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A Revealing Journey [Log]

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A Revealing Journey [Log]

Post by Damon Fauci on Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:36 pm

Epiphany gave Sam his room key and told him where to go, once that was settled she finished wiping down the counter and looked across the room to get a look at the front door. Damon was there, and she suspected that was where he wanted to meet her. Although... she didn't think she was dressed to go..wherever he was wanting to take her. It wasn't like Epiphany to worry about how she looked - unless performing - so she didn't mind terribly about what she had on now. Everything was put away and therefore she made her way over to the front door, the bells she wore tinkling as she walked. "I'm ready....unless you think I should grab something else to wear. You are taking me away and unless I can get something later....."

"Clothes can be purchased, time cannot. Let's go." He opened the front door, but more than that his cool hand touched against her back between her shoulder blades, urging her out. The door was closed behind them, his hand remained on her back unless she chose to slip away from the touch. Down to the road, and he chose left. They had a short walk ahead of them, but it wasn't far. He didn't want them to be walking for long. "Not that I don't like your fetching choice of attire it. . . vaguely reminds me of someone. A number of people, from a long time ago." Even that much information he gave up begrudgingly. His pace was quick, but no so fast that she couldn't keep up. "Now," he said as he gestured for her to follow him by turning left at the first available corner. "Where would you like to go on this unexpected 'vacation' of ours." He knew his words would betray the fact that he did not have a location in mind, and that his main intention was to get her away from here. It was why he chose them.

Damon....was in a rush? That was really quite shocking as he was hardly ever in a rush. Not that she could remember when it came to something she thought was so trivial as travel. But she didn't question it while they were still there, that could wait for later, as well as the other question that was in her head. "You said I remind you of people... perhaps we should go there?" Looking down at her clothes and then back to him she smiled. "It will keep me from having to buy new clothes right away." and it would take care of some curiosity.. hopefully.

Once they were around the corner, his pace slowed. The inn was out of sight, and the short walk had given him the opportunity to not only cloak his presence from the eyes and senses of others, but hers as well. That didn't mean he didn't wish to get farther from here as soon as possible, mind you. It just meant there was less haste involved. Her suggestion made Damon laugh. Briefly, really almost a single, "ha," but it was a laugh nonetheless. "They haven't looked as you've adorned yourself in quite some time, angel. But it might be a wise choice. They have assets at their disposal that could be quite useful to us. Very useful. Yes, we'll go there. I only hope they won't be cross with me, I've been lax in my visits. It means we'll be leaving this realm, I hope this isn't a problem?" He glanced at her.

It was getting all the more interesting, and he knew that Pip liked things that were interesting. He was looking at her and she was looking him over with a puzzling eye. Just what was he up to and this place...was he suppose to be a regular visitor. "I ..assume I shall need to hold my questions until we are out of here. she looked over her shoulder as though she expected o see someone standing there or coming to where they were. "Mmm.. I'm as ready as I can be. Looking forward to an interesting story..." and she was!

He noticed the puzzling eye, but did nothing to alleviate it. At least not entirely. "There's no need to hold your questions. You could scream at the top of your lungs and anyone within normal earshot of you wouldn't be able to hear it, it's safe to speak candidly." Why wouldn't they hear it? Because Damon didn't want them to. Depending on Epiphany and her current relation to the other side of her, she might be able to feel the air around them was rather thick with the lulling thrall she'd often experienced firsthand from Damon. Speaking of which, Damon came to an abrupt stop, urging her to do the same and turning to face her. "The simplest way to travel would be rather uncomfortable for you to ensure awake, I think. Will you let me put you to sleep, for the length of the journey?" He was being gentlemanly tonight. Actually asking her things, instead of just doing them. Which was risky when it came to Epiphany, because knowing her she would demand to stay awake and then the journey would be a living hell for both of them. Or a snail's journey, if he was forced to bring her another route.

"Okay, wait." Since he said she could speak candidly she was going too. Not that Epiphany didn't enjoy spontaneity--she did it all the time - but if she was going to be running from something she wanted to know what it was. A half a step to the side and she rocked on her heels as she spread her arms out. "Why are we running away?" That's what she called it. It was better than saying that they were hiding. "The rush, this.. charm.. is it dangerous for us to be here or are you trying to hide yourself from Jade?" Jade was spoken in a rather flat tone, though she tried to keep it light as her other words. But that was the only reason she could think of as to why they had left the place so quickly - so she wouldn't know that he was there and if that was the case she wanted to know why. Then she would answer the sleep question.

"I don't know. I doubt it, but I'm not the sort who half asses anything am I?" A little smirk as he dropped a modern phrase. Folding his arms across his chest. "I've seen Jade a number of times since she's been here, I've no need to hide from her. You, however. . .I don't know why they've sent her here, but clearly it wasn't to keep an eye on me. She's to keep there as much as possible, and why would they want her to remain there if not to be near you for some reason or another? She doesn't know why she's there, beyond a few guidelines they've given her. I don't like it, and I'm going to find out. And until I do, I'd like you to not be there in the meantime. You can live without your new bff for a few days, I hope?" Another modern manner of speaking, bff. Damon did keep up with the times, you know. All that television he enjoyed watching so.

All that did was get her to give him another odd and funny look. The funny thing was that while Damon was up with the modern lingo Epiphany...not so much. Sure, that laptop she had has taught her a few things when she pops it up but the bff? She really didn't know what that was, though she assumed it was a term for a person and the only people he could be referring too were either Jade or Gwen. Both of them she could leave alone for a few days - different reasons of course - and so she would only nod. Then she would step forward and place a hand on Damon's head. Normally she would be checking to see if someone's head was warmer than usual but, being what he was she wasn't sure what she was suppose to feel, only that she was looking for something. "You are feeling okay, aren't you? This whole thing hasn't shaken you to another part of your senses has it if so I may have to find a way to take advantage of it." even chuckled. That's right, she said she would take advantage of it, and why shouldn't she? She took her hand down and fiddled with the gold choker band around her throat. "People are use to be disappearing. No doubt this time will be any different. Now this.. sleep you referred to." Her eyes were not on him, they were looking off to the side as she was feeling slightly unsettled. "How do you do it?"

Yes, leave Gwendolyn to be entertained by Jade. It was a marvelous idea! "Are you inquiring about my health?" He couldn't help the grin he gave to her. It was highly amusing to him, her question. "The senses I'm in are no different from the ones I act with every day. I understand how this might seem to you, as you don't know the three leaders of Saint Louis and their patterns as I do, but I can assure you this is the absolute first time on record they have cared to send a spy to a realm other than earth unless it's had something to do with me. Why Jade is here had nothing to do with me. Changing a habit that is centuries old is cause for further inspection, don't you agree?" His eyes dropped, watching her fingers fiddle with the necklace around her otherwise bare throat. "It is no different from the powers you've felt of mine before, simply more potent. You sleep when I want you to sleep, you wake when I want you to wake. The only risk it trusting me." With the beastly smile he was giving her was he making it difficult for her to trust?

It was all costume, what she was wearing, even the choker which might as well have been a collar. It was all part of the costume. He had said a few things that caused her ponder a bit, thinking on them more than just surface items. He didn't know why Jade was there. Better yet, why would they want to keep an eye on her? Probably for the same reason she felt a reason to watch out for Gwen around the Vampires or any other creature of the dark. A slight frown. "You're right, I don't know them, but, if I'm the one being watched.. if.. then I'm not too sure how i feel about that." It made her nervous, had her stomach ball up and get a pinch of anger as well. But she wasn't going to think about it. To help her not think on it she approached him and reached out for his arm, wrapping hers around him and pulling herself to him and resting her head against his shoulder. Epiphany didn't say anything for a moment or two, she was simply letting herself be and was pushing down the tinge of disagreeance she felt about the whole matter, or about being out here with him in general. "I trust you." With the position she had of course her neck was fully exposed to him - the high pony tail helped with that. "It's not as though you'll make me sleep for a thousand years. You'll be bored all that time without me." a bit of a joke.

"I'm a step ahead of you then. As I know exactly how I feel about that." Less than pleased was an understatement. Damon's patience had already been growing thin with the leaders of Saint Louis, and this new development was certainly going to test his loyalty. The elders were older than he, one of them by over a thousand years, but he had means of making himself a formidable opponent and one they should not consider displeasing. When she pulled him to her and pushed herself against him, Damon's arms each wrapped around her in a way that would seem to envelop her entirely into his care. As if there was a cloak that were unable to be seen wrapped around the pair of them. Such is how his power served. The pressure she'd feel under her chin was his power as well, one he didn't use often. The pressure would seem much like his fingers, but there were no visible fingers drawing her chin upward. He wished to gaze into her eyes, and the pressure would not relent until he was looking into them. He cast a deviant little smile, and when he spoke his voice and all the air around them pulsed with the hypnotic power he could yield so easily. "I don't know about that. I do so love to watch you sleep." It seemed all he would have to do was say the word and it would be so. Sleep, and so she would. She had no need to worry, however. Once she was asleep he would care for her completely.

Epiphany did not fight against the pressure she felt from him, the more she was around him and pushed down against the other side of her the better easier being in his presence became. That was only with him. It wasn't that she was completely lax in the obligations of the other side, only that she was not going to let it control her, or rise up, but it was there. Epiphany had a lot of faith and trust in this man and her faith was rewarded with an ounce of trust from Him. As she looked into his eyes a brief smile crossed over her lips and she felt her body relaxing, the arm around his was loosening and her legs were weakening but she didn't worry about falling. He would never let her fall. If she had a moment to retort to his comment about sleep she would have, but there wasn't time for that. There wasn't time for anything because she was asleep.

