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Putting out the flames

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Putting out the flames

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 20, 2009 2:30 am

Kyra had a tough decision to make and it wasn't one that was made lightly. The forge had been going down hill even before her dad left for Castle Darkmane and after a lot of agonizing and talking to her dad they thought it would be best to close it down. It was becoming more of a burden than it was anything. Many of the employees that her and her father had hired either up never came to work or found other jobs. The few who stayed were there because they just wanted some place to go and not for the money. She sat down with those that were left and explained it all to them and they had agreed it was for the best and so it would be done that day. She sent everyone home and went down and extinguishes the flames at each of the stations that still had fires burning. Making sure everything was where it should be just in case she either sold the place or was able to get it back up and running in the future. Back to the office she went to retrieve the sign that was already done up by one of the ladies that was working in the office. A messenger was waiting outside the door when she finished closing everything up. Kyra handed him an envelope marked with Manny's name on it. She was pretty sure he would be able to take care of letting Venis' employees know that they would no longer be needed for guard duty. Once that was taken care of she made sure everything was locked up tight and she made her way back to the house to take care of somethings there before she made her way to see a friend.


It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of The Fires of Hades. We would like to thank everyone that helped along the way.

(Letter to Manny)

Dear Manny -

I would like to thank each and everyone of you guys that pulled guard duty at the forge. All of your help and positive spirits are very much appreciated it. However, we will no longer have a need for guards there effective immediately as the forge has been closed. There are final paychecks for everyone in the envelope. Please let everyone know that I am truly sorry for having to do this but there were no other options at this time.

Thank you.
Kyra Dragonis-Darkmane


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