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B.B.B To Do list #25

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Re: B.B.B To Do list #25

Post by Guest on Sun May 31, 2009 7:04 am

Seleen smiled. "Good, that stuff is itchy." She looked at the additions to the design. "That's perfect. Thank you so much for doing this for me Casie. How can I ever repay you?" She would, of course, pay her for her services. But this was a huge favor and it deserved a favor in return.


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Re: B.B.B To Do list #25

Post by Casandra Lightheart on Sun May 31, 2009 7:10 am

She smiled.

"You are welcome, as I told you when you asked me, it is an honor to do this for you. We can discuss payment later. Maybe I can trade making the dress for babysitting services."

She laughed.

"Since you have approved the design and I have my measurements, I won't need you till I finish the dress; that is part of the wonder of the seamstress dummy."

She gave Sel a hug.

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Re: B.B.B To Do list #25

Post by Guest on Sun May 31, 2009 7:21 am

Seleen returned the hug. "Hmm, babysitting huh?" She winked at her before she headed towards the door. "Thanks again Cas. You're the best. So I will see you later." She made her way out of the bedroom and hugged the kids. She pet Kjay and then she headed back to her room. Cas would let her know when the dress was ready.

{{Ok, this one is staying open so Cas can make the dress, but it is off of my list of open threads now. It's all her.}}


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Re: B.B.B To Do list #25

Post by Casandra Lightheart on Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:00 am

Cas smiled as Tasha left. She came out to the main room and sat down with the twins talking as she finished out the sketch into a full blown design.

She let the children look at it.

"Mommy Auntie Sel looks really happy are you ever going to get married?"

Cas looked at her and fought back tears.

"I do not think I will ever get married again Nat."

She smiled and went back to her drawing once it was done and she had a list of how much fabric she would need she looked at them.

"You can either come shopping with me or go stay with Uncle Manny."

DJ looked at his mom.

"Shopping, no thanks I'll go stay with Uncle Manny."

Nat looked at her mom with a smile.

"I will go with you."

Cas looked at them both and stood up. As she did Kjay moved to her side. She grabbed her purse and the list of measurements; that she placed in her purse. She knocked on the door of the employees room and smiled as she talked to Manny. He agreed to keep an eye on DJ while Cas was gone.

Her and Nat with Kjay following went to the stable. She helped Nat put a saddle on Angel then went to go tack up Rider as Nat finished with her own little filly. When they were ready they headed to New Haven.

When they headed up the road instead of the forest Kjay relaxed, he was very glad that they were not going into the forest. Something there still didn't seem right to him.

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Re: B.B.B To Do list #25

Post by Casandra Lightheart on Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:31 pm

It was not long before Cas and Nat reached New Haven. Cas knew she had time to finish the dress. She was going to spend the day with her daughter shopping.

"Nat what do you want to do for lunch today?"

Nat looked at her mom as she thought.

"Can we go someplace that makes Chinese food?"

Cas nodded her consent.

"Yes, lets go get your Aunt Sel's fabric first."

She went to the fabric store that would cater to the high end clientele. She was sure to find the satin she needed here. She and Nat got off the horses and Cas tied them to the post. She smiled at the sales woman and headed to the satin.

Kjay looked at the sales woman as he followed his human and her cub.

Cas was looking at the white satin. She was looking at two different bolts. One was white; the other off white. Since there was no one in the store besides them the service was fast.

"Hello Miss, may I help you?"

The sales lady looked at Kjay and took a step back, yes she was scared of the wolf. If she had her way animals would not be allowed in here at all.

Cas looked at her as she regarded Kjay; she would make this fast. She handed the woman the list.

"I need a total on this and I need it delivered to this address today."

The lady took the list. Looking at it she figured the woman must be making a wedding gown. The totaled the list quickly.

"Thirty-five gold, thirty for the materials and five for the rush delivery."

Cas smiled as she paid the woman and then held her hand out for Natalie to take.

"Thank you."

The woman took the money and put it in the register. She was already moving to get the order filled.

Kjay barked as he moved past the woman as if to say thank you.

The woman had her back turned to them already and she let out a shriek as she jumped. She began mumbling something about large dogs.

Cas waited till she was outside and then looked from Nat to Kjay. They both started laughing. She reached out to scratch Kjay behind his ear.

"Ok Nat lets go get lunch."

Natalie smiled as she nodded.

"You know where to find the Chinese food?"

She was already pulling herself up onto Angel.

"Yes little one, I know where to go. They even have food to give Kjay."

Nat's eyes lit up.

"They will even feed Kjay?"

Cas smiled as she swung up into Rider's saddle.

