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The Reckoning is at hand! (Invite only!)

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The Reckoning is at hand! (Invite only!)

Post by Gotha The Dark on Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:23 pm

A loud, thunderous cry came from the dark shadows. I have returned! Tremble before the might of Gotha, lord of the abyss and master of the shadows! Darkness enveloped the sky as if it had been swallowed whole by the black. The earth began to quake as if the world was tearing itself apart from the inside. Then, in a split second, the ground opened wide, and a twisting pillar of fire ignited out of the pit into the sky. Black lightning erupted around the fiery tornado, crashing into the ground, splitting the stones in half.

Then, the pillar of flame explodes into a blinding shadow, blanketing the land in pure darkness. The ground begins to pulsate as if something massive had hit it repeatedly. Boom...Boom..the sound begins to draw nearer as the locals stop and look out into the dark. Ever so suddenly as the event took place, it was gone, leaving a huge figure in the light. At least standing sixty feet tall, his bright, platinum hair blew in the strong wind. In his right hand, stood a massive scythe, blood stained and pulsing with that very same black lightning. A loud flap fills the country side as his black wings expanded, stretching out, blocking the sunlight. I have heard your cries Rhydin. I have watched from afar. I have seen how you have turned against the will of your gods. I have returned to put forth a new order, one without mercy nor forgiveness.

The scythe was turned into the sun, causing a bright flash of light to his the land, lighting it up like a torch. In a low, thunderous voice, Ah, nothing has changed since I had left for the elder council. He peers down and sees Venis. His eyes widen, cracking a half-grin on the right side of his face. Ha! Sister Venis! My how such time has pasted since my leaving. I see you are fairing well. Then, in a split second, he stopped. He inhaled a long, drawn out breath through his nostrils. What is this?! He said with a loud, thunderous cry. Anger filled his voice as he continued. What is that stench?! The smell of the vile humans who dare desecrate my lands.

His fire-filled gaze returned to Venis. He teeth almost begin to gnash as his mouth grinds out of pure hatred. For how long has this blasphemy gone on? Where are the others? Sitting idly why the mortals run rampant...

He gripped his scythe tightly. The blood began to pour like a mountainous river off of the end of the blade. Hear me Rhydin! Hear your god speak! No longer are you going to think falsely about your gods. No longer are we going to sit and watch you destroy the very life we have given to you! He laughed so loud that the boulders on top of the local mountain began to barrel down the spurs of the stone figure.

He places two of his blood stained finger from his massive left hand on his head. He sends out telepathic pulses searching, but for what? I can not find the others, nor do I sense them Sister Venis. He shakes his head both left and right a few times before opening his eyes. With a cold stare with his now blackened eyes, he looks at Venis. No matter, they are not needed...
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Re: The Reckoning is at hand! (Invite only!)

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 17, 2009 7:30 pm

Venis was atop a coach, out in front of the Inn. She was moving armoire's into place to be strapped down. Her unusually bare feet were wiggling as she crawled around on her knees moving the massive wooden furniture into place. There were four that had to fit.

When she felt the ground shake her attention was taken from the armoire in her hands to the world around her. As she saw the changes in the weather and the ground bursting open a grin spread across her lips. She set the armoire aside and placed the blanket so she could put the armoire atop it while she waited.

Without even looking up from her task of moving the furniture so they were all four laying on their sides, wrapped in blankets, pressed against each other to be tied down, she knew who was there. "Welcome home brother Gotha." All four were in place. Time to tie them down.

She listened to what he said before she chose to respond. But she did stand and look up at him. When he was finished she addressed his questions. "I myself have been away. I returned to more chaos than I had left." A soft sigh escaped her lips.

She looked off into the distance. "I fear that some of the mortals have forgotten who it is that they worship and who it is that takes care of them. Not all mind you, but some. I came across some the other night when I went out to feed." She shook her head remembering that night not so fondly.

She could hear the rumbling of the boulders falling, she checked for signs of life before they were to hit the ground below. It was safe so she let them fall where they would. "As far as the others go, I believe I have felt one or two around, but it is like they have muted themselves. Perhaps the people have weakened them with non-belief."

She had seen it before. People stop believing in their God or God's and the God's suffer for it. They grow weak and unable to go on. It was always a sad thing to see happen. "They might not be needed, but we should try to find them and help them help us. We need to restore Rhy'Din to it's former glory. Together, we can." She was a firm believer in that.

She watched as one of her employees brought out a trunk. The look on the poor man's face was priceless as he looked to Gotha. Venis got down onto her stomach and leaned over the side of the coach, she hooked her feet to the rack across the other side, after all, she was over six feet tall herself. She reached down and lifted the trunk. Holding it, she sat back up and put it in place to be tied down.

That filled the top of the coach. "You have come just as I am about to relocate. Follow me brother, we have much to discuss." When everything was loaded they would be on their way, so she hoped Gotha would take her up on her invitation. He would be welcome where she was going, just as all the other God's and Goddess' of Rhy'Din would be.

((I am leaving this one here. I won't be making another reply, but if Gotha wishes, it may continue in IM's and he can post a log if he wishes.))


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