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pris and the lost king of her castle ][ a log

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pris and the lost king of her castle ][ a log

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:03 pm

Donald woke up in the late afternoon after his overnight swing shift and after rising from his nice long sleep which was a borderline coma. and gave a nice stretch and went on over next door, offering pris' door a knock. he knew she was home because the TV was on, and it was very loud. his attire was his normal sleeping pants and a t-shirt that said 'Trust me I'm a doctor' on it.

the tv was loud because there were other loud things coming from pris' room too. she was moving furniture. she had started moving furniture ever since she got home from school thirty minutes ago. it was only after the knock that the sounds of moving stopped and just the sound of the loud television remained. then, the door opened. pris looked like a very colorful dust bunny - rainbow stockings and purple sweatpants that were cuffed up to just under her knees and a short grey skirt over them and then a blue short sleeve shirt that had a green tank top over that which said "move it or lose it" and her hair was up in two messy pigtails. "duck. purr." this was how she greeted him, which was very usual for her. if he looked behind the short teenager, he'd see that the place she lived in was a huge mess. all the furniture was just in the center of the room, practically, besides the television which stayed where it was - so far.

"pris! hey, hey... whoa, moving furniture too?" it was usual for donald to be a little disoriented when he was waking up. but it started to fade slowly and then he picked up and smiled brightly. "how are you? are you alright?" he asked with a little bit of concern there. stepping into her room. and looking around. "you and dom aren't leaving are you?"

when he asked her if she was alright, pris looked down at herself. her dusty fingers touching at her cheeks and then her sternum and then her stomach and she even tapped both of her arms and wiggled her fingers in front of her face. as she did all that she asked, "is something missing? is somewhere on me playing a ghost, i shouldn't be invisible anywhere...that wore off yesterday lumie was teaching me how he's invisible sometimes i had to use the machine that knocks me stomach butterflies upside down in order to be like him to learn..." the doctor's resequencer, obviously, so that pris could be a kitsune again like lumie. she'd been worried that part of her would stay invisible and wander off even though lumie said that wouldn't happen, and with donald asking if she was alright when he looked at her it brought that compulsive little worry back. which is why she was still poking and prodding herself and looking down at what she could see of herself as she answered his other question. "he already left. i have to move the furniture around so it knows it has to listen to me now and not him now that i'm the new king of the castle."

"no no pris you look fine... wait, you where invisible? cool... but you look great now." he smiled again and looked around the room, of course after her gave her the customary big morning hug from him like she always got. "wait, you're moving furniture because Dom left? you mean like he went to work?"

"yesterday," pris insisted as she finished poking herself, like she had developed a method for taking inventory of herself to see if she was all there. "but i couldn't get my tails to be invisible, they just wouldn't listen when they were told....." satisfied, pris looked up just in time to be hugged by donald. "purr purr purr." she said as he squeezed her with his usual affection, and she squeezed him back. at least this time she didn't try to hop up into his arms and make him carry her - it was probably too early after waking for donald to do that! "he went to work." pris agreed. "like he did when i stayed with my duck." dommy had been offered a permanent job with the people he'd gone to work for during that week away from pris. he wasn't going to take it until something had happened between he and pris that couldn't be fixed. they were a broken brother sister mirror.

"that isn't very nice of them... i imagine having tails that won't go, would defeat the purpose of being invisible doesn't it?" a quiet musing but then after a moment he changed the subject and rose a brow when she said her brother had gone away. "So he's going away for another week? that's lame... you want to come and stay over with me again?"

"they're invisible now...." pris said that as she swished her hand behind her around where her tails would be if she happened to have them. "i want to think of it like that. they're invisible. instead of not there. because...not there is kind of like invisible and i like the tails. they let me and lumie match and it's nice to match." pris had never matched another person in her entire life. well besides her daddy, but even then the family affliction hadn't kicked in until after he'd died, so it was too late to match him. being like lumie sometimes gave her a nice sense of belonging. pris moved to shut the door, but she statue froze when donald asked the questions he did. turning her head slow and just enough to look at him like he'd just said he was headless when his head was right there. "dommy went the way of mommy. except he's going to come back sometimes. to make sure i feed myself potatoes and wash my ears. i don't know why the couch won't sit where i'm telling it to it keeps going cockeyed so it doesn't look right." a large huff from pris, the girl who changed the subject. she didn't want to talk about dommy.

