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A Room Of His Own

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Re: A Room Of His Own

Post by Vesta Voui on Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:07 pm

All ten digits were right there on her hand. It was a good thing she didn't have one of those tiny hands or that he didn't write overly large because if any of those two things were true then the numbers would have went from her palm and out to her fingers! She had thought about telling him to write it on her fingers but figured she'd give him a break. He did have a squirrel burring around in his pocket.

Or had really. Since Winston had stopped to pull out his nuts Blink had clung to one side of him, positioning that bag between himself and the man, so he could have one hand free to go digging. He pulled out a nut and gave it a few sniffs before tasting. Deciding that it was good enough he ate it and hopped down. Carrying the bag he scampered over and up to Vesta to perch upon her shoulder while he started munching. No complaints from this squirrel!

Vesta took a moment to look over the numbers and recite them a couple times to herself before giving Winston a grand ole salute. Mock-style. "Yes Sir. No Sir I won't be loosing this." Why would she? If she lost it she wouldn't be call him at three in the morning from some random place! It was a joke, she was joking. Though no, not really at all.

Walking backwards away from him she stretched her arms out wide and proclaimed, "This is Rhy'din. Anything can happen here!" From her experience so far this seemed to be the case. Then Vesta laughed and a quick skip of a turn turned her around and she went towards the steps and down.

Her room was on the first floor.

Vesta Voui

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Re: A Room Of His Own

Post by Winston Charles Bakersfie on Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:11 pm

His handwriting was also readable! Even his numbers, so not only did his number fit nicely upon her palm, seeing he did not write all big and bubbly, but she would even be able to make them out. He would of done it too, if she had asked, and if he wasn't worried about what else Blink might start digging for if he didn't help him out and get those peanuts out of his pocket.

He did watch Blink, and he wanted to laugh, when he saw the way he was reacting to the nuts, the smell test. Did he think that Winston's nuts were bad? Spoiled? Well it goes to show that Winston only gave away good nuts. No worries there.

He laughed, when she did give that mock style grand ole salute. A shake of his head, as his right hand lifted to run fingers through his freshly pulled locks. He took her words as a warning, he had not even known where they were, and being told they were in a place called Rhy'din, well he was going to have to explore, and find out what he could. Though he would be ready for that 3 am phone call, to give her a ride of course.

Once she was gone, he would let himself into his new room, and explore! The thought of actually sleeping in an honest to goodness bed, almost made the man giddy.
Winston Charles Bakersfie

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