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Playing with Himself

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Playing with Himself

Post by DrDonaldBlake on Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:27 am

It had been an interesting night for Dear Donald Blake. He had been forced to take some vacation days off from the clinic. and Pris had been hanging out with her brother. And with Shelia buried to her tits in work. well He only had some person to talk to tonight.Then there was Arcadia, who was off tending to her courtly dudties as a countess and it was unfortunate for him because no one else could talk to the person he was taking to at the moment. Sort of the curse of sharing a body with someone. could only be one person at a time. So to anyone who didnt know any better The Good Doctor was sitting in the lounge in front of a board of checkers. with a game well in progress, maybe about half way through.

"I dont care about what you did in Jotenhiem I got to see the whole thing! I know what you did. that doesnt change the fact that you can only move a king backwards!" Jumping his big comfy chair, and giving a triumphant pose. only to fall back down. reaching forward to move a black piece to jump over a red."Yes, that is a fair move... and no I wont let you retake your last move... now go."

And Donald slouched back into his seat and muttered quietly to himself."You know, I wondered why the board told me to take a vacation... until this very moment... yes I'm implying I would rather be doing something else."


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