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Source of Kennedy Suffering (Om Kennedy Yajna). Closed

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Source of Kennedy Suffering (Om Kennedy Yajna). Closed

Post by Om Kennedy Yajna on Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:30 pm

It was around eleven am. Tobias hadn't slept not really. Last night was a long night. He'd spent most of meditating. Trying to at least. He left his room earlier to make a couple stops. One of them got him what he was wearing. Gray slacks, olive polo and loafers. Second stop got him what was in the garment bag he was holding. A suit and shoes that would be appropriate for the funeral. Last stop got him the hair cut. That's right. Haircut. He had the barber cut the dreads off and give him a shave. So Toby's hair was short and curled. Neat. It'd take months to get his dreadlocks back but he wasn't thinking about that. He was thinking about why he was this clean cut. And what he had to be for his sister. He stood in front of Sam's door. Knocking twice before opening it an inch. "Sammy. You ready?" He sounded calm and steady. On the outside sure. For her. Inside was another story.

Samantha hadn't taken the news at all very well, having spent most of her time since hearing it locked in her room at the Inn, going from fits of crying to quiet thought. She couldn't really decide what to feel right now. But right now wasn't a time to fall apart at the seams. not with her brother at the door. She like him had a garment bag that held a tasteful black dress she was going to wear at the funeral. With Toby's knock a Samantha who was actually wearing regular glasses answered. Looking absolutely down in the dumps ... but she did look absolutely surprised at that moment, seeing Toby, shaven and with a haircut. Her jaw just dropping for a moment before Shaking her head. "You look good ... are we ready to go?"

Since they got the news Toby had taken care of everything that needed to be in order to go back home. The death of Uncle Teddy was one of the only things that could get him home. He wasn't worried about the people that might take advantage and come after him or Sammy. He didn't know if Dex would show up and how the family would handle it if he did considering all the shit Dex had done fighting against the humans. Those things didn't matter. He'd deal with them when the time came. He nodded at his sister. Reaching out to take the garment bag. "Taxi's downstairs." How they got to the States from here was not exactly nearby. There might be some closer ways and places but neither of them new about them.

She gave a slow nod and grabbed her purse, offering the garment bag to him with the other hand. Taking in a slow deep breath, and there was another nod and the sister sibling of the triplets followed her brother down to the taxi. Her outfit was a comfortable but tasteful affair, a long sleeved sweater and some nice jeans, befitting a Kennedy. "Do you know how long the trip is supposed to be?" Climbing into the car after him.

Once she left her room he shut the door behind her. "It's going to be about a half an hour to the portal which comes out in New York City." Sam knew how long it'd take them to get to their destination from NYC right? On their way down the hall he stopped at a door on the other side of the hall. He pulled a folded piece of paper from his back pocket and slipped it under the door. It was De'Ryanna's door. There wasn't a lot written on the paper but it was enough to let her know there was a family matter and he'd be gone and he wasn't sure how long he'd be. It was the last thing he had to do before leaving the inn so they went straight down to the taxi after that. Tobias held the door open for her and waited until she was settled in to shut it. Getting into the taxi himself he leaned forward and gave the driver the place to go.

"That's good..." She noticed the note left for De'Ryanna, but it wasn't her place to comment or anything. she was quiet for a while on the car ride, waiting a few moments before leaning her head down onto Toby's shoulder, taking in a slow breath. "Do you think mom and dad would be happy to see us?" Maybe that's what she was silently dreading. That their parents wouldn't let them come to the service. Because they where mutants.

He'd promised De'ryanna he'd help her with something. He'd left the note so she'd know he hadn't forgotten even though he needed to go out of town. When Sammy put her head on his shoulder he put her arm around her. Gave her a one-armed hug. Tobias was totally focused on getting home right now. Kept him from being focused on -why- they were going home. "Happy?" He paused. He was trying to think of a way to tell her about the conversation he'd had with their dad that wouldn't upset her. "He said our rooms were ready. They were expecting us. He asked about Dex. He seemed glad when I said I hadn't seen him for almost two years." There, he'd managed to tell her Dad was glad about something. "I'm going to have to figure out how to get through this without gloves." He had his gloves on now of course since he was traveling. But he knew if he wore them when they were around home it would draw attention to his difference. It could become something a reporter picked up and made a deal out of. Then Mom and Dad would be the opposite of happy.

