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Innocent's Song {a log}

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Innocent's Song {a log}

Post by B.D. Adams on Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:42 am

There was a new presence in the Inn that had perked his curiosity the last time he was about. It wasn't something that was very strong, yet it was still there. Another daimon. It wasn't as strong as the Epiphany's but it was still there and it was something he wanted to `know more off. How much of herself did she know, could she use it, what type of person was she aside from that second nature. Therefore tonight this man was settled around the outside of the Inn, not in plain sight but not entirely visible either.. For the moment he didn't need visibility for he was not going to physically enter the Inn. Instead he focused his attention on it and reached his consciousness forward, masking his presence as he did for he did not need the others inside knowing he was there. He would start at the main floor, sweeping it from room to room - for that is how it had to be done - until he found the one he was looking for. The one known as Gwendolyn.

Ever since running into Jade, in the library on the main floor, Gwendolyn was often found curled up in a chair, with a book in her lap, a book in her hands and about three others spread out around her. Today the book she was reading was labeled, "The truth about Fae." The book upon her lap was "The complete idiots guide to Vampires." The others that were spread out were also about Fairy Folk. Ever since running into Jamison after the Halloween party, she had been interested in them. She was learning so many new things, though she still had to go for her flying lessons. That she was starting to get a bit impatient with, even though it was her own fault that she hadn't gone out yet. Something about that fear of heights. There was a small fire in the fireplace, the light from it, bouncing on the walls. She always enjoyed the smell and the warmth of a fire. If anyone happened to spot her, she was dressed in a short blue dress with a white apron tied at the waist. White stocking feet curled up in the chair, black mary janes at the base of the chair. A simple black ribbon was placed in her hair, wrapped around holding it much as a headband would. She was oblivious to the outside world, her attention was so caught up in the book.

There she was. Reading. Curled up on looking ready for a platter. Finding her he watched for a few moments, moving in closer to catch the titles of the books she has laying about her. So, this girl was a curious one about fantasy creatures. Good. The night tonight was not dreadfully cold, in fact, it seemed to be a perfect night for what he wanted to do. Even better, it would be a perfect night for her to go out. As he wasn't in the room with her, nor did he have line sight on her, so he eased his consciousness forward, feeling like a small breeze in the room. A trickle on the wind that made a tug on the books' pages. Perhaps someone had left a window on the lower level open and that was where the small breeze. This breeze trickled up to blow against her hair and with it was a thought. The thought that perhaps tonight would be a good night to see if there were any of these creatures to be seen? The night was clear, the stars clearly visible in the sky. What was the point of only reading about such things when she could find one? Tonight would be a good night to go and look. Don't they live near the trees? There are trees right outside the Inn. These were the thoughts that were carried on the breeze that moved past her hair to tickle her ears

Fingers turned the page of the book, before one hand lifted to curl just a bit and rest under her chin. Hazels were reading all that she could take in, moving from the left to the right of the page. This girl was a very curious girl, and that was something that could backfire, surely. When the pages started to turn a bit, as if a breeze had caressed them, she stopped reading a moment. Lifting her head to look around, of course, she did not find the window or where the breeze or whatever it was had come from. But she did notice the night, it did catch her attention, as the perfect night to go outside for a walk, and maybe find a live creature. It was the best way of learning about something, wasn't it? Hadn't she learnt a lot more about vampires from Jade then from reading the books, and she was getting it less and less confused. With that thought in mind, she would close the book, and set it and the one on her lap, down upon the other books she had near her. Legs stretching out, and feet into the shoes, bending to strap them upon her feet. Once that was done, she would adjust her skirt just so, before making her way out towards the front of the Inn. There were tree's there and maybe a Fairy Folk would show up. Weren't they like unicorns? Pure of heart and all that, that was what the one book had said! And so that's what she did, right out of the Inn, passing the check in desk, and out the door. Walking towards the center where she had first found the Lady of the Trees!

Once she started to move he withdrew himself from the room and the Inn all together. Wonderful, she was coming. He slipped further into the night to make sure that he wasn't seen when she eventually came forth and he headed to the woods. The very one she was going too. Now it came that he couldn't simply appear as he is but he looked around and found himself a spot under the branched of a willow tree .. Being fall this was one of the few trees that still had bits of leaves about it and in the dark, with the shine of the stars, made quite the scene for a painters delight. As he sat there under the tree he started to change. Pants becoming that to look like earth with browns and made of patches of leaves, a vest of the same nature. His skin became lighter to blend in with that of the tree he was up against and his hair grew out to a messy brown and white. Pulling up a knee he clapped his hands and drew them apart slowly, a flute appearing now. He grinned to himself as he brought it up to his lips and began to softly play. The tune was light and followed along the air of the night sky. A peaceful and dreamy soft tune.

It wasn't hard to plant a thought in her head, especially one that had been in the back of her mind, that she just had not fully decided upon as a course of action. Once she reached the wooded area, she faltered only a moment, before deciding it was close enough to the Inn that she should be safe enough. She had been given a few talks about being safe, and of course, not speaking what it is that she well was. Those talks would fly out of her pretty little head, as she entered the star lit area, the place really did seem magical tonight. It would be then that she had paused, almost as if she did not wish to ruin the area's tranquility. She even had started to turn around, but then she heard it, the sound of music. She wasn't sure what instrument was making the sound, she was not a apt study of music, but whatever and whomever was making such music couldn't be evil. So instead of turning around, she would venture forth, almost being lulled by the music. Though once she was close to the willow tree, where the sound was coming from, she paused. Her eyes squinting just a moment as if she was trying to see how the willow tree was making the music. But then her thoughts came back to her. Her voice a soft whisper, yet there it was. "Hello there Willow Tree, you play beautiful music." Yes, she was speaking to the tree. It wouldn't be the first time. And she thought the tree deserved to know that she did appreciate its music!

