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Giving Some Grief (Closed)

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Giving Some Grief (Closed)

Post by Om Kennedy Yajna on Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:28 pm

The fight was fast. Two fighters used to fighting and used to fighting each other. Samantha would've flipped the f-ck out if she saw what her brothers were doing, but she wasn't there. Their parents had asked Samantha and Toby to stay in Boston for a few days. Wanting to bury the hatchet Sammy'd needled Toby until he agreed. Today she was taking advantage of it to catch up with a few friends. Toby had taken advantage of the time to find their brother and kick his goddamn ass.

Tobias saw Dex at the cemetery yesterday. Sam hadn't. She'd been crying, head down, grief-stricken and ashamed of it probably. He'd been the opposite. Head up, dry eyes, watching. The day was supposed to be about honoring Uncle Teddy's life and for most people there that's what it was about. For Toby it wasn't though. Because he knew that in the crowd, somewhere, for someone this -had- to be about two of the three Kennedy mutants sitting out in the open. Sam would call Toby paranoid if she knew he was on the lookout. But his effort hit paydirt. Just a glimpse out of the corner of his eye of Dex walking away and Toby knew he'd been wrong. Three of the three Kennedy mutants had been out in the open. That glimpse was all he needed to track Dexter down the next day.

"You didn't deserve to be there!" Snarled as he threw a chair at Dex. It was Dex who'd sent the chair flying first. Not by throwing it like Toby just did. With his mind. His mutation. So it was easy for Dex to dodge - he didn't even have to move. The chair moved stopping. Suspended in air and Dex replied. "He fought for our rights. Unlike some cowards." The chair exploded into sharp splintered pieces by Dex's will. The pointed edges aimed at Toby and were fired at him.

Tobias lunged through them. With what he'd absorbed before coming in here he wasn't afraid of wood. A lot of the stakes bounced off of him. Some of them stabbed but couldn't puncture any deeper than the top layers of his skin. "Better a coward than a killer." He threw a punch. But Dex was too fast. Toby's fist crashed through the wall deep enough that he was stuck. Dex sneered, "Make love not war?" Toby could feel Dex's power trying to syphon energy from him. Once upon a time Toby'd voluntarily let Dex do that to help him fight, give him energy to get through the day, give him what he needed to practice with his powers.

But Dex couldn't do it when Toby had absorbed something. Something that always got under Dex's skin. He didn't like that Toby could block his power. Dex grabbed his brother by the back of the throat and smashed him into the wall. Just like his hand had Toby's head went through. Dex sneered, "Wait, forgot. You don't make love either." Tobias yelled like a raging bull. But instead of going forward he threw his rock solid weight backward to yank himself free. When he swung this time he didn't miss and blood poured from Dex's broken nose.

What Toby didn't know was that two tables were flying at him. Each from an opposite direction. They sandwiched him at full force and cracked on impact. Dazed Toby pushed those tables and Dex was already making his move. Two glass vases aimed at Toby's head. He dodged the first by bending low but the second struck him against the side of the face. The cuts could only go so deep but that didn't mean he wasn't bleeding or it didn't hurt. When he swung back Dex stepped out of the way and Toby nearly spilled into a table. "Gone soft, Bias." Tobias caught himself on a chair and whipped it low towards Dex. He wasn't close enough though. Dex took control of the chair sending it right back at him adding "Hiding too long?"

Toby reached up to deflect the chair with his fist but things didn't go as planned. When it smashed against his hand he felt finger bones break. He yelled the f-word in pain pulling the injured hand to his chest. The absorption had worn off. He jammed his hand downward towards his belt to absorb something else but Dex had been waiting for this. This time the thing Dex sent flying with his mind was Toby himself. Smashing him into the wall with the power of his mind.

It hurt. For a second everything went white. But when he slid to the floor and his head slumping to the side Tobias saw opportunity just as Dexter started towards him. He waited until Dexter stood right in front of him and then he stretched to jam two fingers into the wall socket to his left. Right hand lunged for Dex and got him by the forearm. The power surge was too wild and fast for Dex to try to absorb. The electricity shot him backward with a sizzle that made his hair stand on end and his heart stop with confusion. Wasn't until he fell face down on the floor that his ticker started kicking again and Dex wasn't conscious enough to appreciate it.

Toby was slow getting up. He felt sluggish and favored the hand that wasn't broken. Good thing was he didn't feel like anything else was broken besides maybe a rib or two. He was lucky. He bent down slowly over Dexter. Picking up his brother's head by his sandy hair. Smacking Dex's cheek to wake him up enough for parting words. "I'll tell Mom and Dad you said hi." Head was dropped, and Toby didn't feel bad about the thud he heard when Dex's head hit the floor.

He let himself out. Now to get cleaned up and back to their parent's house before Sammy did. So she wouldn't know he'd even been gone.
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