"I'm glad they where expecting us..." her voice was small, sad she really did sound like a small child right now, even in her mannerisms. "I don't think Dex knows ... he's underground... I heard through the grapevine..." There was a little nod against her brothers shoulder before she spoke again..."You can try those clear latex gloves they have, no one would know you where wearing them."

"Gotta be pretty f-cking far underground to not hear about Ted Kennedy." Yeah he swore. Yeah he didn't say what about Ted Kennedy. He had no god damn patience for Dex anymore and he didn't have it in him to actually say Uncle Teddy was dead. His hand squeezed Sam's shoulder. Like he was apologizing for his tone. Or trying to comfort her. His other hand ran through his hair. Felt weird still. Too light. Like he might as well be bald. Felt like part of him was missing but then again that feeling was appropriate all things considered. "I'll think of something. Just keep something on me. Keep it absorbed." So long as he absorbed something already he wouldn't go absorbing anything else. It would keep him safe. And everyone else.

"Something inconspicuous." She said with a nod against his shoulder, nestling right on into him for the ride. "I don't know, it was just a rumor, i hear all sorts about Dex..." and then she dismissed the subject with a disapproving wave of her hand. "We'll need to get something to eat on the way up from New York,... I haven't really eaten anything for a little while..." And how long was a little while? Considering where they where going, one could venture an accurate guess.

For the first time in a while he was alright with how close she was. And he was glad to be taking care of her. Of all things to set he and Samantha straight as far as distance between them it had to be something like this? He didn't want to think about any of that right now. Just concentrate on her and where the driver was going. She was trying to dismiss Dex and he wasn't ready to do that. "Who do you hear them from? Him?" He wouldn't be surprised. Eyes watched out the window. "We have time to eat." Service wasn't until tomorrow. "Can go to Carnegie Deli. I'll slip a pickle in my pocket and absorb that, how's that for inconspicuous?" Couldn't help the jackass comment.

"No, not from him..I heard them from some other mutants back home.... of course they heard it from some other mutants too... I don't know how true any of them really are..." she shook her head again, she really didn't want to think about Dex, mostly because she thought he was probably actually dead too. But she would never say that. When he mentioned the deli Sam couldn't help but smile. Poking at his side. "But you're already close enough to a pickle would it make a difference?" And then she lay her head back down." I would like that..." Going to the deli she meant.

Now he'd drop the Dex issue. So long as Dex wasn't in contact with her. That's all he'd wanted to know. When Sam poked at his side she was poking at his normal side. He hadn't absorbed anything. So was she doing a control poke so that she could have something to compare to if he really absorbed a pickle? "Isn't that the point? Pick something that's close enough to me? Don't know how I feel about you thinking I'm close to a pickle though. Pickles don't lift weights like I do." He smirked. He was glad to see her smile. He was -really- glad she wasn't in tears this whole ride. That's what he expected. "We'll go to the deli then." It was a decent place. Huge sandwiches so he was a fan. They were only a few minutes away from the portal.

"I imagine a pickle could lift weight like you given the opportunity ... but people are always trying to eat them so i can imagine why they really wouldn't try to lift them... I'd be horrified I knew..." She was still sad on the inside, but she wanted to be strong for her big brother, show him she wasn't going to fall to pieces on him. "I want pastrami ... and maybe something else..." Her voice had gone small again when she got comfortable on her brother once more.

Big brother. That's a laugh. Big just because of a few minutes. Tobias did have middle child syndrome though no fooling. And Sammy had youngest child syndrome just look at her right now. He didn't mind. He was the protective type. "Don't think a pickle cares much about weight lifting Sammy." He paused. "Cheesecake. Gotta get a piece of cheesecake. And something to go so we have something to eat on the drive up. I rented a car." Behind the wheel would be good. Another distraction. Another something to keep him focused on something else besides why they were on their way to Boston. A train ride would've killed him. "I'm driving." Pause again. "Think we'd be better off staying at a hotel?" Instead of at their parent's place. He'd thought about it. Couldn't come to a decision.

"Oh! I forgot the cheesecake they have here was really good. and you get a huge piece too if I remember correctly..." She picked her head up again and looked around where they where before laying it back down on her brothers shoulder. "Then I'm driving the way back...phooey on you..." And calling dibs on the driving even though they both knew she was much better at it then he was. "I don't know though... I think we should see how mom and dad take our arrival ... and then decide.