It was okay that she called him the tree, or thought that the tree was doing it, for he was made to blend into the tree to make it harder for him to be seen. What good would a creature like him be if anyone could spot him easily? Those with wrong intentions would swipe him up and use them for their own devious desires. So Gwendolyn would in fact see the tree before she saw him ,maybe even needing to come closer to see him. But he saw her. He saw her and there was the sparkle of starlight in his eyes as the head tipped upward and he pulled his legs more to him. The notes continued in their soft cord, a small lulling to reach out and beg her to come closer. It would be hard to tell when he stopped playing - for her did but the music lingered, floating on the wind before drowning out. "You must be special, to hear the music of the trees." The voice was soft and light, nearly the same as the music that had been played. "Tell me your name."

It would be very bad for a creature like him if he was just out in the open. And if she had hurt his feelings once she learned he was there she would feel rather bad. She did not like to hurt peoples feelings, no matter whom that people was. It was as if she felt the need to move closer to the tree. Step step step. It took a moment before she spotted that someone or something was under the tree. But that did not break the small spell that seemed to have been drawn by the music. "I'm special?" Her voice came out almost like a whisper once more, with a bit of a laugh in it. Oh she knew everyone was special in their own way but the tree man was telling her, so it was rather, amusing to her. For she thought she was rather average compared. "I'm Gwendolyn. Do you have a name besides Willow Tree?" A small tilt of her head, as her right hand lifted to itch a moment at her chin, before her hand fell and her head righted itself.

The closer she got more she could see of him, and even his face: brown skinned with almond shaped eyes and color. There was an unearthly look about them, nothing about the eyes suggested that he was human, only something that looked like human, as often they would pass for in this strange world. "Willow. For this is my tree." The same light tone was carried on still but the male did not move from his spot against the tree. In his right hand would be the flute carved from wood itself. "There are those who simply hear the wind on the tree as it passes. Night sounds it is called. There are few that can make it to it's source." He was watching her, studying her from against the tree. "You do not seem the threatening sort. I sense innocence about you." Yes…the innocence shot out to him almost as strongly as that daimon side. She was getting better as the minutes passed on. "That must be why you heard the song.'

She had noticed him, now that she knew that the tree had not made the music itself, it had help! He looked harmless enough, and she figured that small nudging slightly tingly feeling, that she felt when she was near Jade was simply because he was a unknown to her. It was something that was easily ignored, the curiosity was conquering her instead. She would move both hands to grab the bottom of her skirt, and she would give a perfect curtsey before letting her skirt free. "Tis a delight to meet you Willow." She was rather intrigued by him. "So do you live out here in the forest? I promise I won't tell anyone bad." As if she wanted to make sure he knew that he was safe with her. Then she gave a delightful little beaming smile. "I really am special then!" She even found herself clapping, at the thought, before she stopped her hands. He might see a hint of a blush over her features, "My hands got happy there." She spoke almost shyly with that. Happy hands were not always easy to control! She giggled then, hearing him speak of her as such, "Oh no! I wouldn't even know how to be threatening! Is that bad?" The innocence that he could sense, he wasn't the only one that seemed to sense that and it had her curious if this mysterious creature would think it a bad thing. But then she seemed to relax again, "Its just like the books said! Pure of heart and all that!" Her voice was rather happy, but a bit bashful, "I was just reading up on what some people call mystical creatures....not that your a creature, but not that being a creature would be a bad thing....its just...I don't know what you are. Oh fiddlesticks I think I just put my foot in my mouth.." And then she realized she was still talking and her mouth shut, fast.

The creature known now as Willow smiled. It was a bright smile that held the same sparkle as the stars and the twinkle of his eyes. Mirthful, who would believe that he could laugh like that? One of the benefits of having multitudes of souls at your disposal. any one of them could be used to gain the result wanted. "It is okay to talk. Lady Gwendolyn of the pure heart, come." Now was when he stood. Pushing up from the ground and holding the wooden flute up to the level of his chest as he looked at her.. He was not very tall, perhaps 5'5 o 5'6. Slim of built and his hair was still tousled about his face to cover his ears. He motioned next to him the seat on the ground. "Come and sit and relax in the tree. Be welcome with me and let me play for you and you speak for me. The tree is my home for I am in the things of the earth."

She had not realized she was holding her breath, until he smiled, so she knew that she had not hurt his feelings, and it all came rushing out, in a whoosh. And she would feel that smile forming over her lips once more. Seeing she had already thought she could of hurt his feelings, when he said to come, she would move forward towards him, she wouldn't take the chance to offend him again. He was maybe the same size as herself or a inch or so taller, very not threatening. She lifted her left hand up to touch a lock of auburn locks, fingers twining it between. Though she would move and she would carefully sit down where he motioned for her to sit. "Tis a lovely home you have Willow." He did tell her that he lived there, right? She had her manners. She then smiled up at him, "Have you played very long?" She thought he would have had to to play so effortsly as he did. She was careful not to lean back into the tree trunk, for she did not want to be a rude guest! Then she got quiet. She did not know what to speak of!

The area under the tree was the softest she may have ever sat on, close enough to be compared to a cloud. Soft and comforting, relaxing, a spot where one could spend a great deal of time and not have their body protest against the lack of movement. 'Willow' did not sit down right away, he stayed standing while she got comfortable in her position. "All the trees have their beauty. It's made only greater when graced with an innocent beauty such as yourself." The wooden flute was given a twirl in his fingers before he brought it to his lips. There was a lean to his stance as he leaned towards Gwendolyn. Air was puffed into the instrument and a shrill sound came forth that changed as his fingers danced along the holes. a m ore jovial and happy tune coming forth. If butterflies made music as they flew this is what they may sound like. 'Willow' played the tune as he circled her and drew out the last note as he knelt down on one knee besides her. Those almond eyes looking directly into her own as the flute came from his lips. "I have been playing for as long as I can remember. It's something special. Gwendolyn, there is something special about you too, isnt' there." A wonderment in his voice, almost a whisper. "What makes you special, besides your innocence.?"