She would have no sense of how long the journey was, or how difficult, or how cold how fast or anything else. Which was a blessing. For him it caused a certain degree of discomfort. Traveling by his means of flight was one thing when it was moving over the same realm, but between realms was a different matter. The trip was made, however, and it was made without great incident. When Epiphany awoke, she would find herself laying atop a bed that was still made in a room that was clearly not Damon's. The walls were a pale yellow, the curtains were a gossamer combination of pastel greens, yellows and peach, and so was the fabric that adorned the poles of the bed to create a decorative canopy. At the foot of the bed she would find a robe made of soft cotton, a wash cloth and two towels. There was also a basin of water sitting on top the stout dresser, should she simply wish to wash her face, hands, or feet. An old fashioned touch, the staff did it out of habit when they cared for their guests. She would also find a change of clothes next to the basin. Modest underthings, a dress of a light blue which was tunic like so it could fit a number of sizes with a white belt to give said dress shape, and a pair of white sandals. At this moment, Damon was not in the room. When they left it had been after two in the morning, perhaps? If she cast her eyes out one of the windows, it was late afternoon here. It was a place that might seem vaguely familiar to her. They were in Italy, and this was the home of Damon's forefathers, and the land and vineyards therein.

Needless to say she felt rested and she woke naturally. There was no start or shock, she simply woke up with a yawn and stretching her hands above her head on that bed. She would have thought the whole encounter to be dream if it wasn't for the fact that she didn't recognize the feel of the bed under her. That had caused her to freeze in her stretch and fully open her eyes. She wasn't it must not have been a dream. Pulling herself up Epiphany looked around. It was quiet, but she could feel things moving about outside the windows, that put her in some ease, knowing there were living things about even if it were only bugs. Slipping off the bed she took up the robe and did a quick survey of her room. Near evening, that must be why Damon wasn't here. No worry.. She should change, and she would and then, when the time was right he would show. If not, well, then she would have to go exploring. taking to the bathroom she rid herself of her arabian attire and folded it before stepping into the shower. Any nerves she had were being quieted by being in a new place that had many possibilities for things to happen. Shower, washing her hair, it all wouldn't take long, but she did some thinking while she was in the water. The type of thinking where a person sat down in the shower and simply let the water rain down on them while they closed their eyes.

Either Damon was being a gentleman or he was indisposed. Either way, he did not make an appearance in the shower even to be beastly and tease, so she truly had her thoughts to herself. By the time she stepped out of the shower, she would smell the scent of freshly baked bread on the air, as well as another scent that was warm, herbal and filled with various vegetable odors. The staff had been alerted that she was awake, somehow. Perhaps they heard the sound of the water running. Regardless, they were cooking a meal for her. This would be confirmed for her by the crisp white card which sat at the foot of her bed. When she unfolded it she would see written in english that was clearly the writer's second language, "The request of Marchese Fauci is to with him dine." At least she knew that Damon was awaiting her. While this property could certainly be considered a manor, the layout was far more simple than many homes. As breaking bread was so important to this culture, the dining room was at the very center of the two floor structure, and the dining room had a vaulted ceiling so that one could approach the stairs, look downward, and know they were headed to the right place.

Dressed in the robe she came out of the shower and dried off before entering into the main room again where she found the note. It made her smile and she ran her fingers over the words of the note. His title was used, maybe that's why she smiled. It was a rare thing that she saw that title used, as Damon said he didn't care much for them. This note was something she was going to keep. Epiphany did odd things like that, you could never tell what trinket from a trip she would find important and want to keep that others would toss away. Bringing the note to her lips she kissed it before taking it and placing it between the folds of the clothes she had worn on this journey. She was spared the trouble of wondering what to wear as a dress was already laid out for her. Removing the robe she set about getting dressed and was thankful that this wasn't the type of place that had servants. For a change she was even glad that he wasn't here at the moment because he may have noticed a small infinity mark on her skin, right beneath her shoulder blade. It had been covered earlier by her shirt and it wasn't noticeable as the color was only a shade or two darker than her own skin. The average eye might have missed it all together unless they were studying her back. Once she was dressed Epiphany made two partial braids on either side of her head and then pulled them together and braided them into one. This would help to keep her hair from falling in front of her face. The only thing she would have liked to have was a flower but, she'd leave that alone. She put on her shoes and left the room, being careful to walk and not prance through the halls like an excited child. Now she wished that she had listened to her sister and learned how to walk like a proper lady, but she could make a good act of it. Hands clasped and down in front of her she walked steadily, looking around and following her nose to the dinning room.
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Re: A Revealing Journey [Log]

Post by Damon Fauci on Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:32 am

The dining area was surprisingly teeming with light. Sunlight, no less. Like many spanish and italian houses there was an outdoor courtyard at the center of the building, and the dining room where she was headed and where Damon currently sat was just off of said courtyard. The wall and double doors that separated the indoors from the outdoors was entirely glass. There were blinds, of course, but they were not drawn. That was a touch for her. Damon could endure sunlight, it was simply against his nature and he was not very fond of it. But he would sally forth for the short while that the sun's rays would have aim through these windows. She would see two of the staff busy setting and bringing the food to the table - one older matronly woman with hair touched of grey, and a younger who was of university age. The bread was already on the table, with freshly churned butter that had chopped chives and basil mixed in. A plate of fruits, all fresh and already sliced pitted and so on. Last the older woman brought out the soup, setting the cast iron lidded pot on the center strip of the table that had was fashioned of iron as well, perfect for setting hot pots on without worry of damage. And last for the daughter, she poured the wine. Made from the grapes of this very vineyard. Damon's glass first, she poured him only a small sip worth. He picked the glass up, not stopping either of the tasks he was engaged in at the moment. Speaking with one of his advisors in Italian, while reading the paper that was open and held with one hand. He could read and converse at the same time, with ease. Glass was lifted, liquid swirled, sniffed and then tasted. A nod was given to the younger woman as well as thanks and permission to pour. After setting the glass down, that hand he used to beckon Epiphany. He knew from her heartbeat, the approach of her scent, that she was close. He gestured to a seat to the right of him, and then did his best to quickly finish the conversation he was having with his man.

Of course, when she entered into the room and saw the fanfare she paused at the entrance and tried hard not to take on a nervous stance and start biting her lip. It was a good place to be, that doorway, for she could see everything that was going on and she paid attention to it. And the sunlight. It was the small things like being in sunlight that made her love Damon. he didn't have to be in sunlight, but he stood a bit of it for her. And food.. He was actually going to put up with the smell of food. Perhaps the wine helped. Food... she actually felt her stomach growl a bit at the smells that were traveling about the room and she pressed her hands against it, hoping that it wasn't audible past her own ears. When was the last time she had anything to eat? She didn't remember and that meant it had been too long. So this meal was good. When he beckoned her to come she did, walking just as steadily and towards the seat indicated. She wore a smile and nodded at the servers and even mouthed a 'thank you' at them, that was for the food they had set out and the way they prepared the table. As for the man Damon was speaking too.... she tried not to look interested in it at all - which was hard - and took her seat. Epiphany was going to wait until addressed before she spoke. She had some training in manners afterall.

Epiphany might notice when she sat that these dishes were far from rich. Bread, fruit, a vegetable soup. He knew her to eat simply, and simple foods were easier to endure the odor of than those that were more complex and rich such as French cuisine. That it was prepared with an Italian sensibility also helped him, surely. If he had heard her stomach growl - which he didn't - he would have been glad. He knew she often didn't eat as much as she should. When the older and younger women finished their tasks they stood at the opposite end of the table and gave a slight bow as the older told Damon the meal was ready. He thanked them, giving them flattering and true words about the freshness of the food its timeliness, and the women were on their way. It left only the man. The final sentences of their conversation were held in quiet murmurs. Then each shared a laugh, Damon clapping the man on the back and thanking him. The newspaper was folded up, and his advisor took it. As the man left, he stopped long enough to give Epiphany a bow. "Bienventua, bella." With that, Damon's advisor was on his way. For a brief moment Damon slouched back on his chair, letting out a quiet sigh. To be here was to be the Marchese, and it wasn't a role he actively submitted himself to often. But it was done, for now. He pushed his chair back, giving Epiphany a smile. "Allow me, angel." He leaned in and placed a kiss on her warm cheek, and then crossed around to the other side of her. A kiss was placed to that cheek as he drew her chair out. Such suave little customs he had. When she sat, he would of course push in her chair. "Help yourself, of course. This wonderful meal is naturally not for me. Did you sleep well?"

Ah custom! Yes, she heard about that, or read it, the tradition of kissing a person on either cheek when greeting them. "Thank you." She said almost laughed at t and let out a deep breath. Doing that was helping her stomach to not growl, tricking it into thinking that it was getting something when it really wasn't. Soon.. soon. "I slept like I always do when you put me to sleep." Maybe that's why she was hungry, because she was actually rested and her body had time to relax like it was suppose to. Seated she reached out and plucked fruit from the bowl, immediately putting a few grapes into her mouth and as she chewed she sighed again and closed her eyes. "You're not going to eat? You're not even going to peel a few grapes?" That was a fond memory of him with food. Peeling grapes. Looking around to make sure that they were alone se said to him then "Are they happy to have you home? I never thought that you would bring me here. It's a beautiful place from what I've seen.." her head was turned so that she was looking out at the windows. "Makes me wish for a pad and pencil to catch the scene. I should do something to fit in more here." She wasn't use to upscale things. Once or twice, merely for show, or to be the show, but this was different. "I've often thought of what this place would be like and you in it but.. this is quite different."

