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pris, the alone, and the angry-upsetting news [a log]

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pris, the alone, and the angry-upsetting news [a log]

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:52 pm

the door to donnie duck's room flew open. hopefully it wasn't locked, because if it was that probably mean's prissy used her angry foot to kick it open! the rest of angry pris stepped into the now open doorway. her fists were clenched at her sides, and she stamped her angry foot on the floor five times to show just how angry she happened to be. it was early afternoon and obviously school was still out, which meant that prissy had been spending her day like she'd been spending nearly every day this summer. holed up in her room next door, inside her tent made of nearly every blanket and sheet and curtain the place had which she'd attached to the ceiling and to each other so that it was big enough to enclose the television and couch, the air conditioning blasting so that it was freezing cold in there, and with her wearing at least three layers of clothes on her top and bottom - pajama like clothes. she hadn't curled her hair today, and the rainbow colors of her hair were fading a little bit so they were less...severe in their brightness.

donald rose his brows up, looking over from his television and video game placing the controller down on the nightstand. He himself was still in his jim jams, plaid flannel pants and a white t-shirt."Hey there Pris. what's wrong? you seem upset." and Donald sat up from his leaning back against the wall while on the bed and motioned her over.

she didn't go over. she was to angry to go over. she wanted to stay right where she was with her fists still balled up so tight not only her knuckles but her fingers too were starting to turn white. when he asked her what was wrong, pris pressed her lips together so hard they turned white too from the pressure. and she just answered with more hard emphatic stamps of her feet. but when that wasn't enough even for her she belted out in an angry proclamation from the doorway, "DOMMY. IS LEAVING. FOR A WEEK." yes, it was obvious pris wasn't happy. but it was more than just angry-upset. it was the kind of anger where a person was trying to stay so so so angry-upset so they wouldn't realize how sad-upset they were that they cried.

really? -donald scooted over to the edge of the bed, sitting on its edge." Pris, that's terrible. Why is he leaving for a week? Does he know its sort of illegal to leave a minor alone for that long?" asked with a bit of irritation growing in his own voice. Donald seemed to have some issues with her older brother too. but that is neither here nor there

"work." she spat that word out like an angry kitten. "work, WORK is MAKING HIM." she was huffing and puffing so much that she could blow a house down, and she was stomping around in the doorway in a circle of anger. what she couldn't understand was why the stomping really wasn't helping anything when she felt like she wanted to do it so badly and was having trouble stopping. anger-compulsions. it was making her more angry that she couldn't get herself to stop. "that's HOME that's not here here they don't care here WORK says and dommy GOES..." stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. this was Rhy'din, not earth, Rhy'din wasn't exactly a stellar guide when it came to child rearing and rights.

well, why don't you come over more? crash over here while Dommy is away." Donald said softly, stepping back after closing the door, yes he did manage to get her out of the door way and was able to close the door, moving back to sit on the couch and motioning over."Would you like that pris?

once donald shut the door, pris turned around and banged her fists on it. bang-bang-bang-bang, bang-bang-bang. just to show the door how not happy she was with it for being closed. if donnie was looking for any rational reason for why the girl was acting as she was...well, rational probably wasn't the right way to go. emotional and reactionary, those were far better modes of analysis. and the fact that she was sixteen years old and her body was shifting hormonally, that shouldn't be forgotten. and perhaps that's why even though he made a very nice offer that she would have accepted if she wasn't pitching an angry-upset-panic fit and despite the fact he motioned for her to come on the couch, pris just collapsed right on the floor. it was a very dramatic flop to the side, like she'd been shot and killed instantly. but after laying there still, he'd hear her making a long "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!!" sound of frustration. and then she kicked her leg. hopefully not kicking it into anything. maybe she just needed all of this out of her system.

"or, not..." Donald said to himself with a nod, watching her fall to the ground and flail and kick, and before it all, beating his door down. Donald didn't say anything again. he just watched her, waiting for a moment where she would calm down.

there were a couple more kicks of her legs, and a few more sounds of anger-panic-frustration, and then pris finally was still. her sea of faded rainbow and black streaked hair was covering her face, which was currently buried in his floor. all was quiet for a minute, maybe two, and then he'd hear a sniffle. following the sniffle was a quiet, muffled whining sound. that's what happened when angry-upset stopped, the sad-upset just jumped on her without asking first. her fingers curled into the carpet, like she was trying to knead it.

Donald rose up from his bed then and once again limped over to where she was, and kneeling down next to her and reaching down to brush some of her hair back from her eyes- hey there pris... do you wanna come sit up on the bed with me?- petting the back of her head softly as he spoke

she sighed a very big sigh when donald was brushing her hair. when he moved her hair away from her face, he would see that some tears had leaked out, but only a few. a second sniffle, and the girl wiped her nose with the back of her hand. her mind was a collision, so many thoughts and emotions racing around that they were banging into each other so much pris' head was throbbing. which is probably why she hadn't been very articulate this whole time. at first she didn't answer him, her eyes just stayed looking at the floor where her fingers were raking. but then after a minute her gaze relocated, looking up at him. from her spot still on the floor she nodded. but she didn't get up, or move at all in fact. she wanted to be coddled, and to her right now coddled meant him carrying her.

