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Rule Addition (please read)

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Rule Addition (please read)

Post by Admin on Sun May 31, 2009 4:36 am

Everyone on this board is a writer, in some form of the word, and as such we have story ideas and plots in which we are often itching to begin. But, as good writers we also should be disciplined enough to know that some stories cannot begin until others have ended.

Recently there have been a lot of new post popping up on the boards - a good thing to see. However, a problem has arisen with this sudden increase and that is a lack progression. Observation from the standpoint of the board administrators teeters on whether or not the increase of posting is due to muns wanting to tell many stories at once or if it's due to some other goal that has been joked about in the 'Box'.

Times runs differently, story-wise, on an RP board than it does in live play. We all have seen many examples of simple meet-and-greets lasting weeks before the thread has finally ended. Sometimes, while we are waiting on another thread to play out, we get an idea for another story and therefore start another thread with our character (or with another one for those who play multiples). We do this so there is something for us to do while waiting on replies to the first thread.

Before engaging a character - who is already involved in another thread - in something new the question of 'will the outcome of my previous thread effect my characters performance in this new one?' should be asked and answered. If the answer is 'yes' or you're not sure, then you should not engage that character in another thread until the previous one is finished.

There have been a lot of threads starting without the completion of others. It makes the board appear choppy and unorganized when there are more than a handful of unfinished threads. For this reason a position limit will begin starting June 1st. The board administration is asking that a mun not engage in more than 10 threads at a given time. This is ten per mun, not ten per character, meaning that if you have ten characters and each of them are in a different thread then you are not able to start a new thread until one of your threads ends. (We will be working on the honor system. Please do not cause the administration to personally monitor the posting habits of the members.)

This new rule is to work to the benefit of all and help with game and story progression. If there are any questions do not hesitate to ask. This rule will be made official and listed in the F.A.Q's on June 1st.

I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! - Dr. Seuss

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Re: Rule Addition (please read)

Post by Guest on Sun May 31, 2009 5:50 am

I feel I need to reply to this post for more than one reason. The first reason being that I have more than ten characters. This is made obvious by the fact that one SN has nine males upon it. So if we use a ten thread rule, than I will not be able to play all of my characters at the same time. This is a problem at the moment given there is a wedding coming up, and that would mean that not all my characters could be there.

Which brings me to my next problem. All of the threads that are titled B.B.B. To Do List # ... Have to do with that upcoming wedding as well as the opening of Seleen's Salon. That makes them all part of one large story line that just happens to take place in different locations on multiple days. If I have to wait until each item off of the list is done before I can progress, it will take me a year to get these two things done. Some of them are single character threads, like the one in the Salon sub-board that is only two posts long. But others, like #9 have multiple characters, including three of mine, and if I were to wait until it was finished before I moved on to her doing other things on other days, it will cause serious delays.

I did not want to spend a year planning the wedding or trying to open the Salon. But I wanted Seleen's friends to be actively involved in the goings on that lead up to the wedding and the Salon opening. And yes, myself and another have made jokes in reference to a goal for a number of posts. But we are not just making random posts that are going nowhere. We are running story lines, the majority of which are because of the wedding.

A ten threads per mun rule leaves some of my characters out in the cold for unknown periods of time while I wait on others to have time to post. I understand that most people do not have the time in their lives to post as much as my cohort in crime and I do. Which is why we have done so many threads together. Plus, it helps that our two main characters are best friends. But when a mun has more than ten characters, someone is un-played. And to be honest, I do not find that to be fair. I will, just for clarification purposes, go through the B.B.B. threads and mark the ones that have ended.

So my question is this. If I have multiple characters in one thread, say Venis, Tasha, Seleen, and Manny. Does that count as one thread or four? Because if it counts as four, I cannot have all my characters at the wedding. And this also causes a problem with the upcoming story line that was supposed to become of the Carpathian Mountains thread. So at the moment, I have over ten characters in 23 open threads. One thread can be closed with one post. But, am I to be penalized for not getting ten more closed within less than 24 hours, especially given I will not be home all day? And a lot of those are waiting on others, am I to find a way to force them to stay at their computer and play tag with me to close those threads?

None of those threads involve anything that makes a change to the future of my characters other than when I am done there will be a Salon open, Seleen will be married, and hopefully Venis will get her daughter back. Though, even if she does, Venis will have to send her away because I will obviously not get to play her. Just like I will not get to have Tasha's sisters at her birthday party because I have been given the characters because the mun no longer plays. I'm sorry, but this is a problem for me. Please help me find a way to resolve this issue.


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Re: Rule Addition (please read)

Post by Admin on Sun May 31, 2009 11:41 am

You can have all of your characters in 1 thread and that will still count as only 1 thread, each of your characters are not being counted. What is counted is you, as a mun, posting in more than one thread because, as you said, it would not be fair otherwise.

As you are in many threads (I congratulate you on closing a good number of the 'To Do' list threads), it may be good to focus on completing those that are important. From the threads I've seen I would assume the major ones to be:

    - The B.B.B To Do list 's (3 of which are open)
    - Somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains
    - Re-evaluation and meditation. {Open to all who are brave}

A total of 5 threads, there are still 5 threads that you can participate in; and once 10 threads have been reached you should not enter into another thread until one of the 5 is closed. This does not mean that you cannot play out a situation in IMs, PMs, or a chat log and post it, or anything else that works as a standalone post.

As for being penalized,the goal here is to focus on the threads that you are already involved in and focus on major stories that you are involved in. You will not be penalized by not being at 10 threads by the 1st, but are encouraged to take an assessment of all the threads you are in and see which ones may not be important to your overall story - or 'fun' for you - and find a way out as it may help put more attention an focus on major plots.

I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! - Dr. Seuss

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Re: Rule Addition (please read)

Post by The Odinson on Sun May 31, 2009 7:52 pm

You know, I'm saying this as a conscientious objector. It really is
something to complain about a posting limit being unfair, considering
jsut about every single thread on the board features, one of your
characters, if not more then one.

Now I'm not saying that you
are in every thread Terri but you are in more then you're not in. As
for the posting limit, I think its absolutely fair, it cuts down on a
bunch of filler threads that as the Admin stated don't really seem to
be going anywhere or have any impact on anything (I.E. the thread about
venis and Selene going hunting or the thread of venis in the cave.
(sidenote: I totally called that one)).

As for leaving some of
your characters out in the cold. you barely play most of them, and when
you do, its really only to plug a hole.( pun intended). If the posting
Limit means that you're not free to play some of the umpteen characters
that you have. I'm all for it, because then we can all potentially see
some real growth in the characters you are able to play.

Now if
you are absolutely compelled to post for five or six characters in one
thread, there is nothing saying you cant post for multiple characters
in one post. Which i think everyone would be cool with becuse when you
do post four or five characters into a thread, with other people,
instead of posting one post, everyone else is waiting for four or five
posts before they get to post their one or two.

In the end, if
some players on the board wherent so gung ho on trying to his a silly
numbered post mark this post limit would never have been enacted.
The Odinson

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Re: Rule Addition (please read)

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