"We are only here to sleep, and eat. This isn't our final destination. You've slept well, now you eat well, and then we'll be on our way. We should arrive at sunset, which is appropriate." He took his seat, slouching back into it as he did before when his man had left. He took up his glass, and from it took a larger sip than he had of the wine last night. One of his sharp glassy fingernails tapped the wine glass. "All the grapes i need. Grown, pressed, bottled and aged here. Be sure to drink, it will help." Help? How? He didn't say. A second drink of wine, and then he placed it in front of him on the table for now. "Are they happy. . .yes, I suppose so. As happy as they can be without getting advanced notice that the Marchese is coming." A faint grin. "I've spent quite a bit of time here lately, however. More of the summer than you'd think. It's not often that I'm required to actually serve the country with my presence and have been able to do so through Bianchi," a gesture in the direction his man had taken his exit, "and others. These last months have been particularly demanding of my time. I was away, when Jade first came to Rhy'din. I encountered her when she was hunting a few days ago. Otherwise I would have warned you. . ."

"She was more than happy to inform me that she was hunting with her favorite partner." A tiff there and she went for the soup. Needing to put something in her mouth to settle her down and not go on about that woman. It also kept her silent for a few moments. Damon wanted her to eat and her stomach was not going to argue with him. This didn't mean that she scarfed down the food like a pig, but she ate like a normal person. Even though she had wanted to steer clear of the Jade topic she added, "She likes to make reference to you when around me, I probably didn't help that fact and did you know she called me angel?" That was something she had been curious on because she didn't think that Damon was the type to tell people things so either Jade knew or she was being sarcastic in saying that Epiphany was no angel with all the things she had done. Either way, it had stuck with her and it was something she had to bring up. Saying that she took the wine and drank it before remembered that it was wine. Caused her to cough a bit because it was unexpectant. But there was a definite difference between this wine and that from home. Wine...she was never a drinker but..this was different. And she went back to the fruit.

A sheerly entertained smile. "Yes, well. Before she met me Jade drank canned and bottled blood. So I can understand how she might say as much." He would leave out the part of how Jade was a project of his, a project with specific aims. Nothing that would be a threat to Epiphany, but still. No reason to risk raising envy or ire. "I can only imagine how blissful a pair the both of you are when you're in each other's company," a light grin. "And while I know it probably will give you little ease, I can assure you she's quite harmless. In your case, at least. You're fortunate enough to not be male." He chose this moment to pick up his wine glass again, and this time he drained its contents. He was considering a second glass, but for now it could wait. "Sheer luck on her part. I told her nothing of your celestial roots, nor have I told anyone else. Speaking of that, Epiphany, you've reminded me. Where we're going tonight, say absolutely nothing of that part of your heritage. Don't indicate it in your eyes, your reflexes, nothing. While the Romany are my long standing allies and nothing will shake the bond me and the tribe have, that doesn't combat the fact that they are a nosey, opportunistic people."

Any displeasure she may have had at the thought of Jade being there at the Inn quickly dissipated when he mentioned where they were going next. Before she could stop herself she blurted out, "We're gonna see the Gypsies!!" Her eyes were wide and she clamped both hands tightly over her mouth. It was a wonder that she didn't shriek and start jumping up and down in her seat, which is what she wanted to do. Right now the girl was ecstatic and she was bouncing her feet under the table. It was great and her mind was going a mile a minute about what it would be like, what she'd see and do and why they were going there. But she had to settle herself and she tried.. really. Starting with taking her hands off her mouth and slouching in her seat. "We're going to see the gypsies?' it was whispered. Like she was trying to make up for the outburst.

Did he expect such a reaction? No. But he wasn't surprised when it happened. He should have known how thrilled Epiphany would be, when she chased adventures and stories. He had known the Romany for so long, and so intimately, that they had simply become part of his life. Damon had forgotten how exotic the gypsy were to those who were not of their clan. He looked like he was holding back a laugh. He leaned forward, and he folded his hands on the table. "Yes Epiphay," he said with the height of calm, answering her in his smooth tenor. "We are going to see the gypsy." He called the full of their clan by their singular, rather than the plural. "I have never taken another to them before and they are suspicious by nature, so we might approach with decorum."

"Right. Right. Decorum." Inside she was still squealing what a great story this was going to make! Before she had only heard of them in stories so this would be quite interesting! "Do I have to do anything? Should I be prepared to do something?" That was the real question. She knew them to be entertainers and if they were suspicious people... "Is that our final destination then? Or is it simply another stop along the way? Are we going to stay there long and is there any particular name I'm suppose to call you while we're there? Like a nickname, stage name, something that you go by when you are with them or were with them?" she had grabbed a banana and was peeling it. "Don't worry about me, I won't do anything wrong and I should be okay unless we happen to stumble upon them while they are summoning demons." it was enough to make her laugh, but she didn't even if he wanted too. The banana helped.

"Unfortunately, to walk among them you have to know your station." Only after she asked if there was anything she needed to 'do' was he reminded of just how contrary her regular behavior was to how a Romany female behaved. He would have to ensure then, by any means he had available, that this evening would not go terribly wrong if a misstep was made. But perhaps he would be lucky, and these few instructions would prevent any possible missteps from happening. "We must get you a second skirt. One that reaches past your ankle." Obviously Damon was not the one who had selected what she was wearing now. "When we walk their settlement, should a man or two or three or so on approach from the opposite direction, you must go out of your way to stay clear of them. Even the hem of the bottom of your skirt must not brush against them. That is considered a grave offense. And whatever you do, do not ask them to tell your fortune. If you do, they will think you a tourist and they'll spend the rest of our time there trying to swindle you, whether you're with me or not. While they choose to call me Fal๒, they know my given name and there's no need to call me anything other than I am. And their camp is our final destination, yes." Damon figured that was enough instruction and informationf or now. She had to finish eating, and there was the time spent traveling there that he could add anything he felt necessary. Best to see how she reacted to what he told her thus far. Though he did add just before taking a drink of wine, "They have no need for demons, by the way." A smirk, and then he drank.

No fortune telling... well, that didn't exactly stifle her spirits about it - she didn't think anything could do that - and besides, she may see things being done. "Like the ones I wear at the church? Down to the ground and buttoned up under my neck and covering my wrist? " at least she was no stranger to wearing long skirts, that was a plus. The rest made her chew on her lip a bit, the bottom one. Sounded like she had to be timid, which wouldn't be too hard for her to do, so she would find a brighter spot in all of this. "Shall I be your lil mouse again? Shy, timid, and not looking them in the eye or speaking unless spoken too?" though they both knew that she wasn't like that when she first met him it was the visualization of it all that really mattered. "Damon.. what am I to do if they all converge upon me at once from all sides and there is nowhere for me to go? And what about the other women? Do I have to keep my hair up in a bun or have a veil over my face so I'm not seen?" using her hand to make a veil, covering her face from the nose down. Yes, she was picturing the whole thing in her head though he knew that he was serious. "I don't want to make a bad impression, this is a look into a secret type of society culture, I don't want to ruin that. Or.. your reputation with them"

He should have known she would have more questions. That was her way, after all. Questions upon questions and if they merely sat at the table while she asked all of them they would not reach the settlement until morning. . . Damon lifted his brow, leaning forward to tap at the table near her food. His polite way of telling her to finish her dinner. He folded his hands and rested them on the table, and would be the gentleman for now and provide her what answers he felt she needed. "They believe the sex organs to be the source of impurity. Therefore, it is what lies below the waist that they consider unclean. Your wrist, neck, navel, face, hair and so on are of no offense to them. I would advise you to look them in the eye when speaking to them, or else they will think you are hiding something or telling a lie. Though I would mind the number of question you ask them, should you have any, for they are suspicious of outsiders as I've said and they are quite used to being hunted and persecuted for not living within the mainstream. So long as you mind your lower half and don't ask them anything you've read about their kind in stories, you don't have to worry about making a bad impression or ruining my reputation with them. I've been one of their clan since I was a small boy, and they won't expect you to know of their customs when they know full well they keep their ways rather secret."

"However do they have children?" she said that to herself - though she knew he heard - as she took his tapping cue and went back to her soup. In her head she was thinking of something to wear which was probably overly.... storybook-ish. With a lace-up corset and ruffled bell sleeves, if she were at the Inn she would have borrowed one of De'Ryanna's dresses for that would have done nicely. Now that she had all this on her mind her eating wasn't the best it could be. It went from slow to fast to simply having the spoon suspended mid lift, but she kept on eating. She hadn't gotten a lot of soup so it wouldn't take too long. "Do I get to see the Romani side? Fal๓?" she said his other name slowly, working out the pronunciation on her tongue. Hey, if she had to say it - even if he said she didn't - she wanted to make sure it was right. Knowing Pip, she may call him that simply because everyone else was saying it and she believed in roles. If he was Fal๓ there, then that's what he should be called. "I'm ready!" the excitement was still there and she was glad that the rest of Damon's staff was not around to see the giddiness on her face. Epiphany scooted back her chair and proceeded to stand.

"The traditional way? They're very traditional." It was said with a devil's smile. She should know from the teachings of her nuns that marriage solved all sexual impurities. Second question, however. That was a cause for faint surprise, the sort that caused wrinkles in his smooth pristine forehead. "Do I have a Romany side?" he countered silkily, with a rather amused curl to his lip. "While I am of their clan, they do not consider me to be one of their blood and expect my behavior to reflect as much. It would be a mournful day for the Romany if I proved to be nothing more than one of them - my blood is of great value to their enterprises. If they offer you drink while pressing upon you many questions, you can be sure that some of my blood is in whatever they've poured you to bewitch your tongue into giving them a tell-all answer." Part of the mysterious gypy powers revealed - at least this particular clan's anyhow. No wonder this particular group was so successful at their aims. No wonder they had such an unfaltering alliance with Damon over the years. It benefitted them immensely. "Now, to get you properly attired. Antonia's room is through those doors," he pointed to the kitchen, "out to the hall and third door on the right." The staff wing. "In her closet there should be something that you'll find managable..." Antonia was the younger of the two women who had prepared and served the meal.