Donald wasn't very good at carrying people, hell he couldn't carry himself very well most of the time, hence the walking stick. so he only reached forth to take her hand, lacing his fingers with hers and giving her a small tug to join him using the wall in order to assist him in getting up"Come on pris, lets go lay down on the bed. its nice and comfy, just flipped it over this morning.

"everyone wants to flip ME over. like a house. FLIP! and they can leave me with the people that bought me and not have to bother with me anymore." it was a furious mumble on her part, said with fury in her eyes. she knew what she said wasn't true. but when people were upset sometimes they said things they didn't mean, and that was especially true for pris. one of the many thoughts banging around her head and causing a racket that's what that was. she got up, but it wasn't an easy process. she seemed determined to be difficult, behaving like a rag doll with the rest of her body to the point that she paused on her knees and just slumped against said wall with her cheek planted against it. before giving a huff and a growl and stomping up to her feet.

Donald limped his way down to the other side of the bed, climbing right on in and scooting in closer to her. and draping an arm around her- Have you ever thought about working? getting a part time job?

okay. she was very angry and she was very upset but now she was laying in a bed with her most precious duck and he had an arm around made it difficult for her thoughts to keep banging around her brain like they were. pris' eyes sank closed as she leaned into him, and he might catch her breathing in the scent of his shirt through nose. scents were very important to her, and soothing. which is why she sometimes stole his pillows, and dommy's too. "purr," she admitted that reluctantly. her fingers closing around his shirt, and holding on to it. like she was afraid he was going to get up and leave her. her voice was quiet, with a slight grumble-mumble. "no one's going to want me around. trust me with tasks. they think i'm all wrong, all those eyes that stare at me when i walk down the street. people don't want wrong around."

well, I happen to disagree... how about going into work for yourself? working somewhere where you get to work without people looking at you like you're wrong

a soft discontent whine was pris' first reply. she shook her head, huffing as she pressed her cheek into his shoulder. "du-u-u-uck," her voice was plaintive and childish. her fingers kneaded at his shirt, tugging it. "working myself is still being by myself it's just being by myself working and that's no different than watching tv in my tent and being alone with my walls and my sheet walls."

oh, well... well yeah, hm, what other kinds of things do you like to do? what if we found you a job in something you like doing? like painting, or drawing?" Donald said softly smiling a little bit, offering her a tight squeeze leaning his head down against hers.

one of her high-pitched noises when he squeezed her. pris curled up tighter against him, her fingers pressing into his shoulders. "NO. no selling my drawings for dollars. that's what my mother does. and my doctor. stealing them out of my books...a whole book of my da - " she wouldn't finish the word and skipped over it. "...missing, gone they TOOK IT from me..." he'd feel her shaking her head. but before pris' mind fixated on the missing pictures of her father she forced herself to make a list to answer his question. "i sew fabric into clothes. i dye hair. i paint faces which isn't the same as pictures. i memorize poems and songs." that was all pris did. she really wasn't so good with anything to do with letters or numbers, not when they got skewed by the imbalance of her mind.

Well I didn't mean for you to sell your painting pris, I meant that if you wanted to you could paint ones for the clinic... that's different- and he gave her another squeeze- but that is something you don't like.... hm, how about opening a tailor shop? making clothes for people? I know that the clothes i've seen you make are all very cool, you might be able to do very well with making some for other people

"i can paint walls. i don't feel bad leaving walls behind. walls are supposed to stay where they are." it was her drawings that were on paper or canvas that she didn't like parting with. when he squeezed her again, she shifted so that she could nuzzle her cheek against his jaw. eyes closed, so she didn't have to worry about where she was looking or what she would see if she stared. she just focused her eyes on seeing his words as he said them. "i don't have a shop. i don't know anything about shops or taking money from people or giving it back or writing numbers on tags numbers don't like me they jump all over the place and switch places to play tricks..."

[ be continued...]


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Re: pris, the alone, and the angry-upsetting news [a log]

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:05 pm

well,you wouldn't be opening the shop on your own You would have help, if you wanted to do that. all you would have to worry about it making the clothes themselves... if thats what you'd want to do... make clothes.- Donald could call some people, pull in a few favors from his days patching up super heroes when his alter ego wasn't saving their lives in another fashion

"help? who help? you help? dommy help? you're both at work. and i have school. i have school that i hate but it's still school. dommy said, i have to go to school. there's just no school now. for another month there's no school but for everyone else there's still working and now there's working far away and there's!!" pris spat out that last word with frustration and then proceeded to bury her head in the nearest pillow. huffing into it. and then grrrring into it. today was a very bad day for pris.

donald gave a nod and pondered more before placing a hand down on her back, patting there a little bit, rubbing then.- I'm sorry Pris...Is there something that you would like to do?

"i'm staying here. you said i could. i'm staying here and when you're at work i'm going to go find a parent." all of that was said into his pillow, so it was a little muffled. when she was done she moved so she could bury her head in his shoulder and neck. he'd feel her hot huff on his neck. her fingers pinched at his shoulder she was gripping them so tightly. "starting right now i'm staying here. i can make a new tent." a slight sniffled and she nuzzled her cheek into his shoulder. she needed to be cared for, end of story. which means donald was about to gain himself a very large tent and a very freezing cold room!

