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Why A Ruby? -+- A Log

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Why A Ruby? -+- A Log

Post by Jade Stone on Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:55 am

He waited a couple of days before looking for Jade. Hearing the rumors about her being on the top floor in the biggest room had circulated. Or maybe he had just over heard. Either way, that was where he was headed. He would of went to talk with her after Vesta had left, but he wanted to let the air cool. And it took him a few days to get what he wanted before he would show up. He did not think of how things might go. He would only hope for the best. He was thinking only good thoughts as he went up the steps. Dressed today in a pair of loose fitting dark blue jeans, black Nike's. A big ole gray hoodie with the word NIKE in front in a silver shade, embroidered. His hair was its normal spiky self. He hoped he would not want to be ripping it out. Once he reached the top steps, he would move towards the room that was toted as the biggest. His right hand would lift, take a breath, he did that part, and a double knock was given. He was only winging this find Jade and try to apologize right now.

The television was on. With Jade the television was always on. But she wasn't watching it. She had opened the window, sitting on the window sill and swinging her legs out. Staring off. She used to remember doing this in high school, before everything had happened. Sit there and think, 'great big wide world' feeling like it was just out of her reach. And look how she'd been changed, and here she was thinking the same damn thing. Her head snapped in the direction of the door when she heard the knock. She wasn't expecting anyone. Slowly she got out of the window and went to the door. She opened in a crack, like two inches, before she saw who it was and scoffed. "You." A second scoff and she shut the door with him still out in the hallway. All he'd be able to tell from the few seconds the door had been cracked open is that it was dark in there, and that Jade's hair was down and she was wearing black.

Now, he half expected that if she was home. Though he was not used to having doors shut in his face. Actually that might very well be a first. Obviously she was still mad. Nor did it seem that she had calmed down so much since then. Or maybe it was just seeing him. He did not get to where he was by just giving up to easily. He could knock again. But he did not think it would do any good. So he did lift his fingers and rapt them against the door once more. Before lifting his voice for her to hear through the wood, not yelling, yelling is not dignified. "Jade." He said her name before he thought to add something on. "I didn't mean to upset you." Pause. "I brought you a I am sorry gift." He did too. That was what he had been carrying in his left hand, it was a small bag, silver hologramic looking with a blue/purple see through tissue paper sticking out of it. He was doing what he knew to do when in trouble. Gift!

She was halfway to the couch. She heard him easily, she would have heard him even if he was talking at regular volume. Her hearing was good like that. When he heard what she said, she turned slowly around. "What?" Said from behind the door, in a totally flabbergasted and disbelieving tone. "You don't even know me enough to be sorry, why would you go buying me a gift?" Apparently where Jade was from most of the time apologizes didn't come from presents, at least not from one-time strangers. She said it enough to make sure he heard her, taking on a few steps closer to the still-shut door. She folded her arms across her chest, waiting for an answer.

But he didn't know that she could of heard him, even if he whispered she probably could of heard it. He thought about her words, and he would reply easily enough. "I don't have to know you to be sorry. My actions upset you, did they not?" Brow was raised to the door. He was banking on that. If his actions had not upset the girl, she wouldn't of just shut the door in his face would she? Well she might because girls were just simply...confusing. He waited. He did not leave. He did not make another comment. Until that answer.

"Well you couldn't you don't know me!" Yeah, even she realized how playground retort that sounded, and she totally felt like a nine-year-old for saying it. But part of her really did feel nine-year-old, hiding behind the tire bridge unsure if she wanted to brave going out and getting teased by the boys to keep her away from the swings. She tucked her arms tighter against her and sighed with a huge huff, stalking over to the door where she opened it quickly and wide, standing in the doorway and giving him an expecting, challenging look. She had on a loose spaghetti strap black dress that was belted just below the bust, and thin black pants and she was barefoot.

His tone had not changed, not even with her words. "I don't have to know you, to think that something upset you. You were seething! Even I could feel the crackling air." He had too, made him off his game even more then normal with Vesta. "As that was not my goal. I want to make amends." And he was speaking as she opened the door, "Who knows one day we might even be friends." He gave her half a smile as he held the bag out. The lights in the hallway causing the odd shapes to look as if they were dancing. "Besides are you saying you don't like gifts? Sparkly gifts?" The bag was sparkling wasn't it? "I mean if you don't want it, I could always take it back." He would not give a gift he got for someone else to someone else. That would get a man in trouble.