How different would that drink be on her than having his blood straight? It was something to think about. Looking to where he indicated she rounded to his side other side and turned to him and curtisied. It was very well made with her hands pulling her skirt out to a belve, keeping her back straight and head down. "By your leave, Marchese." She almost laughed as she stood back up but managed to keep her face straight with some effort. However, once she was up and she was facing the direction to go Epiphany prevented herself from laughing by a very wide grin and keeping her eyes forward, she didn't want to see what he thought of her calling him by his title. She wasn't going to laugh until she was safely away and in the room of Antonia. Yes.. then she would giggle like a school girl. All she had to do was find a decent outfit, and it wouldn't be hard to do. What the two girls wore seemed to fit the requirement and if she had to be a bit 'plain' for a moment it was not going to kill her. So once she was in the room she made good on the giggling while she searched through the closet space. Epiphany couldn't simply put on a new skirt, she had to change everything and leave a note. She had to leave a note to let the other know that she would return the clothes. She found a skirt , it was a bit long, it nearly touched the floor. The skirt was blue and she found a simple yellow scarf which she would use as a sash to tie around the top of the skirt and hang down the side. There. For a top she did find a bodice, a cream color with blue accents, so it would do. THis bodice had wide straps and because of that she didn't bother to look for a shirt. It tied up enough in front and covered her chest to the point where she thought it was unnecessary for anything more. Unless Damon saw and thought otherwise. The rest of her time was spent putting her hair in a single braid down the back of her hair. When she was done she came out of the room and looked to see if he was still there or if he had moved elsewhere.
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Re: A Revealing Journey [Log]

Post by Damon Fauci on Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:04 pm

"You must not show your ankles!" That was all she would hear in reply to her curtsey, well done as it was. During some time periods, that polite gesture had also had such coy connotations, an excuse to flash a bit of flesh. Such liberty was not allowed when it came to the Romany, certainly not in their public gathering places at least. As for the rest of his response - his reaction to being called by his title - she did indeed miss that and would simply be left to wonder. Though no doubt whatever she conjured in her head was far more entertaining than the reality - as day dreams and fancy usually were. When she returned, she would notice that he was in a different location. Standing to the side of the stairs, his advisor had returned and they conversed with each other in low tones. Whatever matter was at hand, it was being quickly dealt with and it ended in Damon taking a piece of paper and scrawling what amounted to a short paragraph upon it. After he handed the paper pack to his advisor, he pointed at it with his index finger as he looked the man in the eyes and said something with great solemnity. The man replied with a nod of his head and a resolute, "Si, Marchese, nessun problema." Damon also nodded, seeing Epiphany return to the room out of the corner of his eye, "Molto Bene. Ciao." As the vampire strode towards Epiphany, the advisor would leave once more the way he came and with haste. Epiphany would note that Damon did not change and had done nothing notable in her absence beyond speak with his man. "The car is outside," he said with a wolfish smile and a touch to the back of her head. "And I forgot to mention that while we are there you should not touch me in any way, as we are unmarried." A gesture would show you the way to the front doors, outside of which his car was located.

Just as before, when she saw that he was talking to the members of his staff she didn't get to close, instead she stayed her distance by the table until the other man headed off. When the coast was clear she placed her hands behind her back and went forward. At mention of not touching him she frowned a little. "I can keep my hands to myself. I've been good so far." Back at the Inn didn't count, that kiss on the neck. She was counting from since they started this journey. Though, that could only be because she hadn't had the chance to do anything. First she was put to sleep, then eat, change, and now they were going to be off once more. Yes, when you didn't have time to do things that helped them not to be done. Didn't mean she liked it. When he mentioned a car.. she half thought that he was kidding, and the only way to figure that out would be to actually go and see. Epiphany took a step or two away before turning her head to look at him."That is.... I will be good once we get out of the car . . " she had to add that in because she hadn't had the opportunity to so much as hug him since they met tonight.

Damon was not kidding. When they stepped out the front door of his home the black Maserati was no mirage. Almost one hundred percent of the time when Damon was here he absolutely refused to be driven around and insisted upon being in control of his own travels when the occasion called for him to make the journey as mortals did. With a quick stride down the stone walk he went around to the passenger's side door first, pulling the keyring from his inside jacket pocket and first turning off the alarm, then unlocking the door. All done by buttons. He stood to the side to allow her to sit at her leisure, giving her a beastly grin. "I already drive fast." Implying that should her hands get to wandering, it might incite him to drive faster. He reached his hand out, cool fingertips stroking the hollow of her throat. He'd fed already today, that was not the reason for the gesture. He'd noticed her frown. "I don't know how long we'll be with the Romany. It could be an evening, it could be several. It depends on if their skills can divine what I need to know." That was his vague method of apology, should they have to spend days in each other's company without exchanging affection.

He wasn't kidding about the car. That caused her to stare for a moment as she had never been in a car. She's seen them-especially recently - but had never been in one. She was expecting his term of 'car' to just be another phrase. When he opened the door she wrung her hands and stepped forward but just before she entered she said,"A favor for you now.. a favor for me later." would be her response to that and she was not going to say what the favor was, he might know it already anyway. There was something about being in a car, she told herself it was the same as a carriage or any other closed in mode of transportation, but it just seemed... odd. Odd and not right. She could do days there with the people, maybe she'd learn a thing or two. "What are you hoping they can tell you?" the last time Damon had a mission she had been kept in the dark about it,

After riding in the car with Damon, Epiphany would either be exhilarated or she'd want nothing to do with such vehicles again. As with all things, Damon commanded cars with a firm hand and absolute control. He drove them hard, fast and barely within their limits. What reason had he to fear, after all? Perhaps with Epiphany in the car with him he'd be a bit more conservative. "One good turn deserves another," said with a smirk as he waited for her to get settled inside. Once she was, he shut the door and made his way over to the driver's side. After shutting the door he donned his seat belt, but it was only to avoid any patrolmen making themselves a nuisance. He slid the key in the ignition, followed the circular driveway out the front gate which had already been opened in preparation for his departure, and put the pedal to the medal down the country road before he answered her question. "I'm not sure. I haven't figured out the right way to articulate the question yet. When it comes to divining, how one poses the question is the difference between all or nothing. I want to know what's going on. But I don't know what part of what's going on is best in inquire about. Are you wearing your seat belt?" Asked as an afterthought as he glanced at her. The road had a lot of curves, as country roads did, and he was driving them at sixty miles per hour. Hopefully she wasn't paying attention to the signs that said what speed he was supposed to be going.

Seat belt. She hadn't put it on because she didn't know it was something you were suppose to do. but after seeing him pull it from the car wall and strap it on she did the same. "Oh. yes. Yes I am." And she was sitting very straight in the seat as well as playing with the lap strap. "I'm learning quite a few new things about you Damon. Though I shouldn't be surprised, and perhaps I'm not. I'm just, what's the word." pausing as she looked out the window. 'I don't have a word for it other than 'oh'. It's all so very 'oh. But in a good way, the type of 'oh' that people say when they open up a box and see something unique inside." That was the best explanation she could give him as she was looking out at the landscape. It was good to see what was going on outside, it would help to settle her and she could think of it as just another ride in any other vehicle. That is unless Damon drove like a bat out of hell and everything zipped by at light speed. "Perhaps you should bounce your questions off of me? Seems like the Romani need to be asked very specific things so that they don't leave anything out?" Taking her eyes away from the scenery to look at Damon she was noticing how he drove, where his hands were and how they controlled this car. She was looking at the meter thing with the numbers and saw how the needle went up and down.. but mainly up. "Can you not ask multiple questions and put your own theory together?"

"It's all very 'oh'?" Echoed with another sidelong glance. This time he raised his brow at her. "Am I ruining my dark mysterious beast reputation by driving you in a car, Epiphany? We are driving this car and leaving it at a specific location to serve another purpose. Killing two birds with one stone, as the saying goes." Something tied to what he and his advisor were speaking about, no doubt. "Then we will travel the rest of the way to the settlement by my more traditional means. If only you didn't have to keep your divine status hidden from them I'd say I'd allow you to drive that leg of the journey." He smiled wolfishly. He was speaking of her wings, of course. In the distance a larger town was already on the horizon, and a rather speedy left turn had them moving quickly towards it. "In fact," he added as he increased the pressure of his foot on the pedal now that they were on an expressway more populated with cars. "When we get back to the car on our way back from our jaunt with the Kalderash I will have to implore you to put on what is a rather revealing outfit that Bianchi was so kind as to put in the backseat for you." If she turned around she'd see the dress bag, opaque so it hid whatever stunning outfit was contained within. "All part of the ruse. As for the question, it's a matter of wording. For example - to ask a crystal ball 'will I come into money' is very different from 'will i be a rich man'. For if I found two lire on the pedestrian walk, I would come into money but I would be far from rich. You see? And each question asked leads a step farther down a particular path. I want to make sure I plot my path wisely. Jade does not know why she has been put at your inn. It's little use to ask after her because she's the wrong path and yet...I want to know if she was put there because of you."

More cars...and more cars... And they were going faster."Yes... yes.." but her reply was distant as she was focusing on the cars they were driving by. Just cars. Going past them just as a horseback rider would go past other horses. Right. Now cause for alarm. It was strange because even as they were moving nothing else in the car was really moving. Ohh, there was a handle. Curious, of course, she turned the handle and low and behold the window came down a bit. Just having that much of fresh air coming through seemed to calm her down considerably, she even sighed. "Yes, I see how that can make all the difference." Then there was the thing about the bag. "How many roles will i have to play for you? Not that i have anything against it . .. " but he mentioned it was very revealing and she was still a bit apprehensive when it came to walking around in pubic wearing very little. "I'll just have to add more to your tab." and she was keeping a type of score. Whether she cashed in on it or not was a different matter. "The car.. the manor back there.. this whole trip it... " Epiphany scooted down in her seat a bit and picked at the yellow sash she was wearing under the belt. "It's making you seem more human than beastly." She said that with a smile. Though she never considered him to be much of a beast she had always been curious about his human side and now she was seeing more of it. He wasn't playing the role of a night prowler. It was a different change

He was going as fast as possible. If that wasn't obvious. To make the trip shorter, perhaps he'd picked up on her unease. "Just the one role." He didn't see how she had to behave during their trip to the Romany settlement a role, just a mode of manners. "Don't worry. No one will know who you are. Who you really are, I should say. I will take care of that." Their exit was next, and Damon was now doing some creative weaving between cars from lane to lane to make his way through the patch of traffic. How he managed to maneuver the car was almost like a dance. As for her comment about him seeming more human. . . he said nothing to that. He did not even muster up choice silken words or a wolfish retort. Instead he veered the car to the right to move over two lanes into the exit lane. They were nearly at their destination and his eyes were focused devoutly on the road. Almost too devoutly, perhaps.