And she had sat on a cloud before, so it something she could indeed compare it too. And perhaps that would slip out of her mouth as well, as she looked up at Willow, "This is so comfortable." She was rather relaxed out there. She gave a small shake of her head, "I couldn't make the trees greater in any way." She thought that sounded rather funny. And then he was playing again and she was listening, her eyes drifted closed a moment as she let the music just continue to relax her. Then when he knelt down it was if she sensed him, and her eye lids lifted open, and came into contact with his almond gaze. She nodded a bit, "It is special.." She would look at him, at his words, she blinked just a moment, what made her special? Well she heard lots of things made a girl special, and she would think on that, before she would answer him. "I'm special because I found my sister." Now she totally missed what he was hinting at...but she thought finding her sister, did make her special!

"I know I would be all alone if it were not for the comfort of the trees and the forest creatures." Whom most has gone to bed for it was night. He smiled at her answer before leaning in to take the spot next to her. He was not bashful about being in her personal space. She seemed personable and did not move and back away when her eyes opened and she saw him there, why would he back away now? He wouldn't and he didn't. Though he never touched her or made a move to touch her either. "You speak of finding her as though she were lost to you. " The slightest of pauses before he carried on. "When we find what is lost to us it makes us want to fly." A hint at something maybe but the man named Willow spread out his hands, lifting them up into the starry night sky and breathed in deeply. He glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. "Though I dare not. I haven't found something lost to me. Or perhaps I have? Perhaps I have found an innocence that I was missing."

She nodded a bit, "It's good sometimes to be alone, but it get's dreadfully boring. But it is good for reading books! And making up stories in your mind." Of course, her stories in her mind were about putting herself in her favorite stories. Or playing with Leoette. She wasn't the sort that really paid attention to personal space. Even if some people would of rather been happier if she did. She nodded, "She was lost to me! I didn't even know she existed! My birth mother gave us both away to different people, but we found out we are half sisters." She was so excited about that still, it probably shone from her. "And my bff Jade, she likes to hang upside down from windows, its close to flying from what people say!" That was going to be an experience! Then she looked at Willow, her eyes widened, "Can you fly Willow? I always wanted to fly!" She nodded a bit, thinking flying would be a fun filled adventure. She then tilted her head a bit, "You were missing innocence?"

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Re: Innocent's Song {a log}

Post by Gwendolyn Zoi on Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:43 am

'Willow' cast his eyes around the forest and looked up into the night sky before the almond eyes looked back at her. "I can Gwen. I can fly. You wish to fly, do you have wings? Wings that are hidden like mine? Does your sister have wings too?" Who knew that he could be so curious? He could be many things. and he could be what was needed to get the answers that he needed from this innocent morsel that was next to him. "You asked if I was missing innocence, and the answer is that I am. I'm missing an innocence like yours for others would treat me badly. But you, we could be friends and share with each other, and I could never be without your innocene."

Hazel eyes widened as he spoke, her mouth made a small small O shape. "You can fly?" Then she was looking at him, her head tilting just so. "What are you? I was reading all the books, and no one that looked like you had wings, or could fly." Now she was rather curious and that caused the rest of those questions to go unanswered. She had spent alot of time in that library reading things. Now this part sounded almost scary. "How would one share innocence? It sounds like that might hurt." She pulled a face, that did not sound like a good fun thing at all!

A laugh. A fine jovial, mirthful laugh that sounded just like the music he played came forth as he leaned back against the willow tree. He brought his hands up to go behind his head, even the hand which held the wooden flute. His smile was warm even after his laughter ended. "Sharing innocence isn't like sharing a bowl of berries with a friend where you have something taken from you. Sharing it is like sharing joy, like I shared my joy with you in the laughter. But Innocence.. that is a strong thing. If you would be my friend then I can share in the confidence and strength that your innocence gives you. I can have your joy. Just as I gave you mine." Now what was so harmful sounding in that? As for what he was . . "I do know whats in your books, for I hear that not everything gets listed in those things. Many things that are want for tales. But I am a fae." {d

She peered at him as he laughed. That did not sound like a bad laugh, so it had her wondering why the way he said the it first sounded frightening. Was she scared? No, he would know if she felt threatened. Not that Gwen would know what would happen, but well, they would find out if it happens. " being your friend isn't that sharing my joy and innocence with you? Being around you?" She peered at him again, much like someone looking to take out a splinter, "But I heard that the Fae are not very why are you being nice and not all grouchy?" It was from her lessons with Jamison. "What do your wings look like?"

"So don't want to be my friend." His demeanor changed, the joy that he had moments ago slipping away from him like a burnt out candle. 'Willow's' head started to lower as his shoulders came forward and hands slunk down from behind his head to fall down into his lap. All the actions of a sad and disappointed child as he frowned and his knees pulled up, hugging his chest. "Oh. Oh. Oh I see." He turned away from her, showing her his back while his chin sat on his knee caps. There was nothing of wings to be seen, though that did not mean that he didn't have them. They were only hidden from view. "The books say that we're not friendly. You do a lot of reading and, if its in all the books, I suppose then that it must be true." a turn of his head to see her out of the corner of his eye a moment, bringing the wooden flute to his mouth. "It's all right. I understand. Who could be friends with a Fae. I only thought that you were different." A deep sigh that made his shoulders rise and fall, a sorrowful tune coming from the instrument as he played out a few notes. With it the night perhaps got a bit darker and the air a bit colder. {d

She blinked, lashes kissing, as she looked over to him. "I did not say that I would not want to be your friend!" She sighed a sigh of many sighs. "Willow...I sister told me to question people. A lot of people aren't what they seem." She looked very torn, she knew she was near the Inn, but Pip had warned her. "Pip said that there are alot of bad people out there." She frowned a bit, "And sharing of innocence...I just...dont know." She did look at the back to see iffen she could see anything, which she couldnt! "I do read a lot of books." She nodded a bit. "And Jamison is teaching me about the Fae. Tricky they are." But then she looked thoughtful, "We can be friends." She nodded a bit, "Because everyone needs friends." And thn she shivered just a bit, though she still hadn't stood up to leave. Not yet.!