When he said he could feel her anger crackling in the air the other day, she looked to the side and tried not to seem guilty about it. "Yeah, my temper's like that." Kind of mumbled, but at least she wasn't denying it? When he asked if she liked gifts her eyes snapped back over to him. "Are you trying to imply that because I'm a cute little blonde I'm shallow and can be brought off with presents?!" Her voice didn't get shrill, it deepened with indigence. If you listened really really hard you could hear the faint growl in that deepness. "Boy if you only knew," another scoff and an eye-roll that said, 'aren't you mistaken thinking I'm just some cute teenager'. "Who are you?!" And yet she snatched the bag out of his hand, maybe with reflexes just a hair too smooth and quick, and was retreating into her room as she pulled out the tissue paper. She left the door wide open as she looked down into the bag.

He simply nodded at that. Tempers flared. He had one. It just did not come out often. Those that worked for him, knew his temper and did all they could not to have to face it again, one time was normally enough. Then he blinked. "Even if you weren't a cute little blonde, don't females generally like gifts?" He lifted his right hand to his hair, fingers moving through the short spiky locks slowly, before moving back to his side. Then he blinked. "Who am I? I thought I introduced myself the other day." Pause. "Hi I'm Winston Charles Bakersfield the third...." He might of said more but that was when the bag was snatched out of his hand. Oh yes, he noticed how smooth that worked, and she was rather quick. Mental note. He did not enter the room but moved to lean in the door jam. That way he was not exactly entering the room, but not standing there looking like a dork either. When she looked into the bag, she would need to move some tissue away to see anything. Beneath the tissue there was a box, rectangle in shape, the back of the box was hinged, it was w pearl white in color. When she opened that box inside winking up at her was a necklace. The necklace was jewel encrusted, the middle of the necklace had a medium sized ruby shaped in a crescent moon. Next to the ruby was four smaller diamonds decorating it. The necklace was made of a silver metal. He wasn't quite sure what sort it was, he just knew it cost a pretty penny.

"No not who are you, I meant who are you." As if changing the emphasis would totally clarify how she meant the question. A small huff, and she clarified in a better way, "Like who do you think you are who are you. Geez." Tissue was pulled out of the bag and tossed to the floor and she paused when she saw the box. She looked from it to him, and boy did she look kind of suspicious. Hand dipping into the bag, there was nothing quick about her movements now. In face it was very slow, like she expected the box to up and bite her. It didn't, and now the bag was dropped to the floor as she held the box in the palm of her left hand. One more suspicious glance to him before she cracked the box open. Her eyes bugged out. Her jaw dropped. There was only one time she'd ever been presented with something this expensive, and it was an engagement ring. A week later, that engagement was broken. By her. After getting caught red-handed in a mess. "What the....what?" She was tempted to ask if she'd blacked out and they'd done something she didn't know about. Her perfect pale skin had a slight red flush. God, at least it wasn't a cross.

He looked puzzled. That was not the same thing? Or did she mean like who his people were? For that was something different all together. "I'm a very successful at my work guy?" Did that help any? He thought he was Winston of course. "I'm the guy that is trying to be a good neighbor." In a sense they were all neighbors in the Inn were they not? He had not been very social so he had not made many friends. And it looked like he was not doing so well with it. He almost laughed, instead his lips twisted slightly upwards, at that look. He wanted to tell her it would not bite, but then she might not finish opening the gift. And she was asking the questions. "Does that mean you do or don't like it?" His leg shifted the way it was positioned in the door way. "It's a I am sorry Jade gift." He gave a nod of his head. "It won't bite. I was unsure of if you would like the ruby or not." He look thoughtful a moment. "Dad and mom always had a way about it, some sort of system I believe. But as I don't know you, I did not know for sure what token of apology would be the best for this situation." He looked slightly confused, "Did I get the wrong one?"

