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Time to go.

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Time to go.

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:31 am

Manny headed over to the desk once everything was packed and loaded. They were ready to go and so it was time. He carried a metal box with a hinged lid and a lock on it. It was gray and a bit heavy. Manny set the box on the counter with a bit of a thud. He left notes with the box, they were for various people within the Inn or who would be by the Inn. There was a note for De'Ryanna that contained the keys to the box and to the rooms, as well as a list of the rooms that they were paying off.

They vacated the four rooms on the third floor as Shuda and Seleen were leaving as well, Manny's room on the second floor as well as Ha'Ruil's, as he was going with Tasha as per her request, were also being vacated. Vesta's room as well as that other second floor room were to continue to be paid for by the party that was leaving, and the money that was in the box was more than enough for all of that. The other notes mostly read that they were relocating to be closer to the keep.

With a sigh and one last look around, Manny left the gold and platinum filled box and headed out. He didn't even wait for anyone to come to the desk to check them out. He was going to miss a few people around this place, and if he waited for service, one of those people might just come to the desk. Then he would never be able to leave. And this was hard enough already. He hated it when Venis told everyone they had to go, but didn't say why. And here she was doing it again.

((I am sorry that things got to this level, word of advice, be careful who your friends are. I am going to miss you all very much. I had a blast playing here, and hope to see you all at V's next stop or even just in IM's. Some of my threads are going to continue in IM's and be posted by others. Like Gwen's favor for example. I am not deleting the SN's that I have on here so that as I cut and paste my stuff that goes in my book I don't loose track. But I will not be signing back in. Some of my SL's are tapped in PM's, but the other mun's have agreed to cut and paste them and send them to me in emails, another reason to not delete the SN's.. It's been a long wonderful year, and I have enjoyed so much of it. Happy playing everyone.))


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Re: Time to go.

Post by Gwendolan on Sat Jul 18, 2009 2:57 pm

They had been spending more time in his room than she was spending in Emilia's; so when Manny said that he had to leave this Inn and move on they had had a long talk.

Gwen had helped Manny pack the room and watched as the things had been carefully loaded with the rest of the things. So manny people leaving at once. She would miss seeing Emilia every day but that would not stop her from visiting.

She knew that Manny wanted to turn in the keys himself so she went out to the stables and mounted Rapture. She waited there and then when Manny came out they left. She had no clue where they were going but she was not going to leave him when she had only just found him.

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