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Life and Death

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Life and Death

Post by Lenneth on Mon May 25, 2009 10:04 pm

What is it to live if there is no option of death? What would bring caution to risky actions, and what would be the driving force to accomplish goals? If the possibility of death were taken out if the equation, would it bring an end to war?

The Valkyrie stood in the midst of a open field on a distant Rhy'din plain. The once lush blades of grass and crisp air had rung aloud, not more than two hours hence, with battle cries and those of the slain. Forces on either side had fought with all their strength, all their heart, for a goal she knew not and someone had come out the victor.

No longer was the grass of this plain bending to the breeze, instead it was laden with corpses and made slick by blood and mud. It wiped the bottom and sides of her boots as she walked. Her sets of prints were another addition to the saturated ground. It was a place of death and it was here that her duties were performed. Silently she gathered
up the wandering souls of the dead.

If death were never part of the equation, would she still be here? Would her job exist? What was the need of collecting souls from the dead if no one ever died?

If death were not an option then would each side have fought as hard as they had.

If death were not an option maybe they would still be engaged in the battle, exchanging blows back and forth, back and forth, until it became a bore and some sort of resolution was made.

If death were out of the equation then there would be no need to mourn the loss of the fallen.

Eternal glory is promised to the Soldiers, a chance to have their names written down in the pages of history, a chance to be a part of a revolution.

Was it worth it?

She stopped when the heel of her boot snagged on something on the ground. Looking down she saw that she had stepped on a hand and caused the lifeless fingers to curl up and grab the back of her boot. A quick shake of her foot and she was released, the hand had turned over and she saw a ring of silver around the finger. This person had been married - that was the assumption made from the band around the finger. Would his partner ever hear of the death?

If death was out of the equation, that hand would still be attached to the arm, the arm to a living body, and that body would leave this plain and return to the arms of their loved ones. The only tears to be shed would be those of joy, thankful for their loved ones return.

But. . .

Death was a reality, a constant possibility and shadower for any who were not on the side of immortality. However, immortality doesn't mean they can't die.

So she went, walking throughout the field and collecting the souls of the fallen to be delivered to a better place than this.

(to those off fighting, may you be safe . To those we've lost, may you rest in peace)

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