Jade hooted. "My old neighbor was really weird. Always sat in his garage in a lawn chair with a cowboy on staring at our house from across the street. Really gave me the creeps." True story. But that was back when she lived at her parents house, a long time ago. In Saint Louis, there really weren't any neighbors to be had because the coven owned such a large piece of property and worked hard at keeping it secluded. She'd heard the successful at work part too, she just didn't say anything about it right now. Instead she stared down at the necklace still in the box. Before she finally picked up the chain between two fingers, pulling the necklace out and holding it up. It sparked thanks to the light spilling from behind Winston coming from the hallway. A sparkling ruby...she couldn't help but thinking of blood. She pursed her lips. "Figures." She muttered that one work under her breath. "Why a ruby? Why did you think a ruby was the right one." She glanced down at it and just realized the shape. "A moon. A ruby and a moon, do you know?" She looked at him with her eyebrows knit with suspicion. She thought she'd been careful.

He thought about that a moment. "That is not the sort of good neighbor I a am trying to be. That sounds as if your house had a stalker." Winston was not a stalker nor had he stalker tendency's. He was curious, "What figures?" His head cocked to the side as he asked. Then she asked more questions he looked straight at her. His shrug of shoulders when she asked. "A ruby? When I looked at it, I thought it was pretty." It really had no meaning behind it, "There was a lady at the store behind me was gawking at it. So it was the deciding factor." He paused, "And I have always liked moons." Not that that accounted for anything. "Most of the rubies were in heart shapes. As we do not know each other, having just met, I thought a heart might give the wrong sort of signal." He cocked a eyebrow. "Do I know what?" She would be able to tell that he had not a clue what she was speaking of. "Did I do okay? Would you rather something else?"

"Stalker with a case of the bored in the burbs. It was neat." Obviously it wasn't neat, she was just being sarcastic. But at least the guy had stayed on his side of the street, that was the plus. Worst he'd ever gotten was waving to the family when we were inside sitting at dinner. She was watching the necklace sparkle in the light, reluctantly fascinated. She did get lost in things like sparkle, from jewels to television, but that was for a different reason than being a girl. "You did okay." Jade agreed that with a matter-of-fact nod as she tossed the box onto the nearby couch with a talented flick of the wrist. She undid the clasp and then put the necklace around her neck and clasped it. Once the jeweled was settled in place, standing out beautifully against her pale skin, she closed in the distance between the two of them so that she was looking up to him and almost nose to nose. She folded her arms across her chest, and then stared up at him expectantly. See, with Jade it wasn't the 'i'm sorry' or the giving of a present that was key to making things up to her. Jade was a 'so what now hm' sort of girl. Especially with Winston. He'd just apologized and giving a really pricey make-up present to someone he barely knew. She wanted to see what he'd do next in this situation.

He chuckled. He could not help it. It just came out. He would not know that she had a different reason for that. Just assuming it was because she was girl, even though he was learning assumptions around here got a guy into trouble. Not that he could just stop doing it. He let out a small breath. He did not want to have to go back to that store with this gift in hand. He was sure they would ask questions. Questions he did not want to deal with at the moment. He was glad when she put it on. But when she started walking towards him, he slipped up from the door jam and tightened up his body. She could still hit him right? He was half expecting to get hit for some unknown reason. Not that he flinched just tightened. "It does look nice on you." That was a compliment, nothing more, nothing less. When she was now basically nose to nose he cleared his throat. " you think that we can try to be friends now?" That's what he did next. He asked a question.

"It would." Look nice, she meant. She wasn't surprised to hear that compliment from him. First of all because she was a guy, and second of all because a ruby in a shape of a moon just fit. Red would suit her. If she ever wore anything other than black, she would look stunning in red. It brought out the red in her lips. When he asked her if they could be friends, her brow lifted just a little bit and she tilted her chin up at him to scrutinize him from under her lashes. Now he wanted to be friends. She was feeling contrary and maybe it was because she suspected anyway with the ruby and the moon she decided to show him just what he was asking for. "I'm a vampire. I knocked on your door to offer to wash your back in exchange for making you dinner once or twice a week. Seemed like a good idea until you opened the door." So there Winston. Her look was a cross between saucy and challenging as she waited to see what he had to say for himself. Her green eyes staring straight into his.

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