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pris takes her bloom to duck's room ][ closed

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pris takes her bloom to duck's room ][ closed

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:17 am

[not as dirty as the title sounds, i promise!]

it had been five whole days since pris had 'blossomed'. in fact, it was two whole days since her first flowering had stopped. it was probably the longest she'd gone not seeing doctor duck since she and dommy had moved in next door to him. but there was a reason for that. blossomed flowers had to look different than how they were before when they were just buds, or so she thought anyway. which meant she had to change her look to show the world that she was a blossom and not a bud. that had meant a lot of trips to thrift and second hand stores. she'd cleaned them out of their post prom donations. and had a whole new section of her closet - gowns, which she'd been wearing every day since the encounter with de'ryanna in the hall. boy did her newly blossomed look make school regret absolving her from the dress code. as for her hair, it had taken a lot of work to get it just right. two whole days after she'd come home from school. but finally she was satisfied. and just an hour ago her new gloves were finally dry. so donnie got a dainty knock on his ducky door from one blossomed priscilla grace ganesvoort.

when he opened the door boy would he be shocked. she was wearing an evening gown. it had thin dainty strap sleeves and a very mature dipping v-cut and a very mature dip down the back that was dip enough that she couldn't really wear a bra, and just under her navel the ruffles started. the dress trailed on the floor because it was made for a person a few inches taller than her but pris didn't mind. she liked it trailing and had gotten good at walking in these long dressed without tripping. it was all about walking slowly. like she figured a ghost would walk, or someone really very famous who walked slow to get maximum attention. so you couldn't see her shoes, or stockings. she was wearing tie-dye gloves of all the colors of the rainbow. and seven necklaces that she'd beaded with various beads all different colors of the rainbow of different lengths. and her make-up was very bold and rainbow. finally, so was her hair. it was all pinned up fancy with tons of different size and shaped and colored pins. and she'd curled her hair. and each ringlet was a different color practically. at least half of her hair was black. but all the rest of those ringlets? a smattering of orange, blue, green, pink and purple. quite a picture! the gown:

"no dude, I'm totally serious. the patient had mentioned en passing that she couldn't sleep at all, and the uh, physician. was more concerned with getting birth control... I know right? hold on a second." Donald had been talking to one of the few people who knew his true identity as the vessel of thor. Doctor Robert Banner, someone else who knew what it was like to live in the shadow of someone much greater then he was. when he answered his door Pris would see a casually dressed donald blake, opting to wear loose cargo shorts and a T-shirt that said in big black letters." My God has a Hammer!" of course the other side of the shirt said something both cheeky and rather in poor taste. but we'll not mention what is there here.there could be children present. The good doctor blake smiled when he saw pris standing there."Hey Bruce, I'm going to have to give you a call back later... No, I don't want to come out and play cards with you Reed and Stephen... some people still aren't big fans of the rubber man... but yeah man I have company. alright, alright... later." and he clicked the phone off with a great big smile to pris, brows up in surprise." Pris! pris you look, wonderful... what's the occasion, are you going to prom?"

it was probably amusing, how pris sailed past donald. in her slow ghostly-famous-person sashay. making sure her hips went tick and tock like the woman in the soap opera's did. and whatever woman that was, that is exactly the voice pris spoke with now. a flawless mimic of high breeding and gushing. "duck. dahling. you are simply not dressed properly to take me on the town." it was a phrase she'd heard in the last episode, the woman had wanted to take a new man in her life 'on the town'. she wasn't sure exactly what it was but it sounded like something she'd want to try. "we simply must get you changed. i have blossomed," a wonderful big grand spread of her arms up and then to her sides like a cascading fountain gesture, "i don't think blossoms go to prom." prom was kids stuff, apparently. and besides, she didn't get a prom until next year anyway, she was only a sophomore.