"well that is good, I'll try and make sure not to pull on them or anything..."Said the doctor who moved down and started to shift the couch around and get it, he was probably a little better at moving it then she was. though still not as good as say... thor. "where exactly do you want it? I can move it for you" you didn't have to be a genius to know that she didn't want to talk about her brother.

"i don't know." pris stamped her foot against the floor. she was wearing pink money slippers, by the way. so it was probably rather amusing to see her stamp her left monkey like that. but one stomp wasn't enough, so she balled her fists up and stomped around in a circle as she added, "i liked it where it was. i liked everything where it was! there's no reason i had to becoming king of the castle. i'm not a king. i don't know how to be a king and i can't find a crown and i don't want the furniture coming after me at night to say off with my head because it knows i'm not supposed to be here alone..." the furniture moving a was her compulsive attempt to try to deal with dommy leaving and things changing, when she didn't want them to change. and she was all twisted inside enough that she was borderline having an episode, which is why the furniture was being treated like a living thing, as was the concept of being king of what was now only her domicile.

"then don't move it altogether... you just weigh them down with things so they can't move, until they give up..." a nod and then he moved the couch back to it's original place and then he plopped down onto it with some force. "there, take that you threatening couch." maybe he wanted to try and cheer her up a bit? "I'll be happy do give every bit of your furniture this same treatment."

pris was considering what he said quite literally. which is why her big green eyes were bouncing from piece of furniture to piece of furniture. she was trying to consider how much weight it would take to make all the furniture stay put and give up. and even though she wasn't the most talented girl when it came to math problems, her nagging compulsive connector brain told her this, "but duck there's only one of you and the furniture it might ambush when you're not looking to save cousin couch....." pris' lip quivered. she was getting rather emotionally invested in the furniture moving process. she gave her foot one last little stomp, before folding her arms across her chest adamantly and tightly. like she was trying to hug herself calm, though she surely couldn't be doing a very good job of it when she wasn't able to stay still....

"well... they can't do that if we staple their feet to the floor can they?" god bless donald he was trying very hard to help put pris' mind at ease. and of course he sat up form the couch then and gave her a firm nod. "tell you what, we can go into my room and hang out for a while, let your furniture calm down a bit and then come back later when they least expect it and put them all back and then staple them down... sound alright?"

"yes!" it was said rather shrilly, and pris spun to look at all the pieces of furniture with an accusing glare. then, she unfolded her arms enough to pull one hand free so that she could point her finger in a firm scolding fashion at each of the offending [and entirely still] items. "the king of this castle is going to visit the castle next door and when she-we comes back everyone better be behaving or it's off with your wood feet!" she said that last part just like the queen of hearts did in the cartoon version of girl down the rabbit hole. and then...she just stared at the items one by one. scrutinizing them to see whether or not she felt they would listen to her royal decree. a slow, triumphant nod was given to donald and there went pris towards the door to head to his room just like he suggested. probably to donald's relief. "jerks," was said under her breath as she opened said door. she assumed, naturally, that the furniture didn't hear her name call all of them like that.


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Re: pris and the lost king of her castle ][ a log

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:32 pm

"they seem like it. come on..." and Donald motioned her on over into his room after stepping into it himself. it had been cleaned recently, someone had to do it. and well he just didn't want to house keeper to do it, because well it was his stuff and it needed to go in its own place. so yeah he had cleaned it up on his day off, but you could tell that had been before a week of double shifts. so even though it was cleaned up it was still a little messy

pris didn't really pay attention to the condition of donald's room. his room was his because he was in it, and since donald was currently in it she was just fine. pris continued her stomp out of her own room and straight into his heading directly to his bed. when she reached the foot of the bed, she yanked up the comforter and crawled underneath it to the center of the bed, where she curled up entirely covered on all sides looking like an extremely large lump in the mattress. once that was done, the girl sighed. it was a heavy, shaky sigh. the sort a person makes when they're thinking about crying.

