was getting to her, as she wondered how well Kyle was doing, and if he had caught her parting words the other night. A small grin formed over her lips. It wasn't rather kind but it was not all bad either. He had not come around to see anything so maybe he was waiting to hear from her? She had told him thank you for trying out, someone should let you know if you make the final three, or not. Hmm, maybe he was not the curious sort. There were a few of them around. Standing on the stair landing, she made her way down the steps, she decided to go to the tv room. Perhaps something interesting would find it's way to where she was, and if not, she could get in some of her shows. Making her way into said room, she sat down upon the couch, and flipped on the tv, changing the station to the Hallmark channel and began to watch.

"WATCH OUT BELOW!" Those three words were yelled as though he was announcing something to the world, in fact he was. He was annoucing to the world to watch out below. A few moments later what was heard was best described as the sound of something falling down the stairs. In fact that was what had happened, he had taken tumble so to speak, but it wasn't a tumble at all. What had he done? Well of course he had taken the lid to a garbage can of all things and had used it as a sled to slide down the stairs! But now he was getting up and already making his way back up the stairs that garbage can lid in hand. Reaching the top of the stairs now he backed up a few steps giving him enough running room to be able to get himself a running start this time!

She had been watching a good movie, just when she was getting into it, she heard the voice. Not only a voice but a yell. Standing she stood and moved towards the doorway. Leaning her shoulder against the door jam, feet crossing at ankles as she watched what was making such a loud noise. Then she saw Kyle, and shook her head, even if a chuckle did escape through slightly parted lips. She decided to wait to see if he was going to do this again, if she spotted anyone walking towards the stairs she could call out to them, in case they missed his yell.

Was he going to do it again? Your damn right he was going to do it again! Hell this time he even backed up a few more steps then where he was standing at. And what she woulld hear literally was him running towards the stairs the next thing she would see is that garbage can lid, launching into the air with himself on it. Both hitting on about the third step the lid and himself went down those stairs at a very good speed, it actually took only about three to five seconds for him to reach the bottom of the stairs, except this time the lid didn't stop and the next thing she would see? that would be him flying into the wall now a loud thud as both himself and the garbage can lid crashed against the wall now.

If she had been someone else, she might of moved from her post against the doorway. But she wasn't so she did not. Instead she called out from her spot, when he and the lid both crashed into the wall. "Is the lid okay?" Boy's did things that perhaps they should not, and so she was worried on if he dented the garbage can lid. Those cost money to replace, and she did not want anything bad to happen to the Inn's belongings. Her head would tilt towards the doorframe as she waited a reply.

Well he heard her question and laid there for a few moments, so he hit the wall harder then even he thought that he would, finally turning his head a bit to look over in the direction of where the voice came from. "Well yea thanks, the garbage can lid is alright." His voice wasn't serious or anything, in fact it held amusment to it. He though just laid there on the ground, not in any real hurry to move, for two reasons, one he was comfortable, two he was still a bit loopy from the hit he had just taken.

She let out a sort of relieved sound. "I am glad to hear that. I wouldn't want anyone here having to tan your hide to pay for the garbage can lid." Well, maybe she would? That could of been interesting and who knew maybe Kyle would of liked that. Her mind started to wander back to the show she was now missing. "And are you?" Though she still had not moved, arms still crossed infront of her, elbow balanced on the door jam.

He remained laying there on the ground, though his head moved slightly, turning to look down at the garbage can lid, a small laugh leaving him now. "Oh's mine, I bought it the other day for the sole purpose of doing this." He finally slowly began to pull himself up into a sitting position leaning back against the wall now and slowly pushing himself up to his feet, though he needed to take a few moments as he stumbled just a bit "So...maybe I hit harder...then I thought"

She looked over towards him once more. "You bought a lid to use it to go down the stairs?" That just did not register to her, it was not something she would of thought of. "Is the wall okay? You didn't dent it did you?" She watched him on his feet, "You look drunk...have you been drinking?" Sure he had just ramed into the wall but he might of been drinking to think it was a good idea?

He leaned back against the wall now for a few moment he was already beginning to feel a bit better now. "No, no no I'm not drunk, I just kinda decided to do this, a spur of the moment type thing really you know. You should try it!" He reached down now and picked up the garbage can lid. "Come on, it will be fun, we will go slow too that way you don't get hurt or anything at all and well..stuff."

She let out a laugh, "How is it spur of the moment if you bought the lid for that exact purpose?" A raise of her left brow. Funny the things she did pick up on was it not? She gave a shake of her head, "Mm...I don't wish to bounce my head into any walls..." She stood up off the door frame. "But when your done bashing your head into the wall, you can come watch tv with me if you wish." No pressure, if he wanted to watch tv with her cool, if not she could understand that.

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