"Prissy, you dont need a new tent. my walls dont need freezing..." donald said softly offering her a squeeze but then he leaned back- what do you mean you're going to go find a parent when I'm at work?"

a protesting little whine, pris' green eyes looking up at him mournfully as he leaned back. she wanted a tent in here just like in her and dommy's place, but she had to admit, "i know your walls have never said anything..." it was the reason why pris always came running into his room when she was having trouble sleeping - because his were quiet while hers wouldn't stop talking at her. "i need a parent. i'm going to go find one. dommy's not a parent. he's a brother. and you're not a parent. you're duck who gives me butterflies and we're going to have sprouts someday. i need a parent." at the end of that, pris puckered her lips for duck and closed her eyes. expecting a kiss.

donald smiled and and leaned forth to give her a small kiss before leaning back and speaking up- Pris, you can't just go and find a new parent...It Doesn't work like that... I know I'm not a parent, I'm your friend.- pris got another squeeze. donald wasn't going to mention the subject, he didn't want to upset her more today by bursting her bubble. well at least not right now

he did small kiss, pris gave him a kiss kiss. for as long as his lips stayed on hers, anyway. it was long enough to show that pris knew how to kiss, which meant she had learned how to from someone! it was good that he didn't say anything about sprouts, because honestly pris was so wrapped up in her blossoming metaphor she wasn't thinking about what all that really meant anyway. when epiphany asked if her and duck were serious, pris hadn't known what she was talking about. and when lumie asked her if she was dressing herself up like a nice blossom to chase any bees in particular, pris had looked bewildered then too. so maybe duck was safe. "children get new parents all the time," pris retorted firmly. "when mom left dommy's dad he got a new dad when she married my dad and that's how he got me too when i was born as a sister, and then when parents go away children are taken care of until new parents pick them up and take them home so don't tell me it doesn't work that way mr. duck because it does."

Donald gave a nod, people didn't always have picture perfect lives like he supposedly had. parents staying together and all that- I'm sorry pris, I forgot that...- and he would leave it at that. - If you need any help, dont hesitate to ask me.

"purr." she wrapped her arms around her most precious duck's neck and she squeezed. suction cupping herself to the good doctor and giving him tiny kisses on his cheek. there was nothing romantic behind those kisses, they didn't feel that way to her and hopefully it wouldn't come off that way to donald. it was just affection. "you know how to care for people. you're going to make a good dad like my daddy was." it was a mention of her father. if her doctor was here he'd fall out of his chair right now, because pris had never even used her father in a sentence before in his presence besides her usual 'my dad is dead'.

donald smiled and gave her another tight squeeze- Its what I do prissy... and I hope that you're right.- Donald had never thought about kids before. kids of his own, naturally it was probably because he didn't want to bring a child into the world when he was so wed to his job, and there was the chance that he could just stop existing one da when Thor decided Donald wasn't needed anymore.

if thor ever decided that when pris was still around the god would get a lot worse than a kick to the shin. it was good pris didn't know duck had thoughts like that, because they'd put her into a frantic panic and she'd probably never leave his side and pitch a fit whenever thor came out. "purr purr purr," replied pris, who nuzzled her face into donnie as she clung on him tighter and rolled onto him just because it occurred to her that squashing him might be a fun thing to do. "i need to borrow my painting." the one that benjamin painted for her, that she'd tucked away between the couch and the wall under a sheet. "i need to talk to it and i have to move it to my room to stay while i stay here." she wanted to talk to it, but she still wasn't okay with living with it.

um, alright... I moved it over to the closet- Donald said with a bit of strained-ness in his voice, having a growing teenager decide that he was going to be a matress unexpectedly would do that to you though he didn't mind all too much

and pris was now bouncing on top of him. sticking her knees and elbows in all sorts of places that were probably less than comfortable for donald. her and dommy wrestled like this all the time, though dommy usually fought back by now. duck had a whole week of this to look forward to! she really was a clingy girl, when she needed attention and care. "o-o-o-o-oh-kay. when. do. you. work?" one work for each bounce after that bounced 'okay', ending with an excitable little squeal. when duck went to work next she was going to take the portrait and start working on getting herself a parent.

To-Mar-row " he got out while she was bouncing on top of him. he didn't know they would wrestle, though he did move one of her knees so it wouldnt jam his right knee. and cause him a great deal of pain." Smiling big and bright and he moved her over onto the side of the bed poking her side- I have today off

she shrieked and squirmed when he moved her off of him and she faceplanted into the mattress. that's what a person was supposed to do when they were being tossed away, struggle. at least that's what she always did with dommy. but then donald made the mistake of poking her. pris make her hands into little poking guns, rolling over to face him and jabbing him all over the chest, "okay i'll talk to my painting to-morrow!" the last word was said in sing-song as she aimed her pokers right at his ribs. for pris, tomorrow was going to be a very busy day. which would be very good for her mind.

[ end of log for here! ]


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