Donald moved over to plop down on the bed next to the big bulge on the bed, and placing a hand down on where he thought her head was. and then gave it a bit of a pet. "hey pris, how come you're hiding down there? are you alright?" he thought it was a legit question, if only because she went to the bed and crawled underneath the blanket.

he found her foot, but close enough. at least a foot was a fairly innocent thing to pet? when donald asked those things pris whined from underneath the comforter, squirming to get in a position that would make her feel comfortable enough to answer that question. sometimes certain questions needed to be answered in certain positions. she ended up flat on her stomach stretched out and taking up as much of the bed as she possibly could. "no." she said that firmly and so loudly that it was almost defiant. "my furniture knows i'm not supposed to be king of the castle, and soon it's going to tell the walls, and then the walls are going to whisper to the kitchen and the sink will bang down the pipes to the toilet and i won't be able to flush anymore because they all hate me!" and then, she punctuated all of that with a huff and a grumbled, "and that was a doctor question. bad. duck."

"I don't think it hates you, I just think that it should be where it was before..." And then Donald stood up, going to crawl underneath the blanket with her. "I'm sorry I asked a bad question, I'm just a little worried is all." and donald moved in to snuggle closer to her. "I think when we get back later and move it all back, and get them to stay you're going to be right as rain pris."

"i don't want them back the way it all was before. now isn't like before. it's a false painting because something would be missing." her brother, of course. but pris didn't say that explicitly. she didn't mind that donald crawled under the blanket. so long as she was still entirely covered by the blanket, she was happy. once donald was settled underneath the comforter, she rolled over onto her side and crept in closer to him, curling herself up against his chest, even drawing her knees up so that she was a little pris ball. "and if the toilet doesn't want to flush anymore i don't know how to make it. so i have to get them all to see me as king of the castle or else...."

"well that's what the staples are going to be for..." Donald curled back against her, both arms wrapping around her tightly. offering her a pet to the head, even added in some scalp scratchies. "as for the toilet, its under contract to cooperate. if it doesn't it gets kicked out of the union... and then well it wouldn't be able to do anything anymore... so I think you're safe on that front."

pris considered everything donald was saying. as he pet her head to soothe her, she pressed her hand to his chest, fingers kneading there. she moved her hand over to a particular place on said chest, to see if donald still had the piercings that he had gotten the day they went on their fun adventure. it was a slow walk of her fingers to that spot, pris watching as her hand crept like a five-fingered spider to the location in question, paying close attention to all the creases and wrinkles of the shirt donald was currently wearing. she was hyper-fixating, to help herself calm and focus. "okay," she agreed finally, barely above a whisper. "we can do duck's plan to make my furniture behave. but not in the same spots they were. we have to find new spots. i need new spots."

the piercings on his chest were still there, both of them, but his where small. he did after all have to be a doctor and all that jazz. but he did smile seeing that she was trying and looking for them. "everything as it should be right there?" raising a brow but then he gave a nod. whispering back in response to her. "Alright, when we go back I'll make sure to help you put everything in new places."

was donald often a doctor with his shirt off? because boy that's definitely not a kind of doctor pris had ever encountered before! in reply to donald's question, when pris captured one of the small pieces of metal pierced through his nipple under his shirt between her thumb and pointer fingers she gave the little stud a small tug. "purr." was the only verbal reply to his question. she was happy he still had them both there. it was something that she and he had in common, which means in that way they matched. and pris had that thing about matching, because it was something that didn't often happen. and with dommy gone now....pris had lost a match. because their match was their mother. "it might take a while," she said that with a matter-of-factness that was almost pushy, like she didn't want donald to argue the point she was about to make. "to figure out the right way for the furniture to go. because if it's not just right they might try to pull out their staples and rattle when i'm trying to sleep. and if i try to do it when i'm in there they're going to try to distract me because they don't want me to be king. so i should stay here. until i figure out the just right way." that was, of course, all about pris wanting not to be alone.