uuuhh, what? was exactly what Donald's face probably said for a moment, until of course she said she had blossomed and then he actually spoke."You've blossomed? yes, yes I see that you have, very fetching dear pris." Mimicking her an accent with a worse one of his own. not all accents where Donald's forte this was apparently one of the ones that was not." I do fear though that my suit is at the dry cleaners, and wont be ready for quite some time now." offering his own big smile.

when he said that he could see that she blossomed, the eccentric girl positively beamed. and she struck a pose, one that she thought was very appropriate for one who has blossomed. one hand just behind her head as she tilted her chin just so upward and crossed her arm over her middle. "it is a very fetcherly fetch," she replied in the same affected manner. did donald realize what he was doing? if he played along, she would keep talking this way and the mimic wouldn't wear off as it usually did when pris was away from the television and around something else for long enough. "and dahling i will not take no for an answer it is smashingly ravenously impossible." ...she probably meant ravishingly, but no mind. the girl was shaking her head emphatically back and forth. "so i will settle for your wet suit the town calls to us and we MUST pick up before the machine answers it!" oh pris. she said that so very seriously, too.

Donald grinned when she saw that post, and took a step around her to see the entire dress all the way around."Prissy Dahling, dear, baby doll... you simply do not understand, I can not simply go and gather my suit from the cleaners, as it is already in their machine.... luck have it though, they are in fact the" a dramatic pause" one hour dry cleaner." a nice charming doctor blake smile then." so we simply must wait until at least that bit of time has passed before it is at all time for us go, out on the town."

"no!" it was very dramatically spoken, in a husky accusing sort of whisper whisper as she spun around to face him while he was behind her, pointing out her finger in a rigid gesture so that the tip of her gloved digit poked him square in the chest. "you don't understand my dainty dovey dahling duck! did you think i wouldn't discover your secret?!" soap operas always had secrets after all, didn't they? practically every episode on the one she watched, and it was probably a plot twist that was similar to the one she was about to say. "you've been with your suit on the town with someone else! why else would it be at the cleaner? when. you. wear. a white coat. to work!!!" those words delivered in bosom heaving gasps as she rather dramatically collapsed on his couch like she'd just fainted. "you're on the town with other blossoms i'm to laaaaaaaaaaate!" yes, she was pounding his throw pillow with her fists. how much of this was play acting, and how much of it was serious? it was really so hard to tell with her. deep down though, one of her great fears was that donnie and dommy would find other blossoms they wanted to spend their time with and make families with and she'd be left all alone. so there was some seriousness to her display, which is probably why she was pounding the pillow and then buried her face in it. draped on the couch as she was, he'd be able to see her tights and shoes. her shoes were her very apple red maryjanes. her stockings were sky blue with clouds on them. some things with pris just didn't change. even after blossoming.

"wait, what?" Color donald a bit confused here, he stopped his act." Prissy, It smelt really bad, its been in my duffle bag for months, it needed to be cleaned so I could hang it up." he said with a nod, kneeling down so he could see her face. and a small smile.I dont know any other young blossomed ladies whom i would take out on the town anyways." well there was Arcadia, but she wasn't a blossoming young lady, and Lita, well donald some reason doubted lita would want to go out on the town with donald in his suit." we can go pick it up, my suit... and you can see, it was only very badly wrinkled and smelt pretty bad from being in my bag for so long.- a firm nod then and a small hopeful smile

pris paused in her pillow punching and face burying. he'd just barely be able to see her prettily shadowed and outlined eyes peeping out at him over the fabric of the pillow, framed by the few multicolored curls hanging in her face. "oh." that was a regular oh, a pris void-of-tone oh. her emerald eyes darted around his face here there and everywhere as she thought over what he said. sometimes she needed to replay things. to be sure. and sometimes she just wanted people to repeat things againagain, just to be even more sure. which is why she picked her head up enough to unmuffle her lips so she could murmur with childlike hope, "no other blossoms?"

