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Ariving for a party!

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Ariving for a party!

Post by Alicia on Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:50 am

((Running it a little late. It was supposed to be the nineteenth. But the best made plans ...))

The white mare came to a stop outside the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn and the Armour clad blonde swung her right leg over as she lowered herself to the ground. She was here for a party, probably wouldn't stay the weekend. But this was an occasion she had tried to never miss. The problem was, that up until this year, there had been a few missed years. Because the reason for the celebration had been thought to be dead. So what was all the hoopla about? Alicia Marie Masterson's baby sister was turning thirty-four years old today.

The last time Alicia had been around these parts, this Inn had not been here. But it was here now, so here she was too. She hitched her mare, Silverback, to the hitching post off to the side of the steps. Then she clanked along as she grabbed up her saddle bags and went up onto the porch to wait. The letter she had gotten had said that it wasn't a formal occasion this time. So she had just thrown some things to wear into her saddle bag. She watched from the porch while leaning against the pole at the top of the steps.


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Re: Ariving for a party!

Post by Catrina on Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:12 am

As the black mare rode up to the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn, the leather clad woman atop it's back could see who was upon the porch. She rode up to where the white mare was and swung her right leg over to dismount. Tyeing her mount, Charcoal, up next to Silverback, she retrieved her saddle bag as well. She had received the same note and was here for the same reason. She too had thought the youngest of the three to be dead. So imagine her surprise when the messenger found her.

She was a pindragon breeder, and so one of her pindragons had joined her on the rip. A purple pindragon named Pinellope. Pinellope crawled from her basket on the back of the saddle to sit upon her shoulder. The little dragon was looking around at the sites and seemed to get very happy when she saw Alicia. It had been a very long time. Her wings flapped a few times and her head moved up and down as if to say yes. That was her way of saying hello.

She looked up at Alicia and smiled. "Hey sis. Good to see you." The two women hardly ever saw each other these days. She headed up the steps towards her sister. She gave her a hug and a warm smile. Long gone was any animosity amongst the siblings. They had buried that hatchet the day they had to bury their parents. So with a tilt of her head towards the door, Catrina Mae Masterson and her older sister, headed into the Inn to find the person who had found them.




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Re: Ariving for a party!

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:20 am

Venis knew that the sisters were arriving this day. And she had headed down to the lobby to wait for them. She didn't want them to be seen by their sister before the party. Ha'Ruil and Casie had both volunteered their rooms as the hiding place. But if they hid in Casie's room, they might be caught entering or exiting.

As she saw them enter the building she smiled at them both. "Hello ladies." She walked over and hugged them both. "I'm glad you could make it." She looked towards the stairs for a moment. Ha'Ruil was going to keep the Birthday girl distracted so they could pull this off. So it was time to sneak them up to his room.


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Re: Ariving for a party!

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