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The Tour ~{ a log }~

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The Tour ~{ a log }~

Post by Aleshanee on Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:57 pm

Yes that ball had been placed back into his own court. And now it was up to him to do something with it. Would he go through with it, and take her on that tour? Or would it fall into that same boat, as his room. Well he knew that his room would eventually get redone, Would it have been smart for him to redo it on his own. Probably not, which is why he hadn't started it yet. He kinda knew it wouldn't get done if he did it on his own. But that was a different time. Anyways it was time for the moment at hand, and that was her. He nodded his head once more, as he listened to her words. His hand lifting up now, motioning for her to come closer into the room. Another smile being offered to her. "Well come on in, we will start the tour here, with this room." Yes he had noticed the sniffling and that gave away that she was either still sick, or had been sick. And that was noted in his head as well. "Well...that is if you will allow me the honor of starting the tour with you right now..."

She would listen to the words, before speaking herself. It wasn't that she was still sick, thankfully she was feeling alot better save for the sniffle. She looked thoughtful, "I think it might be best if we did start that now." She had a feeling if they put it off, then they very well might not be going on that tour, again. She would take a step forward, as she lifted her gaze up to him. "The honor is all yours." She did her best not to laugh, though there was a bit of a smirk crossing her lips. She would turn to look around the room, before turning back to him, "And this room is?"

Well good for them then, that they weren't going to be putting it off anymore. So that was something, that was one bridge that wasn't going to be crossed. Instead it was this bridge that they are going down now. So it would begin in this room, turning around now, where he stood, as though he was trying to get her attention to the entire room "This room, well, I don't know for sure what this room is going to be used for. But it is your normal, typical empty room." There was a nod of his head as he backed up a bit, until he was next to her, not too close, making sure she still had her space, but next to her none the less. "See a room like this, they could use this place for anything. Could be used for a party, heck they could even turn around, rent it out for someone to live in. A empty room like this has so many possiblites to it." He nodded his head once more turning his head now to look to her

She gave a nod of her head as she looked towards the area's he was speaking of, which happened to be the large room. She laughed, "Yes, or perhaps they will keep it as it is, for large gatherings?" She added her two cents in, before looking towards the door. "I do hope the rest of the tour is more exciting than this room." She did not think it would be a good tour at all if all the rooms were pretty much empty. At least she had good company, or so she was thinking, so far.

Well that did cause a small laugh to leave from him, as he took a look around that room once more, before another nod of his head followed suit. "Well yea, I would hope that all of the rooms aren't all empty, because if they are, well that, wouldn't make for a good inn now would it. Then again, if people like us, had control of this place for a couple weeks, we could make this place booming even more" Laughing once more he turned around facing the door for a moment, before looking to her "So the question is, when we walk out that door, do we go left, or do we go right?"

She chuckled, as she turned that chocolate gaze upon him. "Well that might be dangerous, you would be planning and planning and I would be running around doing things that you wanted to change." She let out a laugh, she could just imagine it. "If you do not have a prefrence, let us go left." She thought to many people went right, so she wanted to go the opposite. Everyone seemed to be all about the right, she was a bit off, she liked the thought of left. She would look up to him to see what he thought, she was rather short at 5'2".

Another laugh left him as he circled around again looking at the interior of this empty room once more. He was thinking, and that was never a good thing, well sometimes it was a good thing, oh who the hell knew with him really. Sometimes you really did have to wonder what really went on in his head "We could turn this room into another bar, a private one, for private parties. Think about it, we could make a killing on this room alone as it is. And that's not counting whatelse we could do with this place." Another nod of his head once more as he turned back around and made his way to the door, stopping and looking back to her "After you, beautiful."

She turned to look up at him once more, studing him just a moment. " You don't think one bar in the Inn is enough?" Could that be a word to the wise, stay away from man whom wishes for more then one bar. But then who was she to judge. She had gone down for a drink first thing in the morning before. "They could do lots of things with this room, perhaps they do." She hadn't been here long enough to know if they did or didn't. She would give a small nod, taking a step out of the room, but waiting for him before beginning making her way to the left. Just in case he decided to grab her to go the other way.

Na him stop her to go the other way? Wasn't going to happen. Not on this night at least. His own movements following her over to the left as well. Really why go to the right, going to the left was so much funner. ell at least on this day it was funner. Making his way to the left now, catching up to her, until he was back next to her once more. "That is true, who knows what they do with that room. For all we know there could be things that have gone on in there, that we aren't supposed to know." He laughed once more as his eyes continued to gaze around looking for the next place, to go. at times glancing back to her once again. "So now where to go, where to go...I think we are coming up on...ahh yes the lounge!"

