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pris, duck and after the ball -][- a log

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pris, duck and after the ball -][- a log

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:48 pm

Donald was passed out on top of his covers, sprawled out over his bed and he was sleeping soundly, still wearing his doctorly finest, which leant credence to the fact that he hadn't changed after work, and had simply opted to attack some sleep before trying anything else at all. so good doctor blake was crashed out, and completely oblivious to the fact that anyone else was in the room right now at all.

"pur-r-r-r-r-r." the second time pris said it louder and it had the quality of a protesting little whine, because donald was being a big fat bed-hog and considering she was still wearing her cinderella ball dress she and her dress needed more room. not only that, pris was a girl who had been indulged far too often over the past couple of years, so when she wanted something she had the terrible habit of expecting it to happen. so when donald didn't wake immediately to fret and fawn over her, well. "huff." was softly uttered in indigence as she fought the languid, dreamy lightheadedness benjamin had given her to lift her hands and press them insistently at donald's chest to try to move him, stir him, or both.

When she moved to wake him Donald did stir, eyes opening to see pris laying next to him. "Pris?" pausing and sitting up slowly, blinking the bleariness away and then looking at her again. "oh, Pris, hi there." smiling big. "Are you wearing a ballgown? it looks nice." Donald said all of that down at her, looking her over while he removed his labcoat and button down overshirt. both of which where tossed to the floor before donald, wearing a faded t-shirt, relaxed down again. wrapping an arm around her body.

despite the malaise that wrapped around her like an invisible blanket with a strangely lingering sort of warmth, when donald acknowledged her pretty dress a beautiful, proud smile broke free and was beamed up at him like a pleased little beacon. "it's muhbirfdayballgown." it was said in pris' famous mush-speak, not a surprise considering how tired she was and that she was in very comfortable, soothing company. "duck ish in hish doctor clo-shh." observed by pris in what would have been articulated as a question if she wasn't so sleep-laden, but for the moment a simple observation would have to do. just when she was about to whine her displeasure at him sitting up and away from her, donald was laying back down and what's more his arms were circling her, which was exactly what pris ordered from the doctor. "purr purr duck." she said quite satisfied as she closed her eyes, rolling into his chest and nestling her head in the crook of his shoulder to get herself comfortable.

"I am, it was a very long day at the clinic, I was very tired when i got home... you had a birthday ball? was there a school dance? you never said anything..." he was still a little groggy from the sleep. "purr purr prissy..." his arm curled around her body when she rolled into him, fingers scratching at her scalp. "did you have fun at your dance?"

even a tired pris could snort very loudly for purposes of sarcasm. and she did snort. because the notion that her school would throw her of all people a ball in honor of her day of birth was just too fairytale to even spend time with other fairytales. "birthday ball from school? no. no. no one at school knew my birthday birthdayed. besides lumie. and we had a tardis party." earlier that week. now it was the saturday after her birthday, days had passed since the actual day. pris looped her arm around donald, fingers fidgeting in a sort of distracted knead over his back. pris always had serious wander-fingers. when he scratched at her scalp, she exhaled a quite happy little sigh. her hair had been curled into lovely curls and most of it was pinned and fixed atop her head in a way that was quite fancy and elegant. "mister margrave gave me a paper to draw a birthday wish and i drew for a cinderella ball. we left without my cake," she said that with a huffy lemon face, realizing just now that she'd only drank her tea and took benjamin's arm before the cake came into the picture. after a slight pause - a sign that pris was doing a very rare thing called thinking before she spoke - she added, "i folded my birthday paper into three. you were my third wish picture."

Good thing he didn't know Benjamin's last name, because that might have incited a rousing response from Donald. Instead he only gave a nod. "That sounds like a nice present... I especially liked that last bit where I was the third picture... we can get cake in the morning if you still want it." Donald said softly, he was speaking clearly less tired sounding but his eyes where still closed and he was still slowly scratching at her scalp.

it was benjamin's title. his title he had where he took pris, at least. when donald said the ball was a nice present, images of the landscapes of the evening flashed through her mind as quick as a flipbook. it was enough to quiet her. make her think about it. "yes," she finally said in a whisper whisper. "yes yes yes." it was all she would say about the ball and the time she'd had there tonight. those were the first and second panels. she was in the third panel now, and in the third panel is where she currently wanted to be. "tucked with duck. happily ever after the end." wherever her lips could lean and reach, that is where donald would feel her kiss. it was most likely somewhere on his shoulder, or perhaps she'd manage to reach the base of his neck. "duck likes that? being the third panel?" who knows what pris would think it implied if donald said yes. as for the cake....right now she didn't need cake and right now was all that mattered to her.