It was a good thing she had on the seatbelt, and if he had given her more insight to the role she'd have to play she would have had something else to set her mind upon besides the way the car was traveling. "Thank you." for not letting people know who she really was. She didn't doubt that he could do it as he has masked his presence before many times over, why should anything about her be any different? Though, in saying that she wondered if they were going to be around others who had the ability to 'sense' things and what that meant for her. There was nothing to it but to go and see. As they were nearing where they were going she looked up to see how much time was passing. it was almost evening when they had dinner, it was going to be dark by the time they reached the Romani.

It wasn't long off the exit. A rather gauche building, lavish to the point of being decadent. Instead of pulling up to the valet parking attendant, Damon would park the car himself with a series of smooth twists and turns. With all the signs in Italian, was Epiphany at a loss for where they were? A gaming facility primarily, but it had a number of clubs within the large building and of course a hotel so that those who chose to risk their money would think twice about leaving and instead simply take the convenience of renting a room to rest before risking even more. Pulling into a parking spot, Damon pulled the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car. He stooped down to gaze directly into her eyes and say, "Stay right where you are. I will be only a minute." Then the door was closed and he was gone. A minute ticked by, and it was truly five when he returned. A conversation was required in order to get a room, and a roomkey, and some power-laden suggestions had to be made to one or two people on the way out. Witnesses who would attest to something they never witnessed, all thanks to the sheer persuasive power of Damon. When he approached the car he drew to her side, opening the door so she might step out. "Ready?"
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Re: A Revealing Journey [Log]

Post by Damon Fauci on Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:41 pm

The kiss was all she needed. in a way it was a type of assurance that she needed, let her know that things were okay and that he was watching out for her. Something she welcomed. Mind her ankles. it was a good thing that the skirt was long but she would be careful of how she sat, she knew how to sit and keep her feet covered from a wayward eye. For this next part of travel she was glad to be going by 'normal means' because it allowed her a chance to hold on to him, something she wouldn't be able to do while they were at the camp. Even though she was use to it, Epiphany kept her eyes closed and simply let the air pass over her and then let the distant sounds of music fill her ears once they landed. It was then that she opened her eyes. It was somewhat of what she expected to see and Damon would sense her heart beating faster with anticipation. She was excited. She was finally going to see them! Removing her hands from him she stilled herself and pressed down her clothes.. She would be calm and collected. "Stay out of the men's way, be careful of drinks, no touching, don't show my ankles."

"Don't ask them to tell your fortune, look them in the eyes, mind how many questions you ask." He finished for her. Filling in what she left out with ease. Here is where he stepped back from her, putting a respectful distance between the pair of them. He couldn't help one last beastly grin, however. "And if they refer to you as my meal. . . try not to be offended." Then, he gestured forward. Towards the music. He could see a light through the brush, a number of them. Perhaps she could too, if she squinted her eyes. That is where they were going. The walk was not a long one, and they were not even halfway there before Damon called out towards the camp. "Kalderash! Fal๒ comes to pay you a visit, send a party to welcome him and his guest." This was standard. Even when Damon was alone he would announce his presence in such a manner and one of them would come away from the camp to 'inspect' him. When Damon made his call the music stopped. Immediately after a girl's voice could be heard shrieking excitedly, as she begged her papa rapidly in one of the many variations of Indo-Aryan dialect that only their people spoke. Her begging paid off, for soon Damon and Epiphany would see the nearly thirteen-year-old girl running towards them brimming with excitement. The bells and charms on her skirt struck against one another in similar excitement, so stirred by her running. Damon had a marvelous smile for the girl, bending and opening his arms to her in a manner which might surprise Epiphany. "Bitti chavi, mandi's Nadja," all words of affection spoken in Nadja's language, Epiphany might be able to guess the meaning because of their tone. After a tight embrace [for as she was not yet a woman, such affection was still allowed] Damon would set the girl arm's length apart with a light squeeze to her shoulders. As he spoken Common it was spoken slowly - for the girl's benefit, not Epiphany's. "My companion for the evening. I present Epiphany to you tonight, Nadja, for your approval of her as my guest." The tween was already scrutinizing Epiphany. The sort of look that said the girl had to be won over. Such is what happened when a young girl looked up to a man older than she.

There were two things that surprised Epiphany, the first one being that the people there might refer to her as Damon's meal. It wasn't anything offensive, not really, because if she was his meal then he would have to touch her and they could enjoy the other in that particular manner. Something that they both enjoyed. So that was an almost pleasant thought. What surprised her the most was when the little girl came running out to meet Damon. That was such a surprise that Epiphany even tipped her head to the side and it took a lot of effort to not have a total look of shock on her face. It was so surprising because the Damon she knew did not like children. He tolerated children, yes, but she never knew him to be one to handle any of them in the way she had just seen. And with affection no less. It all got her thinking and she rather liked what she saw. Perhaps there were more specific reasons as to why he did not like children. By the time that display was done and the girl Nadja was looking her over Epiphany had schooled her face to normalcy. She remembered what he told her about looking them in the eye and she did so as she looked at the girl. "Hello." spoken gently and with a warm smile. She didn't bend or anything like that, but she did bow her head.

Nadja watched the woman who spoke to her. She didn't say anything in answer to her, but instead looked back to Damon. "Fal๒, tatcho tut๒oti monisha?" Whatever those words meant, it was enough to make Damon chuckle, albeit briefly. For Epiphany's benefit, the words he spoke back to Nadja in her clan's tongue Epiphany would hear murmured in her ear in Common. A vampire's trick, so smoothly executed. "No, dove. Who she is, that's a great secret. If I tell you, do you promise to never utter it to another?" The girl bobbed her head eagerly responding in what was obviously words of promise. "Good." Damon crouched down, taking one of the girl's hands in both of his as he looked into her dark brown eyes. Not to place her under his spell, but simply to speak into the heart of her. "She is a star, dove, one of the brightest fallen from the sky. Do you see how bright her hair shines even in so little moonlight? I have wooed her, and brought her here with me so that the blessing of her presence might shine upon all of you until I must put her back in the sky. Will you allow me to give this gift through a visit to you tonight?" Now the girl was staring at Epiphany a second time, but it was in an entirely different way. This was a girl born of a mystic people. She did see how the light shone on Epiphany's hair, and Epiphany was far more fair-skinned than the people she Nadja was used to seeing. It was enough for the girl to believe her a star. Nadja bobbed her head as she looked back at Damon, a few more words spoken to him before she started to run back to her clan's circle of wagons. "She's telling them we're coming," Damon said with a little grin to Epiphany. Because of that, as he started to walk forward he was taking his time, allowing Nadja to communicate all she needed to for the benefit of the others before they 'officially' arrived.

"If I knew I was to be a star I would have pocketed glitter." Something like that was not beyond her doing for Epiphany had worn glitter before. When she spoke she kept her voice to a low whisper knowing that Damon would hear it just fine without any strain. She was careful as she walked, not wanting to snag on any underbrush. Doing so was a bit of a chore as usually Epiphany simply walked but as she was trying not to expose any of her leg she was being a bit more self conscious. "Is she the leaders daughter?" It was a valid question. She was either that or she had been chosen to greet Damon due to their relationship. Something Epiphany was interested in. She knew they were nearing the gathering and as such he would not be able to answer all of her questions. "And since when were you s o friendly to children?" Stressed. Interested. Nothing else.

"No need. You are Other to her, you will be her star just fine." Damon said that with a wan grin. His voice was also low, spoken directly into her ear as his translation had been. He was rather pleased with what he game up with to earn Epiphany's guesthood here tonight. He'd been so preoccupied on the drive over with finding the right question to ask their divination tools that he hadn't considered Epiphany's acceptance a potential problem. "Nadja is not the leader's daughter, no. Out of current members of this clan she is the most direct decedent to one of the Kalderash that I saved from death some time ago. As such, whenever I visit they ask that I take special care with her, and teacher of the world outside of these wagons. I have a feeling that when the time comes, they might seek to win her a suitor of considerable social standing. Not altogether unheard of, but. . .not altogether common, either." He seemed to have mixed feelings on the potential fate of Nadja. "So you see," Damon said with a sly curl to his lip as he glanced at Epiphany, "She is not just another child." To him that entirely explained his behavior with the girl. They came face to face with two wagons now, situated in a manner which created a gateway into the settlement. All eyes were upon them as they entered. There was no music. There was a bright fire blazing in the center of the camp, which the back of each wagon and its subsequent stairs facing towards said fire. On these stairs, on the ground and on large rocks sat this Kalderash branch of the Romany gypsy. Sitting with her family, Nadja watched them enter with a sparkle in their eyes. Damon came to a stop, a gesture for Epiphany to do the same. The eldest of them stood. Clapping his hands together. "Fal๒." He spread them out, his tanned face finally cracking into a smile as he shook his arms with emphasis and said in common tongue for benefit of Epiphany, "Welcome! Welcome to you and your star." Behind her hands, Nadja giggled and hid behind a boy who was a few years older than her. Surely her brother. She did not escape Damon's chiding gaze, however, as Damon murmured under his breath to Epiphany. "You see what I mean, a nosey people. . ." But there were only murmurs of excitement from the clan as the elder bid them welcome. A whoop and the music began to play once more, a few of the gypsy getting up to dance.

