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It is 'a' beginning

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It is 'a' beginning

Post by B.D. Adams on Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:01 pm

Things certainly were not going to plan but that's what happens when you give a person free will. The ability to act and think on their own could be such a hindrance to any plans. Everything was easier when you took a firm hold on the situation, grabbing it by the most vulnerable spot and bringing it to heel. Doing things that way made them boring, would be the argument of some people. No. He'd defer on that point. Having total control made things 'fun'. Entertaining. Taking a free and independent being and dangling them around like a rag doll, insulting them by proving how much power and free will they really had was such a euphoric feeling why would anyone want anything less.

When the 'anything less' actually turns out to be something more. The more that made everything else pale was willing devotion, along with the love and loyalty of someone that connects a soul. If such a thing really exist outside the pages of books and the dreamy eyes of dreamers it was a rare thing. Hardly ever seen and felt but for those who have had it, loosing it was loosing everything.

The date was November 16,1682, it was the day that the Lycan known as Jabin died.

Under the guidance of his teacher that found him twenty years prior and took him under wing, he had slowly been changing into something more wicked and cold. The human feelings of care and happiness, love, had all begun to fade away and were being replaced with a near insurmountable need to kill. To take a life without giving it more thought than one gives an ant while walking along a road. Jabin's work was violent, just like the raw and vicious wolf that he was, always a bloody massacre left in his wake. All of it pleased his teacher who fed that need by teaching his student to use his strength and wits to accomplish bigger and better ends. But there was more to teach. To only kill a person gave them the chance to live again -as souls were released into the Great Wheel when a person died and spun out again to someone new- so when killing that possibility had to be removed. To do that their souls had to be captured, stored inside a nearly impregnable vessel. That vessel was their own bodies and with each collected soul they themselves would move further and further away from death.

A soul possessed the life essence of a being. Their personality, abilities, emotions, memories, everything that made them who they are is stored in the soul. To posses the soul of another would grant you everything it carried. If Jabin was going to carry souls within himself the teacher explained that he would have to sacrifice what humanity he had left and be reborn and if he didn't then the mounting urge to kill would eventually destroy him. Though he was a killer he would often only prey upon the strong for his enjoyment and leave the lesser alone. Growing up his father ingrained in him certain values, sparing the weak was one of them. Jabin considered the words of his teacher and, because he was obedient, conceded.

Normally, when one of these creatures where made, they started off soulless as being created with a soul lead for the possibility for the creation to develop the tendencies of the soul. The teacher had picked Jabin to train not only because he was a Lycan with a deep root of hatred, but he also saw someone with a fierce loyalty and a yearning to do whatever was needed to belong. Just after the last ray of sun left the sky on that day in November, Jabin was reborn. No longer was he merely a Lycan but he was a fiend, a creation born of his teacher and being belonging to one of the nine hells. His teacher named him Benjamin, (son of the right hand) Daniel (God is my judge) Adams (Earth). Who he had been was now only a glimmer of a broken memory inside his head.

Everything was going well for the teacher as far as training his student. Years and decades went past and there wasn’t any hint from Benjamin that he was anything more than what he was created to be. Together they turned fathers against their sons, made friends into backstabbers, started wars and ended them for their pleasure; they corrupted the innocent and locked the damned in eternal torment. Everything they did was always for their own pleasure.

Everything was going well, that is, until Benjamin came across a soul that echoed something in him that was forgotten. It was at that time that the teacher’s absolute, perfect hold on his creation started to waver for his student had felt something that later would develop into something . . . more

B.D. Adams

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