Donald smiled and opened his eyes, turning his head down to kiss the top of her head, hand moving from its scratching of the top of her head to wrap around her body to give a nice squeeze. "Yeah means i know that you're safe and happy...s'always better to know then to not know... y'know?" another small smile spread upon his lips, moving his hand back up to her hair, scratching at her scalp.

"i look pretty." pris informed donald of that fact, in case he didn't know it. shifting her head to look up at him as he squeezed her in his arms, she exhaled a long happy, "purrrrrr" as he held her. and then, in true pris fashion she puckered her lips and squeezed her eyes shut. two gestures of expectation - he'd kissed the top of her head, which meant that other kisses could and should come. her hands snaked their way underneath his t-shirt, and she pinched each of her index fingers and thumbs over the small bits of metal she'd persuaded him to pierce his body with a few months ago, giving each a little tug. it was a 'mine' gesture, there was no doubt about it. those pieces of metal were there because of her, and it always made pris happy to go exploring for them to tug at them. it helped prove to her that duck wanted to say her most precious duck, that he hadn't changed her mind since she'd seem him last.

"you do..." Donald murmured back to her, leaning forward and pressing his lips against hers. Like usual though Donald didn't deepen the kiss at all, just let it linger for a moment while his fingers continuously scratched at the back of her head through her hair, and their nice pretty curls. Only two people could wake Donald up and expect affections from him and actually get them one was Arcadia in all of her incarnations and the other was Pris. Even an Asgardian would have hell to pay.

pris was only seventeen, but she had learned by now that there was something very very nice about a man agreeing that she looked pretty right before he gave a kiss. it made pris' tummy butterflies go wild, and she rolled forward as much as she could to press into him so that his lips wouldn't run away. by now pris didn't really peck anymore. when she felt lips her lips moved and rubbed back against them, like it was a dance of mouths. her fingers pinched and tugged at the pieces of metal pierced through donald's nipples, before her hands crept away to squeeze at his shoulders, which meant she was pushing up his shirt in the process. "mmmmmmm," she hummed against his lips. but in the middle of the act a question popped into her mind, and it was one that pris wanted an answer to. so her lips calmed their mouth dancing, and she just talked up against donald's lips. to her, there was no reason to pull away in order to talk. "duck, when i leap and purr and pet and fluff on you does it mean that i intend to claim you?" that's what benjamin had said it meant.

It didn't take Donald long to fall into line when her lips started to dance against his. and when she adjusted in laying back against him Donald's arms tightened around her offering a tight squeeze. And when she spoke against his lips Donald's brows rose, not at all knowing what the meaning of her question but after a moment of thought he murmured back to her. "Not that i know of, you're not a cat... you're pris.... I think it's you showing love only the way that you can..." a short nod offered to her then.

when donald squeezed her, pris gave a sweet high little squee. what he'd said earlier was very true, with him she was safe and happy. it was no secret that she enjoyed sleeping with him in his bed rather than her own next door. her pillows weren't warm and loving like donald was. she smushed herself up against him, hands kneading and poking at his bare shoulders from under his shirt. why wouldn't donald accept such affections, even if he was woken up for them? love from pris was very full-hearted and nice to receive! "hm. hm hm hm." pris in thought, as she pressed her lips back up against his for more lip dancing while she considered what he said. she nibbled at his bottom lip even, smacking her two lips against that bottom lip in a little suckle before she pulled away more this time to look at donald and his eyes. so she could see both when he answered. "but if i was a cat?"

"If you where a cat, then that is what that would mean..." Donald murmured softly again, before returning the nibble she offered and gave another short squeeze. "That's what cats do to show love and affection for the people the let keep them company." He leaned his head back so that he could see her eyes again and smiled. "Do you want to be a cat?"

"mrow." said pris, just after he nibbled her in return. but that was as far as she got with her playacting, because dots were firing in her mind, and lines were being connected. "wait. wait. duck. you said my leaps and purrs and pets and fluffs didn't mean claiming because i'm not pris the cat. that it just meant love-showing. but now you just said leaps and purrs and pets and fluffs are what cats do for love-showing. what's different? what do cats and pris' do to show claiming that's different?" see, this is what pris hadn't understood with benjamin, either. what was the difference between showing love and claiming? pris had thoughtfully pursed lips as she looked back at her most precious duck, and then she would take a tip from benjamin's book and ask donald a question about his question. using the same sort of emphasis benjamin would, only more obvious, "do you want me to to be a cat?" what a loaded question.

