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Maddie's Time away from the Inn

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Maddie's Time away from the Inn

Post by Madeline Cauthon on Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:20 am

Shortly after finding out that Gawain Cauthon was in fact her actual father, Madeline Cauthon needed a little time away to do some soul searching, and to figure out who she was. She was already on her way to being an accomplished priestess. But knowing what her father was, she wondered if there was more to her, than just her mother's talents.

It was getting close to Beltane when Madeline left the inn. So she decided to go to Avalon. While she was there, she participated in the rights of Beltane, and was made an official priestess. Thankfully it was not the will of the Goddess to put her with child at this time.

While in Avalon, Maddie received a message from her father Gawain, that Airtia wanted to take her to the White tower to be tested. So after leaving Avalon Maddie headed to Tar Valon to meet with Airtia. Together, they went to the White Tower.

After speaking with several Accepted, they were finally directed to the Mistress of Novices’ office. With a smile, the woman greeted Airtia as Airtia Sedai, then turned her gaze on Madeline. “Hmph. Madeline Cauthon. I recognize that name, young one, and do not think for a second that your father’s exploits with that rabble of Al’Thor’s will make your stay any easier. Now, it is time for you to get changed. Your clothing will be waiting for you in your room.”

They were almost to the door when the Mistress called after them. “The accommodations may not be up to what you are used to, Novice, but you will learn to make do. I shall see to that.” With a mirthless smile, she sniffed, then nodded curtly to them both and returned to the papers upon her desk.

Madeline let out a shaky sigh, then looked to Airtia. “Is she always so endearing and kind, or am I getting special treatment?” She chuckled nervously, and spoke again. “At least she didn’t pull out her switches, right?”

Airtia patted Madeline on the shoulder. “You’ll do fine. Just pay attention, and learn what you can. You have your father’s talent. Let’s just hope you don’t have his… hard headedness. You know I love your father, but you know he be a little stubborn sometimes.” With that Airtia said her goodbyes to Madeline and left her to get settled in.

Madeline changed into her new clothes and got settled in. Life as a novice proved to be very challenging. Getting up early really wasn’t the problem, it was getting use to all the chores. And everything was expected to be done manually. Madeline had made the mistake one time to use an illusion spell she had learned on Avalon. That was a BIG mistake. Madeline was immediately sent to the Mistress of Novices. There she was made to bend over a lone wooden chair, and received forty lashes with a switch. Needless to say Maddie did not attempt such a spell again.

After a few months, Madeline had gotten proficient at her chores, and was taught the art of channeling. It came very naturally to her, especially the healing aspect. Madeline was very in tune with air, and earth threads of the One Power. In Avalon she was always told she was one of the best healers among the daughters of the Holy Isle. Perhaps the reason being was she had enough Cauthon in her.

After what seemed an eternity , the Mistress of Novices decided she was ready to be tested for Accepted. Madeline not feeling so sure, did in fact agree to be tested. Madeline was taken deep into the lower levels of the tower to the ter'angreal. Stripped of her clothing, and not allowed to channel, Maddie took a deep breath and entered the first arch. As always with the first arch you must conquer something from your past. As soon as she entered the arch, she was taken back to her childhood village moments before her who she thought were her parents were killed. Madeline sees herself cowering in a corner feeling helpless. Originally the attackers had killed her parents and then attacked her. This time when she saw the robbers attacking her parents she grabbed a heavy stick and tried beating the robbers with it. By the end of it, her parents were still dead, but little Madeline felt as she had done her best. She returned out of the first arch, tired and sweaty.
Madeline took a few moments to collect her thoughts and breath then entered the second arch. To face a fear of the present. She took one last deep breath and entered the second arch. This time she was found herself outside the woods right before Ben attacked De’Ryanna. Madeline like before, tried to sneak up on Ben with her dagger, and attempted to kill him, and like last time Ben ended up killing her. Her greatest fear in this was that it was her fault that her beloved Jono dying had been her fault. If she had only kept in the shadows, and let De’Ryanna deal with Mr. Adams. Madeline could see herself laying on the ground lifeless, and her friends and family trying to revive her. In the Arch Madeline ran to Jono and begged him to let her be, and save himself. It was almost refreshing to talk to him again. Madeline It was there in the arch that Jono explained to her that long ago before he had even met her, that he knew it was destiny to save someone with his own life. That it was his talent, his gift, his destiny. No matter how much that they both wished things could be different, this had to happen. Madeline felt Jono’s lips on hers one last time, and then he was gone. Madeline could see herself regaining consciousness. Fresh tears were running down her face as she could feel the pain of loosing Jono all over again. At least now she knew in her heart that it wasn’t her fault, that this is what the Gods and Goddesses had intened in order to help Madeline to reach her destiny. When Maddie left out of the second arch , she fell to her knees and cried her eyes out. The pain was all to real. She honestly didn’t think she would make it out of the third arch alive.

After about thirty minutes, Madeline Cauthon pulled herself together and stood up. Naked sore and cold. She slowly approached the third arch. She glanced back at the Mistress of Novices, who nodded towards the arch. Slowly she entered the third and final arch. When she entered she was back at the inn in the lounge. There were people wearing all black and crying. She saw her close friends Venis, and Cassandra weeping in each others arms. She saw her sisters De’Ryanna and Epiphany holding on to on Airtia, who was visibly shaken. It was then she saw Tasha standing in front of a casket screaming. “Why did you have to do it. Why didn’t anyone see it happening.”

Madeline made her way to the casket, and was shocked to see her father laying in the casket battered and bruised. Madeline looked at Tasha. “Tasha what happened. To my father.”

It was then Tasha looked at Madeline with a very cold glare. “How dare you show your face around here after all this time! YOU could have stopped this. YOU should have seen this. He’s YOUR FATHER Madeline. You told me you saw Garreth going mad. WHY IN THE WORLD DIDN”T YOU SEE THIS!”

Madeline didn’t know to say. Why didn’t she see this. Madeline had always had the sight, maybe she hadn’t seen it. That’s what she wanted to believe, but the truth was she had seen it , but choose not to do anything about it. Ever since she had found out Gawain was her real father, she had a hard time coming to terms with it, and she honestly didn’t think there was anything to do to help. “I’m sorry Tasha, I don’t know what to say. If I could have stopped it I would have I promise.”

By this time, everyone was starring at her. “I suppose you all think I’m to blame for this. If there was anything I could do to stop it, I would have! Now if you don’t mind I would like to say one last good by to my father.” Madeline bent down and kissed Gawain’s cold dead cheek. “I’m sorry Dad, I should have been there.”

It was then Madeline knew what she had to do, she had to get back to her family. There was no way she was going to let her father go out the way her Uncle Garreth did. Madeline exited the third arch completely worn out. The arches had been the hardest trials she had ever endured. But she now had a sense of purpose and a life. The Mistress of Novices looked at Madeline with a proud look on her face. “Congratulations Madeline you have proven yourself , and I now proclaim you as an Accepted. “ She gave Madeline a banded dress and a Great Serpent ring.

Madeline went back to her room, and put the dress and ring on. She laid on her bed, and thought about what she had experienced, and went to sleep. The next morning while doing her chores, she heard a very familiar voice. It was Viviane. ~Madeline , Madeline, I need you to return to the inn immediately.~

~Now Viviane! Look I don’t know what you and Merlin have cooked up, but I want no part of it.~ Madeline hated when Viviane did that. But she also realized not to tempt fate. After finishing her chores, Madeline went and talked to several Accepted, she packed her bags, said her good byes. She mounted Swifty. She then began her journey back to the inn.
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