"I suppose that could work." said with a smile to pris. moving his hand down through her hair, offering her scalp a nice little scratch. "you can take as long as you need to pris. I just so happen to know that my furniture likes you very very much... so you have nothing to worry about while in these walls here you're in good company"

"purr." it was barely spoken. with a little tremor in her voice. the waiver of someone who was at a risk of crying. but pris didn't cry. she did squeeze her eyes shut tightly, and she did slip her arms around donald to cling so tightly he'd need a shoe horn to pry her off. and she did suction cup herself tightly to him in a smush. and she did sigh all her air out very very slowly. on his back, her fingers didn't stay still. they pressed into his back in an undulating pattern, each of the fingers taking turns one after another. she knew that she would be okay in duck's walls. she never had the problems she had in her own room here. his walls left her alone and everything was always nice here. it's why she's finagled her way to stay here.

"Purr" donald said softly. his fingers still scratching at her scalp. opting to do just that now, because she had taken to kneading at his back. "are we going to stay in the blanket fort all night or can we come out in a little while?" he was still whispering to her. she hadn't stopped whispering so neither did he.

and she kept kneading. the contact was good. and the rhythm of it was good too. it was something she could focus on, touching his back with each of her fingers one by one. the one thing that changed was that her eyes opened, and she titled her head back so that she could look up at him from her spot suctioned cupped against him. her wide green eyes watched him, and then she rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes to listen to his heart beat. "we can come out. ba-bum. ba-bum." that last bit added for the benefit of his heartbeat. which she was listening to for the same reason she was kneading his back. to focus. and calm. "i'll need my sleeping clothes...." added in a more sullen tone. she didn't want to go back to her room.

"You can use one of my shirts to sleep in... so that you don't have to go in and talk to them more tonight..." Donald said softly. lifting a hand from his scratching at her scalp. to pull the blanket down so that the light from his lamps could bathe them. "would you like that?" It's not like he was expecting her to agree with that, but it was worth a shot. seeing as how he knew she didn't want to go back into her bedroom. and before she could answer in either way donald rose form the bed to go through his drawers and look for a shirt.

when pris opened her eyes she squinted at the lamp light, making a lemon face. but then he offered one of his shirts. "i like when i smell like duck," was her reply. which was a yes. his shirts smelled like him, of course, because fabric picked up those things. as he left the bed she started creeping her way upwards towards the pillows. it wasn't that late at night, it was only around eight o' clock, so she didn't think that they were going to go to sleep yet. but with her compulsions it was always best to arrange the pillows just the way she liked them to be, and she did that now while he was fetching her a shirt.

"oh, well then. here you go, you can have this one to sleep in." it had a stylized 'A' on it, and said . "Property of the Avengers, not to leave Avenger tower." on it. how did donald get that one out? well that was before tony had everything chipped and that kept him from taking things out of the building he had a whole collection of pilfered avengers shirts.

"purr purr purr." pris held it out to look at it after he gave it to her, adding, "not one of duck's doctor shirts. boom." how did she know to equate the avengers to thor? she'd been staring at the shirt, so maybe she saw something in it. though pris wasn't one to see things in inanimate objects. at least not before. sometimes things change. she was half caught in an episode, so that could account for it. at any rate, she spread the shirt out in front of her and very carefully folded it up the way she wanted it folded. and then, she stuck the shirt carefully between two pillows, pressing the top pillow down against the bottom pillow like it was a pillow waffle press and the shirt was the waffle. if she kept the shirt there, she was sure it would smell even more like duck. then pris slipped out of bed, going to donald and putting her arms around his waist. putting her head on his chest, she closed her eyes and started to rock side to side.