She was giving off a lot of names. So far from the conversation they had he got the names of someone named Jade, Jamison, and Pip. The last he knew but nothing was made in relation that he knew her. Epiphany. Pip. Saying that she was the one who warned her so maybe... The song continued, coming to a slight pause. "Pip? To warn you she your sister that you lost. She's right. There are bad people out there." and the song picked up again after that brief intermission, the fallen leaves on the ground beginning to swirl and dance along the wind on the ground. What if she said yes to that question? Interesting fact in deed. The song wasn't as sad, but it was still low, just on the edge of sadness. Willow still had his back to her and his shoulders were still hunched over. {d

She also had the ones with nicknames, and her kitten surely she had said that name once so far? She adored that kitten, which oddly hadn't grown any, and was still a small kitten. It was the one that warned her, but that was not what was asked. She gave a bob of her head, "Pip's my sister that I have recently found. She's great." She had that hint of pride at having Pip being her sister in her voice. "Yes she said there are alot of bad people out in the world. And not to be so trusting anymore." Gwen liked people, if he couldn't tell, in general. She looked at the leaves as they did begin to swirl about and dance pretty much to the music. "It's not so bad it?" ~

"No," She was blind to the expression on his face as his back was still turned to her, and she was missing the grin on his face. The type of expression that was clearly Benjamin. Epiphany's sister. "It's not so bad. See, the leaves dance." He had to stop playing to say those words but the notes were carried on the wind and they swirled around the leaf dancers, moving them in the rhythm only they knew before settling off for rest. By the time he turned to face her again it was the same smile of 'Willow' but this bright smile was also expectant. "Friends then? You mean it? We can really be friends?" His fingers tapped on the flute as he began to look excited. "This is great! I've never had a human friend before." {d

"No?" She was getting confused with that. Her head tilted a bit, "Do you know Pip?" She sounded really happy about that, I mean if Willow knew Pip then well wait, no that didn't mean anything. Pip, well she had a fondess for vampires. She nodded, "The leaves do like to dance, they look like they are having fun!" She saw Willow when he turned with that smile. "Why couldn't we be friends?" She paused a moment, "I will be your first human friend? Wow...why haven't you made human friends before?" That was also a great curiousity, why her and why now. But then he already stated she was special surely.!

What he was learning was being tucked away in his memory. "You were the one who was hesistant about being friends. You said that Fae's were mean and tricky and were wary of me. You didn't want to be my friend because you thought that I was mean and wanted to hurt you." Nothing of it was an admittance on his part, only stating things that she thought, whether she said them or they were merely implied. "Not all humans can see me. but you're a special human with innocence. Maybe you're not even human at all which would explain it better." He knew she wasn't human because of her sister. He wanted to reach out and get a better sense of her but right now that wouldn't be a good idea. So he would wait. His face broke into a grin and he held out his wooden flute. "As my first friend I want you to have this. I made it myself. You'd honor me to take it." Almond eyes looked happy and expectant as he held it out for her to take from his hand. "Wow. a friend that isn't a tree or a forest animal." {d

That could be dangerous, having things tucked away in one's memory. Gwen's memory liked to change things around, randomly. "I was hesitant of giving my innocence to you to share with. That just..." She sighed she didn't know how to say what she wanted to for that. And she was thinking it best to close her mouth before shoving her foot in deep. "I heard that Fae are that way. And very cranky...but you don't seem cranky..are you sure your a Fae?" Her brow furrowed, but then she pushed it away. She would look away a moment then back to Willow. "So only those with innocence can see you? Iffen someone walked up would they think that I am sitting here talking to myself?" That thought made her giggle, people thinking she was out of her mind, or talking to imaginary people. Wait that wasn't such a bad idea, if she had a imaginary friend they wouldn't be able to just up and leave her, when time came. They would be with her forever or until she gave them the leave to go. Something to ponder for a moment. She then blinked as he held out his flute. She did not wish to hurt his feelings, but she wouldn't feel right taking a gift for being his friend. "I...can't take that. I would never be able to use it as you do, and when you have it, it makes it easier for me to find you." She looked down a moment, almost sad about that fact, before, "You need to keep it. Material things don't make a friendship, and if I accepted such a thing, you might think I only want to be your friend for what I might gain." She offered a smile to him. "Do you have a lot of forest animal friends?" That was rather appealing to the girl. ~

It was his turn to look sad again, though he kept the flute extended out to her to take. "You'd dishonor me by refusing? I thought that we were friends?" These creatures he didn't understand. They said one thing and did another perhaps she was still cautious and wary of him and that's why she didn't take it. "It's not going to bite you, and I can always make another. Maybe I'll make one just for you and teach you to play it!" Ah, there was the hope in case she still didn't take this particular flute, he could make her one of her very own to have. "And we can make night music in the air." It sounded like a good idea to him and it may be one that she was willing to go along with. He would only need patience. He had patience. "And the creatures of the earth and answer to your song as they do to mine." This was his answer as to whether or not he had a lot of forest friends.{d

She lifted her hand to rub at her temple. Before letting it fall back to her side, as she was rather comfy still, for now. "It is not that I wish to dishonor you. But that is your flute. And you make wonderful music with it. I would feel bad taking it from you." She then giggled as she looked at him, "Do flutes bite? I did not think it would bite me!" She then smiled at him. "If you wanted to make one just for me, that you could teach me, well, then that would be different. Because it wouldn't feel as if I'm taking a piece of you." It was something she felt and she couldn't always explain how she saw things, and words did get jumped so often. Then she nodded a bit, "Though I fear I may not be the best student..." Not because she wouldn't try but because she just had no musical background. Sure she sang but never in front of anyone! A giggle did escape as she looked at Willow. "Oh!!! I am a earth creature! I answered your song by finding you with your tree! Though I hope the other's that I lure are the cute fluffy ones that have soft fur to pet like Leoettes!" She nodded at that thought, such a happy little one for her, she loved animals of all sorts.~

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Re: Innocent's Song {a log}

Post by B.D. Adams on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:48 am

So, she would take one that he made. "All right. I will make you one and deliver it to you." Making no mention of knowing where she lived, maybe he would make it and keep it until he saw her again. He gave a small shrug of his shoulders as the instrument came back down. He settled it in the belt of his pants, though once it was placed it blended in well with his clothing. "You are an earth creature are you and were drawn by the song. When I teach you, you can draw the creatures you want. Even your fluffy friends." He said it with a smile. All the smiles, the laughter, truly it was starting to wear on him internally. The happiness. He could take it, though the feeling was like a grate to his nerves. This was something he could keep up for a while longer and that was because there were the pockets of sadness that came from this bubbly person. The negativity helped. "No one is good when they start. You are well when you want to accomplish something and work to that goal. I have goals!" suddenly sounding as cheery as herself. "One day I'll have someone else to play music with me and we can conduct the night together."