No, Nadja wasn't a normal child and that made all the difference. Instead Nadja was almost a project, or obligation. A tradition, some word she couldn't quite place but she knew what it was and it helped her not to feel any way but 'okay' about all of it. What felt weird was the silence. She thought about the kids at the orphanage People were people no matter where you went and if she had just told one of the kids there that she had a star in human form with her then all the kids would be whispering about it, even if it was a secret. Whispering and some of them even have their own renditions of the tale. That's what happened with word of mouth: the story could change from person to person . The camp was just as she imagined it would be, except there were no goats, or laundry strung out between the wagons and there was no movement. Everyone was watching them, and when people were watching her, Epiphany got nervous. For a performer when people watched that was when you put on a show. If Damon had not told her the ground rules for this visit it would be assured that she would have made a rather flamboyant gesture of greeting or some other act instead of stopping at his signal and standing there. As she stood she looked out over the people, looking at their form of dress and wondering where she may get a few bangles, though happy for the sash. His comment about t hem being nosey was replied to with a smile and once the music and dancing started again she drew in a slow breath and chuckled only a little , and softly. With the light of the moon, stars, and firelight her skin probably did have a type of glow to it. Hands behind her back she tapped her fingers to the rhythm. This was going to be hard. These people were going to play music and dance and she couldn't run around with them - not yet anyway. It was like taking a kid to a toy store and telling him not to touch anything. But she was going to behave. She told Damon she'd behave.

Damon and the elder man did not shake hands. Instead they embraced, each tapping the other's back three times in firm claps of the palm. After the traditional greeting among allies, Damon said words that he had been saying since he was a young boy. "May you and your clan receive the blessings of the moon as her spyful eye watches us all. Thank you, Petsha, for allowing my star to accompany me tonight. Epiphany is her name, and may she bring us all the gift of such wisdom tonight, no?" Yes, he was very glad for how he had introduced Epiphany to this Kalderash branch of the Romani tonight. For if she was a being of such mystery - which wasn't far from the secret truth - surely they would see her as a being higher than human and give her allowances for her behavior should she make what they would consider a transgression. Damon beckoned Epiphany forward as he introduced the clan's leader to her, "Epiphany, this is Petsha, leader of the Kalderash people. He is giving us the blessing of allowing us this evening with his tribe." The elder looked upon Epiphany with a shrewd, but not negatively so, sparkle to his eye. His opportunistic ingenuity is what got him his position as leader of the tribe, and he always looked upon people and things to determine the value of their potential. "Welcome Epiphany of the bright stars. To you we offer our humble camp may you find it merry." He extended out his hand, palm up.

This night, sounded like it may be a one night deal Then again, she knew that sometimes used that term to mean more than one. She saw it in the old books at the church and in the home of her first guardian, though why 'this' was sometimes used as an indefinite amount of time she never understood. Whether she would be here one night or many she would take advantage of it. As before she stood back until she was called - if only the Nuns could see her now with her manners - then stepped forward with a slight bow of her head. Before she spoke to the leader Petsha she reached out for his extended hand. Now, handshaking was not something she was versed in at all. She had thought he wanted to shake hands, but it was flat instead of the norm and therefore she would place her hand in his, palm down, and barely wrapped her hand around his with a slight tilt of her head to the side. Her hand felt slightly warm. "The merry hearts and souls about your camp are surely a blessing and you'll be blessed for it. " Straight faced too. Save the soft smile.
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Re: A Revealing Journey [Log]

Post by Damon Fauci on Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:06 pm

The manner in which she took Petsha's hand was correct. For immediately he lifted it, but not to place a kiss to its back. No that was far too bold and familiar for these people. Instead he stepped forward so he might touch her hand that he held briefly to his heart. "My clan is a strong one, filled with many who as cunning as wise. We dance in our hearts that Fal๒ thought to bring you to us. It calls for celebration - may the moon bless us as we share with each other our magic! We must waste no time," this he said as he turned to Damon. His cheek flush and his eyes lit, the leader of the tribe was suddenly come to life and one could only wonder why. "Fal๒, we will pour our best drink into each other's glasses. Epiphany, celestial female, you will reveal the Kalderash the light which you currently hide. For us, shine!" When Petsha bid the star of the evening to shine Damon didn't even lift a brow. Instead he turned quite calmly to Epiphany, giving her a cunning, confident smile as he beckoned her forward. "Petsha you read our minds. That is precisely why this star accompanies me tonight. To shine the light of her fortune on you all, so that we might make an exchange." Surely Epiphany had some means of shining? Damon was counting on it, his bottomless black eyes set on her.

Everyone was smiling. All grins and delightful looks of eager anticipation. Epiphany was smiling too, though it wasn't exactly for the same reason as the others - even if her smile was big and bright. She was smiling out of a sudden case of nervousness because all eyes were on her. Damon, just as confident as ever. surely he could tell she was nervous. These were performers, she couldn't simply conduct a trick of light to dazzle them all - they probably had better tricks. No matter, the spotlight was on her and the show must go on! She exhaled as she stepped forward, clasping her hands in front of her. When she settled into place she looked out to them, the leader, the rest of the entourage, and spread her hands. Now she could do this, it was only a matter of having a bit of faith. . just as long as she didn't have to continue to glow and stand on display. Damon was.. away from her and that was good for the moment. Bowing her hand she brought her hands together and closed her eyes.. It was soundlessly she said a small prayer and the small trekkle of light would start at her fingertips. Like white sparkles tipping off of her fingertips and drifting down to the ground as this 'glow' went down her hands and then her arms. It wasn't fast for she took it slow and she stood perfectly still during it all, her head down and eyes closed. If she moved she feared that she would loose her hold. Epiphany could feel that Damon was there, nearby, and the more this glow traveled about her and those glints of light sparked off of her the more she became aware of his presence. Slow and deep breaths. Keep the wings in. Concentrate. The white light continued to climb her arms and would spread out to the rest of her body illuminating the clothes she wore from the inside. Anyone around her would feel the sudden warmth that radiated from her skin , it was the type of warmth that came from being near a fire - not hot enough to burn but enough to keep you from being cold.. Now,. she couldn't keep this up for long, she didn't want too, if she held on to it for too long she would continue to change and it wouldn't be good for everyone present. Once the glow reached her hair she began to separate her hands slowly. and take a small step to the side, hoping that the movement would help. The glow across her skin stopped: fading would take a bit longer than it took to travel through her and the glints of light would trail her hands for a few minutes after. It was a moment for she dared to speak. "It's harmful to look fully upon the brilliance of a Star. Forgive that I can't reveal more to you for it is my want that none shall loose their sight over me." Her voice was a bit lighter, but it was subtle that many ears - especially of those who didn't know her - wouldn't be able to pick up on the change.

And Damon would be even farther from her soon after the first bit of light shone. For he and Petsha had business to attend to - sharing the best drink with the other. The two men would go almost out of sight behind the farthest wagon. Should Epiphany watch she would be faced with another great challenge of control. Emotional control, in this instance. For what Petsha always offered as his 'best drink' to Damon was the most favored virgin of the camp at the time of the visit. The gypsy put their faith in the rumored belief that the blood of a virgin was akin to no other. The girl offered forward was only a few years older than Nadja, sixteen or seventeen. What the two men spoke between them was too far off to be heard, but it could easily be seen that Damon would accept the Kalderash offering. Urging the girl's head to the side, she would suddenly fall loose back into Damon's arms, bewitched by the spell the vampire wrapped around her. After he broke the skin he did not drink long from her - four, perhaps five modest swallows. Enough to have a taste, to be honored by Petsha's gift. As he pulled away from her the girl awoke from her fog, able to stand on her own accord again almost immediately. She bowed her head and body to him, speaking a few words on thanks before she moved away from the two men. It was then that Damon accepted a knife from Petsha, and with it made a slice on his upper arm. The blood flowed into a goblet that Petsha held under the wound - and the blood was the best of Damon's drink that he had to offer. Truly so, as vampire blood could be used for nearly any ritual to make it more potent, and there were other advantages and uses for the blood as well. One might think the two men were entirely involved in their own business and did not see Epiphany's display of her shine. But both men had the skill of watching out of the corners of their eyes, and not a second of the display was missed. When the elder leader of the clan witnessed the shine of the guest star, he uttered words that were an expression akin to 'impossible'. So faintly, Damon's lip curled in triumph. Epiphany had done well. Smoothly he drew a handkerchief over his pocket, pressing it over the wound for the few moments that the open cut would remain unhealed. Those who watched Epiphany, however, they were transfixed. Not a sound could be heard as she slowly lit up from it seemed the very inside out, and as the light grew to her full size words of shock and awe were uttered in their native tongue as people turned and spoke the exclamations to each other. Then, they all rose, palms outstretched. All of them said the same words under their breath. Even in that moment Petsha had outstretched his palms. To receive the light and its power. The words spoken were to draw her light into them. And after she went dark, as she spoke to them all were falling to their knees. Heads bowed. Not to bow to her, but rather to pray and seal this energy within them. Again besides their whispered words the camp went silent. The transaction between Damon and Petsha complete, the elder beckoned to Epiphany to come to the wagon the men stood by.