"Yes, even Kjay."

They rode down the streets to a nice little restaurant. Cas swung out of Rider's saddle and then helped Nat down. She tied the horses to the post and went inside.

The waitress was dressed in a traditional kimono and bowed as they walked in.

"Just the two of you and the wolf; or will there be more people joining you?"

Cas smiled and bowed back.

"Just the two of us and my protector."

Nat just smiled and reached her hand up to place it in Cas' the other hand went to rest on Kjay's back.

The restaurant was rather crowded and the only open table was right in the middle of the room. Cas wasn't thrilled about it but she would deal with it. She had promised Nat they could eat here. They took the menus and waited for the waitress to leave before opening them.

"Ok Nat, what do you want? And before you ask no soda, we can have tea."

Nat looked at the menu and then at her mom.

"I want sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, crab rangoons, and egg drop soup."

Cas looked at her and laughed.

"Where is such a small person going to put all that food? Do you have a hollow leg?"

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Re: B.B.B To Do list #25

Post by Casandra Lightheart on Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:24 am

- "if i don't finish it i can take it home." she nodded firmly. it was all part of the plan. "but i'm really really hungry i didn't eat breakfast." she added that quickly, just so her mother didn't think she was ordering all that just to take some home. even if she was, maybe, just a little. they didn't have chinese food often so she had to stretch it out for a long as she could - taking some home would do that. and then, to get the spotlight off of her she asked back, "what are you getting?"

Cas looked at her and just shook her head, she knew she had had breakfast. She was the one that had made sure she ate her oatmeal. Cas knew when to pick her battles and this was not one worth fighting. "Beef and broccolli, steamed rice, and egg drop soup." She looked down at Kjay. "They will bring Kjay grilled chicken, rice and steamed vegies."

- "should we bring something home for DJ? and Uncle Manny?" even though she had decided what she wanted to eat, she was still looking over the menu. just in case. chewing on her lower lip as she thought about it. she thought about DJ first because she was always thinking about DJ. he was the one constant through her life, there even when her mother couldn't be during the years they spent at the vampire counsel. "why do you think he didn't want to come shopping?" she put the menu down when she asked that so she could look at her mother. -

Cas smiled at Natalie, she was always thinking of others."I think that is a good idea, why don't we double our order. DJ can have the same thing you are having and Manny can have what I am." She smiled at her."Nat he's a boy, boys don't like shopping. I know you two are really close, and I also know that if we were here just to eat he would have come with us."

she knew what her mother said made sense. which is why she said, "i know....." in a way that just trailed off. she was trying not to pout, or sigh, or anything like that. just because dj wasn't here didn't mean that this wasn't a fun day or a special day and she knew that. she felt just a little insecure without her brother when they were apart. which might be why she muttered, "he could try to like shopping...." but then she put the menu down on the table and folded her hands over it and added, "but that's okay." see? she was trying. "are we doing any more shopping today?" did she sound hopeful? maaaaybe. -

She nodded at her daughter. She was not takeing her missing DJ as a meaning that she did not want to be here with her. She understood the insicure feeling, it had been a while since she felt it but she knew it well. She laughed softly when she said he could try to like shopping. "Yes it is ok, and yes we are doing more shopping, where would you like to go?" Yes she was asking what Nat might want to do, she was going to take this chance to spoil her daughter just a little. The waitress came over and Cas placed the orders makeing sure that they knew two of them were to be orders to go.

- yes! she tried not to look too excited on the outside but on the inside she was bouncing up and down. now. she knew she was about to make a very adult suggestion. so she had to behave very maturely. which is why she was trying to be calm on the outside. "well, i was thinking about it and i'm almost eleven and some of the other girls - " uh oh. comparing to other girls at school, that wasn't always a good idea. she made a little face and changed it up a bit. "one of the girls in my class she has her ears pierced and the earings always look so pretty so i was hoping that i could get my ears pierced too?" she gave her mother the most earnest hopeful pleading look that ever was. -

Cas looked at her and kept the laugh in. She knew she was excited and she listened to her plead her case. She wasen't going to tell her no, but maybe she wanted to have a little bit of fun with her. "Well' I don't know, I was sixteen before I had my ears pierced. Let me think about it for a minute." Talk about timeing the waitress brought out the egg drop soup and the crab rangoons at that exact moment. Cas took a few bites of her soup and had a look like she was really thinking hard. "Ok I guess, but only a small pair of studs for now."