It seemed only right, though a part of her wondered about that too. She figured that he would just find her outside of the Inn as he did this time. "But if you don't get to make it Willow because you get distracted or something comes up, I won't be mad." She still was scared he would think she just wanted to be his friend for what he could offer her. She smiled and she did let out a happy little clap, of hearing that. "The furry forrest animals will be fun to play with!" She hoped that once she lured them to her, that she would be able to tame them enough to allow her to play with them. Which caused a burst of happiness to escape her. She thought just a moment and gave a small nod, before a wonderful smile, "And with you helping me I will pick up how to play in no time!" She looked around the area once more, before looking back to Willow. "Ooo...that is a good goal to have Willow! Do you have other goals?" She would hope he had more then just one goal! It would be sad if he only had the one.

"What?" He looked at her with a wide eyed expression. "More than one goal? Why... having someone to make music with is the most important goal. No one wants to be alone and those who say they do only are fooling themselves. Bunch of liars and tricksters they are." He stopped as he rose to his feet and looked at her from a tilt in his head. "Just like those Fae in your books huh? Don't answer that!" Shot his hand out in the universal symbol for stop. Palm out and fingers spread though there was a smile to his face. 'Willow' completly froze for a few seconds or moments, everything around them seeming to go still as well, only 'coming back to life' with the start of his laughter. "Fly. Do have wings? I have wings. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. We can go up."

She let out a giggle, it was not so much she was laughing at him, it was the way he looked at her like that, as if it were strange to have more then one goal. "It does sound like a good goal. But usually there are other goals too." She nodded a bit, as she spoke, and then he was up on his feet. She laughed when he did say and do what he did with his hand like that. And if the other things seemed to freeze and go back into motion, she did not notice it. She would look up at him, slowly rising herself from that spot. She peered at him, those hazels staring at him a moment. She bit her lower lip, a look of something crossing her features, to trust Willow, or not to really trust Willow. Instead of the above she just spoke at a soft tone, barely above a whisper, "I don't know how to fly."

"And you never will know how to fly if you don't break out your wings. How do you expect to fly without them?" a very valid question. "Unless, of course, you have a type of magic dust you sprinkle on yourself and it causes you to rise into the air." To him that was funny. Thinking about the stories of one particular fairy. There was some truth to that, as there were potions and powders that caused flight. "Are you afraid?"

She blinked a moment, but he did ask another question before she could get out a formulated reply. She had been thinking before speaking sometimes, instead of the first thing on the tip of her tongue. "Do they really have a special dust that could help?" Her eyes were so wide at that thought, a bit of awe was shining in her gaze. Then she looked at Willow and nodded a bit. "What if...I break them. Or they won't go back to sleep? They don't listen very well..." Did she realize what she had admitted? Probably not, but she was worried with how they would work, they were new to her after all and only had been out once or twice.

What she said made him laugh again and he took a large step forward, arms spreading out to either side of him almost in a sweeping bow. He even bent low on one knee. “Break them? Wings are a lot more durable than paper. Unless they're fake. Harder to break than a bone." He stood back up , though he was moving around Gwendolyn to get to her other side. "They have a powder, Tricky stuff it is, doesn't last long and some of it is fake. Still." He took a gliding step away from her with a smile upon his face. "They have it but you still need your own power to make it work. So you would need your wings. I can... I can help get you started." motioning to his belt and the flute there. "I could play. stir up the wind to lift under your wings. We could go up together..... "

She nodded at that, "I don't want to break them! I did just get them! It would be a shame!" She looked at him, almost as if she didn't quite believe him. "Harder to break then a bone? So they are durable?" Her brow lifted in that quizzical way. She really did not know much about them, maybe if she had played with them a bit more. She looked over at him, "But but if you cheat will I be able to fly with my other friend on my own later?" She really really wanted to go flying with Jade. She lifted big hazels to him, so hopeful, yet a bit timid at the thought if he helped her she wouldn't be able to do it on her own when she wanted too. She still had not awakened her wings as she called it. Awake and Asleep.

There was the slightest shrug of his shoulders that was partnered with the removing of his flute.. It was all in one fluid motion and he shifted it from left to right. "Of course you would. All I would be doing is lifting you up." The flute went from one hand to the other. "All I would be doing is lifting you to the air. It would be up to you what happened after that. If you stayed or fell would be on you and whether you listen to instruction..."

She tilted her head, and then she gave a small nod, the words that Pip had told her had flown out of her head. Fingers were fidgeting. "I am good at listening!" She said even as she closed her eyes, her mind thinking about her wings, and willing them to wake up. Happy thoughts, were dancing through her head, as the wings started to protroud through her back near the shoulder blades, two white feathered wings one on each side of her back sprouted, glossed with a shimmer when they moved or flickered. Her shirt ripped where the wings pushed through, and a small look of pain crossed her features briefly, she wasn't used to them coming awake yet. Then she opened her eyes, and looked at Willow..."Your turn." He said he would show her his. Though that urge, that warning that she had felt like a bad itch, seemed to step it up a few notches, once her wings were free.