"huh? well, I can absolutely promise that Thor has never worn that shirt." smiling a bit and he went back to scratching at her scalp while she rocked them from side to side. "he's kind of more into his silly tunics and his winged helmet and such..." his assurance that the shirt was very much his own. the God of thunder would never be caught dead in a t-shirt.

there were many things that pris could have said to reply to donald, but as she was swaying her weight back and forth like they were at a high school dance doing a slow dance, her mind was on something else entirely. "daddy gone mother gone brother-guardian gone. i only have one parent left." pris frowned as she thought about that fact. "and he said he won't move into the room next door unless i get rid of the angel but i asked who the angel was and he wouldn't tell me and that's a red flag, duck, when someone asks a question and the other person doesn't answer it that's a flag....." her arms moved, hands sneaking to reach up to donald's shoulders where her fingers dug in to get a good grip.

"wait... you had a third parent? did your mother re-marry?" that may have been a stupid question, because she never really mentioned anything at all about a third parent..." wait, he wants to live here? and what angel do you mean? there aren't any angels that live here... but you are right that is a red flag. people should answer questions especially if they're a parent." poor donald he was really rather confused at this moment.

donald was very confused, and pris was very calm. probably because pris was lucky enough to have what donald did not - answers to his questions. she didn't move from her spot, her hands didn't stop their grip on his shoulders, and she didn't stop rocking from foot to foot. this was very soothing to her, this closeness to him and the uniform rocking motion. "poof the parent," she replied in a tone that said the fact that poof was her parent should be something as worry-free as a fluffy bunny. "and poof the parent wouldn't tell me anymore about the angel. that means he can't tell me. he can't tell me because i wouldn't like how it made the painting around us change. but he said it wasn't you, duck. he knows you're my most precious duck."

"Poof? Poof is your parent?" Donald stopped his half of the rocking, tilting her head up so that she could see his eyes. "poof can't be your parent Pris..." donald said that very calmly too, though there was a bit of concern there in his voice for her well being. calling that crazy man a parent and everything.

immediately after he stopped the rocking pris made one of her high-pitched little whining sounds, pursing her lips in a way that would show she was less than happy with the fact duck stopped following her swaying lead. he would get a very good look at that huffy face when he tilted her head up. she opened her wide green eyes, which looked unfalteringly into his - duck was okay to stare at. though she didn't like what he said. "well he is," pris countered with a firm tone and a little insistent stomp of her right foot. "he promised i would be okay and he promised he wouldn't harm my most precious duck and he watches and he teaches and he says yes and no. i needed a parent," she said that with a hint of desperation as she looked up at her most precious donald, "and i went to his cave and i told him to poof me a parent and he poofed himself. i needed a parent duck! dommy left me and i was right because that wasn't 'just' a week like he said because now it's 'just' for good and i can't be alone everything changes when i'm alone!" that last part was shrill. she was not liking the fact that donald was suggesting she should be parentless. at all.


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Re: pris and the lost king of her castle ][ a log

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:03 am

"Pris, He's bad news! if you needed a parent, why didn't you come to me? I would have helped you... How do you know that he wont just lie to you? how do you know he didn't promise that same thing to De'Ryanna? you see how she is...And you're not Alone. I'm here! and I'm not planning on going any where... hell Thor doesn't want to go anywhere...I'm going to be around here for a long while." maybe he sounded a little hurt that she didn't in face not come to him before turning to Benjamin in seeking a parent.

pris stepped back and put her hands on her hips. giving him squinty eyes. and then she held her chin up high and she said with all the confidence of an expert, "because she is a bitchwitch and i am not." pris felt that explained everything just perfectly. she was no de'ryanna, and even benjamin readily agreed to that point. "and i know he won't be bad news because he hasn't been bad news. and i know he doesn't lie because he doesn't lie. he gave me a present and he poofed it in my hand so it would have his evil touch cooties on it. and he told me not to use it too much because then he'd be able to take me over like he does the bitchwitch. why would he do those things if he was bad news? and you can't dream about having sprouts with your parent duck that's wrong." her voice got a bit louder and a bit shrill again when she said that last part in answer to why she didn't ask donald to be a parent. she seemed to have a rather adamant stance on not having any impure thoughts about someone she saw as a fostering adult figure.