"Well, I don't know... I suppose there really isn't a difference, just a matter of perspective...Love and showing it I suppose no matter for whom, is claiming that person..." and when she asked her question Donald couldn't help but smile, watching her eyes when she asked about him wanting her to be a cat. "I want Pris, to be Pris... however pris wants to be." was his safe answer, or he thought it was safe, that was Donald though, he loved those he loved no matter what.

pris' expression was a bewildered landscape that was a mixture of realization, wonderment and frustration. "but...but...but HUFF." she spat out that huff with quite a sour look. if she were standing up, she would have been stomping on the floor. instead she was writhing around in bed with a whine of irritation, her fingers smacking at his shoulders in protest. "not. fair. then why is claiming bad? if claiming is love and cats do it the same as people why would i not want someone to claim me back, duck? i don't. get it." those last words were said very emphatically as she leaned forward, so that their noses were nearly touching. in case donald didn't realize just how important this issue was for her to understand, she felt her getting up so close to him might help him comprehend that fact. donald's answer to pris had been very safe, so safe that her mind simply accepted it and the girl said nothing back about it.

"Prissy, animals are different then people in how they perceive things. When a cat claims a person, in the cat's mind that person isn't allowed to go see other cats.... you're property to them. which is why sometimes when you have two male cats, they'll fight over you... it's a matter of perception..." He said as softly and simply as she could. Propping himself up on an elbow when she started to flail about.

click. it happened. it finally went click. which is why an "oh" came from pris with all the power of a eureka. now the gears of pris' mind were spinning out of control. "are you and mister margrave going to fight over me someday like cats? he called me margravina before he brought me home. that's the title that makes all the people at the party think we're going to have sprouts." and first time pris' mind asked her what him calling her that meant. she gave a false thought as an answer just to hush the question and kept talking. "but he said i wouldn't want that. his claim. which is why he told me to stop my leaping and purring and petting and fluffing. so...i wouldn't want that because he would say i couldn't have my most precious duck? because i was his? well he couldn't do that. he promised me my most precious duck no matter what," pris said that very hotly, and now she was sitting up. on her knees she was shoving blankets and pillows all over the place and smacking at the fluffiness of her dress to show her disgruntled opinion of the situation. "and you know what duck i don't believe he has only one claim. i bet he claims all over the place. like the bitchwitch he claimed all over her with his teeth i can see the marks. so why can he claim all over the place and then think that i can only have one 'mine'? i can have all the 'mines' i want!" she took a pillow and flung it off the bed to assert her point. "have a doctor's note that says so. i'll get it from my school and show him. that will show him. only one 'mine'. huff." boy did she have a lot to say to benjamin next time she saw him!

Bitchwitch, a tile fell into place there, and Donald's smile fell immediately. She had gone out to a ball with Benjamin for her birthday, dude had given her an entire f-cking ball. Sort of out weighed what he had gotten her, hell she even got a new necklace with the evening. That realization did sort of get to him, here he was thinking that Mr. Margrave was her guidance counselor at school or something, and it was actually Benjamin. "Well, that's the thing about people with infinite power Pris, when people think they can do whatever they want whenever they want to whoever they want, they don't think that the rules of everyone else applies to them, and even the rules they set forth... As per whether or not he and I will fight over you one day... I don't know." Benjamin really didn't want Donald as an enemy. It really would not have been good for his business. With a deep breath, Donald pushed his upsetness away, it was a silly reason to be upset. After all, whatever Benji gave her, she chose to end her evening with Donald... showing that she felt safer with him. Something that he could use to rub in the dude's face given the opportunity.

[ . . .to be contined. . .]


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Re: pris, duck and after the ball -][- a log

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:28 pm

yes. after whatever benjamin gave her, she chose to end her birthday wish with donald. and here she was. even if it was wagging her index finger in a 'no' gesture at him. "no duck no. i made him say it. 'and you shall have your most precious donnie duck, for why would i take you from him?' 'you will be able to keep your most precious donnie duck'. he said those things and he doesn't lie. and he listened to the third panel of my drawing. he brought me here and he put me in the bed just like my drawing said. he takes very very good care of me, duck. just like you do." pris was settling down. now that her feelings were done bursting out of her and she understood the whole situation better, she could relax. she couldn't get the letter from her school to show benjamin right now anyway, and it wasn't as if she was going to see benjamin soon. she only saw him sometimes, she knew that. she could prove her points later, now was her duck time. which is why pris fought with the puffy skirt of her dress to make it behave as she lay down again, curling back against her most precious donald. this time she kicked her glass slippers off, and they'd both hear the sound of them falling on the floor. they didn't break, the glass wasn't exactly flimsy. now donald would feel her stocking toes kneading on his calves as she nestled herself against him. this time she placed her hand on the side of his neck. fingers scratching their lightly. she watched donald. she wanted to see how he reacted to what she was about to say. "don't you think it's harder for him to take care of me thank it is for you? when i stared at him tonight i saw a wolf creature with eyes of fire and fire all around him staring back at me. but on his outside he was good and nice," in the way that benjamin could be good and nice, anyway. "he got down on his knee and kissed my hand and he bowed his head and made himself shorter like i was a princess to him. that can't be easy for mister margrave to do. that wasn't even in my drawing. he didn't have to. those things are easy for you, duck, because you're good and your insides are filled with boom. doesn't mister margrave get an 'a' for effort?" she wasn't speaking rhetorically. she was really asking him.