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Re: Innocent's Song {a log}

Post by Gwendolyn Zoi on Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:56 pm

He watched patiently as she brought out her wings, settling himself to not react in any other way than the role he was currently in would have him act. Her happiness, the giddiness that she naturally had was already wearing on him and now that her wings were exposed it was only taken to a different level. While inwardly he twitched the outward expression was a smile and wide, bright eyes. There they were. There and it left no doubt in his mind now as to what she was. The only thing he didn't know was the type. "You have very pretty wings Gwendolyn. You're not a fairy though..and you're not a harpy either." The wooden flute was in his hands and his fingers drummed over the notes as he leaned towards her and lowered his voice. "Would you happen to be an . . . Angel." Leaving the last word to hang as he straightened back up. She was right. it was his turn and he wasn't going to not show because of what she turned out to be. Flute to his lips he blew through the wood, making it shrill out a few note with the beating of his fingers.. As he did so a swirl of dark red of sliver sparkles drew out from around his back, coming together to take a type of form. The colors moved and flattened out until they eventually were made to look like dragonfly wings. A large and long one at the top attached to one half it's size at the bottom The resulting image looked quite sheer, shifting colors of an autumn sunset. When it was done he stopped playing. {d

She probably wouldn't of realized anything on how he was suppose to act, so he might of gotten away with something. Even if it was just a eye twitch. Normally a blush would of crept up her cheeks but as she wasn't fully in Gwen mode anymore she was able to handle it better. "Thank you Willow." Manners still in place, even in this other 'side' of her showing through. She shook her head, lightly. "I'm not a fairy. What's a harpy? I haven't found those in the books yet..." She was making the mental notes right now, what things she needed to read up on. Then she lifted her head, her eyes reaching towards him, "Mmmm, uh huh." That was enough of an admission was it not? She smiled watching his wings..."I wish mine sparkled, I like your wings, Willow!" She sounded very happy that he had such nifty wings. "Do your wings change? Do you think mine might change later on?" Yes the questions burst forth, from her. She was an Angel, but there were many types just as there were many types of every other species, no? ~

"Change?" The question came as steadily as the flapping movement of his wings - slowly in and out. They may appear thin, maybe even easy to tear or break, but they were very resilient and lightly stirred the air around him as they moved. "You mean change color or size." a small shrug of his shoulders. 'Willow' was watching her wings. watching them and seemed to have a small distance from her. Stepping over towards her sides and yet not forward. Maybe it was because he didn't want the wings to interfere. Or it was something else. "I do not know much of Angels. I am not one. I know they smite those who do wrong. Destroyers . . . " Again, the word was left to hang in the air and his hold went tighter on the flute. "I know they change when the Angel takes a fall. Color changes. Is your sister an Angel too? " {d

Her head nodded at his question, she really wanted them to sparkle or do something to stand out. Not that she wasn't happy with her non sparkly wings, she was rather good at blending in with everyone else, at least she thought so. As if instinct was taking over, her wings lifted just a bit, a small flap in response to Willows flapping wings. "Yes..." She blinked at him, "Smite? Destroyers? Willow can you see me destroying anyone?" She actually laughed at the thought, because she knew in her heart of hearts she wasn't the sort that could smite someone! "Are you afraid I am going to smite you Willow?" Her head tilted now as she looked at him, curiously. "Takes a fall, like if I were to fall out of a tree?" She would try not to answer that question, because she didn't wan't to betray Pip's confidence. She did not see it as a lie if she was unsure for sure about it, and Pip didn't want her telling anyone about herself. She bit her lower lip, "I...don't know for sure," She hadn't any proof either way, "We only found each other recently." ~

"You're not full Angel yet. But when you are..." His flute shook at her just a bit, like him shaking his finger at her. "When you are you will destroy and kill. Whether you want to or not. Maybe even the closer you get to it you will. But," and his mood seemed to change to a lighter one with a flip of his flute in the air. It twirled and he caught it with his other hand and even gave a spin himself, the wings wrapping about him as he did. "We are here to fly. " A gliding step to his right, the leaves on the ground kicking up and moving around both of their feet. "Fall. Commit sin. Go against the Creator. Him." Yes, he could speak of that being and not be destroyed or wallow in any form of misery. "If you become a Fallen Angel your wings will turn dark and loose their luster. But that's not all you will loose. On to the flying! You can flap can't you?" {d

She raised a brow, that just did not sound right! Angels were not suppose to be about death and destruction, they were here to do his will. Or something along those lines, weren't they? Oh the books she needed to catch up on. That did not make her a happy girl, those thoughts, but something, something told her that not all angels were the sort that smited people. I smite you, thought it did have a nice ring, no not once she learnt what it meant though. She got all giddy again! "Yes the flying! I need to learn! I heard about a nice spot that I can only see if I can fly!" That wasn't giving anything away, there wasn't a way she would throw her bff under the bus like that either! She nodded, "Oh that is not a good thing to do! I don't want dirty wings, I like these ones clean." Then she looked to him a moment, a small nod of her head, "I...think so." She closed her eyes, lashes kissing her cheeks, as she willed her wings to begin to flap, slowly at first, getting used to the feeling. ~

It was a very thin line, destruction. Giving someone medicine that only leads to their death after making them better. Or riding the world of 'vicious and violent' creatures. Even taming them was bringing about some form of destruction. Angels did destroy, even those meant to help. She would try to kill him, if she knew. If she didn't? Well, she would be in disobedience and would risk receiving those 'dirty wings'. "You can't fly if you close you eyes . . . Gwendolyn." His hand he did not reach out to her - if he did it would ruin everything - though he ushered her to come with him deeper into the woods. "Come, we need to get to where the sky is not obstructed by trees. Would not want you to snag upon a branch. Would we?" Asked with a raise of his brow and a slight smirking smile to his lip. His back turned to her and he sent a brush of the cool nights air towards her with the movement of his wings. {d

Well in that way, the person really was only trying to help, and made a honest mistake and not knowing that the medicine would lead to thier death. Yes dirty wings were not something she wanted, and she wouldn't pretend otherwise either. She laughed, "But they move better when I close my eyes and envision it." She hadn't tried with her eyes open yet. "But I guess you have a point. How else would I see where I am going?" A small grin for him pointing that out. Ruin everything that could be interesting couldn't it? But she went along with him, "No we wouldn't! My first flying attempt and I am stuck up a tree!" She let out a laugh, as she looked at him, following like a lamb to the slaughter. But in her book, Willow cared about his new friend, because he was looking out for her! ~