"yes but How do you know he hasn't lied? you cant prove it either way! Don't you ever think that he is trying to just get you to trust him so that he could get his claws into you when he isn't expecting it? The worst of the bad news people always do it that way... they pretend like they're good but then they turn around and stab you in the back." Donald was speaking from experience when he sad that. many times before he had been betrayed by someone who was supposed to be on his side. Loki was a prime example of that.

"how do i know you haven't lied? how do i know lumie hasn't lied or mr planet or the rapunzel epiphany or mister math or mrs. principal or anyone?!" whatever his volume was, pris matched it with her retort as she gestured wildly with her arms like that would help to explain her point better. "any of you could be secretly following me with a stabber waiting for me to be in a good killing spot so why don't i just lock myself up in my room and make a sheet tent and turn on the television and hope it keeps me from hearing the walls yelling at me and that the phone never stops working i can have people slide potatoes under my door so i don't shrivel up and die and will be nice and alive to turn into my grandmother needing pillows for walls!" her point, essentially, was that it was possible for anyone to become anything so she might as well be a recluse. pris pressed her lips together in a thin line and hugged her arms tightly around her as she stomped her way towards his door. she was going to go back to her room.

"Have you ever felt the need that you needed to be protected from me? Do you have to have stipulations in order to just associate with me?..." but he calmed down she did have a point though..." you have a point Pris... and I am sorry. I just don't want you to get hurt...I don't want you to go lock yourself away... you shouldn't be alone, with Dommy having left you..."

pris turned around and stared donald down. her body was very tight and tense. statue-tense, like that was what she needed to be in order to hold something in. only her lips moved to speak to him, that was it. "i didn't think i needed to be protected from dommy. i didn't think i needed stipulations." her eyes were looking at the floor when she said that. staring down at a nick in the wood like her life depended on it. she didn't want to say anything else about that. about dommy. about why he was gone. so she didn't. instead she said, "i'm already hurt." how could a girl who lost a father and had her mother run off not be hurt? "i just want to be okay." there was so much desperate feeling put into that word. like if her breath could paint a picture, it would paint the pillowed walls she never wanted to be trapped by. "i'm not going to be okay if i'm alone. that's why i got a parent. i got a parent when dommy was gone because i knew. when i looked at him when he came back i could see what he wasn't saying with his lips." after she said that to the floor she gritted her teeth and pressed her lips together. that was more than she wanted to say about the issue.

"but you're not alone... you have me.. Pris... I'm sorry your hurt I am... and I'm sorry that Dommy left... but you should have talked to me... I mean if you where looking for a parent and you wouldn't ask me I could have helped you find someone... someone who isn't bad news, someone who can actually treat you like a parent would treat a daughter... as opposed to someone who if he where to touch you. would take over your mind... someone who would give you a gift without stipulations... that was only a gift..."Donald felt a little bit slighted in all of this. maybe he felt she went and sought out Benjamin without telling him for exactly the reasons he was worried about her being around Benjamin.

pris was creeping back towards donald. tiny step-steps forward, her right foot sneaking forward and the left foot following behind. after what duck said the notion of leaving here was gone. she could see what was buzzing inside of his words and her eccentric brain was scribbling connections between points others might not have even noticed. it all boiled down to duck's feelings, and his feelings were saying they weren't happy with her. hence her creeping. but just because she was sneaking her way back over to re-suction cup herself to him didn't mean she was going to stand up to what he was saying. "poof's insides match. his insides do and he does. no different. not....not skinny man behind the counter smiling at me and calling me honey and saying good things when inside when you peel him back he's chest is a birdcage for crows that are picking at his breathing pipe....that's not a match. no one matches, duck. no one matches but you and poof." notice she didn't say her brother.