- it was the longest minute of her life! well, not really. there had been many longer minutes for natalie and no need to list them right now, but this was the longest minute in a while. she pressed both of her lips tightly together and shifted in her chair as she bit the inside of her lip keeping her look nice and hopeful. even though natalie was starving and the chinese food smelled so good she didn't budge an inch besides sitting back a little so the waitress could put the soup and crab down. "yes thank you mommie thank you!" she nearly lept out of her chair and hugged her mother, but they were in a restaurant. "i bet they have lots of pretty small studs," so long as studs were what she was thinking they were, "i can't wait." -

She was looking at Nat as she said yes, she knew that she was teasing just a little makeing her wait, but the reaction she got was worth it.She smile that came across that face was worth it. She really did love them more than anything. "Your welcome little one." Kjay put his head up at all the excitement and wagged his tail. Cas reached over and scratched behind his ear. He had sat down so that he was between them. "Yes they have a lot of pretty studds, gold, gems, silver, even some that are hearts or flowers."

- "i can't wait!" it was said in a whisper this time, down to her soup. now she'd really have something good to write about in her journal. that she kept hidden. very, very hidden because it was very, very private. she took writing in her journal more seriously than she took her homework! her stomach was all twisted up with excitement so much she was almost afraid to eat. but only almost, because once she had that first spoonful of soup it was like she hadn't eaten in a week. "you should treat yourself to something too, mommie." said in a very factual tone as she reached for a piece of the crab. -

Cas still kept a journal, she didn't write in it much, but when she did it was pages at a time. Cas hid hers too, it was kind of an unwritten law that they were private and not to be shared. She looked at her smiled as she began eating. "And what do you think I should buy little one?"

- that was a good question. natalie looked pensive as she chewed on a piece of the crab....and then a second piece of the crab right after food to her thoughts! "i think," she began with an air of great importance, "that you should buy something for yourself that you would normally never ever buy for yourself. you know, mommie. when you say, 'oh i don't really need that', well i think you need one of those things that you don't really need today." she beamed encouragingly. and then added, "i read in a magazine that every woman deserves to be pampered." a nod as she turned back to her soup. -

Cas waited for her to gather her thoughts as she ate more of her soup. Nat was so cute sometimes, the look on her face was priceless and one that Cas would always remember. "Something I don't need, something, that I would not buy for myself, and something that would be concidered pampering." Now it was Cas' turn to think, she was still thinking when the waitress brought the main course out. She took a few bites as she thought some more. "When most women want to be pampered the go to a spa, how would you like to go to a spa after we get your ears pierced?"

- that suggestion was enough that natalie nearly dropped her spoon in her soup. she looked up at her mother so wide-eyed it was obvious the girl thought she didn't hear cas right. "...really....?" she whispered that with hushed awe. she was so floored she didn't even mind that the waiter was assuming she was done and taking her soup away! a spa. she bet that none of the other girls at school who were her age could say they went to a spa before! not to mention...a spa had to be filled with things to journal write about. "boy dj is soooo going to be jealous," she said that with impish glee. "i thik that's a great idea mommie. you deserve it." -

She smiled when Nat just about dropped her spoon. She nodded. "Yes really." She watched as the waitress took away Nat's soup and then put Kjay's food on the floor so he could eat too. Kjay sat up and began to eat. Nat was probably right most girls her age didn't get to go to spas, but this was her idea and they were out togeather so it was only right that she come too. She laughed. "No, I think that he will probaly think it was girly, but I'll bet he will be wondering if we are going to bring him back anything." She nodded this was going to be a fun day. "I think it is a great idea too."

- "oh. yeah. we probably should get him something. maybe we should get him earrings!" natalie snickered, and then full out laughed, "the ones that clip on so he doesn't feel left out!" from how she was laughing it was obvious she was joking but still it was a funny image. dj opening a box that had earrings in it, it was too much. natalie gave kjay a loving nudge to his rump with her toe. but not too hard, since he was eating. which she was about to, too. after she dropped one last idea. "if we're going to go to a spa we should look totally different afterwards! so we'll come home and dj will say, 'who are you?' like the queen and princess of the castle. in new dresses." she slipped that part about the dresses in quickly before she started to eat. she knew that was a lot to ask for in one day. -

Ok Cas started laughing too, DJ with earings, now that was funny, she was half tempted to buy a pair of clip ons just to see his face. She decided against it, they would think of something to bring back for him. When Kjay was nunged he moved just a bit and sat down on the cubs foot, then he continued to eat like nothing had happened. "Totaly different no, dresses, I think that can be aranged. " The spa she had in mind had a small dress shop and she was sure they would find something Nat would like there. "I think we will got for facials, manicures, pedicures, and a trim and style." She thought that would be a good idea.

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Re: B.B.B To Do list #25

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