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Preparing for Juliets surprise <open>

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Preparing for Juliets surprise <open>

Post by Inion on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:33 am

The slumber party was just the first part of Juliets birthday celebration. It was what Inion had planned for her and her school friends. She had otherplans for the young lady's birthday. Abig party in Ireland. There she had started making plans for the ceremony where she names Juliet her daughter.

In her office Inion worked one inivations that will be handed out to thier friends here at the inn. This was her first time planning a party where guests would have to be transported somewhere else. She wasn't sure how many could come but she had made the arrangements for carriages and made sure the portals would be in place on time. The hardest part was making the plans for the party itself. Fia volunteered to take on alot of the running back and forth for her. It was suppose to be a surprise for Juliet so they all had to keep it to whispers. Inio had the prefect excuse for staying indoors in her office alot the past few days, she just kept telling Juliet thatshe was taking it easy because of her injuries. She was keeping everyone busy even Box.

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Re: Preparing for Juliets surprise <open>

Post by Inion on Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:58 am

Inion left her room with Croga at her side, she needed to deliver the invations before Juliet returned from her shopping trip with friends. So down the halls she moved, with a slight limp and a basket on her arm. She stopped at the doors she knew had residents and slipped the sage colored envolopes where they would be found quickly. There was one for each person in the room. Some may not knew her lil Juliet but she didn't want to leave anyone out.

Inside the envlopes was a delicate green card with a Celtic tree of life in a shimmering darker green, inside was the notice

[center]You are invited to a celebration of Juliets day of her birth.

The time will be this coming Saturday at Grom Rois, Ireland

There will be coaches available for those that wish to travle in that style
or maps for those that wish to travel in thier own style.

The attire is causel so dress in what makes you comfortable.

Instead of gifts Juliet has asked that guest donate items to either the animal shelter or the orphange.

No RSVP nessary just show up and have fun.

Inion de Solas Geal

(i didnt set a real date for this since i am behind in the fact that her bday was weeks ago lol )

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