He was looking out for her, in a type of way. The type of way that worked for his benefit. He was leading her deeper into the forest but as he walked leaved would kick up under foot and dance around in the passing - maybe he was the reason why still leaves suddenly sprang to life at random moments. "The forest has a glen, did you know that Gwendolyn? A flat place and no trees to block the stary sky. It will be perfect for you. I will help you. I said I would." he half turned to make sure that she was following him stiill. "Help you get off the ground with the playing of my song. Move your wings as you walk, feel them moving the air to and away from you ." It was not much further and he stopped right at the edge of the glenn.{d

It might work out to his benefit, but it was still helping her none the less. And she did follow along, hands down ar her sides, as she watched the leaves. A bit of trepidation in her form, for it was something new, and the closest thing to flying was when she fell out of that picture and almost killed her and Pip. Those thoughts were pushed back though, almost as if she was in her own world until he spoke. "It does? I have not really explored to much of the forest." She only explored with Leo and Juliette. She nodded, "And that's what friends do, they help each other." She smiled, as she did what he said, wings would begin to flutter lightly against her back and her sides. "I think I have happy wings." She let out a soft laugh, because as she said it they flapped a bit faster. And she paused when he did, careful not to run into his back, though looking around him, at the area. ~

His wings were held back. she would run into his wings first before hitting him and he would move before he let that happen. "You really should get out more. There's a whole world out there, waiting for you to see it." he stepped out then in to the glenn, the moonlight shining down brightly and making the grass to have it's own sheen. He motioned for her to come out and to take a stand in front of him. His wings lifting up straight. "Stand just there and move your wings in a downward motion. Like a bird." the flute was out and lingered at the side of his lips. {d

She blinked a moment, "I am trying!" Really! If she had gotten out more, she would of probably had a better chance of being wise about him, and wouldn't be such easy picking's now would she? And she followed him once more, into the glenn, her arms moving up a bit, as if she was going to say something and gesture but it was lost. "It looks so lovely here." She nodded, taking it all in, before slowly, she started getting her wings to move in a downward motion like he said, she felt strange, but if it worked it worked. And her thoughts were happy thoughts of flying, "Like this?"~

"Yes. Now, raise them up slowly and turn them down. Push the wind downward so that it may lift you up." He extended one arm and held it palm flat and down. With it he demonstrated what he was saying. A slow and graceful movement with his hand. He would have used his own wings but as they were already sheer and looking like light, the shine of the moon may only make them hard for her to see. "Count in slow timing of four. Down, one... two, up, three... four. Down, one.... two. Up three....four." done with his arm movement he brought the flute to his mouth to play. The song was soft as a whisper. A light tune to carry on the wind. It drifted out from him and was directed to her. Swirling about her feet, maybe even making her feel a bit of a shiver as it traveled up to gather under her wings. {d

She was very apt student, if nothing else, she listened to his words, she paid attention to the words he spoke. It was good he was demostrating what he said with his hand for the moonlight very well would of made it harder, and she would of had to ask him to demonstrate again. Instead she moved her wings with what he told her, "Down one...two...up...three four." She would repeat those words a few times, to commit them to her memory. In time she probably wouldn't need such details to fly, but as it stood now she did. Her ears did perk and listen, though it did not distract, and she felt the wind as it did lift under her wings. Hazels were staying on Willow, and it took a moment for her to realize that she was no longer standing flat on the ground, she could no longer feel the resistance of the lawn beneath her feet.~

Up, up, up. even as she lifted his song had lift and moved with her, an invisible hand making sure that she did not fall back down to the ground. It was close enough, this touch of song, to not make much of an exposure risk, so he would do what he did earlier when he gave her the thought to go outside. 'Faster. Stronger. You're off the ground. You won't fall." he gave movement of his own wings and with a single turn of them he was lifted in the air. He didn't go any higher than her and he kept with the soft tune from his flute. "Want to move into the air. It's natural. Relax. Listen to the voice.. to the song." it was a suggestion. A brushing at her mind that may now tickle the other side of her that the voice was not fully as it appeared to be. It was a risk but, if she listened before and extended her trust, it could be good for him later. {d

She moved up a bit further, her head concentrating on his words he told her. Her eyes staying wide open, as she took in the surroundings. She heard his words and she grinned, "Your so helpful Willow!" She meant it too, he was very helpful. And she moved, and she listened to his words, when he spoke. "What voice? Is there someone else here?" She peered at him, even as she had thought he made a good idea to relax in the air. She wasn't as timid and the wings were flapping, she moved a bit higher, the wings flapping but not like a hummingbird slower, as if sensing the pace that they needed to go. She grinned over at him, "Willow..we are really flying."~

Since she had good lift he brought down his flute, not putting it away but holding it and letting the music carry on. He was pretty confident that she would not fall when his wind eventually left from under her wings. "Hovering Gwendolyn. You're hovering. To fly you must move about." just a small correcting and that was more of his 'real' side coming out, as it was with the instruction. He was not a man who said things without expecting them to be followed and obeyed. It's just how he was. "If you need, hold out your arms and use them to echo to direction of your wings. To go right." He put out his own arms and tipped to the right, his right wing the straighter as the left moved and turned him to the direction. THen the wings flapped together as he laid out straight and moved to the right. "To go left. " and he repeated what he did, only in reverse, moving back to the spot he was at before. "I can never stop moving my wings, or I will drop. Though I hear tale angels can be suspended by holiness power....." {d

She looked over at him, her wings moving slowly with each beat of her heart. ''I still off the ground." She almost wanted to pout for a half a second until she realized Willow didn't sound all cheerful and he also was still helping her. Even if hovering was still closer to flying then stayin on the ground was. She gave a small nod as she would move out her right hand, and attempt to mimic what he had done, a small squeal of delight once that small feat was accomplished. "It works!" Not that she doubted him, she was just happy. And then she would move her left the same way, feeling more at ease in the sky then one might of thought. She moved upwards higher from the ground, as she turned to look at Willow. "Do wings get tired?" ~