Toby was a total Masshole driver. He owned it proudly. Driving helped him get stuff out and he made sure he didn't put anyone in danger with his moves on the road. "Maybe." He'd let her drive maybe. Depended on how he felt after everything was said and done. "Right here, yeah." That was said to the driver. When the car came to a stop he had the garment bags in hand and was out of the taxi. Coming around to her side to open the door for her again. Like going home clicked his manners back into play. "That's a risky move but if that's what you want to do we can try it." He paid the driver and once Sam was out of the cab and the car was driving off he turned to the place where the portal was marked. Hated traveling through it but at least it was fast. Most head spinning minute of a person's life but only a minute.

Sam didnt mind the portal, always thinking that it was close to what going through a stargate was like. if the stargate where real that is. Sam allowed him to be the gentleman he was being and let him carry her garment back while they walked through the portal. "It is risky... but I'd like mom and dad to know we at least tried you know? They also did offer the olive branch by saying our rooms where ready..." Sound reasoning no? Of course it was.

"I guess I figured that was just for appearances. I hope you're right." He wasn't trying to be pessimistic. They were from a family of politicians and public figures. Who tried to do the right thing whenever they could to put on a good face so that when someone screwed up in the family it'd be forgiven faster. But maybe Samantha really was right. In light of things she and him had buried whatever was causing tension between them. Maybe their parents would do the same. He stepped through the portal. Came out the other side glad he hadn't eaten anyting yet today. Took a second for things to stop spinning and his heart to get to beating the right way again. The portal came out under a bridge in Central Park. Most of the people who came to the park probably didn't know it was there. They had a walk to the deli but it wasn't a bad one.
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Re: Source of Kennedy Suffering (Om Kennedy Yajna). Closed

Post by Om Kennedy Yajna on Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:56 am

I had that thought too... but you know, then I thought that with everything maybe they are genuine and just want to see we're safe you know?" She was ever the optimist in their relationship. always looking ahead to a better brighter future for everyone. Part of her romantic fantasy there. "Oh, central park, that means we're not too far off are we?" Starting walking ahead in front of him, very glad she hadn't worn her dress and heels out now.

"Considering everything, maybe." Both of them called what was going on 'everything'. Kind of true. At least to Toby. Uncle Teddy had been everything to him in a lot of ways. Today he felt like he'd lost his real father. Because it was Uncle Teddy who stood by him through the mutant thing and the Princeton thing and maybe Teddy took some of Toby's secrets with him to the grave. The two men were tight. Because of what he was thinking he said something he probably shouldn't. "Genuine or not they have a lot of making up to do." He walked fast to keep up with her. "Couple blocks is all."

"That is very true... I have my fingers crossed for an apology at the very least..." Samantha slowed down her walk so that she could walk beside her brother on their way to the deli. To her Uncle Teddy was just her Uncle Teddy, good natured and cared more then anything for the family and keeping it together. Sort of her own mission as well.

He laughed. It was his sarcastic jerkwad laugh. An apology? They'd have to do a lot better than that far as he was concerned. "We'll see." That was the only thing he could think to say that wouldn't ruin her optimism. They got to the deli just before the lunch rush so there were actually tables open and when they sat down he didn't totally feel like he was a sardine in a can. With his mutation being packed in with loads of people was not something he liked. "Thanks," was said as their waiter came by and delivered menus. As he looked things over he finally mentioned the other thing their father'd said. "There's a dinner. They want us up there tonight in time for that."

Samantha most definitely felt her older brother's pain. She didn't very much like to be a sardine in a can while trying to enjoy a delicious meal either. Which is why she was ecstatic that they actually got some elbow room. She was looking at the menu when Toby delivered the news about the dinner tonight. "Wouldn't be a Kennedy function without a party would it? Did they say when it started?"

"Sure wouldn't." Obviously he wasn't looking forward to it. "Eight. Sounds like it's not an intimate family gathering either." If he was going to warn her, might as well tell her the whole story. Press was sure to find their way in somehow. They always did. When the waiter came by he ordered. "Pastrami. Glass of milk and a glass of coke. Another dish of pickles." He hadn't even eaten any of the ones in the bowl on the table yet but he was about to. Started on one as soon as he ordered.

"Hm, Eight...?" And now she looked deep in thought. Mind rolling through the many names that could be on the guest list, four already accounted for. But who would be the others? Man it was going to drive her crazy, not knowing who to expect. Of course the waiter snapped her out of it. "hm? oh! um, yes, I'd like the same please...but no extra pickles for me thank you." a smile up to the waiter before she removed her glasses and placed them on the table.