It was a very good thing that she missed the transaction of drinks - her eyes were closed after all - for that would have broken her concentration or cause her to flare up. Good thing it was not something that had to be tested. Even after she spoke Epiphany let her eyes close and she was breathing steadily. She did not use a lot of energy to change but had used energy to keep herself under control so now she was a bit strained and put a foot back to help keep her balance. While they were kneeling she reached up with her hands to push back her hair even if it wasn't needed it was something to do and to settle herself down. The light may be gone but she was feeling excess of emotions from all the people around her and their expressions of faith. She looked around to see where Damon was and saw the beckoning hand and slowly she started towards them. A hand grabbing at the long skirt she stepped carefully and uttered soft pardons to anyone she had to pass with the hope that no one would do the book thing to reach out for her clothes. Epiphany felt... strange and subdued, calmer and yet there was a strong tugging within her the closer she got to Damon. She couldn't keep her head down as she didn't want to be disrespectful, so she lifted it but kept for a steady gaze at the leader. Displaying any of who she was is not something that Epiphany did, even if it was in the guise of something else. Perhaps it was her human side that was giving her the feeling of exposure and a sense of being wary, though there was nothing for her to fear here. When she reached the pair she gave half a courtesy to Petsha.

Petsha was the only of his tribe that were not kneeling on the ground. Perhaps in his wizened age he had no need to take it that far, or he'd found other means to absorb the power into his body. He instead watched Epiphany's approach, his steady gaze shrewd but satisfied. When she curtseyed, he nodded to her with a pleased smile. "Thank you, star of night. Now that the best of the drink has been shared and you have offered forth your gift, we will talk of the gift the Kalderash can give you in return." Petsha moved and drew the curtain pack to the side entrance of his wagon, beckoning for each to climb the two stairs to enter. They would find an entire home within, and Petsha added with good natured impatience, "To the table, the table. Sit. Be at home." Damon crossed smoothly in front of Epiphany in the economic amount of space afforded and drew out her chair. "Please, angel. " A smooth, charming smile to her. "It has been too long since I've had this honor, Petsha. I apologize for being so distant." The elder simply laughed, waving his hand in a manner which meant it was no consequence now. He was preparing the cake, and brought it to the table. Three small coarse sweet cakes, with no icing. Simple yet delicious when eaten. For he and Epiphany, set down were glasses of sweet wine make by themselves - much different than traditional wine from a vineyard. More fruity, ripe. For Damon, a drink that was a pale green in hue. He did not seemed alarmed or surprised by this, and instead picked up the glass as he took his seat. "A drink. May the stars always shine bright." That was his toast, echoed by Petsha, as Damon gave Epiphany a slight wink, and then drank from his glass.

Internally she was putting her mind on other things than being here. Anything. the car ride, his manor, that skeleton model in the clinic where Donald worked that had a squeaky jaw joint, anything that came to mind which would help to bring her back to the 'Epiphany' mind frame, especially since Damon was so close to her. The inside of the wagon was nice. If she looked at it enough perhaps it was something she could duplicate in her own room. She even managed to give Damon a smile when he pulled out her chair. It seemed to her that things were a bit more relaxed inside the wagon, but she wasn't going to relax as she would have if there were no rules. However, she did eye the drink that was in front of her. Wasn't this the second time she was presented with wine? She wouldn't refuse it for that would be rude but she wondered what would happen if this trend continued. "Thank you." said as she took up the glass and made the cheer along with them, even if she found it to be a bit ironic. She looked between the two men and reached out for a cake. "Thank you for your hospitality." Though she was curious about the gift, for she assumed the gift was letting her stay with them.

Because of the method of making it, she would find the sweet wine far less fermented - and so less strong - than the wine she drank earlier tonight. The common drink of the Kalderash, it had to be gentle enough for the younger members to stomach without feeling ill effects or dizzying effects. "Wonderful, Petsha, wonderful." Damon said that as he lifted his glass to indicate the rest of the light green liquid within. As Damon relaxed in his chair, Petsha did the same to get right to business. The tone of the wagon was indeed more relaxed, as the elder in his advanced age had known the secret of the adults for a long time - customs were things strictly kept in the public view, and a familiar tone could reign over any private dealings. The customs were to raise their young ones up poor, and make sure they entered their adulthood as a good, chaste individual with proper manners. Taking a drink from his own glass, Petsha clasped his hands together and first addressed Epiphany. "The star, tonight the question is ask to her first. What magic can the Kalderash give to you in return for the blessing of the power your shine. You are the first star to grace this tribe, we know how rare such occurrence is. We are in your debt and eager to repay it." It seems Epiphany would be allowed more of a gift than simply spending time with the tribe.
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Re: A Revealing Journey [Log]

Post by Damon Fauci on Sat Oct 17, 2009 12:22 pm

Epiphany turned her head to Damon and stayed her attention there for a few moments. She was watching him and considering things. Petsha said she could have a gift and if Damon even had an inkling of what she was thinking she thought he would either smile or shake his head at her. He wouldn't have to worry. Despite how relaxed the inside of the wagon seemed she wouldn't go as far as asking for a break in tradition. "Im honored." Said as she turned to look at Petsha. She would go for something else instead. "I have always heard stories about your people and until tonight I have not been granted the favor to be amongst you. I only ask for something that is simple." A slight pause. "I ask that I be able to have something from your people. Something that I may keep with me to remind me of the warmth that is found here. " SHe didn't think that was too much to ask, and she wouldn't be too picky though in case he would offer something she didn't want she gave an example. "A trinket of some sort perhaps?" She took another drink of the wine. It was easier for her to drink and she knew she'd be able to finish this.

If Damon had played fair, he would have indicated to her before she made her request that the fact that Petsha had made such an offer meant she could truly ask for anything of their magic - including having one's fortune told. But Damon hadn't given her the slightest hint that this was the case, perhaps because he felt there were far more precious gifts to receive from the Kalderash besides a mere glimpse into the future. Once Epiphany made her request, Damon's eyes moved to watch Petsha. The elder man silence into a rather thoughtful look, one hand stroking the whiskers of his chin as he mulled over what could be offered to her. She was a star, after all. Though her request was modest he did not wish to seem cheap or paltry in what he bestowed upon her. With an exclamation he knocked upon the table and rose from his seat filled with the verve of victory. He moved to the back of his wagon, where there was a tall chest of drawers which was fixed to the wall by robe so that it didn't fall over when the wagon was in motion. He looked with haste through the two top drawers, until his fingers lifted from the shallow drawer the gift he would give the celestial female. "Falo, pooker." He bid Damon translate as he sat back down in his chair, carefully leaning forward to set the trinket on the table. It was a pendant set into a delicate silver chain, one meant to be worn so that the pendant rested atop the forehead. Damon translated as the man told Epiphany the story. "Stone of the eye, these are found deep in the earth of Turkey. Seers stones, they are slipped under the pillows of the innocent to keep them safe from danger. But more than that, when worn over our hidden eye," the elder's hand reached forth to press at the center of Epiphany's forehead. "They give us the Sight. To see the inner secrets of the words men speak. Their true words. To this stone," The elder's thumb now pressed to the top of the stone, "nothing lies." The stone itself was a rich blue on the outside, with a smaller circle of white and a black spot at the very center of the stone - making it look like an eye. From holes drilled into the stone there were two strips of ribbon, on each three beads of different colors. Between the two ribbons there was a pewter pendant of an elephant. "And this beast," said the elder indicating it with his finger, "ensures that the knowledge seen we never forget."

She may have only asked for a trinket, but that didn't mean that it had to be meaningless. Epiphany listened to the story as it was told, trading glances between the stone and the Teller. A grand story it was, certainly Epiphany was going to make something of the story. Of the entire trip. She didn't want to touch it until the end for she didn't want it to appear that she wasn't paying him any attention. Therefore, once the story was complete she reached forward and picked it up carefully, looking at the stone with a smile upon her lips. "I shall keep it safe." Imagine how hard it was for her to contain her excitement for she really wanted to squeal and place it upon her head now.... She should put it on.... right? There was nothing against wearing it, though Petsha might take offense, thinking she was wearing it to see the truth of his words or not, so it would have to wait. Perhaps she could wear it on the next stop she and Damon went. She trailed her fingers down along the elephant and over the beads. "Thank you for the gift. It does me a great honor." Something like this could come in handy. Besides, she didn't have much jewelry so what she had she took great care of. Her fingers itched with the want to put in on, but she could wait until they all went to sleep. She could.

"Good, good." Petsha nodded with pleasure. It did him great pride to see a star delight so in a gift from the handicraft of his people. The elder man sat back, folding his arms across his chest as he gestured to Damon. "And you, Fal๒. Speak. What is the desire of the Marchese who helped to save the life of one of our most prized daughters?" Damon's relationship with Petsha was one that spanned decades. By now the men did not waste time dallying in politeness and tiptoeing around their business. So Damon was straight to the point in his reply. "My needs are quite different from those of this celestial creature," he smoothly replied, giving a nod to Epiphany. "But related to the gift you generously bestowed upon her. A question of eyes. There have been eyes by those who call me ally, and I want to know what these eyes were placed to see." Petsha looked between the vampire that sat before him, and the celestial gift he had brought with him. Slowly, his head bobbed in a nod as he leaned forward to get a look at them both. "Wise, wise. The way the light of the moon shines on your faces says this is a question that must be asked tonight. Come," Petsha pushed his chair back, and he beckoned them both to the area in the wagon where he cooked his meals. He took out a large pot, and he emptied four large cups of this water into the pot. Then he added leaves, a great number of large and small leaves most of them freshly harvested. He put the pot upon the fire, and he stood Damon in front of the bowl. "Breathe in the scent, Fal๒, and breathe your question into the pot." Was it strange, to see Damon who was not a man to often engage in such 'hocus pocus' do at Petsha bid, inhaling and exhaling as the content of the pot started to steam?

Pen and paper...pen and paper... what she wouldn't give for pen and paper. Well she wouldn't give the gift she was just given. When the men got up she did as well, closing her fist around the pendant she was given and holding it close to her. This was something she had to watch for how was she to get the story right if she had a backseat? Epiphany stood to the easiest to reach of Damon's sides though not in any cumbersome way to him that would prevent movements. She didn't even get close enough to directly breathe in the steam. As she watched the steam she cast a curious eye over to Petsha, her head tilting to the side, and then she slowly shifted her gaze to the contents of the pot, her nostrils flaring to try and catch any scent that might be coming out as well. Which was odd because if there was anything to smell chances are that she wouldn't know what she was smelling anyway. Magic... she had to wonder if once he spoke into the steam if it was going to dissipate.