He could of tried. But she did not think that he was so much of a hands on sort of guy. Which would be lucky for him, seeing he was very good at keeping out of her personal space, so far. She liked keeping her own personal space until she gave someone an invite to invade it. Not saying he wouldn't ever get that invite. Just saying that she was picky about whom got that invite. She paused once they reached a doorway. "The lounge?" She waited for him to go first, she was going to follow him, with him being the tour guide she thought she should go behind him.

And he would try to force his way into her personal space, if she decided he was allowed to enter it sometime, then he would take that invatation, if not, he would take that as well. All of that would eventually be up to her. But for now he just nodded his head once more as he stopped at the doorway to the lounge, using a hand to open that door up for her to go through it. "Yep, the lounge, the meeting place of everyone here, where you can get yourself a drink, or just come to hang out in a alright setting. I perfer an outside setting, but I will also come to this place too....sometimes." Another nod of his head once more was given as he waited for her to head through the door.

In time they may or may not have such a invite extended, though not with words, it was all about the language of no words. She would step into the lounge as he allowed her to enter the room first. She would move forward and stop once she was close to the middle of the room. Gazing around the room she let out a squeal of delight seeing the fooseball table. "Can we take a detour of our tour?" Already looking for a detour.

Well he had yet to see the fooseball table as he was just now making his way into the lounge when he heard that squeal from her. His eyebrows lifting up for a moment, hearing her question. It caused his lips to once more turn up into that smile once more. "Why of course we can take a detour, did you find something that has gotten your attention here?" His own eyes looking to the fooseball table and he shook his head for a moment, ahh the childish memories with those things. That smile remaining upon his face, showing her that he was thinking something good.

She would grab his hand just a impulse, and tug, but then she realized what she did, and she dropped his hand quickly. She spoke softly, "Sorry...." But she was just excited and she made her way to the fooseball table though she stood at the edge. "Do you have a favorite side?" She did not want to just choose without letting him have a say. Though she was geeked that they were going to play this.

And for a few moments at least he was being drug over to that fooseball table. Until she dropped his hand and he shook his head to her words "Sorry for what? You didn't do anything wrong at all." HE nodded matter of factly to her just after saying that, before stopping close to the table now. "Me...nope I don't have a favorite side, I suck equally as much on both sides!" Laughing softly when he said that, he looked back to her.

She gave him a little smile. "I had forgotten myself, in the excitement of the game." But she was secretly glad that he didn't get offended that she had tugged him a bit. "Then I will take this one, and you can have that side?" She took the side closer to the wall. She as smaller then he and thought it would be easier on him not to have a wall at his back. "Good luck." Was spoken as she handed him the ball to put into the game, when he was ready for them to go.
"Want to make a bet on the game?" She forgot to ask so she slid that in quickly.

Taking the ball as he moved over to his side, he laughed a bit once more hearing her words. "Yea, I'm gonna need all the luck in the universe if I have anyshot at winning this game" He laughed once more as he went to put the ball in play, before catching what she had said at the end of it, catching that ball before it fell into play. "A bet huh...sure, I'll put..anything on the line." Hey that was the kind of person he was!

She thought just a moment, that slow smile coming to her features, "If I win, you have to carry me on your back for the rest of the tour." She grinned, was she getting lazy. "And if you win, what do you want?" She thought it only fair to let him chose what he wanted if he won. She threw down the challenge, so it was his choice.

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Re: The Tour ~{ a log }~

Post by Aleshanee on Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:05 pm

He listened to what she had suggestted be the prize for her if she won, and he nodded his head in agreeance with her choice. "Okay, that I can agree too. As for what I get if by a miracle I win hmmm..." He had to actually think about that one for a few moments. He actually hadn't expected to hear that so he had no clue at all what he wanted. A few moments thinking about he he finally nodded his head in approval. "Lunch..or dinner...or breakfast with you, one of them, somewhere other then in this place though, it would give us a reason to actually get out and about somewhere other then here." Another nod of his head with that said as he continued to watch her. "Well that is if you didn't want to be seen out in public with me." A bit of a smirk, yea he was able to bet that because, he knew he wouldn't win...he never won!

She would grin, when he did nod in agreeance with her. It wasn't that she had asked for a huge thing, just something that would give her legs a bit of a rest. She hadn't been walking around when she was sick and now that she was up and about, she was finding that energy running a bit low. That did not mean she wasn't going to give this game all that she could! She would give a nod of her head, before she asked, "You only want to go out to a meal if I don't want to be seen in public with you?" She chuckled, "Well, I doubt that I would mind being seen in public with you, did you wish to change that?" She wanted to make sure he was fine with his choice. She had lowered her hands to the poles, that controlled the goalie and the one in the middle. She figured he would say go, but one never knew and a girl needed to be ready.

