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The Brothers. Reunion. {Open}

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The Brothers. Reunion. {Open}

Post by Brayden Alexander on Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:51 pm

Odd. Kyle was out, Kyle was about. No boys. No Kyra. Just Kyle. Legs covered in a pair of black, oversized cargo pants. Black oversized hoodie covered the plain white shirt that was upon his torso. His head covered with a black beanie as well. For being summertime. He sure was dressed as though it was winter. He had his reasons. Black beanie, covered his now black and purple hair. Headphones, no where to be found on him. He just seemed to have a whole different feeling to him, around him at the moment. He had his reasons. Two of them to be exact.

Word was, a figment of his past had returned to the Inn. Fair enough, he would deal with that, when the time rolled around. Could be in a few days, a few weeks. Couple be on this night. That wasn't for him to decide, how it would finish, that was what he would decide. But for now, he knew exactly where he was going. Exactly what he was doing. And he knew that who he was going to see, was controling the strings. He knew, he knew that Kyle was coming.

Let someone follow him. It would be their mistake, and their mistake only. He knew exactly what he was doing. He let himself be stringed along. he let the puppet master himself hook him. Instincts. thats what they felt like to him. He was being led. Hands in that front hoodie pocket. Concealed. Ears picking up the voices of others. Brushed off, they were insignificant to him. Nothing familar, he didn't care. Movements led him to an open door. Stepped through. Into an empty room. Door left open. Brown eyes scanned empty room now. Not so empty room. Head shifted, eyes shifted to a corner. His lips turning upwards. Smirk forming upon those lips. He wasn't alone, he knew it. Body shifted now, direction, back corner. His back to the door. Body shifted, standing straight up now. Yes, he knew who was in that corner, within those shadows, the puppet master himself.

Brayden Alexander

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Re: The Brothers. Reunion. {Open}

Post by Kyle Sanderson on Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:37 pm

Ahhh the favorite son. He had found him out. Or did he. That single word. Simply allowed a smirk, to form over his lips. That normal, sadistic, chaotic smirk. The puppet master stood there within the darkness that filled, that corner. Black, dark eyes scanning over his 'brother' Letting him stand there. Letting him..believe. Such a fickle word. Believe, such a lie. Everyone believed in something. No one believed the truth. Only lies. This world, ran on lies. Without lies. Without chaos. Without evil. This world was bound to burn.

"Have you found me Kyle. In this corner."

Rather pathetic really. Watching his 'brother' stand there, believing he could so easily find him. Head tilted from his spot, a different angle to look at Kyle. He was in all black...perfect. Arm lifted, concealed by the darkness tiny string of darkness left. Kyle's shoulder, the perfect first spot. Feeling the pain from the broken shoulder he once had. Intoxicating. Addicting. Oh how his queen would have loved to taste this pain. This darkness that was within there. Just a taste, all he wanted. What he got. Felt it in him. Smirk. In that corner no more. opposite corner now.

"Or am I in this corner. Darkness is all around you. Darkness is all around your family."

Darkness crept out now, spreading to toward the middle of the room now. Movements with that darkness brought him out of that corner. His entire form now behind him. darkness retreating back within his body, being consumed, eaten. Head tilted now, black eyes closed. Inhaled, the stentch of chaos the lovely, lovely stentch of it taken in. Glimpse of his insides. Delicious. But not what he wanted. What he wanted, Kyle had. What he wanted, he would take from Kyle in due time. As filling as Kyle's darkness was, it wasn't what he craved from his family. What he craved was something, he knew would not be easily obtained, He knew his 'brother' he knew he would fight. He knew he would struggle. That was what the puppet master wanted. The more he faught, the more he struggled. the easier it would be.

"Let me ask you, pyro. Don't think I haven't forgotten that side you hide Kyle. The side you have tried to get rid of. The side you supress."

Laugh leaving him, sadistic in nature. He lifted arm up, extending his hand slightly. Hand becomming engulfed within flames. Symbolic, maybe. Point being made. Yes. He was inside his brothers head, his darkness had already infested inside him. Though he wouldn't let Kyle know that. Dark eyes changed, dead eyes now. Head tilted to his hand, fire engulfed by darkness. Another head tilt. Back to Kyle.

"How is your son....Aiden?"

Another evil, sadistic laugh would leave him now. A simple question, but seed was planted now.That laugh continued. Movements backed him backwards, darkness engulfing around him. He was still there. Not in one spot now. For Kyle, he was all around now, all around outside of him...and inside.
Kyle Sanderson

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Re: The Brothers. Reunion. {Open}

Post by Brayden Alexander on Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:28 pm

So he was here. Good. Lips twisted. Curled upwards seeing that fire engulfed hand of his brother's. Hearing the words his brother spoke. Including the ones that his brother spoke privately for him, in his own head. But at that moment, brown eyes of his were focused on one thing, and one thing only at the moment. That fire. Body tensing up, those surpressed sensations beginning to rise up, rise toward the surface. Brown eyes would not move. Watching that fire dance, engulf his brothers hand.

Body moved now, closer to Alex, close enough that his hand could be reached. Kyle. That sensation was there now, fully. Completely taken over. Arm lifted up, hand raised. Hand found that fire. Being held there, letting his own hand become engulfed with it. Movement backed him away, a few steps, his hand on fire, eyes watching. No pain. Just like back then. No pain, turning his hand, watching the flames. Controling the flames, lips moved once more, smirk shifting into grin.

"Is this what you brought me here for. To give me my fire back brother. I know you. I know there is more to it then just that. Do you think I am that damn stupid."

Movements began once more, moving him around the room now. Slowly, head turning to the open door, watching for a moment, before back to where Alex had been at. Not there anymore. He shook his head slightly. Unused hand moving to that flame engulfed one of his own as though he was petting the flames there, only he was more or less, moving them into the palm of his hand, around his hand, so that just his hand was engulfed.

"My son, is doing fine. You will never speak his name again Alex. That is if you know what is good for you. But then again Alex, when did you ever know what was good for you. You never were able to take care of yourself. You never were able to handle anything. That's the reason, you lost your damn mind. You quit, on everything and everyone. You think that I'm going to fall for your act Alex. Your just like our god damn father. Pathetic, utterly pathetic."

Brown eyes remained locked on a corner, head tilting a bit now, as the voice of his brother was now...all around him.
Brayden Alexander

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Re: The Brothers. Reunion. {Open}

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