He chuckled a bit as he moved forward to her, turning and flying backwards. Show off. "They are a part of your body. Using muscles like any other part. Yes.. Yes the muscles can get tired. If you don't work the muscles and use them you will not be able to fly long.. or fast. You have to exercise." There was a smile to his face, though it was not fully the same jovial smile he had before. It seemed a bit darker, though it could be attributed to the night. "I could overtake you." In fight he meant. And in other things he believed. "Go ahead. Move around. Flex your wings." {d

She watched him as he moved forward and flying backwards as well. "I will learn how to do that too!" She sounded like a good humored child. She kept her wings flapping, "So the more I use them, the stronger the muscle the more I can use them?" That made perfect sense to her, and she would smile back to Willow. "Well seeing I have just learnt how to fly, I hardly think it would be a fair race!" And she took ff to experiment, letting her wings have thier own go. See what they could do so to speak as the wings flapped harder and faster, and suddenly, she was well upside down. Giggling she figured out how to right herself upside right. ~

'Willow' watched her, it was something he was good at. Watching people like the predator he really was. The further away she went the more relaxed he began, it being seen in the way he crossed his arms and idly stayed afloat in the air. His head was tipped chin to near chest making him a shorter image of his normal self. Now she could fly. He always liked a hunt when the odds were more even. Even if the 'even' weighted more on his side. A quick shake of his head and he was again in his chosen persona and he shot off after her, laying flat out like a bullet to get to her quicker. "There is nothing like the wind washing over you. Is there? Don't push yourself too much. You may tire and fall. Then I'd have to catch you. We are quite high. How high can you go.. past the tree tops? " {d

She was unaware that he wasn't near. She did feel the eyes but she figured that was simply because he was paying attention to make sure she wasn't doing anything she shouldn't be doing. She would listen to his words, before laughing a bit, "You....tell me not to push myself and in the same breath ask me to see how how I can go!" Her voice had a lilt to it, even as she began to rise higher and higher int he sky, much in the same way he had shot towards her. Not stopping until they were rather close to the top of the trees.!

'If you are in flight and get tired, you can always hover. It is like resting." An added tip. Maybe he should tell her that she may feel a bit sore come morning, but he had told her it was like exercise and exercising unused muscles typically brought about discomfort the next day but...this was something he assumed she knew. Common knowledge and all that, so he didn't say anything. "I say it for you would do so even if it were not suggested." as was the way of people when they got a new 'toy' to play with. Reluctant they were to put it away . He followed her and went slightly higher than she. "Lucky you are not afraid of heights." {d

She nodded a bit, "Like I did on the ground when you told me it wasn't flying?" A small pout like a wounded puppy but only for a moment because that inner happiness was over taken her once more. And it was common knowledge for most perhaps but not someone that never worked out! A twinkle of laughter escaped and she went higher up following after him, "Yes! I.." She looked down and then back to Willow, "The ground looks so far away." And she started to drop down towards the ground. "I probably shouldn't stay up to much longer..." She was logical. ~

And she didn't have to ask him how to go down, she figured that out on her own. 'Willow' closed his wings and started down for the ground. Nice and controlled, smoothed and he continued until he reached the ground, his wings vanishing in a sprinkle of sparkles when his foot hit ground. "Probably not. That would be the smart thing. Besides... what if someone were to see you? You might not be able to get away if harming you was their intention." as long as she was up there he would watch her. "And soon it is that I should head off. The darker the night, the lesser my time."

She was a fast learner, something she would of never guessed on her own. It was a learning curb she was on. Once she spotted Willow on the ground she flew around him just a few more moments before landing. She beamed a warm smile up at Willow, once more the pure joy was radiating off of her and it was directed right at him. He might even feel something in that beam of happiness. "Thank you so much Willow." She went in like she was going to hug him, before stopping herself, she remembered that hugging might give people the wrong idea. She already had a secret crush she wasn't going to make anyone think of anything else. "Willow...your going to come see me again aren't you?" ~

When she started to move in, even the action of her body moving in that direction he took a languid step back that was made to look only like a simple rocking. Her wings were still out and he made a casual gesture to them. "Don't forget your wings. Of course I'll return. I have to bring you your flute." Less she forgot she told him that he could make her a flute of her own. "That is enough excuse to come and see you again." She did well, with her flying, and he get a chance to learn about her and the name of some she kept company. It was a productive evening. "Listen for my song, or think of me in the cool wind. That's where I will be." {d

She would blink a moment, "Oh yes! The wings need to go to sleep!" Even as she spoke the wings flapped lightly around her. She smiled, "See I might of forgotten them!" And she closed her eyes to think upon it and the wings would slowly fold themselfs up and into her back. The only telling sign that anything at all happened was her shirt now had two large slashes in the back where the wings had protruded from her back. "I will look forward to seeing you again Willow." She smiled at that. "I just go back down this path right?" She did not wish to be lost in the forest at night alone. And he said he had to go so she needed to know what way to go! ~

She closed her eyes. She closed them to bring them out and to put them back. Valuable indeed. Perhaps she would grow out of that for not being able to see could be a disadvantage to someone's advantage. He wouldn't say anything about that either. He stepped aside so he would not block her path and the flute was brought back up. "Follow the dancing leaves . . ." And he would play a stirring tune from his wooden flute, one that swept along the ground to gather the leaves and separate them into pairs. As before the leaves started to swirl and dance around on the ground, steadily moving down the path in the way that she should go. Follow the dancing leaves... the thought went out again . . . and you will be home. He wouldn't follow and he wouldn't go. He would wait and the music would play until she was at the doorstep off the Inn {d

She was visualizing what she was doing with the wings, perhaps in time she wouldn't have to do that, or maybe she felt safe with Willow, after all he did look out for her a few times this evening. "Thanks again Willow!" She flashed him another smile and then off she set following the leaves, it took a few moments or more but she did reach the door to the Inn and then in she went. ~

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Re: Innocent's Song {a log}

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