Donald opened his arms and wrapped his arms around her that she was suctioned cupped to him. again." yes, I understand that..." Donald said that offering a little nod, moving a hand up to pet at the back of her head."I still think he is bad news prissy..." said softly and he still have her a tight squeeze. not really talking about the subject more then that.

"then you be my good news!" said with brazen teenage insistence as she looked up at him as he pet down her messy hair. her green eyes were wide with earnest, and her fingers dug there was back into his shoulders. when he gave her a tight squeeze pris pressed back against him, resting her head on his shoulder. "duck. poof can't help being poof. just like boom can't help being boom and mr. math can't help being a jerk," a little dig on her teacher with a smart purse of her lips. "poof can't help poofing on things he touches or going grrrrrrr because that's what being poof is. but he doesn't poof all over me. or he tells me what poofing all over me will do. isn't that good news?" that last part was said in a small voice, one that held in it a very fragile hope. poof was who pris chose to be her parent, so it behooved her to believe that even if poof was poof, he was a good poof to her.

Donald didn't really know what to say to that. he didn't like Benjamin, he never would like Benjamin. even in his own limited interactions with the man, and then the information he got from pris about him."I understand that pris... and you're right.." it wasn't that he was placating her he didn't put that tone out at all. it was a small understanding. that he had agreed to.

"purr." that purr sounded a lot more than just pris letting donald know she was happy. it had a slight feeling of 'the end'. like she had proven her point about benjamin, which meant that poof was a good news poof and so was donald so that meant pris was surrounded by good news. she snuck her feet forward, playing the ball of her left foot on his right foot and the ball of her right foot on his left foot. curling her arms around donald and rocking a little bit to see if she could get him to dance her. it was something that she used to do with dommy all the time when she was a little girl, and something they'd done the night that dommy agreed to get a room here as dommy settled the details with epiphany. maybe that's why pris needed to try to get donald to do it, so she could feel like despite dommy's absence she was indeed cared for. "you would make a good parent if you gave me sprouts." it was a very bold thing for pris to say, the girl speaking that encouragingly with her head still resting on his chest. it was her trying to comfort him. by telling him he was a good parent. so he didn't think she didn't pick him because she thought he'd be a bad one.

Donald moved over with her, carrying it about to a dance along with her in a little circle in his room." I think so too,... better then benjamin..." his final dig at benjamin there and then he was done. offering her another tight squeeze. Benjamin would rue the day he ever harmed pris where he ever to do that. so he better go ahead and watch himself

good. duck knew how to do the dance. pris hugged her arms around him tighter when he started to move them, and she hummed a melody that sounded a lot like a lullaby except it was in an eerie incorrect key. "poof wouldn't dance with me. he would go like this," pris tilted her head upward a little and stuck her chin out as she tried to square her jaw like manly benjamin, and try to look up at donald but down through her lashes in a very serious, almost aristocratic manner. "earth child. you ask me to dance like i am everyone else. would you have me be everyone else? what good is everyone else to you, instead i will fluff your aura with my magic heater hand and smile in the way that makes it look like i'm about to go grrrrr," and there pris made her snarl face. while her description of benjamin's reaction was amusing if not pretty true, she wasn't at all trying to make fun of him. it was a very serious response from pris, because that is exactly what she's expect benjamin to say. which is why she hadn't asked him to dance in a cemetary with her. well....that and the no touching rule she had insisted upon.

"yeah, that sounds like a pretty good impression of him." Donald said that softly. and drew in a deep breath. he had pondered talking more on the subject. but yeah he didn't think it was a good idea to keep talking about it. Donald knew how to pick and choose his battles, he didn't like the idea of benjamin living here in the inn, but we could cross that bridge when it came to that."Are you hungry?"

[ ...end of log for the board! ]


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