"Don't worry. I'm sure it's eight until question mark." Knowing their family. And the circumstances. "Maybe we'll make it to dawn this time without a fist fight." That would be something. Already have the dish of pickles was gone. Least he hadn't slid any into his pockets yet. So maybe he was joking about absorbing a pickle. Once the water was gone he slouched back in his seat. Sigh came out of him before he thought better of it. Hand rubbing in his short ass hair again. For the first time he looked beaten. But he was determined to keep a game face. Keep his eyes on the details. "Not even noon yet. We'll get up there by five." With his lead foot on the gas pedal.

"Any good party goes until question mark." Said in a perfect mock tone of their mother, something Sam could pull off to a T thanks in part to the fact she was a woman. And she and her mother had that trait in common. When he slouched down in his seat and rubbed at his hair Sam smiled just a little bit. "don't worry brother, they'll be back all twisted and smelly before you know it."

"For Kennedys it's a fine line between being a family or a fraternity." Mumbled after the imitation of their mother. Uncle Teddy had said that once. At one of the parties that went until question mark. Everyone laughed Toby remembered. Using it as an excuse to clink glasses. Tobias stuffed another pickle into his mouth. Like it would keep him from saying something else. While he chewed he shrugged. "Not really worried about it." The dreads. He wasn't either. It was his way of making a sacrifice. In memory. In order to be there at the funeral since their parents would have demanded a haircut out of him if he hadn't done it on his own. When their drinks came he was quick to pick up his glass of milk. Drank the whole thing straight down like it was a beer. Thinking to himself he should have ordered a beer.

"I remember when Uncle Teddy said that...." that was the first time she had actually said anything about her uncle since it had happened, and it showed in the change she had in her shoulders. slumping a little bit to take a stance very much like her brothers, slouched in her seat just a bit. Drinking her own milk a little slower then her brother did, actually taking the time to enjoy it.

Just because he drank his milk fast didn't mean he didn't enjoy it. Same goes for any beer or anything else Toby chugged. Chugging was a whole different category of enjoyment. The beer he wished he ordered was still on his mind. "Don't suppose you'd still let me drive if I had a couple of beers..." He knew he should say something about their uncle. Acknowledge that he just quoted him or acknowledge that he was dead or something. But he didn't know what to say. Sam was looking lousy and he didn't know how to make that any better.

"I don't know, it depends on how many you have." Samantha was picking at one of the pickles. Deciding after a few pokes she was going to take a bite from it. Looking up at her brother. "These are good pickles. And I do have my license too, if you want to drink, I am legally able to drive.

"Two." They were bargaining, that was a good sign. "And no. I already said I was driving." He needed to. Just like he needed to be constantly shoving food in his face right now. He was glad when the waiter put down an extra dish of pickles because if he'd run out of food it wouldn't have been a good scene. "Whatever lager you have on tap." He said to the waiter before the guy went off. In the meantime his coke would have to be good enough. "I don't know what I'm going to do tonight, Sammy." The party. All the guests. Their parents. The rest of the family. Toby went home even less than Sammy did which had to be some kind of a record. Could a person make a negative number of family visits? He probably came close to that.

Samantha smiled a small bit, taking a drink of her soda. Slowly reaching forward to give Toby's hand a squeeze. "I'll be with you Toby, everything is going to be alright... and if not, we can leave. And just go to the service."

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Re: Source of Kennedy Suffering (Om Kennedy Yajna). Closed

Post by Om Kennedy Yajna on Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:00 am

Sammy was one of the few people who could touch his hand and Tobias didn't think anything of it. He'd absorbed her enough over the years that there wasn't anything unexpected in it. "They'll split us up. Either that or they'll put us together in a corner. I don't know how you look them in the face, Sammy. I really don't." Their parents. Then again Toby wasn't the easiest person to get along with. Even with all his meditating there were some things he couldn't live and let live. He didn't say anything about the service. His only answer to that was shoving half a pickle in his mouth and then nodding a whole lot when he saw the waiter coming with their sandwiches. Making the international sign for 'food' to Sam so she knew the stuff was coming.

"It wasn't easy for the longest time, but they are our parents...and I hope they try to corner us together." Pausing so the waiter could put their monstrous sandwiches down in front of them. And when he left she continued. "we can really show them what they're like... and then, like I said... leave."

Mouth full of pickle when the waiter put down the sandwiches and his beer Toby lifted his glass in thanks. "I like plan leave. We could always get to the party late." He could think of a lot of detours he could take to delay reaching Boston. Nevermind his parents were expecting them sooner. It was just a matter of convincing Sam. "I mean, just think of all the wineries we're going to pass on the drive up." That's right Sam, alcohol. Hopefully she'd bite. Toby bit. Into his sandwich. You'd think he was a snake with the way he could open his mouth so wide. Satisfied groan followed. Best pastrami in the world.