Well he placed a hand on the pole to control the guy in the middle, his eyes remaining on her, he smiled once more "Do I wish to change my mind let me think on, cuz I doubt I would mind being seen in public with you!" A laugh left him as soon as he said that and he tossed the ball in directly at her goal, putting it in the goal. Hey he had to score once somehow! "GGGOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!" Yes he was celebrating like he had just won!

She blinked, as she looked at him, then at the goal and back at him. "Cheater!" She handed him the ball again after retrieving it. "Try putting it in the spot for the ball over there!" She laughed, if he cheated again she might have to play dirty as well. "Let's try that again." She would watch him this time, making sure that he did put the ball in the spot, and as soon as the ball dropped she was going to work, moving her people and attempting to make a goal. Watching the ball to see where it goes.

" mean that.....didn't.....count....." He actually seemed a bit confused by that, he had honestly thought that it was a goal and that it should count since he had an idea he wasn't going to score at all. When he said he was bad, he wasn't kidding he was horrible at this game. So taking the ball once more he nodded his head again. "Okay okay okay, lets try that again." And with that, he dropped the ball where it was supposed to go, and his clumsiness with this game instantly came out as his free hand was trying to find a handle to grab.

She hadn't said it didn't count. She had just called him a cheater! There was a difference. She was the sort that pretty much said what she thought. And she would take advantage of his clumsiness and the ball was moving quickly to the goalie. Perhaps he grabbed that stick a half a second to late for it just barely missed stopping it as she tied the game with that goal. "What are we playing too?" She would retrive the ball and ask, "Want me to drop it this time?" She was willing too, she just thought it might be easier for him to know when the ball was dropping.

Wow that was fast now wasn't it. His head, just went from her, back to the table, back to her. " did you do that so fast?" Hey, it was a valid question, he seriously didn't know how she scored that fast, he barely had time to get a hold of the pole thingie before the ball was in his goal. He even went as far as to poke his goalie to make sure that it moved. Ummm, lets play to seven. Most people play to ten but hey we aren't most people are we!" HE smiled to her once more as he got his hands positioned where they should have been now. "You score you start"

She had not played the game since she was in middle school, by the time high school came around she was to busy with her career and school, and sneaking out trying to be like very other teenager, except her sneaking out was usually caught by the paparatzi, and then it was all over the place. Some things were like riding a bike. She would give a nod, "That sounds fair." She would have her one hand on the goalie that way if he did get a lucky shot she could try to block it, while she would drop the ball, her hand moving quickly to the pole, and a twist and a flick of her wrist, wondering who was going to get the ball free from the middle men that seemed to be at a stalemate!

Well at least she hadn't scored so quickly this time! He kept spinning that pole, trying to get the ball away from her person thing and towards her goal, finally he realized that he could move the people from left to right, so that was what he did, kicking that ball to the side and then towards her goal, though it ended up more in the corner. "You know, I really should play you in a game of air hockey, now that is my game. I haven't lost in years in that game!" He laughed once more as that ball had come to rest in the corner so he reached in and used a finger to flick the ball back towards the middle. See, he didn't cheat that time!

And she would appreciate the fact that he wasn't cheating....not that she was going to tell him that. Instead she would watch the ball, moving her little men away, and attempting to score, did he block it in time? "Air hockey! I haven't played that in forever either." She was rather an excitable girl if you got her on a subject she liked, "Maybe next time we will play that?" She also liked to wager things, part of that gambling spirit.

"Well then, next time we play some air hockey, hell we might as well make a date out of it or something sometime, I'm sure we can find a place that has air hockey and other things that we both like" Yea, he got the picture on that whole thing with her, another laugh leaving him as she got all excited, which also got him excited now, yes, his goalie got the ball and he kicked it forward, missing his guy and right to hers

She had not thought about it that way, but that did not distract her. "Sounds like a date." She was rather intent watching the goalie kick the ball back forward back to her guy, and a flick of the wrist as she attempted to score again, would he catch it again or would it actually go in this time. "What food is your favorite?" She was curious because if it was a date she was going to want food. She just hoped he wasn't into the high class food, that got rather boring, when you had to stuff down lobster all the time.

This time, his goalie missed, and missed badly, very very badly did he miss with it. Watching that ball go into the goal he laughed once more. Yea he knew now he was way out of his league with this game right now. Reaching into the goal now he picked up the ball, holding it out to her. "What food is my favorite, pizza, ribs, steak, the normal, though my absolute favorite thing to eat is stuffed barbeque chicken breasts, stuffed with cheddar, and mozzerella cheese and rice." He nodded his head once more, god he loved that, but he very rarely made it as well. But my favorite place to go out to eat, well thats an easy one. Any fast food! How about you?" Hey he wanted to know!