a nod from donald" no other blossoms. just a dirty suit- donald said with another smile and a firm nod. still kneeling down, dropping weight down onto his left knee so he wouldn't have to put so much down on his right one."a dirty suit that we can go pick up in about a half hour if you still want to go out on the town and show off your pretty dress."

that was a relief. that was a very big relief, and while pris didn't say plainly what a very big relief it was you could tell she was relieved because she was now letting out a gigantically put-out huff and she scooted up on her elbows to prop herself up a bit more as she said with the ultimate teenage know-it-all exasperation, "do-o-o-o-o-o-onnie it's not about the dress being pretty it's about the blossom being pretty and this one is good i think because it shows off my blooms..." yes. pris did look right down at her two blooms when she said that. donald, welcome to dommy's last four days of hell. she continued talking as she stared down at them, shifting her shoulders a bit this way and that way to shift her perspective of them. "but i'm still not sure if they've bloomed bloomed. the measurements were inconclusive. insufficient data i released them for good behavior." well that was a muck of about three different things she heard on television from three different shows. but she knew what she meant by what she said. hopefully donnie would too.

ooohhh...- Donald wouldn't look, very much, just a quick glance and then back up to her face." well it is a nice dress, and I'm certain that you've bloomed well, and you will continue to bloom well. but you know that when a woman blooms it takes time for some things, to you know, catch up with the rest of the blooming. I just know that if you stopped measuring before you know it you'll be out bra shopping."Go donald super good guy! he should have his own costume with all the awesome that he does.

pris now looked at him with the utmost confusion. a very blank stare, and a very staring stare at that with a slow blink, blink blink. finally sound kicked into gear and so did her movements as she leaned in a little bit and then whispered to him like it was some kind of woman secret, "but i can't wear one of those with this dress those things aren't supposed to show, duck." poor donald. he needed to be taught so very much about women, or at least that's what it seemed like to prissy. at least the pillow punching crisis was over and pris had thankfully snapped out of that strange soap opera mimicking she was doing and now she was even in the process of sitting up like a proper lady. "duck. we have to eat when we're on the town. i'm hungry. i took all my time after school to get ready." wasn't that sweet? pris wanted to make sure she looked nice and perfectly bloomed for donnie. she gave him a smile then. it was a very adoring smile. it was the kind of smile that had secret tummy butterflies that went with it. then she noticed his shirt for the first time. "boom," she said as she glanced down at what was written. she knew it referred to thor. "he kissed me and gave me colors."

donald gave a smile right back to her, his nice charming boyish smile and then stood up with a bit of effort, he himself looking down at his shirt." really? well that was really very nice of him wasn't it? did you kick him in the shin first?" Donald has remembered her saying that he deserved it for being so mean to her before." there was a nod and donald moved to sit down on his bed, right in front of her, leaning back onto his palms." Also, I would love to go get something to eat, I haven't eaten since breakfast.

"no," it was reluctantly grumbled grumbled on her part. why did it have to be harder to kick someone when they were actually standing right there, and what's worse they were being nice to you and apologizing and agreeing with the accusations you were making of them on top of it? boom had very much made it too hard for her to kick him in the shin. "i will next time though!" she said it resolutely. there was no way he was going to charm his way out of a shin kicking next time! a firm nod to herself and pris stood up, taking her slow sliding ghostly steps to donald. she wanted to be nice and face to face before she unleashed....the whining. "why are you sitting down we have to go pick up your suit from the pool so we can eat on top of the town...." she whined all this at him rather impatiently as she moved around to the back of him, so she could lean forward and push her palms against his back to try to shove him off his bed.

"alright alright. prissy."donald said, but just to be cheeky he resisted her pushed and leaned back into her for a moment. "I dunno I sort of really like this back massage you're giving me." and he gave her a playful smile over his shoulder at her before standing and giving her side a little pinching tickle, limping over to his walking stick, which after grabbing was motioned towards the door, and then a big beaming smile. "well then, shall we go my dahling pris?"

[to be maybe continued!. . .]


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