"No wineries, we're expected..." she said giving a bit of a look to her brother before taking a nice great bite of her own sandwich, a similar satisfied noise from the sibling. Who immediately went in for another gnash of a bite. She hadn't eaten in she didn't know how long remember. She was starving.

"And when you're expected it's always good to bring some wine. C'mon Sam, we're Kennedys. They'd mouth off at us for it one minute and be popping the cork next." Anything to spend less time at the estate than he had to. Toby got all his words out up front so he could focus on his sandwich. He was already halfway through one half of it. He ate fast. Packed it in. Stopped only to take a long pull from his beer. Now this was eating. Which reminded him. "Hey. Guess what. Someone made me a pie." He grinned. Normally he probably wouldn't have said anything about it, but right now silence was awkward. Silence meant she might be thinking about Uncle Teddy and getting upset and he didn't want that. He didn't want that for himself either.

They had that in common, able to wolf through just about anything. But when he was drinking she was swallowing and speaking. "I know! and I know its probably more then likely that that is going to be what happens..." Taking a drink from her own beverage. "I just don't want to give them more fuel for us being disruptive, and not letting us go tomorrow or something." Samantha was about to take another bite of her sandwich after that but stopped. "wait, someone...baked a pie for you? Who? And it doesn't count if you say the store lady!"

"Let us?" He scoffed. Shook his head. Their parents had another thing coming if they thought 'let' was any part of the equation. He didn't say anything else on it though. Don't talk about Uncle Teddy, drop the parental subject, focus on the pie. "C'mon Sammy, give me some credit. Store lady." Second scoff. He took a swig of his beer. "It was our neighbor across the hall. De'ryanna. At least I think she baked it. It was all in a basket with milk and stuff." He polished off the first half of his sandwich and started on the second.

Sam wasn't far behind Toby in the sandwich eating contest they where having. Two or three bites only. "Oh! that girl? The one we saw on the deck, sort of looking rather stoic? She's cute Toby... good move." And that when he picked up her second half of sandwich.

"The one on the deck?" His mouth was full. The only time he could remember talking to Sam on the deck was when they met that Az woman when he was smoking his hookah and playing some bongos. He shook his head. Looking kind of confused. "No, Sam. That's the woman you're getting drinks with, remember?" Sam wasn't the type to forget something like getting drinks with a woman, what was wrong with her? It was enough to make him stop eating for a minute. But he didn't stop drinking. He finished his beer.

The look that she gave him then, probably was the look a person gave a total idiot when they said something foolish. "No you moron, I know its not Azlin. She was sitting inside, watching... psh." And then she went to finish up her sandwich, taking a few more bites before pushing the empty plate away. Well mostly empty Sam wasn't a big crust eater sometimes.

"She was?" Obviously he didn't know that. Cause he looked totally stunned. "Huh." He didn't know what to make of that. De'ryanna had been watching and hadn't come out onto the deck. "Is that a good thing, that she was doing that? Watching or whatever?" Least he had something new to put his mind on. That plus a beer and a pastrami sandwich in him and he was feeling like the drive up would be the perfect topper to trying to stay cool through the party and the service and all that. "Two slices of cheese cake to go and the check. Thanks." Said to the waiter once he'd been flagged over. In the meantime Toby ate another pickle. And Samatha's crust. Couldn't let it go to waste.

"Well that is a mixed bag, it could be either you know..." Sam finished her beverage then and scooted back in her seat. "good because she was noticing, but bad because either you didn't notice. Or you did, and didn't invite her out. When we get back to the inn, I'd pay her a visit immediately... probably with a slice of this cheese cake here." A smile to the waiter as he brought their dessert.

"God damnit." Toby sighed as he stuffed the leather jacket that the check came in with enough cash to give the waiter a nice tip. The last time he'd seen Ryanna hadn't gone so hot near the end but then the pie came so he thought it was alright. And now his sister was telling him he might have f-cked up without realizing it. He pushed his chair back, rubbing his hand over his short hair with a shake of his head. "You take care of the cheesecake." He nodded down at it. "Let's go." It was time to pick up their rental car and finish the last leg of this trip back home.
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Re: Source of Kennedy Suffering (Om Kennedy Yajna). Closed

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