She wouldn't cheer until she won, if she won, she wasn't one who was happy with the little goals, no she wanted the win! She wanted to be carried who wouldn't. Taking the ball she would wait, till she was ready and thinking him ready as well, before she would drop the ball, using her front people once more against his, getting throught the first round it was that back round that wasn't working so well, yet! "I love all of that." She really did, "I have never had that." That being his favorite food of all times, "Im big on spaghetti too." And bread the girl loved her bread, not that you could tell by looking at her. "I adore fast food." Don't tell her agent that, he'd have a cow, and give her a speech of how she wouldn't always be able to get away with what she was now.

"I could live off fast food if I was able too. But I'm not able too, because I do like cooking too, though I'm not all that great, but I try." He nodded his head once more, as he started to play again, each time trying to kick the ball but missing, sometimes getting lucky and kicking it to one of the walls, never really getting close to her goal. "You know what kind of spaghetti is good, is red bell pepper spaghetti. That is very good." Another nod of his head as he, got control of the ball and kicked it towards her goal, now he hoped that it would actually go in!

But she would flick her goalie just in time and the ball would go pinging past the middle people towards his goal. She would laugh. "I would if I could as well, though I am not one into cooking." She wasn't one that knew how to boil water, she always had been served, first by her parents, then her agent, then the chef at Winstons. Since being here she was learning a few things. "I dont think I have had that." The red bell pepper spaghetti. And she would attempt to score again. It was a bit funny that if he won they were going out to eat, in public and they had already set a date for just that, while they were playing.

Na, that just showed that he at least had some kind of idea as to what he was doing! He might not have been the smartest when it came to a lot of things, and maybe it was just dumb luck that he had already gotten her to agree to go on that date with him. But regardless, it worked didn't it? And once again, his goalie missed the ball and he watched as it went right into his goal. Laughing once more, he looked back o her again "So is there a mercy rule? Or are you planning on killing me?" He laughed once more, showing her he was having fun with it when he said that. "Well then, I suppose maybe one day I might have to make it for you now won't I?" Wait did he just say that to her?

Which if one put the babbling guy earlier with this guy now, one wouldn't have a clue that he would know what he was doing. Or that she was falling into line, like a good little soldier. She would feel a little smile forming over her lips, as she looked over at him, getting the ball. "Mercy as in what rule is that?" She smiled at him, "Whats the score now?" As she said that she dropped the ball and attempted to score again, she had to try! A better tour was on the line. "That would be nice, do you make garlic bread?" Hey she wasn't a girl that turned down food. Well she might depending on how it tasted.

Well he was going to speak and say the score, but just like that, she had scored again. And he was, well dumbfounded, at least the look on his face showed that, for a few moments at least. Reaching into the goal he grabbed the ball before she could get it now, as he smiled once more, looking back to her, "Mercy rule as in, one taking pity on someone before they really beat their ass in something, kinda like what is going on now!" Another laugh as he stepped a bit forward and lifted his arms up and bringing them down in a bowing motion. "I bow down to you, the master of the fooseball table" Never once did that smile leave his face, yes he was actually admitting defeat to her! That makes it four to nothing your winning. And yes I make a five cheese garlic bread as well. If you like garlic bread, I promise you will like this."

She was glad someone was keeping score, she had been distracted by the food, and she hadn't thought to move the little markers that let them keep track. She would laugh, as she looked at him, "If you want to give up and admit defeat you can." She wasn't going to just give it up, if she wasn't going to get the piggy back ride. Her lips quirked. Though her hands wouldn't leave the table until he said they were done, she wasn't going to fall to that trap. "Your making me hungry." She really did love garlic bread, sometimes it was the best part of the meal, dipped in the pasta sauce.

She got that right, the garlic bread was always the best part of the meal, at least to him it was. And hey, he was making himself hungry as well. Standing straight up now, he looked back to her as he set the ballback down in the middle of the table "I admit defeat, I have been beaten by my master at the fooseball table. You have won." Even calling her master, yep he was beat and beat badly. Anyways, he now, moved to her side of the fooseball table and turned his back to her, lowering a bit now. "Are you ready for your ride beautiful?" He didn't even realize what he said. A bit of that talking before he realized what he said coming out just then.

Laughter would escape from her, as she moved forward at his words. Seeing he was moving towards her she waited to see where he stopped, when he turned and lowered himself down a bit, she would hop on. Not even paying attention to his words, at first. Lucky for him that she was rather small, so it would be easy for him to carry her. "On ward!" Her arms were wrapped around his neck but not in a way that would strangle him, legs were wrapped around his waist, holding on.

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