Petsha's eyes were on Damon and the pot in front of the vampire, nothing more. Shrewd gaze narrowed even more as he scrutinized every detail of the proceedings. As for Damon, there were no words uttered. He inhaled deeply, drawing the scented air directly into his lungs, and put all his will in the exhale - and his want. By the breathe alone he pushed his question into the leaves that were now being slowly boiled around the pot. The leaves as they began to cook put a very earthy, pungent odor in the air. Potent enough plants that their magic would make even those who didn't stand directly in front of the pot feel a little lightheaded. A little shake of his head, as Damon himself was using his vampiric power to attempt to keep from falling into the ruse of the leaves, and he focused on his breathing through his mouth only. Now Petsha's eyes were on the brew alone, as if he were waiting for something. He was. Once the brew blurred up a large bubble, Petsha shooed Damon to the side to pull the pot off the fire using thick mitts, and he put it on a cold service with a thick fabric woven potholder on it. "Now," he said quietly, seeking Damon's hand. When the old man had Damon's right hand facing upward, he put a smoothed flat black stone three inches in diameter and thin in depth almost like a saucer - collected from the nearby stream - into the pale palm of Damon. "Toss." While it was unusual to see, perhaps, Damon was a willing follower to all of Petsha's instructions. With one more dizzying inhale, he tossed the rock into the pot of herbal stew, casting the coat of leaves downward into the water and stirring them about. Petsha now leaned over the pot, to read what answers the leaves would afford.

Perhaps he was so willing because he really wanted the answer the pot would provide. When a person wanted something they did what they had to do. Epiphany had been a bit too curious and had leaned in a little too much and a bit of the smell had gotten to her and a hand came up to wipe her eyes as she took a step back. A blink or two in order to clear her head and she was watching them again. She didn't want to loose focus just because she had inhaled. Lightheaded. She found herself squeezing her eyes shut a moment or two and was thankful that they men had their attention on something besides her. Epiphany had seen readings done before, but that was different and she knew that each person had their own special way. It was a good thing she didn't cause any interference?

Didn't escape notice? On the contrary, Petsha was quick to react to her leaning over. "Ah ah ah ah!" He insisted, His hand indicating just how far she should step back. A quick glance into the pot, to watch the manner in which the leaves started to rise to the surface. And another look at the star. A slight nod. The brew was not ruined. Damon took a step back - perhaps the effects of the herbs were even getting to him, and he blinked quite a few times as he tried to get his bearings. Petsha slipped in front of the vampire to bend his head, and as the leaves settled he told the story which their formations indicated. "Bul boshom้ngro," From the violinist's behind. "Dan cheuri," the bite of the knife. "Dwin geyro m๚shgaying," Three non-gypsy men, spying the land. "H๓okamen lel bori lon pani mort pug ozi." Their intent to use deceit to steal the woman of the great salt water and hide her heart. The elder leader picked up his head, his eyes fixed on Damon with great interested, "Pug ozi, the bori long pani mort, tooti vast?" Petsha was a curious man, who wanted to know what Damon's hand had in this heart that clearly had value - value at least to three men. Damon did not look pleased to hear what the leaves had to say. "Pแttrimํshi," he insisted with a wave of his hand. Fairytale. And while it was a vague answer, within it there was deep truth. Now that the leaves had pointed to a specific heart, it was all all clear to Damon. Men did sordid things to chase the promises of fairytales, even ones as ancient and nearly forgotten as the one in question. "Petsha, friend. I must take this information with me tonight, if I may have your pardon from your clan at such an unforgivably early hour." There was that seriousness again, the drive that Epiphany had seen when she'd gone outside to meet Damon at the start of this trip. "Yes, away." Petsha granted him this with a solemn look of his own. Though he turned a small smile upon Epiphany, "Your star, she must be returned to her sky after all by dawn."

Damon could bet that Epiphany was going to ask him for a translation once they were away. Even though she couldn't understand what they were saying fully it was the tone of words and the body language that spoke all on it's own. She fiddled with the pendant in her hand and chewed on her tongue, small nervous actions that were not easy to see. Being that they had to leave so soon made her frown, but maybe it would be seen as politeness for it was always good for the guest to show regret when needing to leave before things were over. she took a backward step with a bow of her head. " I'm sorry we must leave so soon. If it is possible I hope to return again at some point." That was polite too, to wish to return. Right? That's what she always saw people do. the whole 'come again' and ' I will' routine so she figured she would do her part of that exchange. Having been said she looked to Damon and took in his attitude. Yes. He was concerned.

"A star that shines upon the well-being of my people is always welcome." So Petsha said in return to her words. This star was modest, appeared as pure as any of the young women of his people and this pleased him. She only seemed to have a marked level of curiosity, but he believed that to be because it was not often she saw events on the ground for a vantage point other than high in the sky. As the elder leader showed them off the grounds of the camp, there was only one stop. To see Nadja, of course. Damon had to bend down on one knee and solemnly swear to the girl that she would see him again before the next time the moon was full so that she might receive another lesson. Damon believed this promise would be easy to keep. For he had a feeling this was not the last bit of help he would need from the Romani. Once they left the young girl's side, they parted ways at the edge of the camp and Damon was quick to take Epiphany by the arm and lead her a good distance away. Once they were far enough, Damon intended to use his normal method of travel to get them back to the casino where Damon's cover story awaited. He was deep in thought, and said only one thing, "I think it would be wise to keep that on your person, Petsha's gift. Wisely used on any stranger oddly interested in you."

Epiphany blatantly ignored his show of affection towards the little girl, it wasn't because she was jealous, not really, more so because she didn't want to think about his relationship to the girl. So maybe it was a bit of jealousy. There was nothing wrong with the silence, for she had a lot to think on as well. What she saw, what she heard. "Of course.." she could only imagine what would happen if this got into the wrong hands. " I don't often let my gifts go. When I wear it, people may only see it as another decoration." For she wore a lot of things anyone, maybe people wouldn't even give it a second glance. "The reading.. it was a bad one wasn't it?"

"Most would. There aren't many who are well-versed in the handiwork of the Romani, and see most of their strongest charms as only odd jeweled baubles. The Kalderash work very hard in keeping it that way." For what would magic be, if easily spotted and thus easier to circumvent? When they were far enough from the camp, Damon came to a sudden, smooth halt and the tug on Epiphany's arm made it clear he wished her to do the same. "That reading has told me that at some point, over the years of us knowing each other, we were followed. I suspect a more recent occurrence. To follow me is no easy feat, and the results of it are as I feared less than favorable. I must think about how best to take care of this, as tempted as I am to go back to the Inn and remove Jade from there tonight." His words were low spoken. While he smelled no others in the immediate area besides small animals, one couldn't be too careful.

"It's never going to be simple for us is it Damon?" she wasn't complaining. Simple didn't seem to fit with her anyway. "We get each other into trouble." or in danger, anything along those lines could fit in quiet nicely. She did stop when he beckoned her to and reached up to place her free hand upon his arm. "Don't go back tonight. Even if you are tempted. Is it not better to act as if you don't suspect something than to change things suddenly." if she was watching a person and suddenly they changed their habits she would find it suspicious. "At least don't do so until tomorrow. Stay the rest of the night with me?" she didn't quite like the feeling that they were being followed. Watched. Who would be watching them and why were the main questions to figure out, for why would they be any interest? Surely Damon was a lot more interesting then she.

"Ha." It was the spoken word, not a laugh. Rather flatly spoken, even. "I will not return to your inn tonight. For the reason that you have pointed out, as well as the simple fact that Jade hasn't the faintest idea why she's there. Until she does, she is of little harm or threat." And most likely better off where she was, far from the Three and in their good graces for doing what she was told. No, best to leave that particular chess piece where she was. As for Epiphany, "We will go to the room I rented and spend the evening there. There's entertainments, gambling, various luxuries all within the one hotel. I'm certain we'll find a way to keep ourselves entertained..." He was seething. Absolutely seething. Underneath the sang froid, there was a beast that wanted to rip the offending men apart into shreds. The only way it showed was through the controlled formality in which he spoke. A smooth tone, but almost stiff. The travel back would do him well. Energy spent to help him blow off steam. He drew close to her, a touch to her cheek before his hand cupped firmly behind her neck and his other arm surrounded her waist tightly. "Let's go." There was no other warning than that before they took to the air, and it seemed that Damon was traveling them back to their first destination even faster than they'd traveled here. Since it was later in the evening, it was also colder than it had been before. That helped his mood too, the numb feeling such cold brought. When the landed, it was by the loading dock of the hotel. Empty and void of people, since it was so late at night. The look in Damon's eyes as he cast them about betrayed him, perhaps. As if he was hoping someone was unlucky enough to be here, so he'd have an excuse to lash out his aggression.

Glad to hear that he was in no immediate hurry to take them back to the Inn for if she was he would certainly hear a deal of complaining from her. He had said that she would get a chance to enjoy his company while they were on this trip and she hadn't had the opportunity to do that yet. But his actions told her that he was anything less than relaxed and that might be a problem since they were suppose to enjoy themselves. She said nothing of it until they reached the hotel. "You will be no good to me if you are stuck in this state of being." Free from his grasp she put a hand on his face and turn so she could look directly at him. "Look at me Damon. I'm here with you now." she drew her face in closer. she didn't care if a person happened to walk by or not because they would seem like any couple standing outside of a hotel. "You won't be any use to me like that." With that said she tipped her head up to kiss him. Starting small but she was going to stay in the position and kiss him until the man learned to relax. They could be there for the rest of the night.

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