"I find it hard to believe that a man who spends his free time in a cave and torturing a woman from a distance could take care of you at all...But, yeah, I think it could be hard for him to do, considering his shortcomings." Which was said quietly, something he really didn't want to admit. It was no secret that Donald wasn't Benjamin's biggest proponent but it was something that he was indeed showing growth in like what pris just told him.

the lines her mind drew between the dots of her brainwrinkles told her who she should believe 'that woman' to be. the result was quite an ugly snarl face from pris, who wanted to make it clear how she felt about de'ryanna. "that bitchwitch was nasty to me up close and treats me like mister math does but she's not my teacher or an adult or my parent. what do you think about her? mean is easy for her. she just does what's easy. i find it hard to believe that you'd feel bad for her. have you asked mister margrave why he does that to her? i'm proof he doesn't have to treat people that way. so he must have a reason. maybe it's a good reason. maybe she deserves it. i can think of lots of things she deserves for how she treats me. and if she tries to steal my duck from me i'll bite her arm off. i don't care what she thinks of herself and all her wolf teeth. mine is mine. she doesn't even deserve mister margrave's attention." that last bit was grumbled. because pris realized that if benjamin had to spend his attention on someone who didn't even want him meant less time for pris. for a girl who was just plain human and wasn't a cat person or a wolf person or anything else, she was rather possessive.

"I think she is a deeply troubled young lady who's been preyed upon by someone bigger and meaner then she is.. for a very long time. and I know you don't like her, heck I'm not her biggest fan either... Thor gave her an amazing gift, to try and help her, free her from the control she's under... and she really sort of ignores it. What do I think of her? I may not think very highly of her Pris, but no one deserves to be tortured not even the meanest of the mean..." Donald completely sat up taking a slow deep breath." I don't have to ask him why he does it to her. I know why, it's because he can, and she has something he wants... and he figures that its the best way to get it from her... Mister Margrave isn't the first man I've known of that does what he does. It happens a lot where I'm from...I sincerely doubt that she could take me anywhere anyway Pris, I doubt anyone could, I do have a pretty intense bodyguard as you know."

"still. if she tried i'd bite her arm off. i'd bite boom's arm off too if he tried to take you away." pris did not discriminate when it came to defending what she felt was hers to keep, she'd try to bite a god's arm off without even thinking twice about it. pris had wanted to nestle against him again, but when donald sat up well she sat up too, on her knees. and folded her arms firmly over her chest. and she gave him the squint-eye. "duck. did you hear you? boom gave her a present to help free her. she ignores it. if she didn't want mister margrave to torture then she wouldn't ignore boom's gift. she wants to be tortured. duh." when it came to teenagers, opinions about situations were dangerously black and white sometimes. she popped her lips with emphasis before she concluded. "so he can because she lets him can. the end. i don't want to talk about the bitchwitch anymore on my birthday." it totally wasn't her birthday anymore, but....she did have a birthday ball. to her it counted.

Donald was about to say something but didn't, the thought had just crossed his mind, and she didn't want to talk about it anymore, so he wouldn't press the issue. it didn't need to be, it wasn't actually all too big of a deal anyway. instead Donald smiled and gave a nod. "Alrighty Prissy, we don't have to talk about it anymore on your birthday. come on. let's lay back down." which is precisely what he did, just sort of fell onto his side and plopped back into laying down on his bed.

"good." she sounded very satisfied to hear that subject was closed. and as soon as donald lay back down, pris flopped down next to him on a diagonal, so that her legs up to her hips were on the bed and her torso and the rest of her were splayed out on donald's chest. her fingers creeping again, this time up into donald's hair so she could curl the tips of it around her fingers. something she did with him often when she was trying to fall asleep. "i love duck," she murmured up to donald, pressing a kiss to his jaw. "when pris-dot was at the ball and away from duck-dot the line couldn't connect and she missed him." with one of her hands she poked the center of her chest as she rolled a bit on her side to do it, and she drew a line from that poke to donald's chest, where she poked the center of his. connecting their dots.

Donald wrapped an arm around her again when she did that, smiling slightly and then giving a nod to her turning his head down to kiss her forehead when she kissed at his jaw. "I love you too pris. I'm also very glad that you're back from the ball." poking back at her chest just like she did to him. "I missed you too Prissy..." both arms wrapping around her again, giving her a tight tight squeeze.

[. . .end of log for the board!. . .]


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