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Night time Visitor

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Night time Visitor

Post by De'Ryanna Aybara on Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:22 pm

"You feel it, don't you."

"I feel all of what you inflict me with."

"This is not anything that I have done; you know it. And you know how to cure it." She knew, just as she knew that the irritation and frustration were not his fault. This didn't mean that she wouldn't try to imply the fault in order to make it easier.

The irritated and frustrated De'Ryanna sat at the desk in her room, elbows on the top and the heel of each hand pressing into her eyes. The lights were off and the room was dark save for the small hint of light through the door. No windows. "Leave me alone." The words were low but held a hint of and edge.

"You know that's not what you want." His words washed over her as a cool breeze. A momentary calm to the fire that burned through her veins that caused her to slip her head back and drag her hands down from over her eyes and pass over her neck before they rested on the table. It may have given a bit of relief to the fire but the underlining frustration was still there and every evening it grew stronger.

And it wasn't even a full moon.

It started a few weeks ago during the time of the last full moon; she started feeling a mild ache in the pit of her stomach. It wasn't illness and it had nothing to do with nerves, this was the type of ache that tagged along with desire and ignoring it only lead to frustrations. Such was her predicament. During the day it settled down to dull throb, a steady reminder, but as the day progresses into night the throbbing beat at her like a drum.

The night after the last full moon Benjamin had come to her, a beastly smile upon his lips as he told her what was happening. It was known as 'The Calling' and every Were received it once they became of age. The feral instinct to breed - it never went away and took many years of practice and pain to learn to repress it to a tolerable level. Many went insane and died either by their own hand or someone else’s due to the Were going on a violent rampage. One way to abate the Calling was to give into it.

De'Ryanna ignored him as much as she could that night - she didn't look at him and moved to the other side of the room. For his part he hadn't tried to approach but stood at his entry point and calmly explained what was happening. While he had been there the Calling had been so strong that it brought her to her knees but she had been determined not to give in and focused on anything else. The battle between the flesh and the mind left her exhausted and she had passed out.

Since that day he hadn't physically appeared to her but instead spoke to her just as he was doing now. Every night he asked the same question; every night she gave the same reply for thinking that of she admitted what she felt then her ability to resist would weaken.

The feel of relief was still present and she would swear that his hands were pressing down her arms, even though he wasn't there. "Call for me." That's all she had to do and he could open her up to so many things.


"Until tomorrow." Words said he was gone from the room. His voice, feel of his touch; and the relief were replaced with the pent up frustration and wanting desire.

It was going to be another long night.

De'Ryanna Aybara

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